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Imperial-built instrument jets off to NASA ahead of major solar wind mission

phd theses imperial

Soft prosthetics startup Koalaa raises nearly £1 million from investors

phd theses imperial

Bacteria evolution and rent-free scholarships: News from the College

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List of Dissertations

Dr Benedict Simon: Electrode, Electrocatalyst and Electrolyte Development for Hybrid Redox Flow Batteries (embargo)

Dr Andrea Gayon-Lombardo:  Machine learning and simulation for the optimisation and characterisation of electrodes in batteries

Dr Hande Alptekin: Fundamental studies of the structure-performance correlations and interfaces in hard carbon anodes for Na-ion batteries

Dr Philipp Schlee: Kraft lignin-derived carbon nanofibres as electrodes in aqueous alkaline supercapacitors

Dr Ashkan Kavei: Development and Characterisation of Advanced Energy Storage Devices for Stationary Applications (embargo)

Dr Jingyi Chen:  Performance and stability of nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell cermet electrodes

Dr Catalina Pino-Muñoz:  Mathematical modelling of vanadium-based redox flow batteries

Dr Yuhua Xia:  Development and characterisation of anode materials for polysulphide-air redox flow battery

Dr Mengzheng Ouyang:  Novel characterization method of ceria-based catalyst and electrode in solid oxide fuel cells

Dr Bowen Song:  The impact of redox cycling on nickel cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells

Dr Zadariana Jamil:  Eletrodeposited nickel anodes for solid oxide fuel cells  

Dr Merla Yu:  Development of new on-board battery diagnosis/prognosis tools for extending lifetime and mitigating failure

Dr Ian Hunt:  Thermal effects and management of lithium ion batteries for automotive applications

Dr Harini Hewa Dewage:  Investigation of hydrogen based redox flow batteries

Dr Samuel John Cooper:  Quantifying the transport properties of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes

Dr Moshiel Biton:  Advanced 3D imaging and quantification of battery materials

Dr Marie-Therese v. Srbik:  Advanced lithium-ion battery modelling for automotive applications

Dr Wasim Sarwar:  Hybridised energy storage systems for automotive powertrain applications

Dr Michael Parkes:  ab initio modeling of yttria stabilised zirconia for solid oxide fuel cells

Dr Vladislavs Duboviks:  Study of carbon contamination in Solid Oxide Cells

Dr Ma'ayan Marina Lomberg:  Novel Fabrication Routes to Nickel-based Cermet Electrodes for Solid Oxide Cells

Dr Christoph Mazur:  Assessing transition policies for the diffusion of electric vehicles

Dr Billy Wu:  Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle powertrain modelling and testing

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How do I see an Imperial PhD thesis?

The Library has a full set of Imperial PhD theses. 

All theses submitted for examination from 1 July 2007 are available online, on open access, in the  Spiral repository . 

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  • Last Updated Sep 05, 2022
  • Answered By Sarah Reid

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Imperial College London Imperial College London

Latest news.

phd theses imperial

Imperial-built instrument jets off to NASA ahead of major solar wind mission

phd theses imperial

Soft prosthetics startup Koalaa raises nearly £1 million from investors

phd theses imperial

Bacteria evolution and rent-free scholarships: News from the College

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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Turbomachinery Blade Vibration Daniel Heller 2020

Alternate Passage Divergence of Wide Chord Transonic Fan Blades Yaozhi Lu 2020

Effect of planetary gearboxes on the dynamics of rotating systems Ali Tatar 2020

Influence of Inlet Distortion on Fan Aerodynamic Performance Wenqiang Zhang 2019

Solitons in cyclic and symmetric structures Filipe Fontanela 2019

Nonlinear dynamic analysis of pipe assemblies via experimental characterisation and nonlinear dynamic reduced order modelling Alberto Sánchez Pinilla 2019

Numerical acceleration of aeroengine cavity flow solutions and flutter predictions Edouard Minoux 2018

On the optimisation of computational fluid dynamics applications on multicore and manycore architectures Ioan Hadade 2018

On the validation of nonlinear dynamic models for structures with frictional joints Luca Pesaresi 2017

Non-linear System Identification in Structural Dynamics: Advances in Characterisation of Non-linearities and Non-linear Modal Analysis Vaclav Ondra 2017

Nonlinear dynamics of jointed structures: a multiscale approach to predict fretting wear and its effects on the dynamic response Jason Armand 2017 Coriolis effects in bladed discs Valentina Ruffini 2016

Rotating stall in variable geometry compressors John Dodds 2016

Embedded Blade Row Flutter Fanzhou Zhao 2016

Advanced methods for multi-row forced response and flutter computations Sina Stapelfeldt 2014

Investigation and Development of Low-Fidelity Analytical Models for Compressor Instability and Distortion Propogation Analysis Artyom Romanov 2014

Whole Aero-Engine Meshing and CFD Simulation Feng Wang 2013

Feature Based Computational Geometry and Secondary Air System Modelling for Virtual Gas Turbines Davendu Kulkarni 2013

Numerical investigation of labyrinth seal flutter Richard Phibel 2012

Prediction of Acoustic Resonances in Core Volumes Armel de Montgros 2011

Fast Generalized Single-passage method for Multi-blade row forced response and flutter Sanjay Mata 2010 

Strategies for non-linear system identification ‌ Aditya Gondhalekar 

Variability of Blade Vibration of Mistuned Bladed Discs ‌ Yum Ji Chan 2009

Turbomachinery Aeorelasticity using a Time-Linearised Multi Blade-row Approach ‌ Gabriel Saiz 2008 

Development of Valid Models for Structural Dynamic Analysis ‌ Jose V.Garcia 2008

Dynamic Analysis of Assembled Structures with NonLinearity ‌ Sen Huang 2007

SLDV Technology for Measurement of Mistuned Bladed Disc Vibration‌‌ Dario Di Maio 2007

New Insights into the Blade Mistuning Problem ‌ Marija Nikolic 2006

Effects of Blade Variability in Gas Turbine Fan Assemblies Mark J. Wilson 

Forced Response Analysis of Aero-elastically coupled mistuned bladed discs Ivan Sladojevic 

A 3D High-order Aeroacoustics Model for Turbomachinery Fan Noise Propagation ‌ Mathew Cand 2005

Non-Intrusive Modal Testing of Delicate and Critical Structures Philip Ind 2004

On Rotor Internal Damping Instability Mohamed Kandil 2004

Non-Linear Modal Analysis Methods for Engineering Structures Hugo Ramon Elizalde Siller 2004

Experimental Validation of Turbomachinery Blade Vibration Predictions Ibrahim Ata Sever 2004

Modal Analysis of Rotating Machinery Structures Enrique Simon Gutierrez-Wing 2003

Development of Validated Models for Brake Squeal Predictions Anantawit Tuchinda, 2003

Exploiting the Laser Scanning Facility for Vibration Measurements Milena Martarelli, 2001

FE Model Validation for Structural Dynamics Gan Chen, 2001

Development of Valid FE Models for Structural Dynamic Design Daniel Wesley Fotsch, 2001

Windmilling in Aero-Engines Götz von Groll, 2000

Structural Dynamic Analysis and Testing of Coupled Structures Wenjie Liu, 2000

Inaccessible Equipment Monitoring via Vibratory Signature Analysis Utilising Data Collected by Remote Accelerometers Marcos Pellegrini Ribeiro, 1999

High Quality Modal Testing Methods Reza Ashory, 1999

Model Updating of Large Structural Dynamics Models Using Measured Response Functions Henning Grafe, 1999

Dynamic Response Analysis of Structures with Nonlinear Components Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira, 1998

Validation of Large Structural Dynamics Models Using Modal Test Data Nedzad Imamovic, 1998

‌Travelling-Wave-Speed Instability Philipp Schmiechen, 1997

Methods for Updating Numerical Models in Structural Dynamics Saeed Ziaei Rad, 1997

A Study of Tip-Timing Measurement Techniques for the Determination of Bladed-Disk Vibration Characteristics Steven Heath, 1996

‌ Peter Blaschke, 1996

Experimentally-Derived Structural Models For Use in Further Dynamic Analysis Maria Lucia Machado Duarte, 1996

Prediction of Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity effects Using a 3D Non-Linear Integrated Method J.G. Marshall, 1996

Aeroelasticity in Turbomachinery Reza Mostofi, 1995

Forced Vibration Characteristics of Mistuned Bladed Disc Assemblies Hoi Yiu, 1995

Vibration Analysis of Mistuned Bladed Systems Kenan Sanliturk, 1992

The Analysis and Identification of Friction Joint Parameters In The Dynamic Response of Structures Ren Ying, 1992

‌Updating Structural Dynamics Models Using Frequency Response Data Wilhelmina Josefine Visser, 1992

Structural Dynamic Model Updating Using Eigensensitivity Analysis Haeil Jung, 1992

Dynamic Analysis of Non-Linear Structures Using Higher Order Frequency Response Functions David Storer, University of Manchester, 1991

Identification of The Dynamic Characteristics of Structural Joints Ali Salehzadeh Nobari, 1991

Forced Vibration of Rotating Discs and Interaction with Non -Rotating Structures Hamid Mehdigholi, 1991

Sensitivity Analysis of Mechanical Structures Using Experimental Data Wai Ming To, 1990

Ident ification of the Dynamic Characteristics of Nonlinear Structures Rongming Lin, 1990

Structural Dynamic Modification Using Experimental Data G.W. Skingle, 1989

‌Dynamic Analysis of Coupled Structures Using Ex perimental Data Anto nio Pa ulo Vale Urgueira, 1989

Extraction of Valid Modal Properties From Measured Data in Structural Vibrations Nuno Manuel Mendes Maia, 198 8

Transient Response of Mechanical Structures using Modal Techniques Angela Burgess, 1988

Identification of Structural Dynamic Characteristics Jimin He, 1987

A Unified Approach to the Identification of Dynamic Behaviour using the Theory of Vector Spaces T. A. Brown, Univeristy of Bristol, 1985

Power Flow in Structures During Steady-State Forced Vibration Jerome Antonio, 1984

‌Structural and Aeroelastic Vibration Analysis of Bladed Systems M. Imregun, 1983

Reconciliation of Predicited and Measured Modal Properties of Structures Joga Sidhu, 1983

Mistuned Bladed Disc Assemblies   H. Dare Afolabi, 1982

‌Identification of Spatial Models Peter Thomas Gleeson, 1979

Determination of The Modal Properties of Complex Structures Including Non-Linear Effects Geoffrey R. Tomlinson, University of Salford, 1979

The receptance analysis of disc, blade and shroud vibration Derek Cottney, 1975

Application of the Finite Element Method to the Vibration Analysis of Axial Flow Turbines G. Jeyaraj Wilson, 1972

The Effects of Detuning upon the Vibration of Bladed Discs David J. Ewins, University of Cambridge, 1966

phd theses imperial

First refuelling for Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP


phd theses imperial

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard NPPs – partial replacement of fuel once every 12-18 months. Instead, once every few years the entire reactor core is replaced with and a full load of fresh fuel.

The KLT-40S reactor cores have a number of advantages compared with standard NPPs. For the first time, a cassette core was used, which made it possible to increase the fuel cycle to 3-3.5 years before refuelling, and also reduce by one and a half times the fuel component in the cost of the electricity produced. The operating experience of the FNPP provided the basis for the design of the new series of nuclear icebreaker reactors (series 22220). Currently, three such icebreakers have been launched.

The Akademik Lomonosov was connected to the power grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020.

Electricity generation from the FNPP at the end of 2023 amounted to 194 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000 people. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000. The FNPP solved two problems. Firstly, it replaced the retiring capacities of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant, which is more than 70 years old. It also supplies power to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka. In September, a 490 km 110 kilovolt power transmission line was put into operation connecting Pevek and Bilibino.

Image courtesy of TVEL

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    The majority of Imperial PhD theses are available on open access, while some are restricted to 'Imperial users only', in Spiral. We also provide access, to Imperial students and staff, to some Imperial Master's dissertations and online theses from other universities in the UK and worldwide. Access to theses Imperial PhD theses

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    PhD Theses. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Turbomachinery Blade Vibration. Daniel Heller 2020. Alternate Passage Divergence of Wide Chord Transonic Fan Blades. Yaozhi Lu 2020. Effect of planetary gearboxes on the dynamics of rotating systems. Ali Tatar 2020. Influence of Inlet Distortion on Fan Aerodynamic Performance.

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    Assessing ground interaction effects and potential damage on existing tunnels before and after new excavation works. Standing, Jamie; Vollum, Robert; Potts, David; Burland, John; Yu, Jessica Bang Yan, et al. Jan-2020. Assessing local and global displacements from tunnelling and water extraaction in jakarta.

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  10. How do I see an Imperial PhD thesis?

    How do I see an Imperial PhD thesis? Answer The Library has a full set of Imperial PhD theses. All theses submitted for examination from 1 July 2007 are available online, on open access, in the Spiral repository . Topics Spiral repository Theses Last Updated Sep 05, 2022 Views 600 Answered By Sarah Reid Was this helpful? 0 3

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    PhD Theses | Research groups | Imperial College London Home Research groups Electrochemical Science and Engineering PhD Theses PhD Theses List of Dissertations 2021 Dr Andrea Gayon-Lombardo: Machine learning and simulation for the optimisation and characterisation of electrodes in batteries

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    Overview Imperial College London Library is providing Overleaf Professional features for all students, staff and researchers who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects. Overleaf Professional features include real-time track changes, unlimited collaborators, and full document history.

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    Imperial's impact Read case studies about how Imperial research has made a difference; Research news Keep up to date with Imperial's cutting edge discoveries; Enterprise Learn how we support entrepreneurship and help find research-driven solutions to industry challenges;

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    Imperial College London PhD Thesis LaTeX Template. This is the LaTeX template for Imperial College London PhD Thesis submissions created by Tamas Suto and William Knottenbelt For more information on preparing your thesis for submission, and to download other forms, please see the Information for Current Full-time DOC Research Students page on ...

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    International students Students come from over 140 different countries to study at Imperial Campus life Experience what it's like to be a member of the College community Research & Innovation

  16. Intermittency and concentration probability density function in

    PDF | On Sep 1, 1986, Vladimir Sabelnikov published Intermittency and concentration probability density function in turbulent flows, Thesis Doctor en Science, Moscow Institute of Physics and ...

  17. Alen Lemajic

    A dynamic English language educator with a decade-plus of experience across education field.<br>- Thrives in a multitude of varied contexts, embodying peculiar and differing institutional needs.<br>- Proven in seizing in-season, stopgap academic challenges, by deploying purposeful yet tactful student-focused approach to learning.<br>- Seeker of a true life calling: worthwhile build up through ...

  18. The War, Russia's Infrastructure, And The Lesson Of History

    The Russian Federation is the product of the Soviet empire's collapse, just as the Soviet Union was the product of imperial Russia's collapse. History tells us that when it finally goes, it will be a permanent demise. The Byzantine and Ottoman empires exemplify this dynamic: Each lost more and more territory until all that remained of the ...

  19. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is planned to begin before the end of ...