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  1. Apply to the JD Program

    Written Submissions: Personal Statement, Optional Essays, and Addenda Early Decision Applicants with Disabilities What materials do I need to include? Questions? Financial Aid What financial aid is available? What scholarships are available? JD Admissions Policy

  2. JD Application Checklist and Timeline

    Resource Center JD Application Checklist and Timeline Application Deadlines Regular FEBRUARY 29, 2024 Early Decision NOVEMBER 15, 2023 We will accept applications for the 2023-2024 academic year between August 28, 2023, and February 29, 2024. Filing of the application form alone is sufficient to meet the regular-decision deadline of February 29.

  3. Submissions

    Michigan Law Review submission guidelines vary by content type, as follows. Articles & Essays MLR Online Book Reviews Notes Policies

  4. Applying to Law School

    At Michigan Law, we seek to enroll the very best law students in the country. But what do we mean when we say the "best"? Our Holistic Approach We take a holistic approach to decision-making because we want to know a lot about how someone will be a part of the Michigan Law community.

  5. Articles & Essays

    The Michigan Law Review is currently accepting submissions for the fall season. MLR receives submissions of articles and essays exclusively through Scholastica. We recognize that this is a challenging time for everyone, including authors, and that the burdens of working tend to exacerbate existing disparities.

  6. Browse Journals

    The Michigan Journal of Race & Law is a legal journal that serves as a forum for the exploration of issues relating to race and law. To that end, MJR&L publishes articles, notes, and essays on the cutting edge of civil rights scholarship from a wide variety of scholarly perspectives.

  7. Michigan Law Review

    The editors of the Michigan Law Review invite essay submissions on current areas of legal thought and research for First Impressions, our online publication. First Impressions publishes op-ed style articles by academics, judges, practitioners, and law students, as well as timely responses to articles in the print journal of the Michigan ...

  8. Articles & Essays Archives

    Michigan Law Review S-224 Legal Research Building 801 Monroe Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1210

  9. Exam Preparation

    Law school exams are a labyrinth of rules and exceptions, standards of review and procedural snares. Instead of reading the rules over and over, make sure you really know them cold using CALI 's interactive quizzes. 1L Bonus: West Study Aids also has Flash Cards for Torts and Contracts. Exam Prep: CALI Online Lessons.

  10. Essays

    On March 15th, 2019, the Journal of Law and Mobility, part of the University of Michigan's Law and Mobility Program, presented its inaugural conference, entitled "(Re)Writing the Rules of The Road." The conference was focused on issues surrounding the relationship between automated vehicles ("AVs") and the law.

  11. PDF July 2021 Michigan Bar Exam Questions

    determined by Michigan law. 7 . Although Billy sold his company, he remained its CEO at a salary of $500,000 per year throughout the marriageBelinda's salary at . her firm is $195,000 per year. Marital assets included two paid-for homes, each valued at $300,000; equivalent and paid-for upscale

  12. University of Michigan Law School

    We strive to make it possible for the best and brightest to attend Michigan Law, and to attract and retain world-class faculty to teach them. Join us in our mission to build the future of legal education. Support Michigan Law. Our People Make the Difference. Our Faculty. Student Life and Community.

  13. Essay Advice from Michigan Law Admit : r/lawschooladmissions

    Essay Advice from Michigan Law Admit Application Process I posted this as a comment on a request for personal statement help but thought it could be helpful as a standalone as well! For reference, I got into a T-14 with a very terrible LSAT journey but pretty good softs and essays. Here's what helped me the most: 1) Reading Essays That Worked.

  14. Apply to the LLM Program

    Michigan Law welcomes LLM students with experience in all segments of the legal profession from around the world. We seek to create a class of a few dozen students who will become lifelong members of the Michigan Law community and contribute to the LLM program's 130-year legacy. Beginning the Application Process

  15. Step 5: Bar Exam

    The Michigan Law Basics online training is required for all applicants to the Michigan Bar. Applicants for admission by examination may not complete the training until the completion of law school. ... Day one - morning is MEE testing, consisting of 6 essay questions and afternoon is MPT testing, consisting of 2 performance tests.

  16. The "Michigan Fit" Demystified : r/lawschooladmissions

    "Michigan has long been known as a different kind of law school—where high-achieving students manage to treat each other with kindness." PART 3 - FROM MICHIGAN LAW STUDENTS: These quotes, again, are taken from Michigan Law's main website, admitted student portal, and mailed pamphlets and viewbooks.

  17. Thoughts on supplemental essays? (Michigan) : r ...

    (Michigan) : r/lawschooladmissions View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit Thoughts on supplemental essays? (Michigan) Took a look at Michigan's supplemental essays last night. Quite a few prompts appeal to me (although I haven't written my PS yet) and was wondering how many supplemental essays people usually write?

  18. On the Michigan supplemental essays : r/lawschooladmissions

    Michigan has a number of supplemental essay options (8 last year). One of them essentially allows for an addendum (essay three).

  19. Why Michigan Law?

    Resource Center Why Michigan Law? At Michigan Law, we feel pretty passionately about...well, Michigan Law. We want to tell you why Michigan is special, even among its peers at the top of law school education.

  20. A Legal Showdown on the Border Between the U.S. and Texas: What to Know

    Feb. 15, 2024. The Biden administration is suing the State of Texas over a new state law that would empower state and local police officers to arrest migrants who cross from Mexico without ...

  21. New gun laws take effect on one-year anniversary of Michigan State

    FILE - Michigan State University professor Marco Díaz-Muñoz talks during an interview, Feb. 16, 2023, at his home in Lansing, Mich. New gun laws take effect Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024, in Michigan on the one-year anniversary of a shooting at Michigan State University that claimed the lives of three students and left five in critical condition.

  22. Personal statements: What not to do

    Approach your personal statement as a five-minute conversation with a normal human being, at the end of which you hope the normal human being is thinking, "This person would be well-suited to be at XYZ law school when fall (or, perhaps, summer) comes.". And for heaven's sake, go easy with the thesaurus and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.

  23. Why Michigan Essay Subject : r/lawschooladmissions

    Obviously Michigan is a great law school and for that reason alone I would love to go to Michigan. I decided to write my essay on something other than the academics and career prospects though. I am originally from the upper Midwest, grew up there, did undergrad there and my whole family lives there. For the last two years I have lived on the ...

  24. 2 houses near Law School purchased for $3.8M by University of Michigan

    University of Michigan's Board of Regents approved a $3.8 million purchase of two homes near the Law School for future development.

  25. Why UMichigan Essay : r/lawschooladmissions

    One of Michigan's optional essay prompts is, "Say more about your interest in the University of Michigan Law School. What do you believe Michigan has to offer to you and you to Michigan?". Should I just submit my essay as an addendum or should I submit it under that prompt? Sort by: waily_waily • 3 yr. ago

  26. Did you write a "Why Michigan?" essay? : r/lawschooladmissions

    Did you write a "Why Michigan?" essay? While not required as a part of the application, is it true that it's basically expected of you to write this essay if applying to UMich? 1 Share Sort by: Add a Comment TryMyBanana • 6 yr. ago Didn't write one. Got in with a big scholly. Frogmonster_ • 6 yr. ago I did!