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Online shopping began when Michael Aldrich "invented" it. Using videotex, a two way message service, it revolutionized businesses. We now know this as e-commerce.

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Dr. Mohammad Naved Khan , MAMTA CHAWLA

Internet has gained status of as a dynamic commercial platform, more than a rich source of communication. It has intensified the complexities of the simple act of buying. “Google” has become the generic term for “searching information”. Traditional buying by individuals has taken the complex mixture of store, mall, television, internet, mobile- based shopping. Not only developed western-countries but even Asian countries, with poor infrastructure and low internet penetration rates, are equally adopting online buying. Indeed, a simple search combining the terms “online” and “buying” or “ shopping” results into more than 15000 results on any academic database source. A review of selected published work in the area of “online buying” reveals that a wide range of topics have been explored and a rich theoretical framework in the form of different models is inexistent. This paper aims to present a comprehensive framework of the relevant literature available in the field of online buying behavior, in the form of different theories, models and constructs; and research results based on them. Tradition 5-staged model of consumer behavior has different stages- need identification, information search, evaluation of alternatives, buying and post purchase evaluation. Additionally, for online buying behavior the stages involved in online buying can be divided into: attitude formation, intention, adoption and continuation with online buying. Most important factors that influence online buying: attitude, motivation, trust, risk, demographics, website etc. are widely researched and reported. “Internet adoption” is widely used as foundation framework to study “adoption of online buying”. Post adoption or continuation with online buying is the area which still needs substantiate research work. Current state of this emerging field offers the potential to identify areas that need attention for future researchers. Through review of online buying literature available, this paper offers theoretical basis to the academicians, practitioners and web-marketers. In addition, the clear understanding of the online buying behavior can provide the opportunities for designing new capabilities and strategies that would quench online buyers’ thrust on value.

thesis for online shopping

James-Ariel Sánchez-Alzate

This study explores the differences between buyers and non-buyers in the adoption of electronic purchase intention in Colombia. Based on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT), a theoretical model that includes a set of five variables is established: performance expectations, effort expectations, social influence, facilitating conditions, and risk. The empirical results obtained from a final sample of 1,836 surveys emphasize the importance of performance expectations for both groups. Social Influence is another determinant of electronic purchase as well. In addition, an exploratory study of the moderating effect of the educational level and socioeconomic status for each group was performed, finding strong evidence of the influence of these demographic variables, which suggests that, as a conclusion that makes a great contribution to this country, access to electronic shopping is strongly related to educational level and socioeconomic status.

International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

Dr Omkar Dastane

Abstract: E-Commerce tools have become a human needs everywhere and important not only to customers but to industry players. The intention to use E-Commerce tools among practitioners, especially in the Malaysian retail sector is not comprehensive as there are still many businesses choosing to use expensive traditional marketing. The research applies academic models and frameworks to the real life situation to develop a value proposition in the practical world by considering 11Street as the company under study and comparing it with Lazada as a leading competitor in the market. The objectives include identification of customers’ perception of a value for E-Commerce Businesses, followed by critical evaluation of existing value proposition of 11Street with Lazada to identify gap and finally to propose a new value proposition for 11street. This paper first identifies customer perceived value of E-Commerce followed by critical review of existing value proposition of 11Street and then comparing and contrasting with the leading player Lazada. By the end of this research, a new consumer value proposition proposal for 11Street proposed for consideration in matching with the Malaysian consumers’ value criteria.

Adamkolo M Ibrahim

This paper investigated factors that affect e-shopping acceptance among Nigerian students of tertiary institutions. The extended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT2) model formulated by Venkatesh, Thong and Xu (2012) was adopted with some adjustments. The predictors of the model are performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating conditions, hedonic motivation, price value and habit. Since the researchers wanted to study technology adoption in the context of service delivery quality, a review of relevant literature suggested designing an integrated model that would determine the influence of technology adoption expectancy and service quality variables on e-shopping adoption could yield comprehensive results. To achieve that, three key predictors from the Service Quality (SERVQUAL) model namely, reliability, responsiveness and empathy were integrated into the conceptual framework, which yielded the research model that was employed to determine the factor(s) that significantly affect adoption of e-shopping. The objectives of this study were to identify online shopping strategies of the e-tailers, to determine the students' perception of e-shopping and to determine the relationship between the predictors and e-shopping adoption. The integrated model, from which 10 hypotheses of this study were derived, measured the responses of 380 undergraduate (university) students. A pre-tested and validated 40-item questionnaire was administered to the respondents. The reliability coefficient of the items ranged from .755 to .876, which was high. A conclusion was drawn and some recommendations for future research were outlined.

Yusuf Lamidi

Adoption of Online shopping as being the latest purchasing channel in this decade of 24th century, particularly among the University students compared to the traditional shopping method as means of adoption of Technology Acceptance Method (TAM). Although, it is not clear what drives consumers to shop online and whether these numbers could be even increase if more attractive online stores were developed. This research seeks to critically explore and understand the social factors which influence the consumer intention to shop online, in student’s attitudinal behaviour. There has been an argument from different previous reviews concerning the objective and aim of this research (e.g. Davis, 1989; Monsuwe et al., 2004) but based on framework. So, therefore the study extend such framework which required re-examined and testing of the factors in order to make it more open for application in research context and also include students as consumers satisfaction to the definition of online shopping as recent factor to be consider. Mixed method strategy (quantitative and qualitative method) was adopted to explore and investigate validity and reliability of such social factors that drives consumers’ intention and attitude respectively of their demographic, role of product characteristics, situational factors, impact of previous experience and level of trust and satisfaction with web-stores. Based on the relevant literature review, therefore, the researcher carried out regression analysis test and thematic approach on the relative hypothesis. And the results of the regression analysis, manual statistical calculation and thematic approach (pattern) demonstrate that the social factors influence students’ intention and attitude toward online shopping with; (a) age and gender as basic factors, (b) product types like ticket/holiday booking and fashion, (c) ease of use, navigation and flexibility of web-site (d) usefulness of available information, effective for searching from various site and enjoyment from previous experience and, (d) quick delivery, problem solving with safety and security was found as satisfaction and trust of not just shopping presently but also using internet to shop in future.

suhana mohezar

Charles Dennis is a Senior Lecturer at Brunel University, London, UK. His teaching and research area is (e-)retail and consumer behaviour – the vital final link of the Marketing process – satisfying the end consumer. Charles is a Chartered Marketer and has been elected as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing for work helping to modernise the teaching of the discipline.

TJPRC Publication

On-line shopping has seen an unprecedented growth globally, which also opens up new business avenues for stakeholders such as online retailers, e-commerce business platforms, banks and internet service operators. As per " India's Digital Leap–The Multi Trillion Dollar Opportunity " a report by Morgan Stanley, India's on-line shopping is expected to grow at an annual rate of 30% to reach about $200 billion for gross merchandise value by year 2026. Online shoppers in India are expected to grow from 14% of total internet base in 2016 to about 50% in 2026. Seeing this significant growth, the objective of the research paper is to identify and assess the factors influencing the adoption of online shopping and behavioral intention of online shoppers in Delhi/NCR, for which Exploratory, Descriptive and Causal research design has been adopted. This study had validated UTAUT model.

hemath weerasinghe


Donmar Donmar

George Rajna

Cultura Ciencia Y Deporte

Antonio Sánchez Pato

Muhammad Julijanto

José Miguel Martínez Paz

Professioni infermieristiche

Panayota Sourtzi

Annals of Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

James Bradley

Proceedings of the 27th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing



Mitchell Campos

Proceedings of the 2nd Clinical Natural Language Processing Workshop

Cédrick Fairon

Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology

George Shenouda

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Bryan James

British journal for the history of mathematics

Emmylou Haffner

Vykintas Vaitkevičius

Experimental Hematology

nanni jelinek

Michael Bacher

Physical Review B

Simone Alexandre

International Journal of Food Microbiology

Elettra Berni

Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer


Michele Nardelli

Arabic Sciences and Philosophy

Yehuda Halper


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Evaluating the Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Shopping: A Thesis Example

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  • October 21, 2023

thesis for online shopping


With the rapid advancement of technology , online shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years. IT has revolutionized the way people purchase goods and services, offering convenience and a plethora of options without leaving the comfort of their homes. While online shopping brings numerous benefits, IT also presents certain drawbacks that need to be considered. This article aims to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of online shopping, providing insights into its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Online Shopping

1. Convenience: One of the primary advantages of online shopping is the convenience IT offers. Consumers can shop anytime, anywhere, without being restricted by store opening hours or location. This flexibility allows individuals to make purchases at their convenience and save valuable time.

2. Variety and Selection: Online shopping provides an extensive range of products and services from different retailers worldwide. Users can explore a vast array of options and easily compare prices and features without the need to physically visit multiple stores. This accessibility increases the chances of finding unique or rare items that may not be available locally.

3. Competitive Pricing: Online retailers often offer competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs compared to physical stores. These cost savings are passed onto the consumers in the form of discounted prices or special offers. Additionally, online platforms provide tools that allow users to compare prices across different sellers, ensuring they get the best deal.

4. Convenience of Reviews and Ratings: Online shopping platforms usually provide a ratings and reviews feature. Users can read feedback from other customers, helping them make informed decisions about the quality and suitability of products or services. This feature is highly valuable for avoiding potential disappointments.

5. Accessibility for Individuals with Limited Mobility: Online shopping is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or those living in remote areas. IT eliminates the physical barriers of visiting stores in person, providing equal access to a wide range of goods and services.

Drawbacks of Online Shopping

1. Delivery and Shipping Issues: One of the main drawbacks of online shopping is the uncertainty surrounding the delivery process. Delays, damaged goods, or even lost packages can occur, causing frustration and inconvenience for customers.

2. Lack of Physical Inspection: When shopping online, consumers miss the opportunity to physically inspect products before making the purchase. This can lead to dissatisfaction if the item received does not meet the expected quality, appearance, or functionality.

3. Security and Privacy Concerns: Online transactions involve sharing personal and financial information, which can be vulnerable to hacking or fraud. Although online security measures have improved, there is always a risk of unauthorized access or misuse of data.

4. Inability to Experience Products: Certain products, such as clothing or furniture, require a tactile experience before purchasing. Online shopping limits this tactile experience, making IT difficult for consumers to assess fabric quality, fabric texture, or comfort.

5. Dependence on technology and internet Connection: Online shopping heavily relies on technology and a stable internet connection. If any technical issues arise or the internet is down, consumers may face difficulties in completing transactions or accessing customer support.

Online shopping offers numerous benefits, including convenience, a wide range of options, competitive pricing, accessibility for individuals with limited mobility, and the convenience of reviews and ratings. However, IT also comes with drawbacks such as delivery and shipping issues, lack of physical inspection, security and privacy concerns, inability to experience products, and dependence on technology . IT is essential for consumers to weigh these advantages and disadvantages and make informed decisions while shopping online. Retailers should also continually strive to improve their services, addressing the drawbacks to provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

1. Can I trust online reviews when making purchasing decisions?

While online reviews can be helpful in guiding purchasing decisions, IT ‘s important to approach them with some caution. Some reviews may be biased or even paid for by the seller. IT ‘s beneficial to read multiple reviews to get a more comprehensive understanding of the product or service.

2. What should I do if I receive a damaged item or the wrong product?

If you receive a damaged item or the wrong product, IT is crucial to contact the customer support of the online retailer as soon as possible. Most reputable platforms have policies in place to address such issues and will likely provide a resolution, such as a refund or replacement.

3. How can I ensure the security of my personal and financial information?

To ensure the security of your personal and financial information when shopping online, IT is advisable to only use reputable and secure websites or platforms. Look for trust indicators such as secure payment gateways, SSL certificates, and established customer reviews. Additionally, use strong and unique passwords for your accounts and avoid sharing sensitive information through unsecured channels.

4. Are there any advantages of shopping in physical stores compared to online shopping?

Yes, there are advantages to shopping in physical stores. Physical stores allow you to physically inspect products before purchasing, try on clothing for proper fit, and have immediate access to your purchase. In-store shopping also provides the opportunity for face-to-face assistance from sales associates, which can be helpful for complex purchases or personalized recommendations.

5. How can I track my online order?

Most online retailers provide order tracking services. After making a purchase, you will typically receive a tracking number or a link to track your order. Use this information to monitor the progress of your delivery and estimated delivery date. If you encounter any issues, contact the customer support of the online retailer for assistance.

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thesis for online shopping

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thesis for online shopping

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102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples

🏆 best online shopping topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good online shopping topic ideas to research, 📌 most interesting online shopping topics to write about, ❓ research question about online shopping.

When it comes to choosing an essay topic, online shopping has plenty ideas to offer. That’s why we present to you our online shopping topic list! Here, you will find best hand-picked essay titles and research ideas.

But that’s not all of it! In addition to our shopping essay topics, we also offer free sample papers. Check them out!

  • Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Shopping Since the online environment gives consumer a wider choice of products and product platforms from where to make their purchases, this study seeks to establish the exact consumer behaviour portrayed in an e-commerce environment and […]
  • The Era of Online Shopping Today, online shopping has become a great phenomenon thanks to the rapid development of internet security technologies and a similar pace in the penetration of the World Wide Web.
  • Online Shop Business Plan One of the major aims of a supply chain management is to ensure that the goods used in manufacture are of the right quality and quantity; this goes ahead as it is reflected in the […]
  • Advantages of Online Shopping In addition to this, the number of people adapting to online shopping is expected to grow, due to the numerous benefits associated with it.
  • Online Shopping and Purchase Decision The above is a detailed explanation of the buying process for an online product specifically E-reader from Kindle. The customer will then evaluate the alternatives and make a purchase decision.
  • Service Marketing: Online Shopping Competition Their website allows customers to register with them and be able to do their shopping from the comfort of their homes.
  • Secure Online Shopping System Model on Customer Behavior The aim is to find respondents who are the potential, if not actual customers of our online products who fall within the category of youths and young adults described in the introduction.
  • Online Shopping Platform for La Donna Boutique By using online services, La Donna cost of production will be reduced because it will be selling goods directly to the customers and this will make producers to get rid of costly intermediaries. The e-commerce […]
  • Drawbacks and Benefits of Online Shopping One of the benefits of online shopping is that it makes the customer have quick access to items that are identical regardless of where he or she does the shopping for them.
  • Online Shopping: Benefits and Drawbacks Essay The last major advantage of online shopping is that it assists the customer to find the best deal on a product.
  • Consumer Science: Online Shopping in the United Arab Emirates In an attempt to identify these factors, the present study uses a mixed-methods methodology to show the importance of online shopping and how this concept has changed consumer habits on shopping in the UAE. The […]
  • Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping The advent of internet shopping in the late nineties created a revolution in the retail industry. It is possible to know about the sizes, features, and costs of products in online and traditional shopping.
  • Online Shopping Impact on the Fashion & Design Industry In this report, the aim will be to determine the impact of online shopping on the fashion and design industry. The increased profitability of this industry means that the individual firms have the capacity to […]
  • Peacock Fashion Company’s Online Shops The purpose of the paper will be to determine the characteristics and feelings of online shoppers as related to online fashion shopping in United Kingdom market.
  • Secure Online Shopping System Integration Therefore, the new service called SOSS, which is proposed in the management of the online ticketing business, will form part of the actual customer safety guarantee service.
  • Online Shopping as a Method of Supply Online shopping is the method of selling goods and services that allows individuals to sell goods directly over the internet. This mode of operation is better than the use of door-to-door sales people who can […]
  • Online Shopping Impact on the Global Retail Industry While the significance and the convenience of e-commerce are indisputable, it is important to study its impact on the traditional retail industry around the world to identify the challenges, which it has to withstand.
  • UK Consumer Attitudes Towards Online Shopping It means that delivery represents a vital component of the overall purchasing or service reception experience and contributes to the development of customer loyalty.
  • Amazon’s Online Shopping and Innovative Delivery The company started as an online seller of books, but later, Amazon became the platform for a variety of goods and services to sell.
  • Online Shopping Characteristics and Effectiveness Background information on online shopping will be presented, and the way on how to succeed in online shopping will be discussed. What are the details of online shopping DMC students should be aware of?
  • Online Shopping and Its Advantages The decision of a customer to buy a product from a specific website depends on the reputation of the company and brand, which owns it.
  • Product Reviews in Online Shopping The paper will discuss strategies used by online retailers in their product reviews as well as describe a research study that can be used to explore the relationship between customer comments and their buying habits.
  • International Students Attitudes Towards Online Shopping The researcher strived to answer three key questions, which sought to find out students’ attitudes towards online shopping, the nationality of students who make the largest number of online purchases, and the barriers that prevent […]
  • How Motivation Influences Online Shopping The Balanced Buyer: In this cluster, about a third of the sample was moderately driven by the desire to seek variety.
  • Survey Analysis: Phones vs PC in Online Shopping The findings of the survey indicate that the majority of female online shoppers prefer using mobile phones to make purchases; both computer and mobile apps are used to shop online.
  • Jordan’s Furniture Company and Online Shopping First of all, I would like to point out that Jordan’s Furniture is a furniture retailer in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the U.S.A.
  • The Effects of Online Shopping on Customer Loyalty For example, the study by Afrashteh, Azad, and Tabatabaei Hanzayy is dedicated to the concept of online shopping and the use of this electronic marketing technique to influence customer loyalty in conditions of the state […]
  • Influence of Online Shopping Apps on Impulsive Buying Olsen et al.go further and confirms that online shopping apps have increased impulse buying due to the wealth of information they provide the consumer.
  • Traditional vs. Online Shopping Traditional shopping involves shoppers physically entering a brick-and-mortar store or shopping mall to select items of their choice, pay for them in cash or by credit card, and either take delivery personally or have them […]
  • Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping On the one hand, earlier studies argue that purchase intention is the key motivator for the consumers. Qualitative method is based upon judgment and intuition of the experts in the matter and consumers.
  • Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping: A Study of Aizawl The article shows the effective use of credibility of the authors, appropriate structure and organization, regional relevance of the cited literature, and functional illustrative material.
  • Saudi Women’s Perspective on Online Shopping Owing to the existence of different sites, the researcher examined the growth and expansion of the e-commerce segment in the nation.
  • Online Shopping Vs. Brick-And-Mortar Shopping
  • The Need for Accelerated Knowledge Management within Internet Banking and Online Shopping
  • Using Online Shopping Codes to Save Money
  • Online Shopping Increases Consumption Rate
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Shopping
  • The Consumer Society: Advertising and Online Shopping
  • Understanding Egyptian Consumers’ Intentions in Online Shopping
  • Online Shopping Services for Consumers and Businesses
  • Online Shopping Will Replace Traditional Shopping
  • Visiting Malls While Online Shopping Is Fun
  • The Relationship Between Marketing Mix and Buying Decision Process on the Online Shopping in Thailand
  • The Advantages and Risks of Online Shopping
  • Walmart Online Shopping Information System
  • The Most Famous Online Shopping Website In China
  • Perceived Risk and Online Shopping Intention: A Study Across Gender and Product Type
  • The Benefits and Disadvantages of Online Shopping
  • Online Shopping Reviewers Are Not All That They Seem
  • Analyzing Customer Satisfaction: Users Perspective Towards Online Shopping
  • Australian Customers and Online Shopping
  • Antique Motorcycle Online Shopping Options
  • Relationship between Convenience, Perceived Value, and Repurchase Intention in Online Shopping in Vietnam
  • The Development and Validation of the Online Shopping Addiction Scale
  • Television Advertising and Online Shopping
  • Assessing Benefits and Risks of Online Shopping in Spain and Scotland
  • Online Shopping: Effectiveness and Convenience
  • The Legal Issues Surrounding Online Shopping
  • Taobao Established Shopping from Home with Online Shopping
  • The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping vs. Brick and Mortar Stores
  • Why People Like Online Shopping
  • Online Shopping Lifts Aramex Profits by 4% and Rent Cap Removal Hits Abu Dhabi
  • What Influences Online Shopping Of Individuals From European Countries
  • Perceived Value, Transaction Cost, and Repurchase-Intention in Online Shopping: A Relational Exchange Perspective
  • Online Shopping Unexpected Impacts Are We Gaining More or Less
  • Differentiation Between Traditional and Online Shopping
  • Popular Websites For Online Shopping
  • The Online Shopping Industry Has Changed The World
  • Online Shopping: Product Availability and Logistics
  • The Interactions Between Online Shopping and Personal Activity Travel Behavior: An Analysis With a Gps-Based Activity Travel Diary
  • Statistics and Facts About Online Shopping
  • Analysing Online Shopping Behaviour of Google Merchandising Store Customers
  • How Effect of Freight Insurance on Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Online Shopping?
  • Does Online Shopping Cause Us to Spend More Money?
  • Does Freight Insurance Work in Online Shopping?
  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Online Shopping?
  • How Do E-Servicescapes Affect Customers’ Online Shopping Intention?
  • What Are the Moderating Effects of Gender and Online Shopping Experience?
  • How Online Shopping Behaviour Is a Priority Issue for Many?
  • How Does Online Shopping Cause You to Spend More Money?
  • How Has Online Shopping Become a Convenient and Efficient Time?
  • What Effects Repurchase Intention of Online Shopping?
  • What Influences Online Shopping of Individuals From European Countries?
  • Why Are More Customers Switching to Online Shopping From Traditional Coursework?
  • Why Do People Like Online Shopping?
  • What Is the Cheapest Online Shopping Site?
  • What Is Called Online Shopping?
  • How Many Types of Online Shopping Are There?
  • Is Online Shopping Cheaper Than In-Store?
  • What Are the Disadvantages of Online Shopping?
  • What Is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Online Shopping?
  • Why Is Online Shopping Better?
  • What Is the Importance of Online Shopping?
  • How Is Online Shopping Helpful?
  • What Are the Factors Influencing Online Shopping?
  • Do Consumers Prefer Online Shopping?
  • How Does COVID Affect Online Shopping?
  • What Are the Benefits of Online Shopping?
  • How Does Online Shopping Affect the Consumer?
  • What Is the Theory of Online Shopping?
  • How Has Online Shopping Changed the Way We Shop?
  • How Does Online Shopping Affect the Economy?
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

IvyPanda. (2023, October 26). 102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples.

"102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples." IvyPanda , 26 Oct. 2023,

IvyPanda . (2023) '102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples'. 26 October.

IvyPanda . 2023. "102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples." October 26, 2023.

1. IvyPanda . "102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples." October 26, 2023.


IvyPanda . "102 Online Shopping Topic Ideas & Essay Examples." October 26, 2023.

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Online Shopping Essay

500+ words online shopping essay.

The trend of online shopping has increased in recent times with the increase of e-commerce and digital technology. With just a single click, you can shop for everything by sitting at your home as per your choice, convenience and budget. This essay on online shopping will help students learn about the pros and cons of online shopping. We have also compiled a list of CBSE Essays on different topics to help them improve their essay-writing skills. These essays will also help them improve their scores on the English exam.

What Does Online Shopping Mean?

Online shopping is the activity of buying products and services over the internet using a web browser or mobile app. It means buyers have to go online to reach a seller’s website and then select the product they want to purchase. The buyer can pay for the goods and services either online with a credit or debit card or upon delivery. Online shopping sites are also known by many other names such as e-shop, e-web-store, e-store, internet shop, web-store, web-shop, virtual store and online store. An online shop creates a physical analogy for buying products or services. Some of the famous online retailing corporations which facilitate the experience of online shopping are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Online shopping is a growing area of the digital world and technology. Establishing a store on the Internet gives various options to consumers. With the growth of online shopping, most businesses have started selling their products online. Now, just having physical stores is not enough in this fast-paced world. Having online store interfaces for consumers has also become essential for running a business in the current scenario.

Benefits of Online Shopping

There are numerous advantages of online shopping. People feel more convenient while shopping online. They can shop from anywhere at their own convenient time through easy and safe payment methods. Online shopping has empowered consumers with various advantages such as convenience and time-saving, lower search costs, better product selection, lower prices, etc. One of the biggest benefits of online shopping is that you can buy the items you want with just a single click. Online stores are open 24 hours a day and are accessible from any location with an internet connection.

Online stores carry more variations and provide more varieties of a product as compared to traditional stores. This is because online stores don’t need to attractively display their items on shelves, and they can keep a larger amount of inventory on hand. They might also have small amounts of each item since they don’t need to display them and can order more from their supplier as needed.

Online shops tend to provide more information about items for sale than you would get in a physical store. Product descriptions most often include a description from the manufacturer, another description from the vendor, specific technical and size details, reviews from professional magazines and journals, and reviews from people who have bought the product. Having all this information available when you are considering a purchase makes you a more informed consumer without having to perform extra research by yourself.

Online stores are not burdened by the costs of running a physical store, such as the rent of the physical premises and wages of sales staff. The cost savings by online stores lead to lower pricing on the internet, passing on cost savings to shoppers. The internet encourages online vendors to compete with one another by lowering prices.

Disadvantages of Online Shopping

The benefits of shopping online also come with potential risks and dangers. When you shop online, you can’t touch or try out the product. You have to depend upon product pictures only. You can’t buy the product instantly. If you don’t get the product in hand immediately after payment, you have to wait for delivery, which can take days to weeks. There is no guarantee that you will get the product in its original shape; it might get damaged on the way. Sometimes, the product is very different from the pictures and description due to various reasons and also has poor quality. If, after receiving the package, expectations weren’t met, you need to go through a returns process which can be time-consuming. Apart from these, there is also a chance of security threats from online shopping. If the site is not secured, you have a risk of losing your card information.

Online shopping is one of the convenient ways of purchasing different products. However, there are some products which are better if they are purchased from physical stores. So, in the future, we can expect online stores to improve their technology, making way for a much easier and faster shopping experience.

Students must have found the “Online Shopping Essay” essay useful. They can get the study material and the latest updates on CBSE/ICSE/State Board/Competitive Exams at BYJU’S.

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thesis for online shopping

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Why Data Breaches Spiked in 2023

  • Stuart Madnick

thesis for online shopping

And what companies can do to better secure users’ personal information.

In spite of recent efforts to beef up cybersecurity, data breaches — in which hackers steal personal data — continue to increase year-on-year: there was a 20% increase in data breaches from 2022 to 2023. There are three primary reasons behind this increased theft of personal data: (1) cloud misconfiguration, (2) new types of ransomware attacks, and (3) increased exploitation of vendor systems. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the impact of each of these factors.

For many years, organizations have struggled to protect themselves from cyberattacks: companies, universities, and government agencies have expended enormous amounts of resources to secure themselves. But in spite of those efforts, data breaches — in which hackers steal personal data — continue to increase year-on-year: there was a 20% increase in data breaches from 2022 to 2023 . Some of the trends around this uptick are disturbing. For example, globally, there were twice the number of victims in 2023 compared to 2022, and in the Middle East, ransomware gang activity increased by 77% in that same timeframe.

  • Stuart Madnick  is the John Norris Maguire (1960) Professor of Information Technologies in the MIT Sloan School of Management, Professor of Engineering Systems in the MIT School of Engineering, and Director of Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan (CAMS): the Interdisciplinary Consortium for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. He has been active in the cybersecurity field since co-authoring the book Computer Security in 1979.

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    thesis for online shopping

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    thesis for online shopping

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    thesis for online shopping

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    thesis for online shopping


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    Online shopping: Factors that affect consumer purchasing behaviour Jozef Bucko1*, Lukáš Kakalejík1and Martina Ferencová2 č Received: 23 July 2018 Abstract: The objective of this paper is to determine factors that affect the con- Accepted: 10 October 2018 First Published: 16 October 2018

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    More interestingly, Schaefer and Bulbulia (Citation 2021) show the usage of online services for purchases by frequency of online shopping in a sample of 940 online shoppers in South Africa, in which 42% of online shoppers use an online retailer (e.g., Takealot, Superbalist) monthly, 21% weekly, 5% daily, and 1% more than once a day. However ...

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    Le, Q.(2021). The Effect of Product Likes on Consumer Behavior in Online Shopping. (Master's thesis). Retrieved from This Open Access Thesis is brought to you by Scholar Commons. It has been accepted for inclusion in Theses and Dissertations by an authorized administrator of Scholar Commons.

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    ... Web-based business incorporates anything from purchasing a virtual substance for momentary usage to purchasing merchandise for residential purposes. (Michaud-Trevinal, A & Stenger, T., 2012),...

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    This paper aims to present a comprehensive framework of the relevant literature available in the field of online buying behavior, in the form of different theories, models and constructs; and research results based on them.

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    Thesis by Agyapong (Citation 2017) was conducted on the sample of 184 respondents via online questionnaire. The author found that the main factors that affect online shopping are convenience and attractive pricing/discount. Advertising and recommendations were among the least effective. ... As online shopping became the regular part of people ...

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    Figure 9 shows that 48% hate the inability to touch and feel or trial factor about online shopping, while about 24% male said that it is the high price of products or services for which they dislike online shopping most. 16% male respondents dislike after sale services on online shopping and 12% male respondents dislike poor return policy.

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    2.7 Significance of solution to theory: The idea behind this study is of great significance because e-commerce (online shopping) has grown tremendously since the turn of the century. It has shaped the way people do shopping for the most part.

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    SHEN YEYIN BACHELOR'S THESIS 1 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, online shopping is very popular. It is a shop that sets up on the Internet, a place that can offer the consumer to shopping at home by a computer, and the seller to selling their products and services without the huge maintenance cost for the management and marketing in the real storefront.

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    When it comes to choosing an essay topic, online shopping has plenty ideas to offer. That's why we present to you our online shopping topic list! Here, you will find best hand-picked essay titles and research ideas. We will write. a custom essay specifically for you by our professional experts. 809 writers online.

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    Post. In spite of recent efforts to beef up cybersecurity, data breaches — in which hackers steal personal data — continue to increase year-on-year: there was a 20% increase in data breaches ...

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    Thesis for: Bachelor of Computer Science / Economics Advisor: Malam Hafsa Kabir Authors: Sadeeq Musa CAP Project Eng Abstract and Figures Online shopping is a form of e-commerce (electronic...