“Romeo and Juliet”: Play and Film Essay

When speaking about English plays, the majority of the general public immediately starts thinking of William Shakespeare. People who like his works and those who know just a little about him are definitely familiar with the story of Romeo and Juliet, and its famous lines “For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo” (Shakespeare 46). The play was rather popular in the 16th century when it was written but a new wave of attention it received in the 20th century due to the creation of filmed versions. Even though the film directed by Baz Luhrmann is considered to be the best innovative adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”, it implements lots of differences such as those related to the props, settings, music, and language.

Just like Shakespeare, Luhrmann, showed his audience the story of two warring families. Their quarrels turn into fights with the weapon and negative consequences. The characters still have the same names, so that they can be easily differentiated and matched with one another. Those scenes and even dialogues that were written by Shakespeare can be found in the film, even those they are somehow changed to meet the requirements of the form (Lehmann 179).

Preminger et al. claim that poetry is to be educative and pleasurable and both versions of “Romeo and Juliet” meet this criterion regardless of the fact that they had to appeal to the audience of a different time (133). Shakespeare implemented the jokes that were close to his contemporaries, mentioned the hierarchy that was present in society, and even added some allusions to real landmark events that took place in the 16th century. Luhrmann, in his turn, tried not to focus on those outdated ideas and resorted to the pop culture, which revealed the interests of the 20th century. As a result, both the original author and the director of the filmed adaptation pleased and entertained their audience. They attracted their attention with beautiful costumes and appealed to their ears with popular music. In addition to that, they spread those morals that were critical to society and educated the representatives of the general public in this way.

The settings of the play and the film seem to be called in a similar way, but they can be found in different countries: Verona, Italy, and Verona Beach. The seaside area described in the adaptation resembles Miami, which means that the events were taken to another country. Of course, both settings reveal the environment that was peculiar to their time. In this way, people would hardly start thinking of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” as they see a city that is full of modern cars, multistoried buildings, and even hot dog stands.

Those costumes that the author and the director wanted to see on their characters differ greatly, as they represent the fashion of two centuries. While in the play, people are in suits and dresses, the adaptation shows them in Hawaiian shirts and even leather clothes. The alterations of the traditional Elizabethan fashion also deal with the hairdo, as some of the Montagues have unnaturally colored hair even though they are boys.

The language of the characters also is not the same. Of course, it was not possible to make the readers hear English or Italian accent of some characters when they were reading “Romeo and Juliet,” but such peculiarities were mentioned and revealed on the stage. Still, the filmed adaptation does not represent them. The thing is that the director believed it to be unnecessary. He considered that American English suited the play adaptation and there was no necessity to implement any changes: “When Shakespeare wrote these plays, they were written for an accent that was much more like an American sound, and when you do Shakespeare with an American accent it makes the language very strong, very alive” (Film Education 15).

Music is one more element that makes the filmed adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” differ from the play and its performances. Luhrmann resorted to hip-hop music mainly. He added some sounds of electric guitar, which did not exist in the 16th century. When describing his decisions, the director claimed that he tried to add all varieties of music so that it could appeal to the diverse audience. In this way, he followed Shakespeare’s intention and gathered the contemporary church, folk, and popular music.

Having a closer look at Act One and the film scene that reveals those events that happen in it, the audience cannot but notice a range of differences. In Scene One, Samson and Gregory argue about their skills of swordplay near the Capulet’s house until Benvolio arrives, and Tybalt triggers the fight. In the film, Benvolio and the Montagues appear first in a car near a gas station where Tybalt and the Capulets arrive soon. In this scene, the fight starts, as one of the boys bites Abraham’s thumb. Here, the audience can see lots of differences in choreography in addition to the appearance of the new props. In the play, the boys are fighting with swords, which was typical for that time, while they have pistols in the film (Luhrmann). What is more, Shakespeare mentions that they are surrounded only by some observers, but Luhrmann makes them use other people’s cars and other extras. It is also interesting that the text of the adaptation does not change, and the characters speak of the weapon they do not actually have.

The scene on the balcony is a well-known part of the play, and the director wanted to be impressive and touching. It reveals the feelings of the main characters and allows the audience to see that Romeo and Juliet’s love is strong enough to deal with all problems so many professionals believe it to be the highlight of the story (Rocklin 56). The director reduced this part so that it became much shorter. He also alters the setting to the swimming pool of the Capulet’s house while originally everything happened in the orchard. The camera focuses on the main characters during their dialogue, which allows the viewers to perceive the importance of their words and feelings.

Thus, it can be concluded that the original play and its filmed adaptation reveal the same story of two young lovers even though they have a lot of differences. The author and the director wanted to make their audience familiar with the lives of Romeo and Juliet, so they did their best to make sure that their works would appeal to their contemporaries. In fact, this seems to be the main reason Luhrmann introduced a range of alterations to the play. His version was rather innovative, and it seemed that the director altered everything except for the love story, but the original play can still be easily recognized in his story.

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movie analysis of romeo and juliet

Updated 25 April 2021

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Category Literature ,  Sociology

Topic Character ,  Romeo and Juliet ,  Society

Romeo and Juliet in Mid-Victorian England

The dyadic relationship of romeo and juliet, the role of fate in the dyadic relationship, the influence of death on the dyadic relationship.

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Film Review of Romeo and Juliet (1996)

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How to write Romeo and Juliet Essay? Outline and Topics

romeo and juliet film essay

Almost everyone has heard of Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet" at some point. It is a classic tragedy that has been part of literary and cultural education for centuries. This story is about fate and affection. It was written in 1595 or 1596. Moreover, this play is set in the city of Verona. Many essays are written to describe this play in words. Professors still assign Romeo and Juliet essay to students as a writing task.  If your teacher assigned a task to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet, but you don't know how to compose it, you came to the right place! In this blog, we'll share effective tips for writing essays on Romeo and Juliet as well as Romeo and Juliet essay topics. 

How to write a Romeo and Juliet essay?

Essays about Romeo and Juliet are common in schools and colleges. Most students don't like the idea of reading books of 100+ pages. But that's not a good thing. You should read the book so that you get to know the characters, story, and important characters in it.  This essay follows the same structure as other essays. Here are some steps you need to follow for writing the essays of Romeo and Juliet.  

Carefully read the play

Even though you may have already read thousands of concise summaries, it is still worthwhile to read the literary work for yourself. It will help you better understand the plot and notice the minor details that are frequently ignored in overviews in order to keep them concise.

Ask questions

Write down any questions you have when you read the play. Try to find out the answer to these questions. This will assist you in forming your own opinion on the individuals and their deeds and may perhaps inspire a brilliant topic or introduction for your essay.

Make an outline

Make an outline of the topics you will cover in your essay once you have compiled all of your questions and their responses. The outline will help you to structure your thoughts and maintain a logical flow between concepts. 

An essay on Romeo and Juliet, like any assignment on a literary work, is ideal to include a few brief quotes from the tragedy. If correctly cited, the relevant quotations will serve as compelling evidence for your arguments and support your line of reasoning. When quoting, always place the text in quotation marks and include the precise page number from where you took the material. Remember that quotes shouldn't make up more than 10% of the text as a whole.

Never hesitate to seek help

It's always acceptable to ask for help! If you need assistance with your essay, you may always contact your teacher for guidance, go to a writing center, check online tutorials, or look for expert writing instruction online. Before implementing any advice, make sure it will be helpful and applicable to your writing process.

Proofread Your Essay

Once you've finished writing your essay, read it multiple times, preferably after a day or two, to get a new perspective on the writing's quality. You can also show your essay to friends or family members so that they can not only point out any mistakes you've made but also tell you if it sounds coherent and professional.

How to make an outline for an essay of Romeo and Juliet?

A crucial step in any paper writing process is the outline. It helps in keeping our thoughts organized and properly structuring the text from the very start. You must include the following components in your outline:

Romeo and Juliet essay introduction

The introduction of Romeo and Juliet essay is the attention grabber section in which the writers try to grab the reader's attention. In order to write it properly, there is need to be:

  • As the first sentence of the introduction, this one should pique the reader's interest in the topic. Quotations, relevant information, or even hypothetical questions might serve as effective hooks for Romeo and Juliet essays.
  • Once you have written the hook, give readers some background information about the topic and explain why you chose it. If you use any factual data in this area, be careful to cite it.
  • A Romeo and Juliet thesis statement would be the final sentence of your introduction. List the key arguments that you intend to address in the paper's body in this section.

The body section is the longest and most detailed part of your essay on Romeo and Juliet. In this step, you need to examine each of the previously given arguments and support them with information gathered via research.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Conclusion

How to write a conclusion for a Romeo and Juliet essay? Firstly, restate your thesis statement and summarize the points you have discussed in the body section of the essay. Second, in order to ensure that your essay has a thoughtful conclusion, address the "so what" query. In other words, explain why what you have said so far is important. Lastly, keep in mind that a strong closing line for an essay leaves the reader with a positive impression and encourages them to think about the topic further. Therefore, be sure that your essay's conclusion refers to and restates the most important points you have already made, connects them to broader contexts, or urges the reader to take a certain course of action.

Creative Topics for Romeo and Juliet Essay

Here are some exciting ideas for Romeo and Juliet essays:

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What kind of essay to choose?

You can think about working on a variety of essays about Romeo and Juliet. If you are allowed to select any topic and, consequently, any essay form, we advise selecting one of the following: Persuasive essay on Romeo and Juliet: Such an essay's primary objective is to persuade the audience that your point of view is the correct one. In addition to creating a concise argument, it's critical to appeal to people's emotions and sense of logic. Argumentative essay on Romeo and Juliet: Once you've chosen a controversial subject, you'll need to make up your opinion and back it up with facts. Romeo and Juliet Literary analysis essay: You can discuss specific story points, imagery, and literary strategies in such a paper. Compare and contrast essay on Romeo and Juliet: Choose two personalities or circumstances and explain the similarities and differences between them.  Romeo and Juliet critical essay: To conduct a critical analysis, you must assess the source material. Inform readers of what you think about the play and provide evidence for it from the text and other reliable sources.

Wrapping Up

Writing an essay about 'Romeo and Juliet' can be an exciting adventure into Shakespeare's world. Just follow the steps we mentioned above, and you'll be able to write a great essay on different aspects of this classic love story. If you still have any confusion, you can ask experts for assistance. Our team of skilled essay writers is ready to assist you in your academic journey. They can offer valuable advice, assist in improving your arguments, and make sure your essay reaches its full potential.

Table of Contents

Persuasive essay topics – how to choose one for you, how to write a persuasive essay- expert tips.

romeo and juliet film essay

Romeo And Juliet Essay for Students and Children

500+ words essay on romeo and juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love tragedy written by William Shakespeare. This is a story of love and fate. Furthermore, the basis of this tragic love story is the Old Italian tale translated into English in the sixteenth century. The story is about two young star-crossed lovers whose death results in reconcile between their feuding families. Moreover, Romeo and Juliet is among the most frequently performed plays by Shakespeare .

Romeo and Juliet Essay

Lessons of Love from Romeo and Juliet

First of all, Romeo and Juliet teach us that love is blind. Romeo and Juliet belonged to two influential families. Furthermore, these two families were engaged in a big feud among themselves. However, against all odds, Romeo and Juliet find each other and fall in love. Most noteworthy, they are blind to the fact that they are from rival families. They strive to be together in spite of the threat of hate between their families.

Another important lesson is that love brings out the best in us. Most noteworthy, Romeo and Juliet were very different characters by the end of the story than in the beginning. Romeo was suffering from depression before he met Juliet. Furthermore, Juliet was an innocent timid girl. Juliet was forced into marriage against her will by her parents. After falling in love, the personalities of these characters changed in positive ways. Romeo becomes a deeply passionate lover and Juliet becomes a confident woman.

Life without love is certainly not worth living. Later in the story, Romeo learns that his beloved Juliet is dead. At this moment Romeo felt a heart-shattering moment. Romeo then gets extremely sad and drinks poison. However, Juliet was alive and wakes up to see Romeo dead. Juliet then immediately decides to kill herself due to this massive heartbreak. Hence, both lovers believed that life without love is not worth living.

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Legacy of Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. Furthermore, the play was very popular even in Shakespeare’s lifetime. Scholar Gary Taylor believes it as the sixth most popular of Shakespeare’s plays. Moreover, Sir William Davenant of the Duke’s Company staged Romeo and Juliet in 1662. The earliest production of Romeo and Juliet was in North America on 23 March 1730.

There were professional performances of Romeo and Juliet in the mid-19th century. In 19th century America, probably the most elaborate productions of Romeo and Juliet took place. The first professional performance of the play in Japan seems to be George Crichton Miln’s company’s production in 1890. In the 20th century, Romeo and Juliet became the second most popular play behind Hamlet.

There have been at least 24 operas based on Romeo and Juliet. The best-known ballet version of this play is Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. Most noteworthy, Romeo and Juliet have a huge impact on literature. Romeo and Juliet made romance as a worthy topic for tragedy. Before Romeo and Juliet, romantic tragedy was certainly unthinkable.

Romeo and Juliet are probably the most popular romantic fictional characters. They have been an inspiration for lovers around the world for centuries. Most noteworthy, the story depicts the struggle of the couple against a patriarchal society. People will always consider Romeo and Juliet as archetypal young lovers.

Q1 State any one lesson of love from Romeo and Juliet?

A1 One lesson of love from Romeo and Juliet is that love brings out the best in us.

Q2 What makes Romeo and Juliet unique in literature?

A2 Romeo and Juliet made romance as a worthy topic for tragedy. This is what makes it unique.

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Synetic Theater reprises its riveting ‘Romeo & Juliet’

The company’s 2008 production of shakespeare’s tragedy established its reputation as a washington treasure.

It’s often said that successful relationships are all about timing, and Synetic Theater’s propulsive production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” is entirely built upon that principle. The fair Verona where the troupe convenes is styled as the inner workings of a clock, with a giant pendulum swinging from the rafters and a gaggle of oversize gears, made from foam but painted to resemble tarnished brass, scattered across the stage. Wielded by cast members, the cogs become shields, revolving doors and spinning wheels of fate.

The star-crossed lovers may be trapped in a metaphor they can’t escape, but audiences are lucky to be stuck in a theater for 85 intermission-less minutes. Synetic’s original 2008 production of “Romeo & Juliet” elevated the young company from local oddity to Washington treasure. Co-founders Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili immigrated to the United States from Georgia in 1995, fleeing post-Soviet poverty and unrest. She was a dancer , trained by the same academy that turns out star ballerinas; he was already established in Eastern European movement theater, which combines movement with acting, music and mime. Since 2002, the company has mounted more than 90 shows, almost all adapted from stories in the public domain. A few feature dialogue, some have voice-over narration, many have no words at all.

Traditional theater troupes bring in new creative teams and concepts each time they revisit a classic. Synetic’s practice is more in step with ballet companies that pull the same sets and costumes out of storage, banking on nostalgia and casting changes to bring audiences back.

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Synetic’s seamless and searing “Romeo & Juliet” should do just that, especially as it’s unclear where the company will perform next. JBG Smith, the Bethesda-based mega developer, is not renewing Synetic’s lease when it expires April 30, the theater company says, and “Romeo & Juliet” will be its last production in the former Crystal City movie theater that’s been its home for 15 years. A representative for JBG Smith said the company has no comment on the theater’s account or its plans for the space.

Synetic’s plan, executive director Ben Cunis says, is to become “semi-itinerant.” The company is inking deals to share other Washington-area arts spaces, including some that have reduced programing since the pandemic . However, Synetic will still need a dance studio where it can rehearse its movement-intense shows and offer year-round teen programming as well as summer camps for kids.

Several former teen company members are onstage in “Romeo & Juliet,” including Irina Kavsadze, who has grown into a graceful and expressive leading lady. The original couple, Cunis and Courtney Pauroso, played up the lovers’ headlong rush, while Kavsadze and her Romeo, Zana Gankhuyag, opt for elegance. “Love is a smoke made from the fumes of sighs,” Romeo says in fully staged versions of the play, while Synetic emphasizes the line with an onstage fog machine and romantic duets.

Irakli Kavsadze (Irina’s father), reprises his role as the loving, morally conflicted Friar Lawrence, who, in Synetic’s production, also takes on functions of the Prince, apothecary and father figure for Romeo. More than some of Synetic’s other wordless Shakespeare adaptations, “Romeo & Juliet” assumes audiences have knowledge of the plot. There’s little indication, for example, that Romeo is banished for killing Tybalt, or that Juliet gulps a sleeping draft.

The Style section

The trade-off is vigorous combat, an enviable masquerade ball and a sex scene that’s been seared on my retinas for sixteen years. Ensemble members hold a sheet in front of the lovers, while others illuminate their bodies by flashlight. What audiences see are silhouettes engaged in a shadow play of entwined hands and arched backs, sensual but not X-rated.

Note that Synetic’s shows are often appropriate for adolescents who would balk at two hours of Shakespearean dialogue. That’s true of “Romeo & Juliet” with one exception: The nurse (Janine Baumgardner) is portrayed as a no-nonsense lady-in-waiting rather than an indulgent nanny. Baumgardner is fabulous, but while on her message-delivering mission to Romeo, she is forcibly kissed by Mercutio and one of his pals. Synetic would be wise to tone this down; Baumgardner seizes her girl power moment, but it is 2024, and most audience members recognize unwanted kissing as sexual assault. A little ribald teasing would be plenty to incite the rough-and-tumble street fight that proceeds Romeo and Juliet’s clandestine exchange of vows.

The clock ticks toward tragedy once the couple weds, propelled by a score from Konstantine Lortkipanidze. His music mixes Radiohead-esque rock with Arvo Pärt-inspired classical minimalism. There’s no Prince to announce “all are punished” when Romeo and Juliet are found dead in the Capulet crypt. Instead, a percussive heartbeat goes silent like a vital signs machine fading out. Fans have to hope that Synetic Theater, unlike the doomed lovers, will rise again someday soon.

Romeo & Juliet, adapted from William Shakespeare by Nathan Weinberger. Directed by Paata Tsikurishvili and choreographed by Irina Tsikurishvili. Original music and sound design, Konstantine Lortkipanidze; scenic designs, Phil Charlwood; remount costumes, Alexa Cassandra Duimstra; lighting, Brian S. Allard; additional sound design and engineering, Paata Tsikurishvili and Brandon Cook. About 85 minutes. Through March 24 at Synetic Theater, 1800 S. Bell St., Arlington. synetictheater.org .

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  • An opera farce that might leave you asking: Aria kidding me? February 13, 2024 An opera farce that might leave you asking: Aria kidding me? February 13, 2024

romeo and juliet film essay


Tom Holland’s sold-out Romeo and Juliet play sparks ticket pricing controversy

author image

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Tom Holland

After hours of queuing, Tom Holland ’s new West End production of William Shakespeare ’s Romeo and Juliet totally sold out within two hours.

Before general sale had even begun, huge numbers of fans were queuing to get their chance to see Spider-Man swap his web-slinging for soliloquies.

The 27-year-old actor’s return to the stage was swamped as over 60,000 people attempted to see Marvel’s golden child in his 12 weeks starring as the ill-fated Romeo.

It’s no surprise the show sold out quickly as The Duke of York’s Theatre, where Romeo and Juliet will take place, only has a capacity of 650 seats per show.

However, fans are not happy as they spotted some changes to ticket prices after complaining that the queue had been stalled for a long time.

It seems ATG, who were selling the tickets, decided to use dynamic pricing and boosted the cost of seats by at least £20 as fans blindly waited to be allowed access.

Tom Holland in Romeo & Juliet on the West End

The queue opened at 8am on Tuesday, February 13, for those who had registered for priority access with ATG Tickets – but it seems the priority booking was rather oversubscribed.

The actor even began to trend on X as tens of thousands attempted to get tickets to the play, which will start its run from Saturday, May 11, until Saturday, August 3 2024.

Within one hour of the queue being open, one fan spotted that the prices had changed for certain in-demand seats and posted pictures to prove it.

Going by Lys on X, she tweeted: ‘ATG JUST RAISED THE PRICE OF ROMEO & JULIET! 💀 Within one hour of queue like wtf??’

This meant before the general sale had even begun, while 40,000 people were still waiting to get their tickets, ATG raised the prices from £145 to £165 for the royal circle and stalls.

ATG JUST RAISED THE PRICE OF ROMEO & JULIET! 💀 within one hour of queue like wtf?? see pics: old vs new price pic.twitter.com/f3HWBupUv2 — lys (@elyse) February 13, 2024

More tickets had been released amid the pricing shift as one fan explained to Lys but she responded ‘They did raise the price, not just changed the colour coding :) see the yellow ones in royal circle row C — same seats, different price.’

She continued: ‘I think it’s unacceptable to start dynamic pricing when general booking hasn’t even opened.’

Others vented about the dynamic pricing decision – an already controversial ticket tool which allows companies to boost the cost for in demand shows.

‘ATG would have known this was going to be a hot ticket but to add £30 on top of an already pricey ticket before general sale has even opened is taking the p**s,’ wrote Hayley Sprout.

Tom Holland

Dr Emily Garside shared: ‘I had no horse (spider) in this race but this kind of dynamic pricing is appalling. Pricing people out, making theatre in accessible- it’s no good having a handful of ‘cheap’ (sorry £30 isn’t ‘cheap’) tickets if most of your tickets are £100 plus.’

The entire sale had already been criticised for its poor handling of demand, which saw Eras Tour and Glastonbury levels of insanity as fans rushed for tickets.

One disgruntled fan, Cat Reid, tweeted: ‘Not quite understanding the point of a presale when the population of Liechtenstein has signed up for it? 40,000 people to battle through to get tickets for Tom Holland’s Romeo and Juliet is insane😭.’

Jaymi Niall added: ‘Trying to get Tom Holland Rome & Juliet tickets. I had 21k in front of me on my phone so that was quickly scrapped.’

been in the tom holland romeo & juliet queue for an hour already and there’s still 21k people ahead of me 😭 pic.twitter.com/KgUvyFR5sE — niamh (@xniamhamelia) February 13, 2024
snatching tom holland tickets like the eras tour tickets pic.twitter.com/D4kt2yWUHs — Mel ‘ㅅ’ (@melissxlee02) February 13, 2024
Still another 10,000 in front of me in this Romeo and Juliet queue I’m praying to the gods of Tom Holland I get some 🙏🏼 pic.twitter.com/DmzSM9Ikzh — karl 🪩 (@karldenniss) February 13, 2024

Some fans did appear to be successful in securing seats, as Minny Futto tweeted: ‘I got tickets to see Tom Holland in Romeo and Juliet!!! I now feel more motivated in writing the essays for my Shakespeare module 🙌🏻❤️’

Can you still get tickets for Tom Holland’s Romeo and Juliet play?

According to the official Romeo and Juliet London website , the show is now entirely sold out so there are unfortunately no tickets left.

The Duke of York’s Theatre has not yet addressed the mass of people who attempted – and failed – to get tickets.

The box office for the show simply says sold out, with no indication of if the show may be extended, although this would likely be without their leading Marvel man.

Currently, the show is advertised to run for eight shows a week – six evenings, two matinees – for 12 weeks, totalling around 62,000 seats across the entire production.

Tom Holland

Ticket prices ranged – after dynamic pricing – from £45 to £145, with few seats below the £95 mark within an hour of the priority sale.

There were said to be 10,000 tickets priced at £25 and under, with half of those made available exclusively for those under 30s, key workers, and those receiving government benefits, to be released later.

At the Duke of York’s Theatre, there are plenty of stalls seats – although beware the further back you sit there is the overhang of the balcony above which may restrict views.

The balcony and upper circle both have six rows each with around 18 to 20 seats per row.

What else do we know about Tom Holland in Romeo and Juliet?

After his success as one of Marvel’s leading men , Tom is returning to his home on London ’s stages – where he made his debut performances as Billy Elliot in the late 2000s.

Tom Holland

He was spotted by the show’s choreographer and after two years of training in ballet, tap dancing and acrobatics, joined the production in 2008 as Billy Elliot’s best friend.

Later in the year, he took the titular role and stayed there for two years before heading to Hollywood – it was five years and many minor roles later he was cast as Spider-Man.

Very little is known about Tom’s epic return to the West End, other than he will appear as star-crossed lover Romeo in the new production, directed by the Jamie Lloyd Company.

The Cherry star, whose  famous dad recently had fans shocked , announced his casting via his Instagram account, sharing a picture of the production’s poster and the Jamie Lloyd Company logo.

He accompanied this with a simple instruction: ‘Sign up now. Link in bio.’

Tom Holland

Meanwhile, the Duke of York’s Theatre shared the news in an Instagram post of their own which garnered thousands of likes.

‘Tom Holland is Romeo in Jamie Lloyd’s pulsating new vision of Shakespeare’s immortal tale of wordsmiths, rhymers, lovers and fighters,’ the announcement read.

British theatre director Jamie Lloyd is best known for his recent production of Sunset Blvd, starring Nicole Scherzinger, and A Doll’s House with Jessica Chastain.

‘Tom Holland is one of the greatest, most exciting young actors in the world. It is an honour to welcome him back to the West End,’ he praised of the Marvel star.

The rest of the cast is yet to be announced, with Juliet still unnamed next to Tom’s superhero might.

All the production has revealed is the haunting tagline: ‘Violent delights have violent ends.’

Metro.co.uk has reached out to the theatre and ATG for comment.

Got a story?

If you’ve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro.co.uk entertainment team by emailing us [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting our Submit Stuff page – we’d love to hear from you.

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Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968)

By franco zeffirelli, romeo and juliet (film 1968) essay questions.

Explore the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse. How does their dynamic function at the start of the film? What about at the end?

Lady Capulet is established as a distant mother unable to properly parent, so where she falls short, the Nurse takes over. The Nurse is both a true mother and a friend to Juliet, albeit an immature one at times. When Juliet falls for Romeo, the Nurse is quick to act as her messenger for the two, a demonstration of the trust she and Juliet share. She is both a caretaker and a confidant for the girl.

However, we notice an important shift in their relationship once Lord Capulet chastises Juliet for not wanting to marry Paris. Where the Nurse has previously been complicit in Juliet’s deception, seeking out Romeo, covering for Juliet's absences, and generally being a reliable partner in crime, her decision to implore Juliet to reconsider Paris' proposal, on which she then doubles down by claiming that Romeo isn’t all that Juliet thinks him to be, is an abhorrent betrayal in Juliet's eyes. From that moment forward, the Nurse becomes as much an enemy to Juliet as anyone. This, of course, marks a turning point in the story, for had the Nurse remained on good terms with Juliet, she may have been let in on the plan to fake her death, and subsequently been able to help ensure that it didn’t go awry. Instead, she’s left in the dark and treated like just another member of the family.

Describe the role that voices of reason play in a story so full of passion and impulsivity. Who are these voices? How do they serve the story?

Friar Lawrence is the most notable example of level-headedness in the face of Romeo's overflowing love for Juliet. When Romeo first comes to him to tell him about her, the Friar immediate reprimands him for jumping from Rosaline to Juliet so quickly, and when Romeo reminds him that the Friar advised him to "bury" his love for Rosaline, the Friar replies, "Not in a grave, to lay one in, another out to have," meaning that he didn't want Romeo to get rid of one love and replace it with another. The Friar then continues to serve as a voice of reason throughout the story, as when he advises Romeo to love Juliet in moderation lest their love die too soon, and later still when he has to remind Romeo of the reasons he has to be thankful and to stay alive. His more reasonable rebuttals to Romeo's professions of grandeur remind the audience that Romeo is every bit as impulsive as he comes across as being.

Benvolio is another example of a voice of reason, particularly in the context of the fighting families. When the first brawl breaks out at the beginning of the film, Benvolio draws his sword to try to get everyone to stop, though he is baited into fighting by Tybalt. Later, when he and Mercutio are walking about in the hot sun, he advises that they seek shelter lest the heat make them want to fight the Capulets. He, at the very least, demonstrates a measure of restraint, in contrast to Mercutio's unfettered desire to taunt the Capulets. Still, Benvolio tends to end up as wrapped up in the violence as anyone else (in contrast to the Friar, who exists outside the feud entirely), an acknowledgement that reason isn't enough to quell the families' enmity.

Describe the scene in which Mercutio dies. What is the great irony of his friends' laughter as he pleads for help?

Mercutio's death is one of the most tragic scenes in the film. From his first appearance, Mercutio has established himself as the jester among his friends, going out of his way to amuse and entertain them. When he’s struck by Tybalt’s sword, his initial reaction is therefore to pretend that it's just "a scratch." However, this quickly proves impossible as he feels the severe pain the wound is causing him. His next step is then to plead desperately for help, but most of his peers think he’s joking, as his previous antics are now working against his credibility. Only Romeo, whom Mercutio says shouldn't have gotten in the way of the fight, and Benvolio, always the realist, seem to grasp that something is seriously wrong with him. Right up until his death, even after cursing the Montagues and Capulets and falling down the stairs, the other boys still think he’s putting them on, until Romeo reveals the bloody wound he was covering with his hand. This is a dark, twisted moment, as Mercutio’s comical, immature disposition is ultimately his undoing—anyone else who so dramatically cried out for a doctor likely would have been taken seriously, but Mercutio’s reputation as a witty fool discredits him, and so he dies to the tune of his friends’ laughter.

The feud between the Capulets and the Montagues has a toxic tendency to corrupt those involved. Explore some examples of this, citing specific characters.

Truly, there is no one in Romeo and Juliet who remains unscathed by the families' rivalry and without sin by the end of the film. The Nurse, who consistently has Juliet's best interests at heart, unintentionally enables her risky decision-making by acting as messenger between her and Romeo, and then ultimately drives Juliet to desperation by refusing to endorse their love. Despite the best of intentions, she plays a key part in Juliet's death. Benvolio, another character viewing much of the chaos from the outside looking in, tries in vain on several occasions to get the families to stop their brawling, but is consistently unsuccessful and often ends up in the fray as completely as anyone else. Finally, the ultimate instance of the feud's corruptive power comes via Romeo's rage upon seeing that Tybalt fatally wounded Mercutio. Where mere minutes before he was calm and happy, pleading for peace, he now becomes inconsolably angry and seeks revenge, turning him to a murderer of Juliet's kin and an exile from his own home. He, who had every reason to denounce the feud and actively wished for it to end, becomes among its most implicated offenders.

Explain the meaning and connotations of Juliet's famous proclamation, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet." How does this relate to her love for Romeo? How about the feud more broadly?

This famous line is, in essence, acknowledging that the names of things hold no bearing over the nature of those things: a rose would still be a sweet-smelling flower even if it were not called a "rose" (or called a "flower," for that matter). By the same logic, Juliet is saying that Romeo would still be Romeo even if he were to give up the name that ties him to his relatives, and so she wishes for him to do so—or if he won't, she will—so that they may be together without their love compromising the honor of their feuding families. More broadly, this idea suggests the triviality of the feud, as the names "Capulet" and "Montague" alone seem to be the most important elements fueling it. After all, those involved in the feud do not antagonize one another on the basis of who they are as individuals, but the name with which they're associated, which then gets forgotten by the time the attacked retaliate in self-defense and an all-out conflict is instigated. Were those involved to give up their names and choose new ones (or none at all), there would be no cause to fight in the first place, because there would no longer be "Capulets" or "Montagues" to arbitrarily hate.

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Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968) Questions and Answers

The Question and Answer section for Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968) is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel.

The beginning prologue only mentions that the feud between the Capulet s and the Montagues stemmed from a grudge between the two families. I don't think the reasons why the feud started are ever explained.

What kind 1996 Baz Luhrmann film version of Romeo & Juliet

The characters carry swords.

Who said, "Oh I have brought the mansion of a love, but not possessed it"?

Study Guide for Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968)

Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968) study guide contains a biography of Franco Zeffirelli, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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  • Director's Influence

Essays for Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968)

Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968) literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968).

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