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thesis on business administration

20 Interesting Topic Ideas For A Business Administration Thesis

Completing a business administration program, either for the Bachelor Degree program or the Master Degree program, takes into account of solely writing a thesis each that tends to provide a solution to a particular subject in a the student's area of academic specialization. The primary aim of the thesis in the cause of acquiring a degree is to enable the student attest to the fact that they will be able to address academic problem independently. This means that the student is not expected to be digging through a broad topic as much or trying to invent something wholly new.

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A list of interesting topic ideas for business administration thesis are:

  • The effect of management on its objectives on an organization's performance
  • The impact of the commercial bank on the performance of SME businesses
  • The Management of bad debts among the microfinance banks
  • The function of human resource in the promotion of industrial harmony
  • An assessment of the commercial bank lending practices and the credit management
  • The effect of total quality management on the accomplishment of the banking industry
  • Estimating the growth challenges of Small and Medium Enterprise Businesses
  • The effect of tax on small and medium scale businesses
  • The exact influence of bank recapitalization on the nation’s economy
  • The analysis of the challenges of the personal income taxation
  • The effect of Employee relations practices on the productivity of the rural-based banks
  • The analysis of budget, budgetary controls and its effect on the operations of an organization
  • The study of the responsibility of accounting ratio analysis in taking business decisions
  • The study of the function of budgeting and budgetary control in any small scale business
  • The study of the effects of the pricing policies on an organizations profit
  • The study on the effects of business advertisement on the consumer preference
  • The effects of business credit availability on the small and medium scale enterprises
  • The study of the effects of an employee productivity on an organization's output
  • The study of the effects of the environmental factors on the accomplishments of the small scale businesses
  • A critical study on the effect of staff training on the performance of the employee

The lists of favorable topic ideas are endless, but we have to make use of the best options listed here. Ensure that your best is good enough in all.

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Home > Robinson College of Business > Robinson College of Business Executive Programs > Business Administration > BUS_ADMIN_DISS

Business Administration Dissertations

Dissertations from 2024 2024.

The Power of Reflection: Understanding The Impacts Made Upon Employees Who Have Managers Who Reflect On Their Professional Development , Ryan Heath Jordan

Dissertations from 2023 2023

Smart Technology Adoption’s Impact on the Value of Logistics Service Providers’ Firms , Raziel Bravo

Unintended Consequences of Organizational Error Culture: Does the Strive for Perfection Cause Employees to Put on a Façade and Consider Leaving? , Scott Crumpton

Vanishing Without a Trace: Measuring Job Applicant Ghosting Attitudes Across the Stages of Job Pursuit , Christine Davis

Leader Emotional Exhaustion: The Moderating Role of Leadership Style , James Davis

Path Constitution in Family Business Succession: Evidence from A Longitudinal Case Study , Toney L. Duckworth-Chambless

Organizational Resilience: An Exploratory Study on Eldercare and Support Responses to COVID-19 , Darren G. Franklin

An Empirical Study on the Influence of ICT-Based Tools on Team Effectiveness in Virtual Software Teams Operating Remotely During the COVID-19 Lockdown , Uday Kumar Kanike

The Role of Spirituality for Successful Established Women Entrepreneurs , Valaurie Bridges Lee

Increasing the Awareness of Black Women to Promote Medical Research Engagement , Stephanie M. Malone

The Impact of Social Media Sentiment on Market Share for Higher Education Institutions , Brandi Nicole Newkirk

How Safety Leadership Styles Impact Employee Safety Behaviors , Michelle McRae Payne

Dissertations from 2022 2022

The Impact of the Financial System and its Channels on SMES' Access to Financing: A Nigerian Perspective , Akinwande Ademosu

Sense of Place and Customer Experience: Cast Study in the State of Alaska , MARYAM AL ALI

Healthcare Innovation Absenteeism: The Rise of Physician Entrepreneurs & Medical Startups , Charleata Battle

The Impact of Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence on Emergent Leadership , Shinika Byrd

How Does the Infrastructure and Support of Two Progressive Startup Communities Compare for African American Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses? A Comparative Study of Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina , Leroy Carson Jr.

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Esports Viewership Trends , James P. Crone

The Impact of Values Congruence on Sales Personnel Performance and Retention: A Person-Organization Fit Analysis , Jason Duke

Using Consumer-Generated Social Media Posts to Improve Forecasts of Television Premiere Viewership: Extending Diffusion of Innovation Theory , Robert Casey Goodman

Sustainable Investing: Navigating the Inefficiencies of an Inefficient Market , Dale Herndon

Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas: Examining the Influence of Postsecondary Education , Cathy Hill

Reestablishing Organizational Stability Through Leading Resilience: Avoiding the Maelstrom of Personal Distress Caused by an Organizational Disruption , Wallace Andrew Huey Jr

Management Perceptions of the Value of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery and Development , Scott P. Murray

Innovative Investment and Trade in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and Barriers for State Governments in a Disruptive Global Environment , Nkiruka Catherine Ohaegbu

Assessing B2G Customer/Contractor Relationships Using Social Exchange Theory During the Search and Selection Stage , Mitchell Lee Reed

The Concept of Digital Twins and its Impact on Organizational Performance , Deepa Vivekanandan

Transforming Leader Selection in the U.S. Army--the Battalion Command Assessment Program , Joseph Williams

Dissertations from 2021 2021

The ESG Behaviors of Multinational Enterprises: An Exploration of Emerging and Developed Market Norms , Julie A. Anderson

Balancing Focal and Client Firm Employee Identification and Acculturation Tensions: A Case Study Approach at a BPO Firm , Jonna B. Blount

Technology Usage to Manage Client Growth: Understanding Robo-Advisor Adoption Among Registered Investment Firms , Kevin Chalk

Consumer Preferences Towards Book Formats: How to Address Technological Disruption in the Publishing Industry , Gustavo Cotrino

An Examination of the Role of vCISO in SMBs: An Information Security Governance Exploration , William Dicker

Phenomenological Assessment of Integrative Medicine Decision-making and the Utility of Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Tools , Osie Gaines

Industry 4.0 Technology: A Cross-Industry View of Adoption, Usage and COVID-19 Effects , Dawn Gregory

Do Age and On-screen Reading vs. On-paper Reading Affect Reader’s Trust and Risk in Reading Financial Content? , John Harrison

Social Entrepreneurship Within A Capitalist Economy , Audria King

The Impact of Deliberation Time on Ethical Decision Quality: A Study of Early-Career Professional Accountants , Ricki Livingston

Time-Varying Style Rotation by Small-Cap Mutual Fund Managers: Incentives and Implications , Peter McGaffigan

Reconciling External Clinical Data: Providers’ Friend Or Foe? , Mindy Oberg

Growing The Pie: How Supplier Diversity Can Enable Minority Businesses to Create Stakeholder Value , Ashok Kasi Vairavan

Analyzing the Budget and Strategic Plan Relationship: A Case Study Approach , Tina Wilson

Dissertations from 2020 2020

What Community and Organizational Factors Affect Care and Financial Performance of U.S. Hospitals? , Esther Chance

Identity Work in Career Transition: Lessons for Human Resources Development in the Verification of Identity in Career Transition , Jennifer Crenshaw

Organizational Innovativeness Among Employees in an IT Operations Organization: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective , Darrell D. Crull

An Analysis of Generational Differences in the Selection and Pursuit of Professional Certification , Dania El-Eter

Does Board Connectedness Contribute to Firms Performance During A Financial Crisis? , Rajendra Prasad Gangavarapu

Leadership Style and Organizational Structure Alignment: Impact on Innovativeness and Business Performance , Charles Ifedi

Don’t Be Left out in the Cold: An Examination of Organizational Innovativeness and Its Influence on the Capacity to Innovate in Cold Chain Third Party Logistics Firms , Anna Johnson

Dynamic Capabilities in Microfinance Innovation: A Case Study of The Grameen Foundation , Sarah Kayongo

Digital Innovation towards a Service-Dominant Business: A Clinical Inquiry into Georgia Pacific's Connected Restroom Initiative , Jung Hwan Kim

An Exploratory Study of The Factors Affecting Hospital Performance: Safety, Clinic Care, Patient Experience, Efficiency and Cost , Shevon Lewis

Factors Affecting the Financial Performance of US Children’s Hospitals: An Exploratory Study , Jimmy Mahgoub

Role of Social Capital in Crowd Funding Campaigns: Exploring Factors That Fuel Success in Crowd Funding Campaigns , Babu V. Manikandan

Reinvigorating Maneuver Warfare: An Organizational Learning Analysis of A Failed Strategic Initiative , Bryan P. McCoy

The Role of Collaborative Governance in Blockchain-Enabled Supply Chains: A Proposed Framework , Denise McCurdy

A Phenomenological Analysis of Information Security Reporting: A Paradoxical Perspective , Robin L. Moore

The Future of the AICPA Peer Review Program: The Impact of Age , Henry Okwuchukwu Onwumbiko

Influence Of Developer Sentiment And Stack Overflow Developers On Open Source Project Success: An Empirical Examination , Johnson Rajakumar

Factors Influencing Surgeon Adoption of Technology in the Medical Device Industry , Sean Reynolds

Career Transitions in the Digital Age: Mastering the Art of Communicating Career Direction Clarity , Daphne J. Schechter

Sustainable Organization of a Lean Six Sigma Program: A Competing Values Perspective , Marilyn J. Tom

Dissertations from 2019 2019

Enterprise Implementations: The Impact of Systems Implementations Using Professional Services Consultants vs. Internal Resources and the Downstream Impact Post Implementations , Yves Belmont

Hybrid Entrepreneurs’ Intention to Transition to Full Entrepreneurship: A Career Approach , Simoon Cannon

The Changing Economics of Attaining Post-Secondary Education in the U.S.: An Analysis by Stakeholder: Employer, Student, and Government , Sheila Cappel

Partnering People with Deep Learning Systems: Human Cognitive Effects of Explanations , Sean Dougherty

Real-Time Push Mobile Marketing Strategy: To What Extent Do Time and Relevance Matter? , Alvin Glay

Corporate Sustainability: The Impact of Corporate Leadership Gender On Year-Over-Year Performance , Jennoa R. Graham

Job Aid or Job Slayed? The Perceived Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Medical and Legal Work , Jessica Louise Helsten

Organizational Learning Through Disruptive Digital Innovation. A Blockchain Implementation , Veneetia Johnson

Drivers of Success to Effective Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Immigrant and Native-born Perceptions , Irina Kozlovski

Improving the Employee Transition Experience: A Practical Business Application for Design Thinking , Aleta W. Richards

A Study of Permanent Residency Intentions and Behaviors by Highly Skilled Temporary Chinese Migrants in the United States , Chloe Shay

Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations: Who’s Really Saving? An Empirical Investigation of Hospital Characteristics That Influence Supply Expense for Healthcare GPO Members , Kenneth Stinson

Does Market Visioning Competence Mediate or Moderate the Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Orientation and Product Innovativeness? , John Stowell

Digital Member Network Implementation and Coproduction: An Investigation of an Alumni Association Network , Derrick Warren

Dissertations from 2018 2018

Microfinance Performance: The Dynamics Between Performance and Funding Sources Across Microfinance Institution Legal Charters and Age Groups , Anthony Annan

Why do Low R2 Hedge Funds have Low R2? An Empirical Study of the Performance and Risk of Low R2 Funds , Arnab Banerjee

Organizational Readiness for the disruptive technology of autonomous commercial vehicles (ACV): What is the readiness of the trucking carriers? , Melvin Dukes

Cultural Analysis of Organizational Development Units: A Comprehensive Approach based on the Competing Values Framework , Richard Erhardt

Impact of Organizational Career Management Activities on Organizational Commitment of Early, Mid, and Late Stage Career Professionals , Melissa J. Furman

Embracing the Unexpected: A Quasi-experiment to Explore the Effects of Power and Gender on the Decision to Reciprocate a Hug-Or Not-in the Workplace , Paula R. Gable

Scientists With and Without Managerial Responsibilities: How Managerial Training Affects the Perception of Job Satisfaction , Jamie Humphries

The Role of Reflection in Predicting Stress Coping, Turnover, Absenteeism, and Lateness: A Study of the Hospitality Industry , Hicham Jaddoud

The Value of Business Incubators and Accelerators from the Entrepreneurs Perspective , Ginger S. Lange

The Effect of Dynamic Capabilities and Military Experience on the Performance of Veteran Women-Owned Businesses , Sequoiya Lawson

An Empirical Study in the U.S. Hotel Industry: How Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Signaling, and Guest Loyalty Impact Revenue , Kevin Morgan

A Case Study: Evaluating the Implementation of Eligibility Screening and Sliding Scale Payments in A Community Clinic , Carol Passley

Do Financial Incentives Make a Difference? A Study of Dual Eligible Medicare Advantage Primary Care Providers and Quality Gaps in Care for the Dual Eligible Population , Estevan Rodriguez

How Experts Judge Creativity: A Field Study of the Assessment of Creative Output , Michael Robert Seyle

The Impact of Knowledge Acquisition on Developing a New Launch Strategy into China , Kristine Sickels

The Impact of Airport Servicescape on Passengers Satisfaction , Kamau Kofi Smith

Higher Education Pricing: Effects of Tuition Pricing on Nontraditional Student Persistence Moderated by Demographics. , Katherine Crowell Spradley

Managing Implicit Bias with Transformational Conversation: A Qualitative Field Study of Social Identity Theory , Kimberly Stephens

Effectiveness of Interorganizational (B2B) Selling: The Influence of Collaboration, Initiator, Market Segmentation, Product , George Talbert

The Comparative Efficiency of Public and Private Provision of Postsecondary Education in U.S. National Universities , David Talley

The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Transactions , Al Tilooby

Dissertations from 2017 2017

Exploring the Role of Work–Family Conflict on Job and Life Satisfaction for Salaried and Self-Employed Males and Females: A Social Role Approach , Anthony Adepoju

The Effects of an Employment Tax Enforcement Regime on US Small Business and Proprietor Payment Compliance , Rafael Dacal

Demographic Factors as Significant Indicators for Short and Long-term Investments in Industrialized, Emerging, and Frontier Countries , Rodrigo De León González

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Home > Business > dissertations

College of Business Administration Dissertations and Theses

The College of Business Administration Dissertations Series is comprised of dissertations and theses authored by Marquette University's College of Business Administration doctoral and master's students.

Theses/Dissertations from 1972 1972

The Structure, Behavior, and Performance of the Automobile Industry , Tom J. Miller

Demand for Education at De Paul Diocesan High School , Sister Lionella Tierney S.C.

Theses/Dissertations from 1970 1970

A simplified model to measure returns from industrial research and development expenditures (with application to the pharmeceutical drug industry) , Jonathan Furdek

The Brewing Industry in the United States with Emphasis on the Shift in Concentration and Pricing Analysis , Norman L. Paul

Theses/Dissertations from 1966 1966

The Problems of Economic Development in India: Why 'Take-Off' Has Been Delayed in India , Joshua Thottikkara

Theses/Dissertations from 1965 1965

Examination of several productivity factors in the United States steel industry , William A. Fena

Theses/Dissertations from 1964 1964

Wisconsin minimum-wage legislation and its effects upon employment in the Wisconsin restaurant industry , Ronald J. Vogel

Theses/Dissertations from 1962 1962

Discussion of Natural Monopolies: A New Approach , M. Aaron Kalinowski

Increasing top management efficiency through budgeting , Arthur P. Witt

Theses/Dissertations from 1959 1959

The Impact of Small Foreign Cars on the Domestic Market , Francis J. McGavock

Theses/Dissertations from 1958 1958

Transformation of agricultural South Korea into a net food deficit country and future prospects for food self-sufficiency , Joseph S. Chung

A prediction of the number of new private non-farm permanent residential housing starts for the year 1965 , Gilbert R. Gadzikowski

The concept of forced savings , Donald F. Krier

An approach to management development in India with particular reference to the public sector , S. Benjamin Prasad

An analysis of land tenure and agricultural reform in Egypt , John K. Wilhelm

Theses/Dissertations from 1956 1956

Development and present status of plans for the regularizing of workers employment and income , Eldred K. Hansen

Theses/Dissertations from 1955 1955

Economic development in Venezuela: a comparative analysis , Charles J. Dussey

Theses/Dissertations from 1954 1954

An Analysis of Factors and Conditions Affecting Stock Market Prices , Bert J. Beihoff

The economics of hospital personnel administration , Francis D. Murphy

Recent developments in American Catholic thought on the vocational order , Mary Pius Puetz

Theses/Dissertations from 1950 1950

The devaluation of the pound: an evaluation , Guy E. Coriden

The British coal industry : economic factors leading to its nationalization with a review of the first years of the nationalized industry , Robert E. Leahy

Open Market Operations of the Federal Reserve System , Francis W. Norris

Theses/Dissertations from 1943 1943

Recent changes in the Federal Reserve System (1933-1939) , Louis J. Swichkow

Theses/Dissertations from 1938 1938

Solidarism , Mary Jane Kuck

Theses/Dissertations from 1935 1935

Certain controlling ideas of the medieval trade guild as especially exemplified in England , Cyril N. McKinnon

The history of public utility legislation in Wisconsin , Charles J. McNally

Theses/Dissertations from 1934 1934

Banking and monetary theories and policies in the writings of Francis Amasa Walker , Alexander John Gregory

Theses/Dissertations from 1932 1932

Present Status and Modern Trend in the Teaching of the Social Sciences in the Elementary and Secondary Schools , Joseph Marie Viau

Theses/Dissertations from 1930 1930

The Federal Government and Public Health , Marguerite McNicholas

Theses/Dissertations from 1924 1924

A Summary of Elementary Economics: A Survey of the Principles of an Elementary Course in Economics , Sister Mary Irene Collins

Theses/Dissertations from 1923 1923

Common Law trusts as substitutes for private corporations , Emory L. Grady

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Case Western Reserve University

  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Dissertations

Doctor of Business Administration Dissertations

Close-up a hand writing in a notebook beside a keyboard

Explore past dissertations from members of the Doctor of Business Administration program at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

2023 Dissertations

  • Dissertation:  Do Emergency Physicians Treat Patients with Opioid Use Disorder Differently? A Mixed-Methods Integrative Paper
  • Dissertation: Reliability and Resilience at U.S. Hospitals During the Global COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Study on the Effect of Leader and Team Behavior on Crisis Response 
  • Dissertation: The Experience of American Frontline Health Care Workers with Electronic Medical Records Technology During the Time of COVID-19: A Phenomenological Inquiry Following the Systems Approach
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Business Unit (BU)-Information Technology (IT)-Relationships on Business Transformations: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Cognitive Load, EHR Use, and Psychological Stressors Influence on Decision-Making Performance Within Healthcare
  • Dissertation: Are Food Banks Impacting Food Retail? Examining the Relationship Between Hunger Relief Distributions and Retail Transactions in a Local Food Environment 

2022 Dissertations

  • Dissertation:  Factors Influencing the Advancement Of African American Women In Banking: “Yet None Have Advanced Into The C-Suite Of The Top Four U.S. Banks”
  • Dissertation:  Embodied Awareness, Embodied Practice: A Powerful Path to Practical Wisdom
  • Dissertation:  The Dynamics and Impacts of Conference Change in Intercollegiate Athletics: A Strategy Group and Institutional Analysis  
  • Dissertation:  Heuristics and Bias in New Venture Valuations
  • Dissertation:  Mixed Methods Study Examining Organizational and Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Management of Pet Populations in Shelters
  • Dissertation:  Factors Influencing Academic Engagement: A Social Support Perspective
  • Dissertation:  Latino Entrepreneurship in the United States: A Fresh Perspective
  • Dissertation:  The Effect of Supply Chain Strategies on Direct-to-Consumer Industry Evolution: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation:  Building Character and Leading Through The "Eyes of Others:" A Qualitative and Quantitative Study of Ethical Decision-Making  
  • Dissertation:  Unveiling the Arab Mind: What are the Characteristics of Leaders Who Need to Capture Followers' Hearts and Minds?

2021 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: System Influence Framework: IT Project Managers’ Influence to Form Critical Stakeholder Alignments and Promote Value Realization
  • Dissertation: A Mixed-Method Study of Investigating the Effects of Organizational Preparedness of Supply Chain Management Performance in the Food and Manufacturing Industry
  • Dissertation: Managing Successful Strategic Turnarounds: A Mixed Methods Study of Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities
  • Dissertation: Price Wars and Managerial Sensemaking: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Integrative Ecosystem Management: Designing Cities and Co-creating the Flourishing Ecosystem
  • Dissertation: Effectiveness of Nonprofits on Factors That Influence the Social Aspects of Well-Being in Food Deserts
  • Dissertation: Managing Scholar/Practitioner Tensions in Professional Programs: A Study of Library and Information Science Faculty
  • Dissertation: Three Studies of Unexpected Organizational Decisions: Some Commonalities in Decisions to Report Workplace Violence and Decisions of Scope in Audit Testing for Complex IT Environments

2020 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Operational Excellence and Organic Revenue Growth
  • Dissertation: Breakthrough Teams & Innovation in Orbit: Entrepreneurial Group Initiatives in Established Organizations
  • Dissertation: The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Methods Inquiry Into the Factors Influencing M&A Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Coaching and Development as Part of a Manager-Subordinate Relationship: A Mixed-Methods Study of Tools, Dynamics and Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Role of a CEO in the Era of Technology Disruption: Influence on Timing of Adoption
  • Dissertation: Why Do People Bribe and Is It Worth It? A Mixed Methods Study of Bribing Antecedents and Outcomes in Former Soviet Countries
  • Dissertation: Cross-Functional Team Performance: Inquiry, Identity and Shared Reality
  • Dissertation: Managing Rational Divergence: Testing the Effects of a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Technique on Collaborative Versus Competitive Behaviors in a Game Theoretic Setting
  • Dissertation: Equity and Justice For All: The Absence of Subjective Well-Being for the African American Male
  • Dissertation: How Do Professionals Find Life Meaning?
  • Dissertation: Do You Have the "S" Factor for Service Innovation? How Stewardship Contributes to Service Innovation Capabilities in Service-Dominant Logic
  • Dissertation: Coaching Millennials
  • Dissertation: Antecedents Of Radicality And Commercial Success Outcomes In SBIR Projects
  • Dissertation: Omni-Brand: The Paradox of Global Acceptance and Local Authenticity
  • Dissertation: What drives individual decision-making of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to Sub-Saharan Africa

2019 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Designing the Framework of Entrepreneurial Relationship Management (ERM) for Strategic Actions and Effective-Decision Making
  • Dissertation: Building Big Data Analytics as a Strategic Capability in Industrial Firms: Firm Level Capabilities and Project Level Practices
  • Dissertation: The Influence of Individual, Organizational and Contextual Factors on Saudi Women Career Commitment and Satisfaction in Nontraditional Occupations
  • Dissertation: The Patient Perspective: Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on Chronic Disease Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Hyperconnectivity Giveth and Taketh Away: Reconciling Being an "Always-On" Empowered Consumer and Privacy in an Era of Pervasive Personal Data Exchanges
  • Dissertation: Inspirational Professors, Their Emotional Intelligence and its role on Relational Climate
  • Dissertation: Emergent Learning in Digital Product Teams
  • Dissertation: Improving Job Satisfaction for Nurses in Acute Healthcare Facilities through Engagement and Teamwork
  • Dissertation: Leadership and Practices for Strategic Adaptation in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
  • Dissertation: A Mixed Methods Study Exploring How IRS Special Agents Choose Cases for Investigation

2018 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Green Investment and Organizational Performance: Evidence from the Nigerian Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Dissertation: Antecedents of Managerial Moral Stress: A Mixed Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Purposing: How Purpose Develops Self-Organizing Capacities
  • Dissertation: The Changing Landscape of Finance in Higher Education:  Bridging the Gap Through Data Analytics
  • Dissertation: Barriers and Facilitators of Growth in Black Entrepreneurial Ventures: Thinking Outside the Black Box
  • Dissertation: Honorable Mavericks: A Mixed-Method Study of what Influences Subsidiary Managers Compliance with Headquarters Instructions
  • Dissertation: Fifteen Minutes of Shame: A Multilevel Approach of the Antecedents and Effects of Corporate Accounting Scandals
  • Dissertation: What Really Matters to NFL Fans: The Effects of Team Performance and Self-confidence on Fan Commitment and Purchase Intention
  • Dissertation: Crossing the Quality Chasm: A Mixed Methods Study of Physician Decision-Making when Treating Chronic Disease
  • Dissertation: The Power of Relationships: Navigating the Dance of Change through Executive Coaching
  • Dissertation: Learning Within and During IT/IS Projects: Its Process, Antecedents, and Outcomes
  • Dissertation: The Complexity of Change: The Middle Managers’ Emergent Contributions
  • Dissertation: STEM Entrepreneurs: Educating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Underrepresented Minorities (URM) and Non-Minorities for Job Satisfaction and Career Success
  • Dissertation: Mixed Methods Study of Factors Influencing  Business to Business (b2b) Sales Performance: The Role of Design Attitude
  • Dissertation: Making Heads and Tails of Distributional Patterns in Private-Equity-Owned Companies: A Value-Creation-Type and Industry-Based Analysis
  • Dissertation: The Professional Development Mindset

2017 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Legislators as Leaders: Investigating and Elucidating the Influence of Gender, Religious Beliefs, and Mindfulness on Legislative Decision Making
  • Dissertation: Purpose Matters to Leaders at a Personal and Company Level
  • Dissertation: Forecast Revision as an Antecedent to Strategic Change
  • Dissertation: An Examination of Followers' Upward Influence
  • Dissertation: Empowering the 99%...One ESOP at a Time! A Mixed Method Study of Employee Owned Company Acquisitions
  • Dissertation: Factors Contributing to Sustainable Brand Growth
  • Dissertation: Looking Beyond Culture: Determining Success Factors for Transnational Multiparty Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Bringing Social Innovation to Scale: Leveraging Relational Capital and Risk-Taking Behaviors of Actors in Complex Ecosystems
  • Dissertation: Positive Impact: Factors That Drive Businesses Toward Shared Prosperity, Environmental Regeneration and Human Wellbeing
  • Dissertation: The Role of an Ethos of Sustainability: The Hidden Value of Intangible Resources
  • Dissertation: What is Retirement in the 21st Century?
  • Dissertation: The Potency of Informal Learning in Paid and Non-Paid Work: A Mixed Study
  • Dissertation: Strategy as Configuration: Recursive Organization of Strategy Implementation Factors and Their Effect on Strategy Execution Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: Are we Having Fun Yet?: What is the Relationship Between Mentoring, Fun at Work and Job Satisfaction?
  • Dissertation: Senior Information Technology (IT) Leader Credibility: Knowledge Scale, Mediating Knowledge Mechanisms, and Effectiveness

2016 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: The Intersection of Auditor Independence, Objectivity, and Integrity in High Risk Audit Conditions
  • Dissertation: Characteristics of Effective  Leadership of Community College Presidents - A Mixed Method Analysis
  • Dissertation: Cultural Factors:  Entrepreneurial Orientation or Not – Innovation Drivers in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Dissertation: Igniting the Fire: The Impact of Anticipatory Entrepreneurial Passion on Effort and Affect in Nascent Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: Frontline Employee Role Passion and the Impact on Service Encounters
  • Dissertation: An Original Microgrid Business Model Determines Conditions for a New Asset Market
  • Dissertation: Sustainable Value And Eco-Communal Management: Systemic Measures For The Outcome Of Renewable Energy Businesses In Developing, Emerging, And Developed Economies
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Micro-Level Dynamic Capabilities: How Technology Leaders Innovate with Human Connection
  • Dissertation: When is Earnings Guidance a Treacherous Servant?
  • Dissertation: Routines of New Venture Conceptualization: Evidence and Extension of an Entrepreneurial Dynamic Capability
  • Dissertation: Remote and Onsite Knowledge Worker Productivity and Engagement: A Comparative Study of the Effect of Virtual Intensity and Work Location Preference
  • Dissertation: Who We Are Matters: The Identity of the Information Technology Organization and Outsourcing Success
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Steering Committee Capabilities for Implementing Large Scale Enterprise-Wide Information Systems
  • Dissertation: Financial Stress in an Adaptive System: From Empirical Validity to Theoretical Foundations
  • Dissertation: Experiential Workplace Design in Knowledge Work Organizations: A Worker-Centered Approach
  • Dissertation: Understanding the Journey of Inner-City Communities to a Sense of Community and Well-Being
  • Dissertation: Deliberate Disruption: How Corporate Leaders' Break the Liability of Expertise
  • Dissertation: The Role of Mentorship in Developing Leadership Ready Gen X and Gen Y Females
  • Dissertation: Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Creepiness in Online Personalized Communications
  • Dissertation: The Effects of Visual Analytic Strategies on Organizational Decision Making

2015 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: What Influences the Economic Model In the Private and Public Sectors In the Two Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai? A Comparative Study 
  • Dissertation: Design Attitude and Social Innovation: Empirical Studies of the Return on Design
  • Dissertation: Attentional Change Decisions: Exploring the Role of Attention in Shaping Change Decisions: A Mixed Methods Approach
  • Dissertation: Interprofessional Teams in Healthcare: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Helping Top Talent To Thrive: The Significance of Relational Capacity, Teamwork and Organizational Support
  • Dissertation: Narrative Shock: Helping North Korean Defectors Narrate Their Lives Fully in South Korea
  • Dissertation: Team Adaptation and Mindful Boundary Management: The Dynamics of Internal and External Balancing
  • Dissertation: The Collaboration Blueprint: Designing and Building Effective Strategies for Innovation and Rejuvenative Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Developing the Next-Generation Leadership Talent in Family Business: The Family Effect
  • Dissertation: Creating Customer Love: How Organizations Can Engender Positive Affect in Online Product-Centered Communities
  • Dissertation: Playing to Win: Dynamics of Teams That Innovate
  • Dissertation: Organizational Commitment - A Requisite for Quality of Life in Assisted Living.
  • Dissertation: Promethean Framework and Measurement Instrument: Career Development, Maintenance and Transitions in Convulsive Economic Cycles
  • Dissertation: Cohesion, Flexibility, and the Mediating Effects of Shared Vision and Comparison on Engagement in Army Acquisition Teams
  • Dissertation: Title How Hackers Think: A Mixed Method Study of Mental Models and Cognitive Patterns of High-Tech Wizards
  • Dissertation: Procedural Rationality as a Means for Evidence-Based Management in Conflicted Decision-Making:  A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Dissertation: Disempowering the "Robin Hood" Fraudster: Empathetic Pathways Weaken Regulators and Enable Fraudulent Behavior – A Framework For Redesigining Controls
  • Dissertation: Organizational Adoption of Social Media Technologies: A Mixed-Methods, Multi-Level Study of Effects on Productivity and Work-Home Life Balance
  • Dissertation: Trust by Design: The Affective and Cognitive Antecedents Among African Americans, Building Long-Term Business Relationships
  • Dissertation: Thriving in Transition: Cognitive, Social & Behavioral Resources For Times of Change

2014 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Towards Flourishing: How Sellers Can Forge Stronger B2B Relations and Increase Buyer Loyalty
  • Dissertation: Improving the Capacity for Strategic Anticipation: How Upstream, Downstream and Lateral Immersion Contribute to the Capacity to Anticipate Strategic Moves
  • Dissertation: Does Upper Echelons Team Dynamic Matter? The Criticality of Executive Team Behavior in Economic Value Creation
  • Dissertation: Facilitating Radical Innovation in Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Industries
  • Dissertation: Staying Alive: The Experience of In Extremis Leadership
  • Dissertation: The Significance of Influence in Our Current Work Environment: Understanding and Exploring the Shift and Emergent Domains
  • Dissertation: Understanding Managerial Influences:  A Mixed Methods Study of employee engagement, well-being, and performance
  • Dissertation: Factors That Influence Firms' Environmental Performance: An Examination of Large Companies
  • Dissertation: Title A Theoretical, Empirical and Practical Approach to Academic Knowledge Production and Job Satisfaction: The Role of Academic Alignment
  • Dissertation: Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning: Implications for Management Development and Education
  • Dissertation: Bridging the Medical Knowledge and Practice Gap: Antecedents of Successful Scientist Physician Collaboration
  • Dissertation: Supply Chain Management Performance: Factors Contributing to Successful Risk Mitigation & Resiliency
  • Dissertation: A Theory of Overload and Equivocality Effects on Learning during Knowledge Transfer within Policy Making Dyads

2013 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Theory of Viral Growth of Social Networking Sites
  • Dissertation: Socio-Cognitive Foundations of Entrepreneurial Venturing
  • Dissertation: The Belief System and Behavior of Financial Advisors After a Market Disruption
  • Dissertation: Relationships Matter, Even for CPAs
  • Dissertation: Designing Successful Social Ventures: Hands-On Feedback-Seeking Engagement with Stakeholders to Unravel What to Do Next
  • Dissertation: Pricing Capabilities and Firm Performance: A Socio-Technical Framework for the Adoption of Pricing as a Transformational Innovation
  • Dissertation: Coming Out and Being Out in the C-Suite: The Experiences of Openly Gay and Lesbian Executives
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Social Competencies and Role Factors on the Relational Construction of Identity and Participation of Physician Leaders
  • Dissertation: Credibility: A Foundation for All Leaders
  • Dissertation: Why We Care: The Mediating Effect of Positive and Negative Emotional Attractors on Social Responsibility
  • Dissertation: Systemic Corruption: A Multi-Theoretic, Multi-Level and Mixed Methods Analysis of the Interplay among Institutional Logics, Strategic Agency and Reward Expectancy

2012 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Tenure, Charisma and Conflict in Venture Backed Teams
  • Dissertation: Decision Making in the Corporate Boardroom: Designing the Conditions for Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: How and To What Extent Does Collaboration Affect Employee and Cross-Functional Team Performance?
  • Dissertation: Women Persisting in the Engineering Profession: A Paradoxical Explanation Adapting Intentional Change Theory
  • Dissertation: Organizational Agility and Complex Enterprise System Innovations: A Mixed Methods Study of the Effects of Enterprise Systems on Organizational Agility
  • Dissertation: How a Learning Orientation, Modern Portfolio Theory and Absorptive Capacity Contribute to University Endowment Performance
  • Dissertation: A Multi-Level Investigation into the Antecedents of Enterprise Architecture (EA) Assimilation in the U.S. Federal Government: A Longitudinal Mixed Methods Research Study
  • Dissertation: The Impact IT Professionals Have On Performance: What Differentiates Superior from Average Performers and Understanding How to Keep Them Engaged

2011 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Pluralistic Diversity in Voluntary Associations on College Campuses: A Multi-Method study
  • Dissertation: Managing the Unexpected: Detecting, Preventing and Mitigating Surprises in the Banking Industry
  • Dissertation: The Strategic Decision-Making Process of the Board and Its Impact on Decision Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Worlds Connected and Worlds Apart: Postures and Dependencies Influencing Government - Agency Relations
  • Dissertation: A Multi-Method Exploration of the Role of Legitimacy in Cross-Sector Partnerships for the Natural Environment
  • Dissertation: Knowledge Sharing in Bioscience Clusters: Nature, Utilization and Effects
  • Dissertation: Impact of School Leadership on Academic Achievement in Kenyan Secondary Schools
  • Dissertation: Non-Financial Perspectives on Family Firm Performance
  • Dissertation: The Great Recession and Nonprofit Endurance: Framing the Mission-Defensive Paradox
  • Dissertation: The Global Financial Crisis: Bankers Shaken, But Some Awaken

2010 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Causal Ambiguity and Its Impacts on Firm Performance
  • Dissertation: Exploring Sustained Collaborations: Activities and Behaviors That Make a Difference
  • Dissertation: Adoption of High Trust-High Risk Technologies: The Case of of Computer Assisted Surgery
  • Dissertation: Bridging Structure-Agency Divide: A Structurational Approach to Institutional Adaptation and Innovation
  • Dissertation: The Effect of Social Factors on Project Success Within Enterprise-Class System Development
  • Dissertation: Nonprofit Leaders and Their Organizations: Routes to and Repertoires for Effectiveness
  • Dissertation: Drivers of Employee Engagement and Teamwork Performance
  • Dissertation: Payoffs of Championing "Tough Issues": Why Corporations Need to Nurture Quixotic Champions at the Board and Within Senior Management Teams
  • Dissertation: Improving the Effectiveness of Microfinance in Reducing Household Poverty
  • Dissertation: How Many Hands Does a Team Have? Developing Ambidextrous Teams in Academic Medical Centers
  • Dissertation: The Delicate Balance of Organizational Leadership: Encouraging Learning and Driving Successful Innovation
  • Dissertation: Dare to Restore Trust and Drive Loyalty in Distrust-Dominated Environments: A Stakeholder Perspective
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Charisma on Employee Volunteer Programs

2009 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Informational Complexity, Transparency and Stewardship on Decision Usefulness: The Users' Perspective
  • Dissertation: Generative Characteristics as Antecedents to Engagement
  • Dissertation: Managing Commitment as Antecedents to Engagement in Faith-based Organizations: Chinese Protestant Churches in the United States
  • Dissertation: When Practice and Theory Conflict: Do Performance Incentives Drive Management Behaviors in Mergers and Acquisitions?
  • Dissertation: Ethical Ideologies and Decision Making Among College Student Athletes
  • Dissertation: The Role of Human Capital in Predicting Business Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Inside the Outsourcing of Innovation
  • Dissertation: The Role of Organizational Learning in Renewing Competitive Advantage
  • Dissertation: The Private Sector and Anti-Terrorism Spending for Physical Security
  • Dissertation: Unraveling Adaptive Selling: An Empirical Analysis of Underlying Relational Behavior
  • Dissertation: Design and Discovery: The Structure and Function of a Research Network
  • Dissertation: Into the Family and Business Nexus: Succession and Daughters in Family Owned Businesses
  • Dissertation: Executive Leader Development: Mentoring in U.S. Government and Commercial Organizations
  • Dissertation: An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Accreditation in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Dissertation: Beyond Financial Transparency and Institutional Structure: Emergent Forms of Accountability in the New Era of Responsibility

2008 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Developing a Regional High Tech Environment: What Factors Matter
  • Dissertation: The Impact of the Internet on Airline Fares
  • Dissertation: Managing Multiple and Interacting Congregations Within the Same Church: The Case of Chinese Protestant Immigrant Churches in North America
  • Dissertation: Heaven, Hell and Everything In Between: How Do Authentic Leaders' Values Contribute to Organizations in Which Followers Flourish?
  • Dissertation: They're Making All the Wrong Decisions: Managing Cognitive and Emotive Balance
  • Dissertation: The Pathfinder Leader and Complex Decision Making: The Role in Collective Action Governance
  • Dissertation: College Environments as Enablers and Barriers to Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Dissertation: The Role of Learning and Care Giving Style in Practitioner-Patient Co-Production of Therapeutic Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Effective Leadership of Financial Service Firms: A Study in Resonance and Emotional Intelligence
  • Dissertation: Selling Money: Success Factors for Financial Advisors
  • Dissertation: Role Engagement in Co-operative Organizations: A Relational Framework for Understanding Board Commitment
  • Dissertation: Virtual Teams: Can They Be More Effective
  • Dissertation: Commitment to Change as Dynamic Push-Pull Alignment of Messages
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Organizational Destruction in Social Capital
  • Dissertation: The Duplicity Effect: Professional Investment Decisions for Others Versus Self
  • Dissertation: You Can Change Strategies in a Conversation: Decision Making in Innovation in the Durable Goods Industry

2007 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Disconnected: A Consumer Study of Mobile Telephone Technology Rejection in the United States
  • Dissertation: The Social-Technical Project Manager Practices That Motivate Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Information Technology Project Team Environments
  • Dissertation: Social Change – Making the Improbable Possible through Collaboration: A Series of Studies on NGO Collaboration in South Africa
  • Dissertation: Employee Reactions to Mergers and Acquisitions - The ‘ME-I Syndrome’; Avoiding ‘Merger-Enabled-Individualism’
  • Dissertation: Service Feature Considerations for Developing Consumer Satisfaction in Online Environments
  • Dissertation: Studies in Workplace Behaviors and Organizations
  • Dissertation: Transitioning from Staff Nurse to Nurse Manager-A Change in Identity
  • Dissertation: Resilience in Action: Exploring Constructive Transitions Among Mid-Career Leaders
  • Dissertation: Change Leader Retention and Career Development: The Role of Social Capital and Balancing Commitments
  • Dissertation: Venture “TERROIR” Can We Define It ? VC Decision Processes for Investing in Genesis/ Pre-seed ICT Entrepreneurial Teams
  • Dissertation: The Effects of Ownership, Control Rights and Experience on Joint Venture Success
  • Dissertation: Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Impact in the Social Sector
  • Dissertation: An Investigation of Electronic Medical Record Technology Adoption by Family Practice Physicians

2006 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Three Aspects of Social Change Management: Project Ownership, Ethical Project Transfer and Economic Correlate
  • Dissertation: Corporate Governance in the Era of Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Dissertation: The Practice of Medical Error Reporting
  • Dissertation: The Social Construction of the Interactive Practices of Multicultural Professionals
  • Dissertation: Practicing Pragmatic Collaboration: The Challenge of Recognizing and Managing Rational Divergence
  • Dissertation: Focusing on the End User: Promoting the Successful Deployment of Workplace Programs and Initiatives
  • Dissertation: Exploration of Social Capital in the Context of Elected Public School Officials
  • Dissertation: A Journey with the End in Mind: An Examination of How Advance Planning May Influence End-of-Life Decisions
  • Dissertation: Innovative or Expendable Human Capital: The Effect of Labor Market Choices, Career System Practices and Self-Directed Career Orientation on Organization Outcomes
  • Dissertation: Immigrants Transnational Activities for Home Community Development: The Nigerian Immigrants in the United States
  • Dissertation: Factors that Facilitate Entrepreneurship Among Students and Nascent Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: An investigation of Customer Perceived Value, Exchange Partner Trustworthiness and Service Perceptions in e-Commerce
  • Dissertation: Impact of Knowledge on Electricity Markets

2005 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Corporate Responses to Accounting Regulation
  • Dissertation: Information Technology Adoption by Middle Managers: The Case of Trial Court Judges
  • Dissertation: Strangers in the Commons: Understanding and Measuring Successful Aging for Low-Income Seniors in Affordable Housing
  • Dissertation: Adolescent Leadership Development: The Role of Authoritative Parenting and the Mediating Effect of Psychological Autonomy and Mastery Orientation
  • Dissertation: Trust, Education and Development in Jamaica, 1950-2000
  • Dissertation: The Link Between Governance Responsibilities and Performance in Healthcare Organizations: A Trustees Perspective
  • Dissertation: Nonprofit Intrapreneurship: How Nonprofit Managers Facilitate and Balance Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Dissertation: All Cake and No Icing: An Exploration of Female Executive Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Dissertation: A Framework for Maximizing Board Member Outcomes in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Electronic Medical Records on the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Hospitals in Japan, Korea and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparison

2004 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Sparks of Innovation: Observing the Elements that Lead to Creative and Innovative Success
  • Dissertation: Pastoral Leadership and Parish Vibrancy
  • Dissertation: A Tale of Two Colleges: The Fiscal Crisis of the 1990's Strategies for Managing in Uncertainty
  • Dissertation: Converting Highly Legitimized Structural Barriers into Vehicles of Change: A Case for Transformational Leadership in Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Dissertation: The Social Capital of Nonprofit Leaders
  • Dissertation: Synthesizing Managerial Agency and Institutionalism in Manufacturing Facilities
  • Dissertation: The Evolving Nonprofit Board: Relational Practices and Effective Governance
  • Dissertation: Entrepreneurial Emergence: The Challenge of Growth in Urban Contexts
  • Dissertation: Change On the Frontlines: A Perspective from the Trenches
  • Dissertation: Perspectives on Life Insurance Selling, Retirement Savings among African Americans and Precautionary Saving of Blacks compared to Whites
  • Dissertation: Managers, Micro-entrepreneurs and Performance Outcomes: Lessons from Two Worlds
  • Dissertation: Trust in Project Management Relationships
  • Dissertation: Free at Last? Culturally Rooted Differences in the Workplace Experience
  • Dissertation: Organization and Empowerment: Policy, Practice and Outcome - The Study of Development Organizations in St. Lucia, West Indies

2003 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Individual Behavioral Competencies & Organizational Constraints: Some Insights From Health Care
  • Dissertation: From Sitting on Top of the World to Crunched in the Back of the Bus: The Transformation of the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry From 2000 Through 2003
  • Dissertation: Stakeholders and Organizations: A Three Part Approach to Better Understandings of Who and What Counts
  • Dissertation: Research Reports: Strength of Strong Ties: Two Studies on EVA in Cyclic Markets
  • Dissertation: Beyond the Requirements: Using Technology and Implementing Service Learning
  • Dissertation: What Tangled Webs We Weave: A Comparative Study of Cooperation, Coping, and Networking Strategies of Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs
  • Dissertation: Customer Service Satisfaction in Inter-Cultural Service Encounters
  • Dissertation: Research Into the Effectiveness of an Alternatives to Violence Program in a Prison System
  • Dissertation: A Qualitative Analysis of the Historical and Social Significance of the African American Male Oral Tradition: A Study in Linguistic Anthropology
  • Dissertation: Leadership Pathways: How Leaders Communicate, Network, and Find Success in Diverse Environments
  • Dissertation: Reciprocal Learning in Teams: Relational Practices for Securing the Best From Leadership Volunteers in Nonprofit Organizations

2002 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Workforce Development in a Small Manufacturing Organization
  • Dissertation: Forces Shaping the Extent of Markets: An Exploration of Wholesale Distributors in Latin America
  • Dissertation: The Meaning of Decision and Choice to a Leader in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Dissertation: Another Thrice-Told Tale: Strategy Formation, Accountability, and Competent Governance in a Nonprofit Organization
  • Dissertation: Study of Direct Internet Selling by Airlines in the U.S. Air Travel Distribution Industry
  • Dissertation: The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Work Team Cohesiveness and Performance
  • Dissertation: Political Economy and Price Ratio Changes: Electric Industry Under Transition
  • Dissertation: Understanding the Characteristics of an Effective Physician-Hospital Contractual Arrangement from a Dyadic Perspective
  • Dissertation: The Connected Celebrity and Nonprofit Advertising

2001 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Ohio’s Instructional Support Funding Process On Institutional Behavior At Two-Year Colleges
  • Dissertation: The Contributions and Status of Women Inside Directors in Fortune 1000 Companies
  • Dissertation: The Influence of Self-Development, Experimental Learning and Networking on the Career Satisfaction of EMBA Graduates
  • Dissertation: Toward A Theory of Technical Change
  • Dissertation: More Than Directing Money: Theories in Use for Helping Distressed Communities as Practiced by Independent Foundations

2000 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Money and Theology - It's Not an Oxymoron!!
  • Dissertation: Parental Choice of Elementary Schools Within the Cleveland Catholic Diocese and Its Implications for the Financial Policies of Diocesan Schools
  • Dissertation: Business Is War: An Investigation Into Metaphor Use in Internet and Non-Internet IPOs
  • Dissertation: Theoretical Aspects of the Japanese Institutional Relations Model and Its Effectiveness for Corporate Governance in the Context of Globalization
  • Dissertation: Sensemaking in a Hospital Strategic Planning Process
  • Dissertation: Strategic Alliance Decisions: The Interpersonal Experience of Alliance Building

1999 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: Environomics: Managing Environmental Change from Rio de Janiero to Buenos Aires (Via Berlin and Kyoto
  • Dissertation: Habitus Wars and Field(s) of Dreams: Using Bourdieu to Reframe the Sense of a Crisis
  • Dissertation: Managers in the Middle: A Study of Long Term Care Regional Managers Dealing With Organizational Stress
  • Dissertation: The Relationship of Error-Based Experimental Learning to Organizational Change: How and Why What We Learn May or May Not Change How We Behave
  • Dissertation: Back to the Future: A Search for Economic Progress or Roots? A Comparison of Experiences Between African American Entrepreneurs in the United States
  • Dissertation: The Quest for Sustainable Leadership: The Importance of Connecting Leadership Principles to Concepts Of Organizational Sustainability
  • Dissertation: Achieving Potential in Hospital Mergers
  • Dissertation: Mill Creek: A Case Study Applying Actor Network and Transformational Leadership Theories to Urban Housing Development

1998 Dissertations

  • Dissertation: America in the 21st Century: Finding Harmony Between Economic and Social Goals
  • Dissertation: The Social Construction of Workforce Development Organizations in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia
  • Dissertation: The Marketplace of Management Ideas
  • Dissertation: The Changing Face Of Money: Will Electronic Money Be Adopted in the United States?
  • Dissertation: Ordinary Canadians: Identity of Time and Place
  • Dissertation: Straight to the Heart: Cleveland Leaders Shaping the Next Millennium
  • Dissertation: Capacity Building: An Appreciative Approach
  • Dissertation: The Structure of Management Practices and the Formation of Coping Habitus

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Business Administration - Dissertations

Two Essays on Macro Accounting , Kang Ho Cho

Two Essays on Corporate and Institutional Investors’ Usage of Options, Financial Constraints, and Firm Performance , Bharat Patil

Three Essays on Regulation in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Markets , Lu Liu

Predicting Accounting Misstatements within Industries and Accounts , Emily Cokeley

Heterogeneity in Institutional Context and Its Impact on Initial Public Offerings and Corporate Social Responsibility , Gokce Serdar

Essays in Corporate Finance , Lea H. Stern


Essays on New Venture Diversification , David Michael Gras

Entrepreneurship as a Process of Self-Fulfillment: Well-Being, Affect, and Behavioral Strategies , Shoko Kato

The Struggle for Power and Pay: Implications of Board of Directors' Power on Monitoring Effectiveness and Pay for Performance Sensitivity , Mariana Judith Lebron

Does Regulatory Scrutiny Change Investment Behavior? Evidence of Suboptimal Portfolio Rebalancing After the Financial Crisis , Willie Dion Reddic

Does Corporate Governance Influence Misstatement Disclosure Timeliness? , Rapheal Joseph Hamilton

Small Audit Firms and Earnings Manipulations , Huichi Huang

Essays on Operational Flexibilities in Production Planning under Supply and Quality Uncertainty , Tim Noparumpa

Essays on Risk Mitigation Methods in Global Supply Chain Management , John Hyung Il Park

The Influence of Employees' Mindset on the Feedback Process , Matthew Zingoni

Essays on Product Acquisition for Value Recovery , Dwayne D. Cole

An Examination of the Relationship between Large Shareholders and Commitment Human Resource Systems , Frank Mullins

The Role of Board/Audit Committee Interlocks in Diffusion of Earnings Equality , Linna Shi

Examining the role of performance uncertainty on consumers' valuations of product attributes , Omar P. Woodham

Evaluation and selection of supply chain initiatives: A model including customer utilities and competitive reaction , Heather Scholz Lutz

Two essays on dividend policy, managerial compensation, and corporate governance , Lee-Hsien Pan

The characteristics of a classified board and the effects of the board on earnings quality, accounting conservatism, and credit risk , SangHyun Suh

Measurement of information technology investment risks: A multifactor model and its operationalization , Ajit Appari

Essays on store brand management: The case of vertically differentiated product categories , Hwan Chung

Boards of directors and nonprofit entrepreneurial orientation: Catalyst, inhibitor, or inconsequential? , Susan M. T. Coombes

Models for identifying lapsed buyers in a non-contractual setting , Enping (Shirley) Mai

Two essays: On the common information in the return volatilities and volumes; on the informational efficiency of municipal bond market , Lei Zhang

Dynamic model of quality improvement using quantity incentive contract , Sidong Zhang

Globalization and the theater of work: Exploring identity dynamics in Indian international call centers , Diya Das

The impact of audit quality on cash incentive compensation and cost of capital , Guy D. Fernando

On both sides of the deal: How does overlapping institutional ownership affect mergers and acquisitions , Maria Goranova

Two essays on credit risk , Hueng-Ming Huang

Two essays on multi-tasking, efforts interaction and compensation , Deepika Jha

Two essays on the exchange rate disconnect puzzle , Chul Ho Park

Evidence on the role of accounting conservatism in corporate governance , Scott Duellman

Essays on competitive strategy in remanufacturing , Supriya Ranjan Mitra

Reported earnings, auditor's opinion, and compensation: Theory and evidence , Atasi Basu

The impact of leverage implicit in derivative financial instruments on banks' default risk premium , Emre Kilic

Personal taxes, default, liquidity and risky bond yield spread , Hao Howard Qi

Earning predictability and heterogeneity in analyst forecasts , Minsup Song

Two essays on government bond markets , Junbo Wang

Software exclusivity decision in the presence of indirect network externality , Jun Yang

The effects of heterogeneous and discontinuous ownership and options compensation on managerial behavior: An extension of agency theory , Raihan Hameed Khan

Liquidity, taxes and credit risk of fixed income securities , Jian Shi

Two essays on fixed income derivatives , Huaiyu Chen

Two essays on applications of mixture models in finance , Xiaojun He

Effects of regulation Fair Disclosure on the precision of investors' information around earnings announcements , Richard Arthur Schneible Jr.

Decision bias in the newsvendor problem and supply chains , Xiaoqiang Wang

Immunization of interest rate risk and pricing of default risk of bond portfolios , Yan Alice Xie

The impact of the short-short rule repeal on timing ability and other characteristics of mutual funds , Junesuh Yi

Job-related diversity and service team outcomes: New insights into the roles of task structure and process conflict , Kimberly A. Jarrell

The role of pricing in supply chain profits , Hyungsik Kahn

Impact of the Internet on consumer human capital , Joseph B. Richards

Data fusion with multiple queries in single information retrieval scheme , Yunjie Xu

Small traders and increased price volatility after stock splits , Chun-nan Chen

Industry specialization and audit fees: The effect of industry type and market definition , Yao-Tsung Chen

Organizational learning and new product development success , Ian David Heggie Cuthill

Volatility, volume and trade size , Jinliang Li

Implementing an innovation strategy: The effects of strategic leadership compensation, governance, and composition , Kathleen Kier Wheatley

Portfolio performance measures: Some extensions , John Richard Aulerich

People as a competitive edge: Examining the empirical relationship between human resource flexibility and firm performance , Mousumi Bhattacharya

Incentive mechanism design for alliances , Kiridaran Kanagaretnam

Competition level, product type and differential income smoothing among manufacturing firms , Jian Zhou

Justification for bid-ask spread disparity between NASDAQ and the NYSE before and after market reform , Yan He

Modeling multivariate time series with applications in financial data , Yeonsook Park

Bank manager's discretion over loan loss provision and determinants of signaling , Dong-Hoon Yang

Deciding not to decide: Antecedents of consumer decision delegation , Praveen Aggarwai

An empirical examination of the Heath, Jarrow and Morton term structure model using treasury bond futures options data , Greg Antony Anderson

Toward a better understanding of the dynamics in buyer-supplier partnerships: An exploratory study of partnering dyads from multi-functional perspectives , John Howard Bantham

The role of social capital and structural arrangements in explaining intercompetitor behavior , Anat Barnir

When gains exceed losses: Beyond prospect theory , Taihoon Cha

Defining the role of citizen participation in administrative settings: An examination of New York State environmental management councils , Carole Jo Cimitile

Market trading volume and price reaction to public information , Yuah-chiao George Lin

Lead/lag effects in stock and option markets: A vector error correction model approach , Matthew L. O'Connor

Volatility, spread revision, volume, and the nature of information , Xiaoqing Eleanor Xu

Marketing on the World Wide Web: An empirical investigation of the relationship between strategy and the performance of corporate web sites , Patrice Auger

Investigating the quote decision behavior of the specialist and spread components between the options and underlying securities , Min-Hsien Chiang

The experience of voluntarily leaving an established career , Melinda Louise Costello

Methods of structuring word processing jobs and the effects on clerical workers , Pamela Lane Cox

Network externalities and vertical integration: The case of the World Wide Web software market , John Martin Gallaugher

The initiation of information systems innovation by users: A learning perspective , Satish Vasudevan

Budget, performance evaluation, and cost allocation as resource allocation mechanisms in colleges and universities: A descriptive and positive research study , Osama F. Al-Heizan

The effect of price on a product's perceived quality: The case of shopping goods , Abdul-Razzak Bader Alsamdan

External integration of information in the development of selected core high technologies: A comparison in the United States and Japan , Paula Elaine Bobrowski

A qualitative study of the meaning of work and workplace experiences among Native Americans in upstate New York , Gary L. Gordon

Noncontrollable factors in the performance evaluation of profit center managers under divisionalized organization environment (research on the determinants of interorganizational differences in controllability principle implementation) , Kookjae Hwang

Managers' experiences in the technology transfer process: Interpersonal/group behavior and organizational design , Avan Rusi Jassawalla

Demand management: A demonstration of the comparison of price and due date negotiation strategies using simulation , Douglas Rome Moodie

The effects of the manufacturers' suggested list price (MSLP) for a new product on consumers' internal reference and reservation prices , Chan Joo Suh

Finite element analysis and option pricing , Michael John Tomas III

Financing research and development projects: Real options, spillover, and SWORD securities , Kevin Thomas Murphy

An empirical investigation of the marketing strategy implementation process , Hemant Chaitanya Sashittal

Pennsylvania's municipal labor market before and after the enactment of the Municipal Pension Plan Funding Standard and Recovery Act: An empirical study , Daniel Paul Mahoney

The organizational impact of profit-sharing , Gary Walter Florkowski

An empirical investigation of time series properties of quarterly cash flows and usefulness of earnings in predicting cash flows , Celal Aksu

Employee lateness: Identifying correlates of lateness by applying the Steers and Rhodes Process Model of Attendance , James Jackson Bardsley

A Study Of R&D/Marketing Interface And Innovation Success In High Technology Firms , Ashok Kumar Gupta

The Development Of A Marketing Channel Selection Process Model And Its Demonstration In An Industrial Chemicals Business And In An Electronic Components Business , James Anthony Narus

Marketing Implications Of The Changes In Black Consumer Spending Behavior , Melvin Thomas Stith

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thesis on business administration

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thesis on business administration

What are research topics in business administration?

What are research topics in business administration?  The field of Business Administration is vast. The changes in the market and constant advancement in processes and technology have easily captured the attention of researchers around the world. If you are pursuing a degree in business administration and want relevant and credible business administration research topics or business […]

Business Administration Research Topics

What are research topics in business administration?  The field of Business Administration is vast. The changes in the market and constant advancement in processes and technology have easily captured the attention of researchers around the world. If you are pursuing a degree in business administration and want relevant and credible business administration research topics or business administration dissertation topics.

In addition, we can help you in preparing your undergrad and master’s dissertations. Also, contact us for:

  • business management
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  • business , and
  • e-commerce .
  • Customise business Administration research topics service

Best Business administration Research Topics for your dissertation or research papers

Here is a well-crafted list of dissertation topics on business administration for your help. Pick business administration research topics of your choice from the below list and start writing your dissertation.

  • To enhance the business strategies to achieve international presence and competence – a case analysis.
  • To study the risks and benefits of an International Joint Venture – a case analysis.
  • A study on the problems of managing collaboration in the military aero-engine business.
  • What are the factors affecting organizational growth in the long run? A literature review.
  • To analyze the causes of the problems within or outside the business that affect the workforce.
  • To explore the role of online marketing in creating global supply chain networks.
  • To study different Innovative Business models – a comparative analysis of the pros and cons.
  • What are the effects of partnership on the Business Administration? – an industrial analysis.
  • To analyze the themes of Entrepreneurship discourse considering innovative ideas.
  • What is the sole purpose of HR team implementation in business?
  • To study the confronting gap between motivation and capacity in young employees.
  • The managing of the technology and innovation in the food industry – a case analysis.
  • What are the barriers that stop a business from getting successful in the food industry?
  • To explain social entrepreneurship in the light of theoretical perspectives.
  • To determine the functional areas of business in the local and international markets.
  • To study the connection between Accounting and Finance and how these two contribute to reputation management.
  • To analyze the relationship between Ethics and accountability in Business Administration.
  • An analysis of the best strategies to introduce services in the European market.
  • To explore the corporate responsibility of Business Administration.
  • To study resource management in Business Analytics and its impact on corporate image.
  • To ensure fairness in the corporate office to keep employees engaged and satisfied.
  • Business cannot run without all of its functions – What are these, and how these can be effectively managed?
  • To evaluate the ways to promote dependability among clients – customer service analysis in the banking industry.
  • To analyze the effects of unfeasible clients in the case of FMCGs .
  • An analysis of the effects of promotional warfare on business administration.
  • To assess the factors affecting the organizational changes in the case of the banking industry.
  • Examining the impact of social media on Business infrastructure development.
  • To study the cast of accountability and corporate responsibility in the case of profit-based firms.
  • What causes change management in the banking sector? – a comprehensive analysis of literature.
  • To find out ways to ensure creating a fool-proof administrative setup and providing safety and stability.
  • An analysis of the role of social sites in creating a healthy business environment.
  • To study the management of supply chain vulnerability and its impact on the supply chain partners in the food production business.
  • What are the benefits of a small-scale business in the IT industry?
  • To analyze the future of small-scale business in the Japanese market.
  • To learn the strategy for a win-win situation in the international food market.
  • What issues cause disputes between partners, and how conflict management strategies can benefit?
  • Customer expectations in respect of shareholders and stakeholders – a review of the literature.
  • To analyze the design and planning of investment banking – a comparative analysis of two banks.
  • How can the sustained competitive environment be maintained in the IT industry?
  • To study the Latern model with a systematic approach and how it is beneficial?
  • To discuss the monopoly formulation and how it’s affecting huge corporations.
  • To analyze the evaluation of drivers for change and how these have affected the SMEs in the fashion industry.
  • To study the key role of business administration on consumer preferences – a case analysis of hotels.
  • To analyze the impact of pricing policies in developing the competitiveness of the business.
  • The most important goal to run a business is to set a goal.
  • To study the mental well-being of employees’ performance in the UK.
  • What are the challenges faced by Businesses in Personal Income Taxation – a case analysis.
  • To analyze the effect of tax policies on medium-scale businesses – an industrial analysis.
  • To study the impact of a commercial bank on the performance of SME business in the UK.
  • How does setting daily targets affect the motivation of young employees?

The above list of Business administration research topics is created by our expert writer for business administration students. If you are still looking for research topics in business administration get our custom topic consultancy service by filling out the form below.

Paid Topic Mini Proposal (500 Words)

You will get the topics first and then the mini proposal which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology including raw sample size and data collection method
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Topic brief help

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Research Topics & Ideas: Business

50+ Management Research Topic Ideas To Fast-Track Your Project

Business/management/MBA research topics

Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. If you’ve landed on this post, chances are you’re looking for a business/management-related research topic , but aren’t sure where to start. Here, we’ll explore a variety of  research ideas and topic thought-starters for management-related research degrees (MBAs/DBAs, etc.). These research topics span management strategy, HR, finance, operations, international business and leadership.

NB – This is just the start…

The topic ideation and evaluation process has multiple steps . In this post, we’ll kickstart the process by sharing some research topic ideas within the management domain. This is the starting point, but to develop a well-defined research topic, you’ll need to identify a clear and convincing research gap , along with a well-justified plan of action to fill that gap.

If you’re new to the oftentimes perplexing world of research, or if this is your first time undertaking a formal academic research project, be sure to check out our free dissertation mini-course. In it, we cover the process of writing a dissertation or thesis from start to end. Be sure to also sign up for our free webinar that explores how to find a high-quality research topic. 

Overview: Business Research Topics

  • Business /management strategy
  • Human resources (HR) and industrial psychology
  • Finance and accounting
  • Operations management
  • International business
  • Actual business dissertations & theses

Strategy-Related Research Topics

  • An analysis of the impact of digital transformation on business strategy in consulting firms
  • The role of innovation in transportation practices for creating a competitive advantage within the agricultural sector
  • Exploring the effect of globalisation on strategic decision-making practices for multinational Fashion brands.
  • An evaluation of corporate social responsibility in shaping business strategy, a case study of power utilities in Nigeria
  • Analysing the relationship between corporate culture and business strategy in the new digital era, exploring the role of remote working.
  • Assessing the impact of sustainability practices on business strategy and performance in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry
  • An analysis of the effect of social media on strategic partnerships and alliances development in the insurance industry
  • Exploring the role of data-driven decision-making in business strategy developments following supply-chain disruptions in the agricultural sector
  • Developing a conceptual framework for assessing the influence of market orientation on business strategy and performance in the video game publishing industry
  • A review of strategic cost management best practices in the healthcare sector of Indonesia
  • Identification of key strategic considerations required for the effective implementation of Industry 4.0 to develop a circular economy
  • Reviewing how Globalisation has affected business model innovation strategies in the education sector
  • A comparison of merger and acquisition strategies’ effects on novel product development in the Pharmaceutical industry
  • An analysis of market strategy performance during recessions, a retrospective review of the luxury goods market in the US
  • Comparing the performance of digital stakeholder engagement strategies and their contribution towards meeting SDGs in the mining sector

Topics & Ideas: Human Resources (HR)

  • Exploring the impact of digital employee engagement practices on organizational performance in SMEs
  • The role of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • An evaluation of remote employee training and development programs efficacy in the e-commerce sector
  • Comparing the effect of flexible work arrangements on employee satisfaction and productivity across generational divides
  • Assessing the relationship between gender-focused employee empowerment programs and job satisfaction in the UAE
  • A review of the impact of technology and digitisation on human resource management practices in the construction industry
  • An analysis of the role of human resource management in talent acquisition and retention in response to globalisation and crisis, a case study of the South African power utility
  • The influence of leadership style on remote working employee motivation and performance in the education sector.
  • A comparison of performance appraisal systems for managing employee performance in the luxury retail fashion industry
  • An examination of the relationship between work-life balance and job satisfaction in blue-collar workplaces, A systematic review
  • Exploring HR personnel’s experiences managing digital workplace bullying in multinational corporations
  • Assessing the success of HR team integration following merger and acquisition on employee engagement and performance
  • Exploring HR green practices and their effects on retention of millennial talent in the fintech industry
  • Assessing the impact of human resources analytics in successfully navigating digital transformation within the healthcare sector
  • Exploring the role of HR staff in the development and maintenance of ethical business practices in fintech SMEs
  • An analysis of employee perceptions of current HRM practices in a fully remote IT workspace

Research topic evaluator

Topics & Ideas: Finance & Accounting

  • An analysis of the effect of employee financial literacy on decision-making in manufacturing start-ups in Ghana
  • Assessing the impact of corporate green innovation on financial performance in listed companies in Estonia
  • Assessing the effect of corporate governance on financial performance in the mining industry in Papua New Guinea
  • An evaluation of financial risk management practices in the construction industry of Saudi Arabia
  • Exploring the role of leadership financial literacy in the transition from start-up to scale-up in the retail e-commerce industry.
  • A review of influential macroeconomic factors on the adoption of cryptocurrencies as legal tender
  • An examination of the use of financial derivatives in risk management
  • Exploring the impact of the cryptocurrency disruption on stock trading practices in the EU
  • An analysis of the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance in academic publishing houses
  • A comparison of financial ratios performance in evaluating E-commerce startups in South Korea.
  • An evaluation of the role of government policies in facilitating manufacturing companies’ successful transitioning from start-up to scale-ups in Denmark
  • Assessing the financial value associated with industry 4.0 transitions in the Indian pharmaceutical industry
  • Exploring the role of effective e-leadership on financial performance in the Nigerian fintech industry
  • A review of digital disruptions in CRM practices and their associated financial impact on listed companies during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Exploring the importance of Sharia-based business practices on SME financial performance in multicultural countries

Free Webinar: How To Find A Dissertation Research Topic

Ideas: Operations Management

  • An assessment of the impact of blockchain technology on operations management practices in the transport industry of Estonia
  • An evaluation of supply chain disruption management strategies and their impact on business performance in Lithuania
  • Exploring the role of lean manufacturing in the automotive industry of Malaysia and its effects on improving operational efficiency
  • A critical review of optimal operations management strategies in luxury goods manufacturing for ensuring supply chain resilience
  • Exploring the role of globalization on Supply chain diversification, a pre/post analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • An analysis of the relationship between quality management and customer satisfaction in subscription-based business models
  • Assessing the cost of sustainable sourcing practices on operations management and supply chain resilience in the Cocao industry.
  • An examination of the adoption of behavioural predictive analytics in operations management practices, a case study of the
  • Italian automotive industry
  • Exploring the effect of operational complexity on business performance following digital transformation
  • An evaluation of barriers to the implementation of agile methods in project management within governmental institutions
  • Assessing how the relationship between operational processes and business strategy change as companies transition from start-ups to scale-ups
  • Exploring the relationship between operational management and innovative business models, lessons from the fintech industry
  • A review of best practices for operations management facilitating the transition towards a circular economy in the fast food industry
  • Exploring the viability of lean manufacturing practices in Vietnam’s plastics industry
  • Assessing engagement in cybersecurity considerations associated with operations management practices in industry 4.0 manufacturing

Research Topic Kickstarter - Need Help Finding A Research Topic?

Topics & Ideas: International Business

  • The impact of cultural differences in communication on international business relationships
  • An evaluation of the role of government import and export policies in shaping international business practices
  • The effect of global shipping conditions on international business strategies
  • An analysis of the challenges of managing multinational corporations: branch management
  • The influence of social media marketing on international business operations
  • The role of international trade agreements on business activities in developing countries
  • An examination of the impact of currency fluctuations on international business and cost competitiveness
  • The relationship between international business and sustainable development: perspectives and benefits
  • An evaluation of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in emerging markets such as the renewable energy industry
  • An analysis of the role of internationalisation via strategic alliances in international business
  • The impact of cross-cultural management on international business performance
  • The effect of political instability on international business operations: A case study of Russia
  • An analysis of the role of intellectual property rights in an international technology company’s business strategies
  • The relationship between corporate social responsibility and international business strategy: a comparative study of different industries
  • The impact of technology on international business in the fashion industry

Topics & Ideas: Leadership

  • A comparative study of the impact of different leadership styles on organizational performance
  • An evaluation of transformational leadership in today’s non-profit organizations
  • The role of emotional intelligence in effective leadership and productivity
  • An analysis of the relationship between leadership style and employee motivation
  • The influence of diversity and inclusion on leadership practices in South Africa
  • The impact of Artificial Intelligence technology on leadership in the digital age
  • An examination of the challenges of leadership in a rapidly changing business environment: examples from the finance industry
  • The relationship between leadership and corporate culture and job satisfaction
  • An evaluation of the role of transformational leadership in strategic decision-making
  • The use of leadership development programs in enhancing leadership effectiveness in multinational organisations
  • The impact of ethical leadership on organizational trust and reputation: an empirical study
  • An analysis of the relationship between various leadership styles and employee well-being in healthcare organizations
  • The role of leadership in promoting good work-life balance and job satisfaction in the age of remote work
  • The influence of leadership on knowledge sharing and innovation in the technology industry
  • An investigation of the impact of cultural intelligence on cross-cultural leadership effectiveness in global organizations

Business/Management Dissertation & Theses

While the ideas we’ve presented above are a decent starting point for finding a business-related research topic, they are fairly generic and non-specific. So, it helps to look at actual dissertations and theses to see how this all comes together.

Below, we’ve included a selection of research projects from various management-related degree programs (e.g., MBAs, DBAs, etc.) to help refine your thinking. These are actual dissertations and theses, written as part of Master’s and PhD-level programs, so they can provide some useful insight as to what a research topic looks like in practice.

  • Sustaining Microbreweries Beyond 5 Years (Yanez, 2022)
  • Perceived Stakeholder and Stockholder Views: A Comparison Among Accounting Students, Non-Accounting Business Students And Non-Business Students (Shajan, 2020)
  • Attitudes Toward Corporate Social Responsibility and the New Ecological Paradigm among Business Students in Southern California (Barullas, 2020)
  • Entrepreneurial opportunity alertness in small business: a narrative research study exploring established small business founders’ experience with opportunity alertness in an evolving economic landscape in the Southeastern United States (Hughes, 2019)
  • Work-Integrated Learning in Closing Skills Gap in Public Procurement: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study (Culver, 2021)
  • Analyzing the Drivers and Barriers to Green Business Practices for Small and Medium Enterprises in Ohio (Purwandani, 2020)
  • The Role of Executive Business Travel in a Virtual World (Gale, 2022)
  • Outsourcing Security and International Corporate Responsibility: A Critical Analysis of Private Military Companies (PMCs) and Human Rights Violations (Hawkins, 2022)
  • Lean-excellence business management for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Kurdistan region of Iraq (Mohammad, 2021)
  • Science Data Sharing: Applying a Disruptive Technology Platform Business Model (Edwards, 2022)
  • Impact of Hurricanes on Small Construction Business and Their Recovery (Sahu, 2022)

Looking at these titles, you can probably pick up that the research topics here are quite specific and narrowly-focused , compared to the generic ones presented earlier. This is an important thing to keep in mind as you develop your own research topic. That is to say, to create a top-notch research topic, you must be precise and target a specific context with specific variables of interest . In other words, you need to identify a clear, well-justified research gap.

Fast-Track Your Topic Ideation

If you’d like hands-on help to speed up your topic ideation process and ensure that you develop a rock-solid research topic, check our our Topic Kickstarter service below.

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Research topics and ideas in psychology

Great help. thanks


Hi, Your work is very educative, it has widened my knowledge. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for helping me understand how to craft a research topic. I’m pursuing a PGDE. Thank you


Effect of Leadership, computerized accounting systems, risk management and monitoring on the quality of financial Reports among listed banks

Denford Chimboza

May you assist on a possible PhD topic on analyzing economic behaviours within environmental, climate and energy domains, from a gender perspective. I seek to further investigate if/to which extent policies in these domains can be deemed economically unfair from a gender perspective, and whether the effectiveness of the policies can be increased while striving for inequalities not being perpetuated.

Negessa Abdisa

healthy work environment and employee diversity, technological innovations and their role in management practices, cultural difference affecting advertising, honesty as a company policy, an analysis of the relationships between quality management and customer satisfaction in subscription based business model,business corruption cases. That I was selected from the above topics.

Ngam Leke

Research topic accounting

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thesis on business administration

Business Administration Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Research

Mark May 28, 2020 Jun 5, 2020 Business , Business Administration No Comments

The field of business administration is different and encompasses the mannerism of different institutions. The field covers everything from human resources to financial accounting to managing customer services and marketing and promotions. As the field has emerged with time, it offers researchers with areas for research. We have prepared a list of some of the […]

business administration dissertation topics

The field of business administration is different and encompasses the mannerism of different institutions. The field covers everything from human resources to financial accounting to managing customer services and marketing and promotions. As the field has emerged with time, it offers researchers areas for research.

We have prepared a list of some of the most interesting business administration dissertation topics. You can select any business administration dissertation topic or research topics on business administration according to your area of interest. Our team of professional writers can help in developing proposals on your selected research topics on business administration, project topics on business administration, and research topics on business administration.

A list Of Business Administration Dissertation Topics

An analysis of the business management practices in the global world reviewing the opportunities and challenges.

Examining the development initiatives in the context of micro-enterprise performance and sustainability.

Evaluation of the entrepreneurial skills and growth of SMEs: a comparative analysis.

An analysis of the research agenda on open innovation and entrepreneurship: a co-word analysis.

A literature review on different innovative business models and their impact.

Studying the determinants of innovative performance in the service industry.

Evaluation of the impact of marketing innovation on the competitiveness of enterprises in the context of the food industry.

An analysis of the effect of business partnership and innovation management to business performance.

A review of the literature on digitalisation, innovation, and sustainable practices – past achievements and future promises.

Studying and comparing the proposed themes and potential ideas for business plan.

A study of the relationship between business and sustainability.

Exploring the concepts of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility conducting a bibliometric analysis.

Examining the themes of entrepreneurship discourse.

An analysis of the importance of sustainability innovation in the context of small businesses.

A study of the confronting gap between motivation and capacity.

Studying the relevance of advancing technology and artificial intelligence in a business context.

Analysing the cloud computing research by studying the themes, frameworks, and methods.

To study the product-service systems business models for circular supply chains.

Identifying human resource management factors in international mergers and acquisitions.

Exploring the impact of high-performance human resources practices on in-role and innovative job performance.

An evaluation of the ethical dilemma related to employee recruitment outsourcing.

Studying the impact of e-recruitment of effectiveness of HR departments in multinational corporations.

A study on digitalisation and its influence on business model innovation.

Examining the branding in the digital age based on innovation and responsibility.

Analysing the impact of digitalisation on the speed of internationalisation.

Studying the effects of modern office technology on management practices.

An analysis of the current and future technologies on relationship marketing.

Exploring the macroeconomic factors that influence business practices.

A content analysis of the strategic management studies in the last 10 years.

Topic With Mini-Proposal (Paid Service)

Along with a topic, you will also get;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

Get expert dissertation writing help to achieve good grades

  • Writer consultation before payment to ensure your work is in safe hands.
  • Free topic if you don't have one
  • Draft submissions to check the quality of the work as per supervisor's feedback
  • Free revisions
  • Complete privacy
  • Plagiarism Free work
  • Guaranteed 2:1 (With help of your supervisor's feedback)
  • 2 Instalments plan
  • Special discounts

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thesis on business administration

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Recent Submissions

City climate disclosures and municipal bond ratings , towards a theory of consumer gratitude : studies on the dimensions, antecedents, and consequences of consumer gratitude , temporal orientation of small business owners and their choice of management accounting practices , internal audit function effectiveness : investigating antecedents and aftereffects , antecedents and consequences of social media firm brand engagement : a framework for business-to-business social media brand engagement , do female board directors deter private information trading : evidence from the u.s. market , the impact of professional networking and burnout on the organizational and professional commitment of human resources professionals , implications of work-from-home mandates for certified public accounting firm management during the "wild west" of covid-19 , auditors' certified fraud examiner designation and its impact on financial reporting quality and internal control weaknesses , market volatility amidst political conflict and uncertainty , exploring the impacts of locating capabilities technologies on healthcare performance , organizational slack, temporality, and ambidexterity shaping the innovative behaviors of small and medium-sized enterprises and family firms , the influence of affordability and affordable care act on patients' and veterans' healthcare-seeking behaviors and access to healthcare. , politics and technology innovation : antecedent and moderating factors influencing technology orientation and technology innovation performance , supply chain integration and the impacts of information technology capabilities, organizational culture (i.e. customer orientation, buyer dependence), and environmental uncertainties (i.e. supply, demand, technology) on supply chain performance , productivity of business at the bottom of the pyramid : a neural network analysis of the solid waste informal sector in india , when the going gets tough, resilient employees keep going : emotional labor and occupational commitment in a property and casualty insurance claims team , developing a framework for social selling : antecedents, outcomes, and successful implementation , employer-employee work at home relationship : shall we dance , volatility in u.s. dairy futures markets .

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Master Thesis in Business Administration

Profile image of Ken Roger

Tropical cyclones represent one of the costliest and devastating threats for populations in both the developed and developing world, with long-lasting consequences that extend over several years . The overall profile for natural hazard losses in the U.S. since 1960 finds that tropical cyclones represent roughly 26% of the total losses , but this percentage has been increasing since 2000 and as of 2015 represents 41% of the total loss from natural hazards . While the projections on frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones remain inconclusive , there is increasing risk exposure as population and assets continue to shift to coastal areas .


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thesis on business administration

College of Administration and Economics

15 February، 2024

Master’s thesis in the Department of Business Administration discusses “The trend towards organizational education and its impact on enhancing the empowerment of beneficiaries of information technology: the mediating role of perceived organizational support: an analytical study of the opinions of workers on radiology and sonar devices in hospitals in Nineveh Governorate” Thursday, February 15, 2024…

thesis on business administration

The Department of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed the master’s thesis tagged “Orientation towards organizational education and its impact on enhancing the empowerment of beneficiaries of information technology: the mediating role of perceived organizational support: an analytical study of the opinions of workers on radiology and sonar devices in hospitals in Nineveh Governorate”.

Part of it was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Thaer Ahmed Saadoon Al-Samman.

The current study submitted by the student “Wafa Saad Omar Nouri” in the Department of Business Administration aimed to: Identify the impact of the orientation towards organizational learning in empowering the beneficiaries of information technology through perceived organizational support. The dimensions of the orientation towards organizational learning were chosen based on the literature and were represented by four dimensions, namely:(commitment to learning, open-mindedness, shared vision, and knowledge sharing).

The study concluded the most important conclusions: that there is a significant impact of the orientation towards organizational learning in empowering the beneficiaries of information technology (within the framework of the partial relationship test) within the framework of the surveyed hospitals, and the existence of a significant impact of the orientation towards organizational learning in the perceived organizational support, as well as the impact of perceived organizational support in empowering the beneficiaries of information technology.

The discussion committee was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Raghad Muhammad Yahya, and the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Hussein Alwan from the University of Tikrit, and the teacher Dr. Ahmed Moayad Attia, and under the supervision and membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Younis Al-Sabawi.

thesis on business administration


zaidalmahrooq 2024-02-15T13:59:06+00:00 15/02/2024 |

Master’s thesis in the Department of Accounting discusses “Evaluation of financial reporting procedures for operational sectors in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards _ An applied study in the General Company for Iraqi Cement / Northern Cement Assistants” Thursday, February 15, 2024…

zaidalmahrooq 2024-02-15T13:15:52+00:00 15/02/2024 |

Master’s thesis in the Department of Economics discusses “The role of monetary and fiscal policy in addressing inflation in a sample of selected countries on Wednesday, 14/2/2024 …

zaidalmahrooq 2024-02-14T14:39:19+00:00 14/02/2024 |

Winning the initial places…

zaidalmahrooq 2024-02-14T12:53:20+00:00 14/02/2024 |

Master’s thesis in the Department of Business Administration discusses “Employing the dimensions of psychological engineering in enhancing the core capabilities of the human resource: an analytical study of the opinions of a sample of workers in the Directorate of Education of Nineveh” Tuesday, February 13, 2024…

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Master’s thesis in the Department of Accounting discusses “Designing an accounting information system for Iraqi public universities By applying to the Northern Technical University “Tuesday, February 13, 2024…

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thesis on business administration

Third International Workshop

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thesis on business administration

Discussion of a specialized higher diploma research in Business Administration

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thesis on business administration

-Discussion of a specialized higher diploma research in Business Administration

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thesis on business administration

Discussion of a specialized higher diploma research in Banking Sciences

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thesis on business administration

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thesis on business administration

Discussion of a specialized higher diploma research in Industrial Management

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thesis on business administration

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  2. Writing Research Proposal and Approaching Funding Agencies


  1. Theses and Dissertations in Business Administration

    Theses and dissertations published by graduate students in the Business Administration program, College of Business, Old Dominion University, since Fall 2016 are available in this collection. Backfiles of all dissertations (and some theses) have also been added. In late Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, all theses will be digitized and available here.

  2. Theses and Dissertations--Business Administration, University of


  3. Business Administration Thesis Topics: Choosing A Good One

    A list of interesting topic ideas for business administration thesis are: The effect of management on its objectives on an organization's performance The impact of the commercial bank on the performance of SME businesses The Management of bad debts among the microfinance banks The function of human resource in the promotion of industrial harmony

  4. Browsing HBS Theses and Dissertations by Keyword

    Business administration [6] Business Administration, Accounting [5] Business Administration, General [10] Business Administration, Management [11] Business Administration, Marketing [6] CEO [1] Climate change [1] close relationships [1]

  5. Business Administration Dissertations

    Business Administration Dissertations Dissertations from 2024 PDF The Power of Reflection: Understanding The Impacts Made Upon Employees Who Have Managers Who Reflect On Their Professional Development, Ryan Heath Jordan Dissertations from 2023 PDF Smart Technology Adoption's Impact on the Value of Logistics Service Providers' Firms, Raziel Bravo

  6. College of Business Administration Dissertations and Theses

    The College of Business Administration Dissertations Series is comprised of dissertations and theses authored by Marquette University's College of Business Administration doctoral and master's students. Theses/Dissertations from 1972 PDF The Structure, Behavior, and Performance of the Automobile Industry, Tom J. Miller PDF

  7. Doctor of Business Administration Dissertations

    Courses Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Open Education Admission & Program FAQs Dissertations Explore past dissertations from members of the Doctor of Business Administration program at Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. 2023 Dissertations 2022 Dissertations 2021 Dissertations 2020 Dissertations

  8. Business Administration

    Two essays on multi-tasking, efforts interaction and compensation, Deepika Jha. Link. Two essays on the exchange rate disconnect puzzle, Chul Ho Park. 2006 Link. Evidence on the role of accounting conservatism in corporate governance, Scott Duellman. Link. Essays on competitive strategy in remanufacturing, Supriya Ranjan Mitra. 2005 Link

  9. PDF Thesis writing in Business Administration

    UMEÅ SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS LATEST CHANGE: 2022-12-20 Department of Business Administration Thesis writing in Business Administration Thesis work is often perceived as fun, rewarding and challenging. Together you and your thesis partner can explore an area of interest, and - in consultation with your supervisor -

  10. Theses & Dissertations

    If you're writing a thesis or dissertation... Below is a timeline of the writing process, from choosing your committee to publishing your manuscript. It's crucial that you start planning early, practically before you think you need to, as this ensures that you'll graduate on time. click image for hyperlinked and enlarged PDF.

  11. 57 best Business administration research topics ideas

    Here is a well-crafted list of dissertation topics on business administration for your help. Pick business administration research topics of your choice from the below list and start writing your dissertation. To enhance the business strategies to achieve international presence and competence - a case analysis.

  12. PDF Methods and Tools for Completing Doctor of Business Administration (DBA

    Figure 1-3: Simplified design for a three-step DBA thesis Figure 1-4: Evaluation process for DBA thesis projects Figure 1-5: The three-step method for the DBA project Figure 2-1: Example of a Boolean search Figure 2-2: Example of open data application from the French Government Figure 2-3: Global hierarchy of source credibility


    THESIS OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) In LOGISTICS & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Thesis for: Master of Business Administration Authors: Ampong Afoakwah Emmanuel Catholic...

  14. MBA Research Topics In Business (+ Free Webinar)

    Finding and choosing a strong research topic is the critical first step when it comes to crafting a high-quality dissertation, thesis or research project. If you've landed on this post, chances are you're looking for a business/management-related research topic, but aren't sure where to start.Here, we'll explore a variety of research ideas and topic thought-starters for management ...

  15. Ph.D Program in Management and Business Administration THESES OF

    Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Ph.D Program in Management and Business Administration THESES OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION" by K. Dörnyei et al. Skip to search form Skip to main content Skip to account menu. Semantic Scholar's Logo. Search 216,791,651 papers from all fields of science. Search ...

  16. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

    Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) | Theses and Dissertations | George Fox University Home > EDT > DBADMIN Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) Total Papers Total Downloads Downloads in the past year Theses/Dissertations from 2023 PDF

  17. Business Administration Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Research

    The field of business administration is different and encompasses the mannerism of different institutions. The field covers everything from human resources to financial accounting to managing customer services and marketing and promotions. As the field has emerged with time, it offers researchers areas for research.

  18. Doctorate of Business Administration Theses--UW-Whitewater

    Towards a theory of consumer gratitude : studies on the dimensions, antecedents, and consequences of consumer gratitude . Anderson, Tobin K. (University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, 2023-12) The value of consumer gratitude as a powerful and enabling concept in people's daily lives is receiving growing attention in both general and academic ...

  19. Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration

    Bachelor Thesis in Business Administration . Executive summary As the globalization continues to intensify, companies around the world are increasingly ... thesis is that all interviewed companies face at least some barriers to trade when operating in the region. Most companies said to have little or no exposure to the tariffs laid out in the

  20. (PDF) Thesis Master of Business Administration (20-B ...

    Thesis Master of Business Administration (20-B) The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System on Supply Chain Management (SCM) Retailers of Fashion Industry Pakistan Student's Name.


    BACHELOR THESIS IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AUTHORS: Mac Anthony Nzube Ezeh 19850513 Daniel Castro Martins 19811006 Supervisor: Jean Charles Languilaire Examiner: Maria Mörndahl / Ole Liljefors Group 2759 - seminar date: 2011/05/31 School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology

  22. (PDF) Master Thesis in Business Administration

    Master Thesis in Business Administration Ken Roger 2010 Tropical cyclones represent one of the costliest and devastating threats for populations in both the developed and developing world, with long-lasting consequences that extend over several years .

  23. Top 15 thesis topics for MS in Business Administration

    Top ten thesis topics for MS Business Administration: Thesis topics should be relevant to the interests of the student. It is important to choose an interesting and unique thesis topic to stand out in market. Let's discuss top ten thesis topics one by one: 1) Influence of banking sector on economic growth

  24. Master's thesis in the Department of Business Administration discusses

    The Department of Business Administration at the College of Administration and Economics, University of Mosul, discussed the master's thesis tagged "Orientation towards organizational education and its impact on enhancing the empowerment of beneficiaries of information technology: the mediating role of perceived organizational support: an analytical study of the opinions of workers on ...

  25. Facts About Business Administration Bachelor's Degrees

    The business world is an increasingly competitive environment, and it's important to stand out against the crowd. A Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) can be a great starting point for ...