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50 Focused Taxation Research Topics For Your Dissertation Paper

Published by Ellie Cross at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On August 15, 2023

A thorough understanding of taxation involves drawing from multiple sources to understand its goals, strategies, techniques, standards, applications, and many types. Tax dissertations require extensive research across a variety of areas and sources to reach a conclusive result. It is important to be able to understand and present tax dissertation themes well since they deal with technical matters.

Choosing the right topic in the area of taxation can assist students in understanding how much insight and knowledge they can contribute and the tools they will need to authenticate their study. 

If you are not sure what to write about, here are a few top taxation dissertation topics to inspire you .

The Most Pertinent Taxation Topics & Ideas

  • The effects of tax evasion and avoidance and the supporting data
  • How does budgeting affect the management of tertiary institutions?
  • How does intellectual capital affect the development and growth of huge companies, using Microsoft and Apple as examples?
  • The importance and function of audit committees in South Africa and China: similarities and disparities
  • How taxation can aid in closing the fiscal gap in the UK economy’s budget
  • A UK study comparing modern taxation and the zakat system
  • Is it appropriate to hold the UK government accountable for subpar services even after paying taxes?
  • Taxation’s effects on both large and small businesses
  • The impact of foreign currencies on the nation’s economy and labour market and their detrimental effects on the country’s tax burden
  • A paper is explaining the importance of accounting in the taxes department
  • To contribute to the crucial growth of the nation, do a thorough study on enhancing tax benefits among American residents
  • A thorough comparison of current taxes and the Islamic zakat system is presented. Which one is more beneficial and effective for reducing poverty?
  • According to the most recent academic study on tax law, what essential improvements are needed to implement tax laws in the UK?
  • A thorough investigation of Australian tax department employees’ active role in assisting residents of all Commonwealth states to pay their taxes on time
  • Why establishing a taxation system is essential for a country’s growth
  • What is the tax system’s greatest benefit to the poor?
  • Is it legitimate to lower the income tax so that more people begin paying it?
  • What is the most significant investment made using tax revenue by the government?
  • Is it feasible for the government to create diverse social welfare policies without having the people pay the appropriate taxes?
  • How tax avoidance by people leads to an imbalance in the government budget
  • What should deter people from trying to avoid paying taxes on time?
  • Workers of the tax department’s role in facilitating tax evasion through corruption
  • Investigate the changes that should be made to the current taxation system. A case study based on the most recent UK taxes studies
  • Examine the variables that affect the amount of income tax UK people are required to pay
  • An analysis of the effects of intellectual capital on the expansion and development of large businesses and multinationals. An Apple case study
  • A comparison of the administration and policy of taxes in industrialised and emerging economies
  • A detailed examination of the background and purposes of international tax treaties. How successful were they?
  • An examination of the effects of taxation on small and medium-sized enterprises compared to giant corporations
  • An examination of the effects of tax avoidance and evasion. An analysis of the worldwide Panama crisis and how tax fraud was carried out through offshore firms
  • A critical analysis of how the administration of higher institutions is impacted by small business budgeting
  • Recognising the importance of foreign currency in a nation’s economy. How can foreign exchange and remittances help a nation’s finances?
  • An exploration of the best ways tax professionals may persuade customers to pay their taxes on time
  • An investigation of the potential impact of tax and accounting education on the achievement of the nation’s leaders
  • How the state might expand its revenue base by focusing on new taxing areas. Gaining knowledge of the digital content creation and freelance industries
  • An evaluation of the negative impacts of income tax reduction. Will it prompt more people to begin paying taxes?
  • A critical examination of the state’s use of tax revenue for human rights spending. A UK case study
  • A review of the impact of income tax on new and small enterprises. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks
  • A comprehensive study of managing costs so that money may flow into the national budget without interruption. A study of Norway as an example
  • An overview of how effective taxes may contribute to a nation’s development of a welfare state. A study of Denmark as an example
  • What are the existing problems that prevent the government systems from using the tax money they receive effectively and completely?
  • What are people’s opinions of those who frequently avoid paying taxes?
  • Explain the part tax officials play in facilitating tax fraud by accepting small bribes
  • How do taxes finance the growth and financial assistance of the underprivileged in the UK?
  • Is it appropriate to criticise the government for not providing adequate services when people and businesses fail to pay their taxes?
  • A comprehensive comparison of current taxes and the Islamic zakat system is presented. Which one is more beneficial and effective for reducing poverty?
  • A critical evaluation of the regulatory organisations was conducted to determine the tax percentage on different income groups in the UK
  • An investigation into tax evasion: How do wealthy, influential people influence the entire system?
  • To contribute to the crucial growth of the nation, do a thorough investigation on enhancing tax benefits among British nationals
  • An assessment of the available research on the most effective ways to manage and maintain an uninterrupted flow of funds for a better economy

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We hope that you will be able to write a first-class dissertation or thesis on one of the issues identified above at your own pace and submit a solid draft. If you wish to use any of the above taxation dissertation topics directly, you may do so. Many people, however, prefer tailor-made topics that meet their specific needs. If you need help with topics or a taxation dissertation, you can also use our dissertation writing services . Place your order now !

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find taxation dissertation topics.

To find taxation dissertation topics:

  • Study recent tax reforms.
  • Analyze cross-border tax issues.
  • Explore digital taxation challenges.
  • Investigate tax evasion or avoidance.
  • Examine environmental tax policies.
  • Select a topic aligned with law, economics, or business interests.

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Go through some of the dissertation topics related to Forensic science given below, with their research aim, and get an idea to begin your dissertation.



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Tax Dissertation Topics UK That Will Leave Your Readers Awestruck


Why does everyone consider finding the right topic for your dissertation as the most important part of dissertation writing? firstly, because it is hard to find relevant topics that have not been explored yet. Secondly, it is something you are going to be pursing for quite some time. Thirdly, it takes a lot of effort. Which makes topic finding as the most important part of dissertation writing process.

Table of Contents

How “Dissertation Proposal” Can Help You!

Our top dissertation writing experts are waiting 24/7 to assist you with your university project, from critical literature reviews to a complete masters dissertation.

Tax Dissertation Topics You Wanted All Along

To make sure you cruise through this tax dissertation topics finding phase effortlessly, our team of industry leading expert writers have customized a free list of the most trending taxation dissertation topics and tax dissertation ideas you can use to produce a perfect dissertation.

Taxation plays a critical role in the development of any economy as it is the primary source of revenue for the government and a key driver of fiscal policies. In the case of emerging economies, the source of government revenue is more important as developing countries have limited resources and are often get funded by foreign or international sources like IMF and Asian development banks. The entire revenue structure is mainly dependent on government revenues, and taxation is the primary source of government revenue apart from domestic and foreign debt. Depending on the per capita income and level of controls, the government can opt for direct or indirect taxation options. Countries with higher per capita income rely on direct taxation while the lower-income economies rely more on indirect taxation systems like GST or VAT hat are collected by consumers. The tax to GDP ratio is also a parameter for tax collection. Again, developed economies have a higher tax to GDP ratio than the emerging economies. The effective taxation system contributes directly to government spending and hence growth and prosperity of the country. With more revenue in the pocket, the government can initiate infrastructure projects and increase the employment opportunities for the people, which in turn can increase the production and consumption in the economy.

In the age of knowledge economy, companies generate revenue based on the value they create, whether it is the economic value or the value of the innovation and quality of their products. For value creation, human capital is considered the most significant resource of the organization, and good companies impose great value on human capital. Traditionally, manufacturing companies were valued based on their production capacity, but with the evolution of technology, value creation is associated with the innovation and novelty of the ideas. Tech giants like Apple and Microsoft compete based on their innovative products. Their market capitalization and their intrinsic values are based on their intangible assets more than the physical assets. These companies have outsourced their productions in developing economies because of lower labor and production costs, and they focus on value creation by generating new ideas and products. The research and development expenditures of these multinational organizations are significantly larger than their competitors. Companies like Apple, make more investments in their Research and development, human resources, and training and learning experiences rather than physical assets. The focus is also on providing a productive working environment that can foster their creativity.

The alternative minimum tax is the tax that has been collected in addition to the regular income tax and is a means of increasing revenues for the government. The alternate tax system uses different measurers to calculate the liability of an individual than the regular tax system. The individuals, under this tax system, are required to calculate their tax liabilities as per the existing and alternative tax system and then pay the higher amount. This system is especially useful when there are wealthy individuals getting benefits from the existing tax system by paying taxes at a lower rate. The governments usually impose taxes as progressive, proportional, or regressive. In case a similar tax rate is applied to an income group, people getting a larger proportion of that income would get the benefit as they will pay lower taxes. Developing economies can increase their revenues by imposing an alternate tax system that would help in taxing wealthy individuals by a higher amount as opposed to the prevailing tax system. The tax evasions can be avoided, in this manner, and overall tax collection can be made more effective.  Individuals who applied for multiple tax deductions under the normal system, play the system well and able to avoid taxes, this can be prevented by the AMT.

The taxation policy is the backbone of the economy as it sets the foundation for entire fiscal expenditures by the government. The Fiscal policies set the direction for an entire economy and dictate the amount of disposable income in the society. The economies of developed countries are very different from the emerging economies. The key economic indicators like per capita income, GDP, growth rate, and consumer spending are significantly different in developing economies compare to the developed countries. The types and rates of taxation are also different e.g. the developed countries impose taxes on consumption and revenues, the developing countries rely on trade taxes for the fiscal income. The developed countries use direct and progressive taxes that are imposed on the income of the individual. The indirect taxes are more common in developing countries and are considered the main source of revenue for the government. The developing countries find ways to increase their tax base or the sectors to generate more revenues. These policy differences impact income redistribution and government expenditure in developing countries. The developing countries also face the problem of an undocumented economy, unlike developed nations, which enacts more problems for tax collection. The tax to GDP ratio is very low and unstructured in low-income countries.

The tax treaties are signed to prevent double taxation in case of trade or foreign investment. Transactions where two countries are involved usually create confusion from the perspective of tax collection as to which country should charge and collect the tax. Tax treaties between countries resolve these issues by creating some parameters and help in facilitating inter countries transactions. The impact of tax treaties is more profound on the portfolio o capital investments. The two famous models of international tax treaties involve the OECD one and the UN tax model. The OECD model favors the countries that export their capital and encourage them to lose some of their taxes in favor of the other country. The model is dominant in international trade and is beneficial if both countries have equal trade and investment volumes. The UN model gives more taxing rights to the source country and imposes fewer restrictions. The models are effective in avoiding double taxation issues certainly have limitations as sovereign nations have their laws and regulations that are difficult to incorporate with other country’s rules.

Taxation influences business in many ways. The factors that influence the earnings of the business are the business model, the capital structure the cost of labor, and other inputs, and he dividend policies of the business. Since SMEs are the driving force of the economy in developing countries, policy makers lay special emphasis on the growth of this sector and not burden them with overwhelming taxes. Large business firms usually have steady cash flows as compare to the SME’s that often faces a credit crunch and rely on debt to finance their expenses. The high tax rates on SME’s can wipe off their cash flows and negatively impact their business. The high rate of taxation also impacts the investments negatively as it increases, the overall cost of doing business. SMEs are impacted by the compliance cost more than the large business as it becomes the cost of the fixed costs of business. The business needs to be compliant with the existing tax policy and efficient in filing taxes and tax returns to work properly. The value-added taxes are borne by the business would negatively impact their earnings and if the taxis transferred to the consumer it can reduce the sales and market share.

Tax evasion and avoidance are two faces of the same phenomenon with a fine line that differentiates them. Tax evasion is done by illegal means while tax avoidance is done legally to reduce the financial obligations of any business or the individual. The consequences of tax evasion are serious and can range from penalties to prison depending upon the gravity of the crime. The Panama scandals are the famous case study for the tax evasions that were done with the help of offshore companies. Many countries including the U.S allow the businesses some liberties on the profits earned in foreign countries until they are recognized in the home country. That deferred payments are part of the loophole that has created the famous scandal. The money laundering activities are done by placement, layering, and integration of the funds into multiple phases. The transactions are often layered so much that the source of funds becomes untraceable and difficult to find out. Often the companies are merged and funds are transferred into new companies that make if more difficult to find the origin of the funds and their legitimate source. Some countries are considered as tax heaven who’s bylaws have relaxation for certain suspicious activities. The shell companies, only present on paper, are most frequently used for tax evasion.

Budgeting plays a crucial role in the performance management of any institution. The budgeting allows efficient management of resources and has a direct impact on financial performance. Tertiary institutions have many subunits and each can be treated as a small business. The budgeting process, if treated on the subunit level independently, will be much more similar to the small business budgeting process. The challenge in the case of tertiary institutes in the planning and coordination among different units and creating coherence in the entire budget to ensure that no resources are wasted. The smooth flow of operations is mandatory for optimal organizational performance. The tertiary institute's management is different from small business budgeting in some aspects, as it involves the coordination on the greater scale for the unit level execution of operations and cost-benefit analysis, it can take help from the small business budgeting procedures.

Income tax is levied on the revenues generated by individuals or businesses. To startups, the challenge is designing the nature of business effectively so it follows under the right category of taxation as per its business activity. Some taxes are general regardless of the structure of the entity although their rate might differ as per the size of the business. The taxes include Value-added taxes, Sales tax, and Services tax. The taxes are levied often as a percentage of gross turnover or annual sales of the business. The startups have to manage the initial costs of doing business and the research and development expenses and taxation can lead to an additional burden for them. The founders of a startup can have an exit strategy as well if they plan to sell out the business to a large corporation after initial years. Depending on the business structure the losses can be borne by the business owner and he can also get the benefits of the tax returns. Since it takes a few years before the business gets establish enough to generate profits and positive cash flows. The initial losses can be filed for the tax returns and give an advantage to the owners.

The gig economy has its challenges and opportunities and has become the new normal for doing business. The workers are not on a payroll and cannot get full-time employment benefits like Provident funds and pensions. The payments and commissions are based on the tasks of a performance. The freelancers came under the category of self-employed and the tax slabs are imposed as per the income level. But the governments are creating new regulations for defining some clear criteria for taxation from freelancing activities. The payroll rules can deprive the freelancers of a portion of their income and increasing the hiring costs for the individuals and companies hiring them. The taxation on the transactions through banks is also implemented on freelancing income. The nature of taxation becomes more complex with international transactions where currency rates and exchange rates are applied to every transaction. The governments creating tax regulations need to consider these aspects of freelancing activities and design a system that will avoid double tax collection. The cost of taxation can also be higher as unlike businesses freelancers do not have a transparent accounting or compliance system and all additional burden of taxation will be borne by them.

Norway is one of the richest countries in the world with high per capita income and great performance on several other economic indicators like the human development index. The country is oil-rich and is one of the main producers and exporters of oil in the world. The country discovered its oil reserves back in 1969, and manage its resources effectively from a long term perspective. Unlike other resource-rich countries, the company did not fell into the trap of Dutch disease, the phenomenon that impacts the overall economy of the country after the discovery of the particular resource. The countries with Dutch disease develop their resource-rich sector at the expense of other sectors of the economy and n dip being worse off. Norway's foresightedness leads to the creation of a sovereign wealth management fund, that has investments in the diversified portfolio across the world and has benefitted the citizens of Norway. Instead of exploiting its resources for short-term gain, the country devises a long-term strategy for future gains. The success of this strategy is mainly because of the public trusts in the government's policies and negligible levels of corruption. The result is an overall enhancement in the living standards across the country.

Taxation is one of the most widely used tools used by governments to generate revenues. Effective taxation can help in the development of economies. The Danish economy is one of the successful models of economic governance. The country is a mixed economy with high rates of taxation. The tax to GDP ratio is significantly higher in Denmark and is responsible for generating most of the government revenues. The country uses a mix of progressive and proportional taxes with high tax rates levied on personal income and luxury consumption. Since taxation is the main source of revenue for the funds, government spending is higher on the welfare measures of the citizens.  The income redistribution mechanism is also above par as compared to other countries with minimal differences in wages. An effective tax system has enabled the country to manage its resources profitably and enjoy the status of the welfare state. The taxation system has enabled the government to maintain a stable currency by having sufficient reserves. Since the country is an open economy with reliance on trades, it further strengthens and maintains its balance of payments surplus and enjoys a stable standard of living.

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Tax Dissertation Ideas For A Flawless Dissertation

People who directly want to utilize topics can use the above stated Master thesis topics in taxation. But many prefer ideas over topics as they can easily customize them according to their will and need. This is the reason why our subject specialist professional writers have also prepared a list of some of the best tax dissertation ideas that you can use to formulate tax dissertation topics.

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View different varieties of dissertation topics and samples on multiple subjects for every educational level

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master thesis topics in taxation

Home » Blog » Dissertation » Topics » Accounting » Tax Accounting » 99 Tax Accounting Dissertation Topics & Research Titles

master thesis topics in taxation

99 Tax Accounting Dissertation Topics & Research Titles

By Adam Jul 27, 2023 in Accounting , Tax Accounting | No Comments

If you find yourself in search of captivating dissertation topics in tax accounting, rest assured that your journey has led you to the perfect destination. With research topics in tax accounting suitable for every academic level, let us embark on this scholarly journey together, and unveil the boundless potential of your research endeavors in the […]

tax accounting dissertation topics

If you find yourself in search of captivating dissertation topics in tax accounting, rest assured that your journey has led you to the perfect destination. With research topics in tax accounting suitable for every academic level, let us embark on this scholarly journey together, and unveil the boundless potential of your research endeavors in the dynamic domain of tax accounting.

Tax accounting , a vital pillar of the accounting discipline, delves into the intricate world of tax laws, regulations, and strategies that govern financial transactions. As a student at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level, the realm of tax accounting offers a plethora of intriguing research avenues awaiting your exploration.

In this post, we present a comprehensive list of thought-provoking dissertation topics in tax accounting. Whether you seek to analyze the impact of tax policies, delve into tax planning practices, explore the complexities of international taxation, or address ethical considerations, our list endeavours to ignite your academic curiosity and pave the way for scholarly excellence. Each topic is tailored to cater to every academic level, inspiring you to embark on this scholarly journey with confidence and passion.

Download Tax Accounting Dissertation Sample

List of Tax Accounting Dissertation Topics

Taxation and economic growth: causality and policy implications.

Integrating tax accounting and management accounting for enhanced organizational performance.

Evaluating the effect of tax policy on real estate investment.

Taxation of intellectual property: policy challenges and solutions.

Tax implications of government support schemes during the pandemic: a case study of small and medium enterprises.

Evaluating the effectiveness of anti-avoidance measures in UK tax law.

Evaluating the impact of carbon taxation on greenhouse gas emissions.

Taxation of the sharing economy: challenges and policy responses.

The role of tax incentives in encouraging innovation and research investments.

Taxation of digital economy companies: a comparative analysis.

A comparative study of taxation in the oil and gas industry: UK vs. Middle Eastern countries.

A comparative analysis of tax compliance and reporting challenges for multinational corporations during and after the pandemic.

Analyzing the effect of digital taxation on e-commerce companies in the UK.

The influence of taxation on foreign direct investment in the technology sector: a comparative analysis.

Tax evasion in the UK: a case study of high-profile tax avoidance schemes.

A comparative study of vat policies in different countries.

The impact of covid-19 on international taxation: addressing double taxation and tax treaty implications.

Evaluating the effect of tax policy on business relocation decisions.

Evaluating the effectiveness of tax relief for creative industries and cultural events.

The impact of corporate tax rates on profit repatriation: a comparative analysis.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on charitable giving behaviour.

The impact of corporate taxation on executive compensation: a comparative analysis.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on green building investments.

The impact of capital gains tax on investment decisions.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on private equity investment.

Taxation of cryptocurrency transactions: a comparative study of UK and Asian countries.

Evaluating the impact of capital gains tax on investment decisions in the UK real estate market.

The impact of taxation on foreign direct investment in emerging markets: a comparative study.

Evaluating the effect of tax policy on foreign investment in emerging economies.

Tax planning strategies in corporate finance : a comparative analysis of tax efficiency and financial performance.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on foreign direct investment in the renewable energy sector.

Evaluating the effect of tax incentives on foreign direct investment in the UK.

A review of tax avoidance and tax evasion practices: a comparative study of UK and European companies.

Evaluating the impact of tax policy changes on foreign investment in developing countries.

A comparative study of corporate taxation in the UK and European Union.

Taxation of the gig economy: challenges and policy implications.

Taxation of remote workers and cross-border telecommuting: policy implications after covid-19.

Tax compliance and reporting practices of multinational corporations: a case study.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on innovation and startups in the UK.

Taxation and corporate social responsibility: ethical considerations.

Taxation of employee stock options: a case study of tech companies in the UK.

Taxation of virtual currencies: regulatory challenges and potential solutions.

Evaluating the effectiveness of tax policy in reducing income inequality in the UK.

The influence of taxation on entrepreneurial activity: a cross-country analysis.

Taxation of employee stock options: policy implications for companies and employees.

Evaluating the impact of tax policy on startups and small businesses in the UK.

Tax planning strategies for businesses in the post-pandemic era: navigating uncertainties and opportunities.

Taxation of virtual workers: policy implications for remote workforce management.

Taxation of cryptocurrencies: challenges and regulatory implications.

Taxation of digital goods and services: a case study of software sales in the UK.

Taxation and economic growth: a comparative study of low and high-tax countries.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on electric vehicle adoption: a comparative study.

The influence of taxation on cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

The influence of taxation on business investment decisions: a comparative analysis.

Taxation of digital services: challenges for global tax systems.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on renewable energy investments in the UK.

The role of hm revenue & Customs in tackling tax evasion and fraud: a review.

A comparative analysis of tax treaties and their influence on international business transactions.

Taxation of remote workers: challenges and policy solutions.

Taxation of intellectual property: a comparative analysis of the UK and US regulations.

The role of tax professionals in ensuring ethical tax practices: a case study approach.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on corporate green initiatives: a comparative study.

A comparative study of tax avoidance practices in different industries.

The role of transfer pricing in tax optimization: a case study of major UK-based multinationals.

Taxation and social inequality: a cross-country analysis.

The influence of taxation on multinational corporations’ capital structure: a comparative analysis.

Taxation of e-commerce transactions: a case study of online retailers in the UK.

Analyzing the effect of tax policy changes on UK startups and small businesses.

Analyzing the effect of tax policy changes on corporate investment decisions.

Evaluating the impact of tax policy on consumer behaviour and consumption patterns.

Digital transformation in tax accounting: lessons learned from remote work and virtual transactions during covid-19.

Evaluating the effectiveness of tax relief schemes for film and tv production in the UK.

A review of value added tax (vat) regulations: a comparative study of UK and EU policies.

Tax accounting and financial reporting integration : enhancing transparency and compliance in the post-beps era.

Evaluating the impact of tax policy on business relocation decisions in the UK.

Analyzing the effect of tax policy on charitable giving behaviour in the UK.

A case study of tax planning strategies for real estate investment.

Taxation of foreign investment income: a case study of UK residents with overseas assets.

A comparative analysis of the tax treatment of employee benefits in the UK and the US.

The impact of personal taxation on entrepreneurship in the UK.

Taxation of virtual events: implications for the event industry.

The impact of digital taxation on e-commerce businesses.

Taxation and environmental sustainability: policy implications for green initiatives.

A comparative study of taxation in the technology sector.

The influence of corporate tax rates on mergers and acquisitions: a comparative analysis.

The impact of capital allowances on investment in the manufacturing sector.

A case study of tax avoidance schemes in the financial sector.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on research and development investment.

The impact of tax incentives on foreign direct investment: a comparative study of UK and the US policies.

Evaluating the effectiveness of anti-avoidance measures in tax law.

The impact of covid-19 on tax policies and regulations: a comparative analysis of different countries.

A comparative analysis of taxation policies in developed and developing countries.

The influence of covid-19 on tax evasion and avoidance strategies: a case study of high-profile tax controversies.

Analyzing the impact of digital services tax on global tech companies: a case study approach.

The impact of tax incentives on research and development investment in the UK.

The role of tax incentives in stimulating economic recovery post covid-19.

A comparative study of tax compliance among multinational corporations in developed and developing countries.

Analyzing the effect of tax incentives on clean energy investments.

The influence of taxation on corporate capital structure decisions.

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174 Tax Research Topics to Write About

Are you looking for interesting tax topics for research? StudyCorgi has collected the most exciting tax research paper topics on corporate and personal income taxes, tax law, and other taxation aspects. Read on to get inspired!

🏆 Best Tax Research Topics

🔎 easy tax research paper topics, 👍 good tax topics for research paper, 🌶️ hot tax topics for presentation, 🎓 most interesting tax topics to write about, 💡 simple taxes essay ideas, ❓ tax research questions.

  • Effect of Soda and Plastic Bag Tax Policies
  • Tax Reform as a Solution of Economic Problems
  • Combating Recessions with Spending Hikes Rather Than Tax Cuts
  • The Pink Tax: Inequality Should Be Outlawed
  • Amazon Inc.’s Consolidation Process and Tax Benefits
  • State vs. Federal Taxes: Which Must Be Abolished
  • High Taxes’ Benefits for Education and Healthcare
  • Fair Trade: Japan – Taxes on Alcoholic Beverages The WTO indicted Japan for what it described as a violation of the internal taxation and regulations as stipulated in the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade 1994.
  • McDonald’s Company: The Flawed Fast Food Tax McDonalds is one of the world’s leading fast food restaurants serving more than 57 million customers daily with branches all over the major cities.
  • The Value Added Tax in the United Kingdom In the United Kingdom, value added tax is the main source of the government revenue. The value added tax finances the largest fraction of the government spending.
  • Human Resource Management at Vigo County Tax and Municipal Services Office Compensation and benefits administration should be considered by the HRM in Vigo County Tax & Municipal Services Office, as the information clerks are not motivated enough.
  • Collaboration Agreement: A Partnership for Tax Purposes A collaboration agreement between A Corporation and B Corporation is a partnership for tax purposes under the current regulations.
  • Tax Research Memo and Calculations This paper can confidently say that since the financial institution bought this annuity from Barry at a discount, the proceeds they would get from this annuity until maturity.
  • Carbon Tax Role in Enhancing Environmental Sustainability Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and engaging in activities aimed at protecting nature. Emphasis is placed on preserving the earth’s capability to support life.
  • How Taxes Affect Deadweight Loss? Deadweight loss is the loss in social surplus that occurs when a market produces an inefficient quantity. Deadweight loss appears in case demand and supply are unbalanced.
  • Oil and Energy Companies in the US: The Windfall Profits Tax Although a windfall gains tax would not alter the demand for oil, it may make it more difficult for companies to recoup the costs of new production.
  • Tax Research: A Like-Kind Exchange According to US tax law, a like-kind exchange is a single transaction that permits the sale of one asset and the purchase of a different replacement asset.
  • Tax Reforms From a Judeo-Christian Perspective Tax is a primary method used by most governmental organizations to collect revenue. Tax cuts are the depletion and changes made to taxes paid by citizens, saving taxpayers money.
  • The Regressive Tax System in Texas Texas’s regressive tax system is unfair to low-income earners as it heavily taxes them compared to high-income earners.
  • Tax Policy on Cryptocurrencies Despite the viability of cryptocurrency for future business stability, the tax policy imposed on it will continue to hinder its vast adoption in the market.
  • A Black Tax Phenomenon: Economic and Social Perspectives A black tax is a phenomenon that makes Black society feel uncomfortable living. Examining the black tax from an economic and social perspective is essential.
  • Implementation of Environmental Tax and Related Economic Instruments It is disadvantageous for the government to control the road, making the people pay double toll fees such as those involved in the construction and maintenance.
  • Tax Issues Relating to Multinational Corporations in America The paper examines tax issues related to multinational partnerships in America provides an analysis of the facts and applicable tax laws and how they affect the activities.
  • Gasoline Consumption and Tax Effects Consumers respond to gasoline tax increases like changes in gasoline prices, which usually result in a reduction in gasoline consumption.
  • Setup of Minimum or Base Federal Tax Rate The paper considers the possibility of creating a minimum or base federal tax rate for all taxpayers, and illustrates the approach for different income levels.
  • 1031 Exchanges in the New Tax Environment Investors and business people have the opportunity to benefit from the deferred taxation of exchange by section 1031 of the tax code during transactions.
  • The Best Tax System in Personal Opinion Taxation primarily imposes mandatory levies on entities and individuals through countries’ governments globally.
  • Tax Inequality in America While the American tax model is intended to remain progressive, little gains have been recorded so far since the level of tax inequality has remained the same over the years.
  • Landline Service Taxes and Impact on Markets Governments have imposed high tax rates on landline usage. The essay discusses why landlines are heavily taxed and their impact on the markets.
  • Earmarking Taxes for Improving the Health Sector This paper aims to examine policies regarding earmarking taxes on luxury goods, such as oil and tobacco, in favor of healthcare improvements.
  • Aspects of Obama’s Tax Reforms This essay discusses the taxation policies proposed during the Obamas administration, their implementation, and an evaluation of the policies’ achievements.
  • Cutting Taxes, Increasing Tax Revenue, and Fiscal Policy This annotated bibliography reviews three articles devoted to three different topics: cutting taxes, increasing tax revenue, and fiscal policy.
  • Raising Taxes: Is It Really Necessary? An increase in taxes on the number of individuals is not a compulsory measure but only one of the options for solving the country’s financial problems.
  • Tax Use and Budget Financial Plan of New York City The cost of living is equally high, with dirty subways, underfunding public schools, and high numbers of homeless people, beating the logic of such high taxes.
  • Tax Law Reforms and Individual Tax Burden Two tax reforms that were discussed in the podcast by AICPA are the reduction in corporate tax rates and qualified business income deductions.
  • Taxes Analysis in the State of Arizona Arizona’s state income tax is 2% of an individual income based on the payroll statement, while Arizona’s sales tax is 8.6% of the total amount of goods purchased.
  • Tax Research Problem Parent Corporation The parent corporation must raise its ownership to eighty percent for it to qualify for the non-recognition requirement before the full liquidation of the subsidiary corporation.
  • Aspects of Corporation Tax The paper discusses taxes. They normally decrease the amount of wage the employees take home. In most situations the taxation effects are evident.
  • Source Income and Foreign Tax Credits All passive incomes are taxed at a flat rate of 30 percent and neither deductions nor exemptions are allowed on the income.
  • The Role of Tax System, Tax Reform in Hong Kong The major revenue for Hong Kong has been extremely volatile with the amounts approximated to the nearest billion.
  • Tax Model in Hong Kong Tax Reform The Hong Kong tax system provides practical evidence for developed country`s tax legislation. Hong Kong does not impose a tax on the general income tax nor does its taxation rates.
  • Systems of Hong Kong Tax Reform The purpose of taxation can be summarized as very straightforward and understandable, for a good performance of a state.
  • International Tax Treaties for Multinational Firms Companies engage in business to make profits after which they either reinvest back into the company to expand the company.
  • Contemporary Taxation Issue: Green Tax System The paper debates the objectives of environmental taxes, assesses the arguments on a green tax shift, and examines the approach the UK has adopted in the past two decades.
  • Obamacare’s Impacts on Taxes The Obamacare insurance scheme is meant to ensure that even the low-income families in the United States of America can secure a health insurance plan.
  • Proposed Tax on Sugary Beverages A recent debate concerning the proposal of Tax on Sugary Beverages has created a huge controversy and divided opinion.
  • Is the United States Earned Income Tax Credit Fair? The United States Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) refers to a government initiative that aims to improve the financial stability of citizens by giving tax refunds to citizens.
  • Tax Research Problem of Selling Rare Coins According to the definition advanced by IRC, capital assets include assets that are held by the taxpayer either for personal or business use.
  • S-Corporations and C-Corporations Transition and Taxes After transiting from a C-corp to an S-corp the S-corp might find itself in tax consequences from earning and also profits that have accumulated from the time of regular taxation.
  • Cigarette Tax Policy and Health Care The purpose of this paper is to discuss the health and financial effects of a proposed policy to increase the excise tax on cigarettes.
  • Tax Information Exchange Agreements and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties in Kenya The periods in which countries tried to make cash from hosting politically depicted persons, shell banks, or known terrorists’ cash and no questions asked are gone.
  • Tax Issues Affecting Non-US Citizens The purpose of the research paper will be to look at taxation issues that affect non-US citizens in the country.
  • Tax Research Problem: Determination of Taxable Income This document examines the facts, issues, and authorities involved in determining taxable income in situations where property improvements are being made.
  • Multijurisdictional Tax Planning Multijurisdictional tax planning has become an integral part of all financial matters in the trading industry.
  • Tax Research Problem of Espionage Fees Mr. Towers is liable for failing to pay tax for the one million he withdrew from the account provided by the Soviet Union.
  • Tax Planning for Executive Compensation The efficiency of executive compensation for shareholders is something that boards of directors and companies strive to achieve by maximizing their tax deductibility.
  • The Sources of Tax Revenue in the US From an economic perspective, taxes fall on the one who caters to their burden, be it an establishment such as a business or consumers of manufactured goods.
  • Towards a Successful Personal Income Tax System in Hong Kong It is the purpose of this paper to critically evaluate how a successful personal income tax system can be implemented in Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong’s Tax System Any country will adopt a particular tax system as a way of solving most of the social and economic problems faced by the nation.
  • Personal Income Tax in Hong Kong and China This paper assesses the salary taxes in Hong Kong in relation to those in the US giving a close analysis to the willingness of the respective citizens to pay up for the taxes.
  • Tax System for Decrease of Cigarette Consumption This paper seeks to determine the effectiveness of the taxation system in controlling cigarette consumption behaviors through an economic analysis.
  • The US Estate Tax Reform The controversy around the estate tax reflects the conflict between individual property rights and democratic notions of equality.
  • Tax Forecasting for the Republic of Vardar This paper seeks to revise a tax collection in the Republic of Vadar, make recommendations and build the forecast.
  • CPA Firm: Outsourcing the Basic Tax Revenues Outsourcing the company using basic tax returns affects the effectiveness and efficiency of the company, since the prices of services raise and increase income and investments.
  • Tax Cuts and the Economy Even though tax cut draws a lot of arguments for and against them, the tax cut could be really influential in the recovery process of the economy.
  • Walmart Organizational Specifications: Increasing Taxes and Lack of Proper Treatment for Employees The essay describes the organizational problems of Walmart company, such as increased taxes on the products and firing the employees without any pension.
  • Political Science: Tax Cuts in America: Are They Good? Americans argue about the increases in taxes. Some believe that tax cuts to all income brackets help to stimulate economic growth.
  • Income Tax versus National Sales Tax The question of the best kind of taxation system favorable for use has raised great concerns to many people and governments.
  • US Tax System: Deferred Compensation Definition The concept of deferred compensation is an essential maneuver in order to alter the tax value. Despite the ongoing theoretical synthesis of various aspects of taxation, there is no specific concept.
  • Sugary Drink Tax as a Public Health Policy This paper concentrates on the initial stage of the initiation of the tax on sugary drinks and the part played by a nursing professional in the process.
  • Tax Reform: Corporate Tax Reduction and Its Consequences The paper is aimed to discuss the reduction of corporate tax, and the role of the state in corporate relations.
  • Fiscal Policy: Federal Investment and Taxes The main instruments of fiscal policy are the revenues and expenditures of the state budget, which are taxes and government spending.
  • Tax Benefits and Social Security Welfare economics lays significance on how the health of citizens contributes to economic growth and development.
  • “Alberta Should Tax Its Way Out of the Hole” by Lamphier Lamphier’s “Alberta Should Tax its Way out of the Hole” offers suggestions on how to deal with the Canadian province of Alberta’s revenue deficit.
  • The US Highway Trust Fund and Federal Fuel Tax The current paper provides an overview of the US Highway Trust Fund’s existing issues and identifies several solutions that may address the problem.
  • Tax Incentives Functions and Application The paper discusses probable approaches for the application and utilization of the tax incentives to enhance the social and economic condition of the community.
  • Tax Incentives and Their Benefits to Communities Tax cuts are useful in obtaining social, monetary, and aesthetic ends that benefit the community: change the way businesses and citizens do business.
  • Softron Tax Company’s Segmentation Issues The main issue identified for Softron Tax is low awareness and the need to establish a strong customer base in Ottawa; the issue is directly associated with segmentation.
  • Economics: Carbon Tax vs. Cap-and-Trade System The carbon tax discourages the usage of environmentally hazardous vehicles. Cap-and-trade system involves a smooth transition from one type of energy production to another.
  • Carbon Tax and Cap-and-Trade System The problem of carbon emission into the atmosphere is highly associated with the greenhouse effect that has become a paradox in the world’s environmental economics.
  • Taxes in Australian Gambling Industry The increase in taxes in the gambling industry in Australia cannot directly respond to the problem of gambling costs as well as to many social and moral issues.
  • Australian Tax Office’s Transformation Program The Australian Tax Office initiated a 10-year transformation program that was aimed at overhauling its IT platform to enhance its ability to serve its clientele in the year 2000.
  • Accofirm Bookkeeping and Tax Compliance Services This report focuses on how the company to be established will help small and medium-sized firms tackle issues from bookkeeping, financial management, auditing, and tax compliance.
  • Fat Taxes in the US The paper defends the position that the levies are a practical means through which cases of obesity can be significantly reduced in countries such as America.
  • Inflation and Capital Gains Taxes in a Small Open Economy
  • International Experiences With Securities Transaction Taxes
  • Income Taxes and Dividend Policy
  • Corporate Taxes, Strategic Default, and the Cost of Debt
  • Debt Policy, Corporate Taxes, and Discount Rates
  • Culture and Taxes: Towards Identifying Tax Competition
  • Direct and Indirect Taxes in India
  • Integrating Business and Personal Income Taxes
  • Interdependent Behavior and the Effect of Taxes
  • Europe`S New Border Taxes
  • Effective Property Taxes and Tax Capitalization
  • Corporate Leverage and Taxes in the U.S. Economy
  • Flat Taxes and Effective Tax Planning
  • Demography and the Composition of Taxes: Evidence From International Panel Data
  • Economic Development: Raising Revenues Without Increasing Taxes
  • Disability, Taxes, Transfers, and the Economic Well-being of Women
  • Energy Taxes and Aggregate Economic Activity
  • Federal Taxes Are Used to Fund the Government
  • Customs Unions and Domestic Taxes
  • Environmental Taxes and Industry Monopolization
  • Deferred Taxes, Earnings Management, and Corporate Governance: Malaysian Evidence
  • Inflation, Taxes, and the Durability of Capital
  • Estate Taxes, Consumption Externalities, and Altruism
  • Labor Taxes, Productivity and Tax Competition
  • Company Dividends and Taxes in the UK
  • Inflation, Taxes, and Interest Rates
  • Income Taxes and Urban Spatial Structure
  • Domestic Taxes and the External Debt Laffer Curve
  • Interest Rates, Income Taxes, and Anticipated Inflation
  • Income Taxes and the Composition of Pay
  • Insurance and Corrective Taxes in the Health Care Market
  • Business Cycles With Distorting Taxes and Disaggregated Capital Markets
  • Liquidity, Taxes, and Short-term Treasury Yields
  • Inflation, Taxes, and the Composition of Business Investment
  • Comparing Progressive and Regressive Taxes
  • Deferred Taxes and Bond Ratings: A Canadian Case
  • Fiscal Federalism and Optimal Income Taxes
  • Interest Rates, Taxes, and Corporate Financial Policies
  • Fiscal Competition Over Taxes and Public Inputs
  • Inflation, Income Taxes, and Owner-occupied Housing
  • Aging, Taxes, and Pensions in Switzerland
  • Income Taxes, Sorting, and the Costs of Housing
  • House Prices and Local Taxes in the UK
  • Environmental Taxes and the Double Dividend
  • Government Deficits, Distortionary Taxes, and the Current Account
  • Estate and Gift Taxes and Incentives for Inter Vivos Giving in the US
  • Globalization and the Mix of Wage and Profit Taxes
  • Income Taxes and Entrepreneur’ Use of Labor
  • Energy Taxes and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Australia
  • Fiscal Federalism Spending and Taxes
  • Capital Income Taxes and the Benefit of Price Stability
  • Financial Activities Taxes, Bank Levies and Systemic Risk
  • Corporate Taxes, Leverage, and Business Cycles
  • Government Spending, Taxes, and Economic Growth
  • Government Revenue Sources Are Taxes and Borrowing Money
  • Contribution Ceilings and the Incidence of Payroll Taxes
  • Income Taxes, Property Values, and Migration
  • Deferred Taxes and Cost of Debt: Evidence From Japan
  • Inflation, Taxes, and the Public Debt
  • Marginal Taxes and the Asset Portfolios of Swedish Households
  • Have State and Local Taxes Contributed to the South’s Economic Rise?
  • Are Progressive Income Taxes Stabilizing?
  • Should Rich People Pay More Taxes Than Poor People?
  • Are Consumption Taxes Really Better Than Income Taxes?
  • How Different Are Income and Consumption Taxes?
  • Would Cutting Payroll Taxes on the Unskilled Have a Significant Effect on Unemployment?
  • Can Capital Income Taxes Survive in Open Economies?
  • Are Canadian Provincial Tax Systems Becoming More Regressive?
  • Why Didn’t the Tax Reform Act of 1986 Raise Corporate Taxes?
  • Can Fat Taxes and Package Size Restrictions Stimulate Healthy Food Choices?
  • Are High Taxes Restricting Indiana’s Growth?
  • How Effective Are Emissions Taxes in an Open Economy?
  • Can Green Car Taxes Restore Efficiency?
  • Are Corporate Tax Burdens Racing to the Bottom in the European Union?
  • Can Increasing Taxes Reduce the Budget Deficit?
  • Should the Government Increase Taxes for Companies That Are Heavy Polluters?
  • Are Corporate Tax Reductions Real Benefits Under Imputation Systems?
  • How Does State Ownership Affect Optimal Export Taxes?
  • Can Taxes Stabilize the Economy in the Presence of Consumption Externalities?
  • Are Current Tax and Spending Regimes Sustainable in Developing Asia?
  • Does Business Development Raise Taxes?
  • What Advantages Might Indirect Taxes Have Over Direct Taxes?
  • Are Family Firms More Tax Aggressive Than Non-family Firms?
  • Does Paying Taxes Improve the Quality of Governance?
  • Are Local Tax Rates Strategic Complements or Strategic Substitutes?
  • What Are the Major Arguments for and Against Cutting Taxes?
  • Did Tax Policies Mitigate US Business Cycles?
  • Are Multinational Corporate Tax Rules as Important as Tax Rates?
  • Why Should Property Taxes Be Lowered for Farmers?
  • Does Culture Influence Tax Morale?

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master thesis topics in taxation

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master thesis topics in taxation

Taxation is the process of imposing levies on citizens in return for government services. Taxation is crucial for a country's success. Estonia has the best tax policy among OECD countries. Taxation is a key component of the national economy and contemporary research is needed. Thus, students must look for appealing and meaningful taxation dissertation topics for their dissertation modules.

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List of latest research topics in taxation 2024, best taxation research topics 2024, prime thesis topics in taxation, importance of taxation in building an economy of a country .

Understanding the importance of taxation is vital for the economic development of a country. Research topics for taxation can explore the impact of tax policies on economic growth, analyze tax compliance behaviour, or assess the effectiveness of tax incentives in fostering a robust and sustainable economy.

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257 Interesting Tax Topics to Write about & Examples

Welcome to our list of the most interesting tax topics! Here, you will find trending corporate tax research paper topics, taxes essay ideas, and bonus examples. Check them out!

🔝 Top 10 Tax Topics to Write about in 2024

🏆 best taxes topic ideas & essay examples, 👍 good essay topics on taxes, 📌 simple & easy taxes essay titles, 💡 interesting topics to write about taxes, 🔎 most interesting taxes topics to write about, ❓ tax research question, 🔥 trending tax research topics.

  • The Basics of Income Tax: Brackets and Deductions
  • The Impact of Tax Policies on Business and Investment
  • Sales Tax vs. Value-Added Tax
  • Property Taxes: Pros and Cons
  • Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Tax Evasion
  • Challenges and Opportunities of International Taxation
  • How Tax Incentives Promote Social Objectives
  • The History of Taxation
  • Equity and Efficiency in Taxation
  • Tax Reform Proposals and Their Implications
  • The Fat Tax Concept Therefore more research is needed to establish the estimates for the national obesity-related cost, and the benefits in order to settle the uncertainty of fat tax implications.
  • Australian Goods and Services Tax System The GST system provides a lot of revenue for the Australian government due to the fact that most of the goods normally consumed in the due course of everyday life have to be charged GST.
  • American Tendency of Rising Taxes Although the above points call for reduction of taxes for the benefit of consumers and investors, some scholars believe that low taxes are not beneficial to the economy.
  • Environmental Management: Green Taxes The most common environmental tax is connected with the task of ensuring that these polluters are fined appropriately for their harmful emissions to the atmosphere.
  • How tax cuts help revive the economy The most important thing in a tax cut process is to ensure that there are mechanisms in the economy that can “repay” the amount of taxes lost.
  • Budgeting in USA: Property Tax Property tax began being levied on the property itself and not on the occupancy of the property owner. The tax is levied on a certain tax rate of the given value of the property.
  • The Significance of Lower Taxes to the average Canadian Citizen However, the immediate effects of lower taxes are a decrease in the actual income of the government and an increase in the actual income of the ordinary citizens whose taxation rates have been reduced.
  • Fair Tax and Laffer Curve The disadvantage of the Laffer curve shows that the increase in the tax rates will become too unbearable to the paying individuals and business people.
  • Tax efficient financial planning Taxes are inevitable, and since their impacts on our clients, investment, and income are adverse, our company should create awareness on the various vehicles one can use to reduce taxation.
  • Relationship Between Budget Deficits and Tax Cutting Tax cuts impact the economy by reducing the real income of the government while increasing the real income of the taxpayers.
  • Welfare Expenditure Reduction: Obama’s Federal Worker “Tax” Within the plan, the federal government is asking federal employees to more than double their contributions towards their pensions, by about 1.8%.
  • Government spending and tax legislation signed by the president This is mainly because most of its expenses go to defense. This will influence change in fiscal policy as more revenue is received.
  • The Internal Revenue Service Uncovers Tax Fraud with a Data Warehouse However, it was not easy to query and analyze data, especially from flat files, and that is why the IRS together with the group decided to implement the CDW, which allows flexible queries in the […]
  • The Issue of Huge Taxes Increased taxes are perceived to be detrimental to the growth of economy in the sense that, increased taxes on income discourage majority of people from working, more so due to the fact that, they work […]
  • U.S. Corporate Tax Havens But it can be argued that many multinational corporations have found a way to reduce the amount of taxes they are supposed to pay the government through the use of tax havens.
  • We Should Use Tax Money to Enforce Mandatory Drug Treatments on Drug In sum, it is agreeable that the significance of using tax payers’ money to fund the mandatory treatment of drug addicts is a necessary and worthy course.
  • The raise of Taxes at the United States When there is an increase in the rate of income tax, the effect will be that the post-tax income of individuals will reduce.
  • The Evaluation of Tax Reform Strategies in the United States On the other hand “the average state and local tax rate for residents in the middle 20 percent of the income spectrum is higher at 9.
  • The Debate About Tax Cuts Therefore, understanding the pros and cons of the tax-cut arguments shows that state and local taxes have a small burden on the businesses and are unlikely to affect their operating costs.
  • Tax Avoidance Legal and Illegal Ways Tax avoidance is a serious threat to the ability of tax system to adhere to code of ethics in democratic nations.
  • Tax Evasion in Egypt A gauge of the degree of tax evasion is the quantity of the unreported revenue, which denotes the variation between the quantity of revenue that ought to be accounted in the tax systems and the […]
  • Economic Effects of Tax Reform The objectives of this study were; To investigate the effects of tax reforms on the economic growth and development of a county To investigate the best tax systems that support the growth and development of […]
  • Effect of tax on Vietnamese hangers The effects of the duty have already been felt in the U.S.and other parts of the world. To begin with, the duty imposed on the hangers forced the wholesale prices of the hangers to rise.
  • Roles of Property Tax It will also highlight the roles that can be attributed to the property tax in encouraging the foreign investors to invest in the nation.
  • Legal and Illegal Tax Shelters In this arrangement the shareholders are recompensed in two ways; the first one is the almost immediate tax savings while the other one is the probable huge returns in the case that the firm discovers […]
  • Fraudulent Accounting and Tax Evasion As a result it is still difficult to observe whether the act has made trade in the securities markets more profitable.
  • Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse Changes in the government policies are the driving force behind the society’s change in the volume, composition and location of their income.
  • Self Managed Super Fund: Superannuation and Tax Superannuation is a project or rather a system that is used in Australia with the aim of securing the old people and their plans in terms of investments.
  • Exempted From Paying Taxes: International Students Who Are Not Working According to Dwyer, 2009, international students refer to those individuals who are seeking education in other countries and they will stay in that country for the period they will be studying.
  • Fixing Illinois’ Taxation Mess The proposed tax hike was a reaction to the problem of budget deficit that threatened to derail the state of Illinois.
  • The Mineral Resource Rent Tax in Australia This essay will look into the effect of Mineral Resources Rent Tax on the accounting policies of the affected mining industry prior to the introduction of the tax and after the introduction of this tax.
  • Carbon Tax Advantages and Disadvantages in Australia Reduction of the effects of global warming The levying of tax on the amount of carbon dioxide produced is an important step towards the reduction of the effects of global warming.
  • Australian Taxation: Minerals Resource Rent Tax As a result, the prime undertaking of the kingdom of Australia is to get a hold of transfer tax scheme that look forward to and has the aptitude of acting in response to these prospects.
  • Inflation Tax – Printing More Money to Cover the War Expenses The subsequent encroachment of inflation diminishes the value of money hence even if people had more money, the value of their cash was meaningless, a phenomenon similar to tax collection, which reduces the total amount […]
  • State Management of Taxes and Policies This is in the attempt to institute efficient tax systems. The tax system in the majority of the developing countries is lopsided.
  • Putting Out the Fires: Will Higher Taxes Reduce the Onset of Youth Smoking? According to the article under consideration, increase in price of cigarettes can positively or negatively affect the rate of smoking among the youth.
  • Income Taxation in Canada Simplicity: In terms of simplicity, Canadians believe that the progressive tax structure is simpler as compared to the flat tax structure.
  • Carbon Taxes in Environmental Protection In addition, application of the strategy extends to the use of fuels and the amount of carbon emitted in the process of production.
  • Tax Cuts in Keynesian Economics Manipulating government’s spending leads to change in position of the aggregate demand because the government forms part of the aggregate demand.
  • Taxes, Capitalism, and Democracy: Karl Marx VS Plato The claims in the media belong to the camp of freedom and community. Marx argued that taxation is one of the reasons that will force workers to challenge the elites in society.
  • Bush Tax Cuts Debate Calls to end the federal tax cuts are majorly spearheaded by the democrats because they are of the opinion that the tax cuts majorly favor the rich and consequently lead to the growth of the […]
  • Impacts of the Implementation of Australia’s “Carbon Tax” The focus of this paper is on the examination of the Australia’s Carbon Tax and its impacts on the strategies of firms within the country.
  • Using Taxes to Address Traffic Safety Problems in Oman If this form of tax is properly applied it can generate money for the government which can be used to address traffic problems and eventually reduce the number of accidents in the country.
  • Mineral Resource Rent Tax Policy According to Golob, the MRRT policy was expected to expand the coverage of the present Petroleum Resource Rent Tax; in such a way that as from 2012 1st July the proposed tax policy would be […]
  • Best Tax Preparation Office in Tampa, Florida For example, the studies showed that the success of a given firm is determined by how well the management aligns the positive attributes of the firm to the factors significant in that industry.
  • Tax Equity in Countries Economy Therefore, a tax bracket should be created to cushion the poor from high income taxes. This is because the poor will be forced to spend a large portion of their pay on taxes.
  • Effectiveness of Carbon Tax in Environmental Sustainability This research will seek to achieve the following objectives: To investigate the extent to which assessing the social cost of carbon is valuable in enhancing environmental sustainability To find out the effectiveness of assessing carbon […]
  • Organizational Change Project “Fat Tax” in Denmark Analyzing the effects of the reform in the context of a specific organization and taking a closer look at the changes that the Fat Tax has inflicted on it, one can possibly decide whether the […]
  • Tax Law Sources: Substantial Authority and Courts This essay explores the primary and secondary sources of tax law, substantial authority and the roles of the courts and internal revenue service in interpreting and applying the sources of tax law.
  • Property Taxes for Owners of Habitat for Humanity Houses The second argument for establishing a tax break for the owners of the Habitat for Humanity houses is the patent unfairness of the current system of determining the tax rate for this category of property […]
  • Property Tax Role in a Developing Country In the light of this view, this paper discusses the role of property tax to in helping a developing nation to attain the goals of encouraging capital formation, increase the rates of savings of its […]
  • Taxes Effects on Goods and Services On the other hand, if the elasticity of demand is higher than the elasticity of supply for a given commodity, suppliers will have to bear the burden of the tax alone or pay the higher […]
  • Hollywood Taxes for the Film Industry The article “Hollywood Asks California to cut Taxes for the Film Industry” discusses a petition launched by Film Works aimed at convincing the state of California to implement tax cuts for the film industry.
  • Taxes and Education: A Cooperation That Went Awry By means of comparison, logical evaluations, social references, and a number of jeers in the text, the author chooses a kind of angry tone of writing to prove how irrational and unfair the attitude of […]
  • University Students Should Not Pay Tax The government stepped in and tried to even out the disparities in university education that are as a direct result of income differences between students.
  • Need of Tax Cuts However, in the long term, a tax cut is speculated to have macro-economic benefits if the taxpayers use the supplementary income they get wisely, and at the same time, the governments adjust well to its […]
  • VAT Versus Flat Tax Versus More Progressive Tax On the other hand, progressive tax is the form of tax where tax rate varies with income. In this case, the VAT tax may reduce the level of aggregate demand in the country.
  • Increasing Sin Tax for Increasing Costs of Medical Care Should The United States Federal Government increase “sin taxes” on alcohol and tobacco to help pay for the increasing costs of medical care?
  • Federal Tax Law: Implications of Replacement The integration of the federal tax rate would improve the government’s capacity to ensure equity in the administration of the tax law. Replacing the federal income tax rate would contribute to considerable promotion in the […]
  • Liberty Tax Services Company Analysis This essay describes an interview conducted to establish the reasons why the management of this company decided to ignore all norms and jokingly use phrases that seem to belittle the quality of services offered by […]
  • Tax Shelter and Offshore: Control and Investment From this point, the long-term investment can be discussed as the effective tax shelter method to reduce the taxable income and tax payments.
  • The Strategy of Toyota and H & R Tax Service As such, the key to success as well as prolonged existence in the market calls for the organizations to establish a tradition that ensures the development of modern initiatives, training and the application of new […]
  • Taxes on Alcohol and Cigarettes as a Healthcare Costs According to the Senate Committee mandated to oversee the department of finance, the cost of managing diseases related to liquor and cigarettes in the next ten years will be over $1.
  • The “Waist Banned” Article – Taxes on Junk Food On the other hand, the article describes the possibility of a failure in the projected effects of taxation on junk foods because of the likelihood of junk food addicts to forego expenditures of important foods […]
  • Effects of Taxes and Economic Incentives on Business In spite of the wide array of these elements, analysts argue that taxes play the most critical role in influencing the location choices. In this paper, the author will assess the impacts of taxes and […]
  • UAE Tax Policy Analysis Put back on the blue hat and make recommendations
  • Drug Legalization: Increased Taxes v Health Issues A brief analysis of the problem shows that legalisation of drugs is an efficient and even necessary measure to address the problem.
  • Value-Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates The discovering of the oil sources transformed the UAE to the economically powerful country; however, the other side of the problem is that oil and gas made the UAE dependent from the sources and can […]
  • American Estate Tax, Laws and Ways of Minimization The fair market value of the estate is adjusted with the amount of related allowable deductions to obtain the value of the net value of the Estate.
  • US Corporate Taxes Improvement and Alternatives The repatriation process will also increase the total US income; since many companies will relocate, back home and their tax revenues will benefit the country.
  • Personal Income Tax: Arguments For and Against In addition, there is a liability to a personal income tax and the responsible tax paying entity must compute, file and pay tax as per the rules of the state.
  • Tax Lien as a Car Purchasing Hindrance In case one is buying a house or a car and the tax lien is a hindrance to the purchasing process the Taxpayer Advocate service should be contacted for immediate action to be taken towards […]
  • Legal Marijuana Market Analysis and Taxes Impact Consequently, the primary goal of this paper is to understand the impact of taxes on the financial stability of the market for legal marijuana with the help of the law of supply and demand and […]
  • Corporate Tax Rates and Project Valuation In this paper, the influence of corporate tax rates and the importance of project valuation, cash flows, and risk analysis will be discussed.
  • Tax Reform in the United States Furthermore, the adoption of the Consumption Tax as the foundation for the current fiscal system will encourage the residents of the United States to change their buying behavior.
  • Republican Tax Rewrite: Helps Some, Hurts Others The purpose of the piece is to explore the consequences of the recent tax rewrite, pushed by the Republicans. An excellent alternative to the government’s actions, in this case, would be to involve the public, […]
  • Repealing Soda Tax: Pros and Cons The article titled “Chicago’s Soda Tax is Repealed,” published by The Economist on October 13th, 2017, celebrates the repeal of the infamous soda tax, which received large amounts of criticism from both the soft drink […]
  • The Importance of Tax in Our Life A critical view of the tax reveals that its intention was not to boost health outcomes for the citizens of Cook County, but to help the administration in raising about $1.
  • Deferred Tax Assets and Future Payments Study The author also establishes the significance of the research question, explaining that determining the presence of a strong association between deferred taxes and future tax payments could be used to improve the current financial accounting […]
  • New Tax Reform of 2017 in the United States The paper consists of two parts: the essence of the reform and its perception by various social and political stakeholders will be summarized, and then the reform will be investigated in the context of the […]
  • Corporate Tax Assignment in the UK and the US It is noteworthy that companies-residents of countries that have established income tax treaties with the US are only subjected to taxation “only to the extent the income is attributable to a permanent establishments in the […]
  • Income Tax Breaks and Housing for the Elderly This policy was formulated in 2002 to cater to the elderly as it had been found that the majority of them suffered from fall-related injuries.
  • “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” by Matt Apuzzo In this work, some economic models will be considered in order to understand the intentions of the author of the article “Tobacco Companies Elude Tax Increase” and clear up whether the information presented is reliable […]
  • International Tax Havens and Impact on Arizona and World The study will be focusing on examining the impact of international tax havens on Arizona and the world, specifically the international financial market, which in turn has the capacity to affect the agribusiness environment, its […]
  • Federal Government’s Tax Spending: Rules and Limits The article called “Federal employees ask taxpayers to buy them personal items” posted on The Washington Examiner news portal by Sarah Westwood discusses the areas of expenditures of the federal employees and the prohibitions concerning […]
  • Swobodaville City’s Tax Revenues Most of the tax rates are imposed by either the central government or the local authority. When the income tax rates are set locally, there is a tendency for the authority to offer lower tax […]
  • Tobin Tax for the United Kingdom and United States The reason is that the commission has put it clear that the financial transaction tax will not only be implemented to financial institutions that are within the FTT region.
  • The Political Stream: New Tax on Sweetened Beverages We delegate our rights to the government, including the local government of San Francisco, so that they can perform the measures that are beneficial to us.
  • Microeconomics: Cigarette Taxes and Public Smoking Ban The problem of passive smoking will be minimized when the number of smokers decreases. It is agreeable that the meager incomes of such families will be used to purchase cigarettes.
  • Tax Policies in Sweden and Ireland The tax burden on the economy is more significant in Sweden than in Ireland, and the rules of fiscal laws are more stringent in the Scandinavian country, although its self-regulation is more advanced.
  • Sweden’s vs. Ireland’s Tax Policy In this regard, it can be expressed differently, noting that in Sweden, there is no tax on the property of individuals in its classical sense.
  • Property Taxes and Assessment System The government should consider not only the current value of the property in the area and state of the evaluated object but also the term of ownership to distribute taxes equitably.
  • Property Taxes Concepts Analysis To adjust this indicator, it is necessary to review the market value of the property regularly, which will be the main function of the group of market agents.
  • How to Tax the Digitalized Economy As such, the company has to pay fees twice, which results in a significant economic burden, increased prices to compensate for the loss and a general slowing of business growth.
  • The Provision of the Information on Tax Treatments The complexity of this framework might be confusing for people and presuppose some difficulties with the determination of various types of payments that are obliged to do.
  • Lomanno: Tax Law and Court Rulings Report The second fact is that the husband of a petitioner did not have the permission to sign her name to income tax in the years that are discussed and there was also no approval to […]
  • Internal Revenue Service in Tax Administration This is an analytical as well as empirical study with a view to exploring the deficiencies and impediments in the way of effective operation and management of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Ecology of Commerce: Green Taxes The Ecology of Commerce is a critical analysis of the way we conduct our business and our society today. This will provide incentives for businesses to produce things in an environmentally sound way, and it […]
  • Tax Authority’s Effectiveness and Implications Apply the provisions of tax treaties in a fair and consistent manner; promote the fair sharing of taxing rights in tax treaties and the development of domestic laws; not promote or facilitate tax evasion or […]
  • Carbon Tax in Norway & Denmark: Economic Analysis In the long term, carbon tax can make the use of alternative energy sources the new norm and set the standard in stone.
  • Approaches of Different Tax Systems The advantage of National sales tax is that it is not a direct tax and accordingly the taxpayers may not feel that as a cut from their income is being made directly.
  • Tax Law in Accounting Thus, it is not surprising to see that the higher the income of the individual the higher would be share in taxes. Similarly, difference in net income between financial accounting and tax accounting could be […]
  • Accounting for Sales Tax Revenue in Florida State The Florida State Department of Revenue has the responsibility of administering revenue laws of the state to its citizens as well as the laws that are related to the inspection of the books of accounts […]
  • Should Tax Laws Be Reformed to Encourage Saving? Because of the lack of honesty by taxpayers, there is always a shortfall of about 300 billion dollars compared with the amount of tax owed to the federal government.
  • President Bush’s Tax Cut Policies The impact of the tax cuts on the high-income households, the middle-income households and the low-income households have been assessed. Taylor argues that the tax cut policies of President Bush have minimized the amount of […]
  • Efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003 This paper critically examines the efficacy of the Taxes Act 2003, passed by former President Bush by cutting personal taxes and depreciation rates, in order to create more incomes and thus increase consumer spending, leading […]
  • Obama’s Tax Relief Plan Analysis The following graph outlines the proposed tax cut relief plan in detail and it would be analyzed in terms of the effect that it has had on the economy and it’s bearing on the American […]
  • The Benefits of Lowering Taxes There will be prosperity in the country and the same will motivate the people to work very hard, this will again work in the benefit of the economy. This will make a nation prosper and […]
  • Tax Money Usage on Military Spending Issue The fact that America won the Cold War and defeated the Soviets is taken as a vindication by the American leaders of the need to continue military spending.
  • Reasons Why Countries Give Credit for Taxes Paid on Foreign Source Income The objective of this paper is to describe foreign tax credit and explain the reasons why countries give a tax credit to non-citizens.
  • Border Tax Adjustment and Greenhouse Gas Emissions With regards to this, the short-term effect of the BTAs is that they will create equal competition conditions in the world market, while the long-term one is that the BTAs will contribute to the achievement […]
  • Snack Tax as an Effective Food Policy This is because the Massachusetts Food Policy Alliance abides in the contents and provisions of the Toronto Food Policy. In conclusion, I strongly believe that effective food policy can impact the abilities of governments to […]
  • Opioid Epidemic and Budget Losses in Tax Revenue The authors provide the estimates of the budget losses in tax revenue associated with opioid use disorder. The authors also claim that the investment in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse disorders can mitigate […]
  • Zero Personal Income Tax in the US Thus, the primary source of tax income for Saudi Arabia is the taxation of various types of businesses. The authors went on to theorize that the tax system in general and tax rates for both […]
  • Strategies of Tax Avoidance This paper aims to dwell upon several issues, including previously mentioned problems along with the use of the Double Irish and the Dutch Sandwich by Google, Google’s negotiation with the Internal Revenue Service, and Microsoft’s […]
  • “Why Do Developing Countries Tax So Little?” by Besley and Persson The present paper offers a response to the article by discussing the major strengths and weaknesses of the arguments provided in the article and describing the implications of the findings.
  • COVID-19 Effect on Global Tax Collections The emergence of the digital economy has caused confusion concerning how tech companies should pay their corporate taxes. The Global Tax Project of 2013 seeks to address these issues to avoid a patchwork of national […]
  • An Existing Obesity Crisis: A Sugar Tax? Tirado agrees that the problem of obesity and, particularly, the issue of excessive sugar consumption, exists but the current measures and methods do not address the root of it.
  • Pros and Cons of Regressive Tax Policy in Texas Hence, the Texas case becomes exceptionally peculiar in the context of taxation, as it appears to be a part of a broader discussion.
  • Tax Planning for Low-Income Taxpayers The definition of family in the family trust selection regulations will be changed to restrict lineal successors to children or grandchildren of the test persons or the test someone’s spouse.
  • Business Ethics: Tax Scamming Of course, in viewing the problem ethically, small business whose incomes suffer from abusive taxations, as their main goal is to justify the inputs made by investors, to produce the outputs for the customers and […]
  • Income Tax Deductions Issues According to Fishman, income tax is the tax levied on the incomes of businesses both corporations and other legal entities and on the income of individual citizens of a country.
  • Stock Share: Tax on Transfer Gain It is important to note that according to the Special Law for the Promotion of Venture Business, the new technology investment company is not considered registered.
  • Discriminatory Tax Provisions But the establishment of a uniform tax regime to implement the principle of freedom of movement of goods as one of the four fundamental freedoms for the entire region has not been smooth and the […]
  • Canadian Income Tax Return For instance, if an employee uses a motor vehicle for both corporate and private purposes, he/she should distinguish between these issues and count only the kilometers passed on business while the total amount of kilometers […]
  • Australia Corporate Tax on Income The rate on the income for the tax period 2009/2010 is 30%. Replacement value is the price to be paid in future for the stock.
  • Ethical Standards for Tax Professionals She is entitled for tax deduction if the equipment purchased is for producing income for the business and in this case the equipment has to be capitalized in the year of purchase.
  • Australia’s Car Fringe Car Tax Benefits In May 2011, the federal government implemented some changes to the income tax laws and one of the areas that was affected was the car fringe benefit calculations and the take home pay of employees.
  • Federal Income Taxation: Tax File Memorandum It is within this layover moment that Mark takes a 4-hour nap in the ferryboat Is the cost of meals Mark purchased while on his usual rounds deductible?
  • Taxation: Tax Compliance The approach is relevant for determining the undisclosed income since it involves assessing the tax accountability by examining the financial performance of a taxpayer from assortment of sources outside the declaration of the taxpayer and […]
  • Individual Income Tax Gains due the cancellation or sale of a life insurance policy before the death of the insured are subject to taxation because the tax exemption on proceeds from life insurance applies upon the death of […]
  • Tax Effects of Various Methods of Forming a Corporation The possible methods are the distribution of the assets to the partners who are expected to contribute the assets to the corporation; the method of transferring the assets to the corporation directly; and the method […]
  • Researching Tax in the United States The defensible strategy for the client is based on the six steps in the tax research process namely establishment of facts, identification of issues, location of the authority, evaluation of the authority, development of conclusions […]
  • Worldwide Tax versus Territorial Tax The main distinction between the United States’ tax system and that of most countries is the manner in which the earnings that are made in foreign countries are handled when they are repatriated back to […]
  • Tax-Deductible Losses in the United States After the end of the civil war, the need for federal revenue declined considerably, and the government officials thought that abolishing the income taxes would be a fair approach to relieve the citizens.
  • Tax Periods and Method. Organization and Summary The main source of income / revenue in this business will be offering of SEO services to website owners. Einstein Web Solutions is committed to provision of SEO services that will raise the online presence […]
  • Financial Operation Within Tax-Exempt Country This means that the test results obtained cannot help to explain the capital structure of companies in tax-exempt countries that still developing.
  • Taxation: The Australian Carbon Tax According to Bourdieu’s school of thought, economic capital is the total sum of material objects that a person possesses. Carbon taxes indicate these costs, and they have the capacity to minimise inequalities from forms of […]
  • Corporate Tax to Grind In an effort to eliminate the negative impacts associated with tax avoidance both to the corporation and the overall economy, the article highlights some of the efforts that countries are making.
  • American Tax Code Analysis Throughout the article, the authors revolve around the desire to push the conversation forward bearing in mind that it is long overdue. The energy sector is the latest target in the proposed White House budget […]
  • Offshore Tax Structures and Foreign Exchange Regulations In this paper, the researcher seeks to determine the offshore tax structures and foreign exchange regulations that will affect the decision to take the Venezuelan boulevards into the international market.
  • Trade Groups Identifies Medical Device Makers Passing on Federal Tax If higher pricing is illegal in the context of the new taxation policy for all organizations and importers of medical devices, it implies that they need to look for alternative ways of recovering the costs.
  • Taxpayers’ Reaction to Payment of Tax Thus, taxpayers’ reaction to payment of taxes should focus on tax compliance and tax evasion in order to understand underlying behaviours that influence tax payment and evasion and get insights on such reactions.
  • Tax Research Memorandum for Lunar Corporation Further, Mo wants to write off the loans as a bad debt expense on the returns for the personal tax. Mo is a shareholder and an employee of the company.
  • Individual Income Tax & Home Mortgage Interest Deduction To ease the burden of taxation on the citizens, the United States Congress included the deduction for home mortgage interest in the internal revenue code.
  • Tax Eligibility and Disability Payment Another reason is that the injury he suffers occurred during his service in the army as an employee of the state.
  • China Looks at Introducing Tax on Foreign Currency Transactions Even though the overall outflow of foreign capital slowed down, there is still the danger to the economic wellbeing of the country.
  • Taxation Law: Tax and Fees Paid to the Attorney The tax of the $11,000 fees paid to the attorney by Sarah is a fixed amount hence no deductions will be made on the value.
  • Taxable Events and Complexity of the Tax System Arguments in favor of corporate formations as taxable events: Taxable events refer to financial transactions that are likely to lead to tax consequences.
  • Legal Costs of Acquiring a Capital Asset: Tax Problem Analysis In 2010, she appealed the decision to the Texas County Board of Supervisors challenging the County’s zoning law. Is the attorney fee incurred in the process of challenging the appraisal of the land tax deductible?
  • Tax Treatment of Attorney Fees During the pendency of her appeal in the court of law, the Texas County changed the zoning law permitting two residences per acre as against the original law of only one residence per every two […]
  • Factors That Should Take Into Account When Designing a Tax System to Finance Public Expenditure The tax collected is principally used to finance the expenditure of the government, for instance, paying of government officials and provision of essential services to the residents of the country.
  • New Tax Proposals: Perry Tax Plans Indeed, one of the outstanding attributes of this tax plan is that it attempts to level down all major tax deductions. The good element in this tax plan is that it brings about total change […]
  • The Role of Offshore Tax Havens This particular scenario was seen in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis wherein despite the bailouts provided by the government there was still a certain degree of hesitance on the part of banks to […]
  • Taxation: Income and Corporation Tax in UK In 2006 for example, the percentage of the national income absorbed by tax in the UK averaged those of the developed countries.
  • Progressive Consumption Tax A consumption tax is a duty on goods and services spent by a household. Third, consumption taxes have a wider base, easier to implement as all consumption levels are taxed and it is considered a […]
  • Australian Income Tax Law Reform on Education Expenses Under the prevailing Australian federal income tax law, stipulated in the provisions of the income tax law, section 8A of the Income Tax Assessment Tax 1936 refutes deductions exceeding $250 of expenses incurred on self-education.
  • Bylaw No. 8370: Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption The council of the City of Prince George is charged with the mandate of providing a variety of services to residents and inhabitants of the area.
  • Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities This paper seeks to examine whether deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities satisfy the definition and recognition criteria for assets and liabilities according to the AASB framework for the preparation and presentation of Financial […]
  • Tax Consequences: Result of Selling The tax implication on the shares that Amy intents to dispose depends on two issues: First, whether Amy sells her shares to Beth and Meg or to either Beth or Meg, and secondly, whether she […]
  • Property Taxes Herb Construction Company
  • Working Income Tax Benefit in Canada
  • Accounting: The Payment of Taxes
  • Tax Research: Ed and Whitney case
  • Taxation Law: UK Inheritance Tax
  • Tax Return Process Analysis
  • Taxation: CPA Tax Software
  • Analysis of Federal Tax Policy
  • Specific Tax Measures to Digitalized Economy
  • Estate and Ownership Transfer Tax Policy and Regulations in Connecticut Fairfield
  • The Border Security Tax and Violation of the U.S. Constitution
  • The Sale Tax Legislation of Hong Kong
  • The Supreme Court’s Internet Sales Tax Decision
  • Tax Research Problem: Mr. Smith Medical Case Study
  • Double Tax Convention Between Kenya and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Tax Consequences Advice Sue of the Above Transactions
  • The Concept of Interperiod Tax Allocation
  • Researching Worldwide Tax Avoidance
  • The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017
  • Taxes, Public Utilities, and Impact on Households
  • The Impact of the New Tax Law on Executive Compensation
  • The Pink Tax Issue: Economic Discrimination Against Women
  • Business Charitable Contributions for Tax Purposes
  • Tax Effect of Salary Dividends & Cash Withdrawal
  • Article Review on Carbon Tax Policy
  • The Child Tax Credit Program’s Analysis
  • Biden’s Push to Increase Tax on the Rich From New York Times
  • Case Study on Tax Crimes: Distributional Implications of Joint Tax
  • The Laffer Curve: Tax Revenue History & Reforms
  • Privatization, Public-Private Partnerships, and Tax Policy in San Diego
  • Exports and Excise Taxes as Critical Powers of the U.S. Congress
  • The US Tax Planning Strategy and Reporting Standards
  • Systems of Taxes During the Era of Colonialism
  • The Food Tax in Oklahoma Articles
  • Global vs. India Tax and Remuneration Policies
  • History of Tax Morality Theory
  • The Federal Unemployment Tax Act Rates
  • The Federal Unemployment Tax
  • Value-Added Tax and Tax Morality: Legal Framework
  • Pros and Cons of Consumption Tax Over Income Tax
  • Transferring Tax Losses to the Future
  • Corporate Sustainability Worldview and Tax Avoidance
  • Are Capital Taxes Racing to the Bottom in the European Union?
  • Does Firm Heterogeneity Impact the Effectiveness of Carbon Taxes?
  • Why Are Property Taxes Important for Local Communities?
  • Can Border Carbon Taxes Fit Into the Global Trade Regime?
  • How Do Taxes Affect Interstate Migration?
  • Who Benefits Most From Property Assessment Taxes?
  • Are Consumption Taxes Preferable to Income Taxes for Preventing Macroeconomic Instability?
  • Does Social Trust Increase Willingness to Pay Taxes to Improve Public Healthcare?
  • Can Green Taxes Save the Environment?
  • How Do Tax Policies Affect Individuals and Businesses?
  • Why Doesn’t the US Include Sales Tax in Prices?
  • Should Euro Area Countries Cut Taxes on Labor or Capital in Order to Boost Their Growth?
  • Are Differentiated Carbon Taxes Inefficient?
  • How Do Capital Taxes Harm Economic Growth?
  • Can Property Taxes Reduce House Price Volatility?
  • Would People Rather Pay Taxes or Trade Taxes to Pay for Environmental Goods?
  • Are Environmental Taxes Affected by Legislatures’ Ideological Positions?
  • How Do Major Local Taxes Affect Private Employment?
  • Can Redistributive State Taxes Reduce Inequality?
  • Are Small Business Owners More Successful in Avoiding Taxes?
  • What Is the Most Important Tax Used at the Local Level?
  • Can Taxes Drive Agglomeration While Approaching the Global Economy?
  • How Effective Are Environmental Taxes in the Petroleum Industry?
  • Are Soft Drink Taxes an Effective Mechanism for Reducing Obesity?
  • Should the Government Increase Taxes on Oil to Encourage More Public Transport Use?
  • What Are the Ways to Save Income Tax in India?
  • How Do the Wealthy Minimize Their Tax Burden in the U.S.?
  • Are Taxes Credits Effective in Developing Countries?
  • How Do Taxes Affect the Incentive to Invest in New Intangible Assets?
  • Could Higher Taxes Increase the Long-Run Demand for Capital?
  • The Impact of Taxation on Investment Rates
  • Tax Havens: Strategies and Consequences of International Taxation Avoidance
  • Evaluation of Profit Shifting in Corporate Taxation
  • Use of Tax Incentives in Promoting Adoption of Renewable Energy
  • How Tax Policy Affects Small Business Growth and Entrepreneurship
  • Tax Compliance and Behavioral Economics
  • Wealth Taxation’s Feasibility in Addressing Income Inequality
  • Global Efforts to Tax Digital Economy Transactions
  • The Laffer Curve and Optimal Tax Rates
  • Tax Treaties, Double Taxation, and Taxation Rights Between Countries
  • Green Taxation Policies and Environmental Sustainability
  • Foreign Direct Investment Inflows and Taxation
  • Value-Added Tax and Consumption Taxes: Different Models
  • Property Tax in Funding Local Services
  • The Challenges of Tax Enforcement in Developing Countries
  • Chicago (A-D)
  • Chicago (N-B)

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IvyPanda . "257 Interesting Tax Topics to Write about & Examples." December 27, 2023. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/taxes-essay-topics/.

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80 Tax Policy Research Topics

FacebookXEmailWhatsAppRedditPinterestLinkedInIf you are a student seeking compelling research topics in Tax Policy, you have come to the right place. Embarking on the academic journey of writing their undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral theses or dissertations, the first crucial step is identifying compelling and pertinent research topics. In tax policy, selecting research topics is paramount to unraveling […]

Tax Policy Research Topics

If you are a student seeking compelling research topics in Tax Policy, you have come to the right place. Embarking on the academic journey of writing their undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral theses or dissertations, the first crucial step is identifying compelling and pertinent research topics. In tax policy, selecting research topics is paramount to unraveling the complex world of fiscal regulations and governmental financial systems. The field of tax policy research offers a vast array of possibilities, each ripe for exploration and analysis. Whether you’re delving into the intricacies of tax reform, tax implications on specific industries, or the socio-economic effects of taxation, careful selection of research topics is the cornerstone of a successful scholarly endeavor.

Tax Policy, also known as “taxation policies,” “fiscal policy regarding taxation,” and “revenue regulation strategies,” in essence, refers to a set of principles, laws, and regulations formulated by a government or relevant authority to govern how taxes are levied, collected, and utilized within a particular jurisdiction. It encompasses rules determining tax rates, exemptions, deductions, and other factors that influence the financial contributions of individuals and entities to the government.

A List Of Potential Research Topics In Tax Policy:

  • Assessing the role of the digital services tax in the UK and its impact on multinational tech companies.
  • Analyzing the implications of tax policy on charitable giving and philanthropy.
  • A critical review of the evolution of tax policy over the last decade and its impact on economic growth.
  • Investigating the implications of Brexit on cross-border taxation and trade agreements with the EU.
  • Examining the economic consequences of tax policy on economic stability and business cycles.
  • Analyzing the impact of tax policy on income mobility and social mobility.
  • Analyzing the impact of tax policy on entrepreneurship and small business growth.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of tax policies in promoting renewable energy adoption in the UK.
  • Exploring the effectiveness of tax policy changes in incentivizing remote work and telecommuting.
  • Investigating the impact of tax policy on charitable giving and philanthropic activities.
  • Assessing the efficiency and fairness of consumption-based taxation versus income-based taxation.
  • Analyzing the relationship between tax policy and corporate social responsibility practices in multinational corporations.
  • Investigating the impact of tax policy on international trade and competitiveness.
  • Investigating the influence of behavioral economics on tax compliance during and after the pandemic.
  • Analyzing the role of tax policy in encouraging investment in renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Investigating the economic consequences of tax evasion and strategies for its reduction.
  • Assessing the implications of tax policy on affordable housing and urban development.
  • Evaluating the role of tax policy in promoting social equity and inclusion.
  • Evaluating the role of tax policy in promoting sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.
  • Examining the feasibility and consequences of implementing a wealth tax in the UK.
  • Investigating the impact of tax policy on global supply chains and trade patterns.
  • Investigating the behavioral responses of high-net-worth individuals to changes in estate tax rates.
  • Effective tax incentives for labor market growth and stability.
  • Assessing the impact of tax policy on foreign direct investment in emerging markets.
  • Examining the economic consequences of tax policy changes on investment and economic growth.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of tax policy reforms in addressing income inequality.
  • Evaluating the implications of tax policy on educational access and affordability.
  • Examining the impact of tax policy on international investment and global economic integration.
  • Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s tax revenues and fiscal policies.
  • Analyzing the effects of tax policy on venture capital investment and startup ecosystems.
  • Evaluating the equity implications of temporary tax relief measures implemented during the pandemic.
  • Investigating the economic consequences of tax evasion and strategies for its prevention.
  • Assessing the implications of tax policy on affordable healthcare and public health initiatives.
  • Analyzing the role of tax policy in promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development.
  • Assessing the implications of tax policy on education funding and quality of education.
  • Studying the implications of the gig economy on tax compliance and enforcement in the UK.
  • Assessing the environmental consequences of tax policy decisions and their alignment with sustainability goals.
  • Evaluating the equity and efficiency of a wealth tax in addressing economic disparities.
  • Analyzing the long-term fiscal sustainability of government stimulus packages in the context of tax policy.
  • A review of the ethical considerations in tax policy and their influence on public perception and compliance.
  • Evaluating the role of environmental taxation in promoting sustainable consumption and production.
  • Investigating the impact of tax policy on economic resilience and crisis management.
  • Assessing the impact of tax policy on the gig economy and workers’ rights.
  • Investigating the effects of tax policy on consumer behavior and market dynamics.
  • Evaluating the equity and efficiency of the UK’s progressive income tax system.
  • Examining the implications of tax policy on retirement savings and pension systems.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of tax credits for encouraging investment in low-income communities.
  • Investigating the effectiveness of tax breaks in incentivizing affordable housing development.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of tax incentives for promoting green transportation and reducing emissions.
  • Analyzing the effects of tax policy on technology innovation and digitalization.
  • Analyzing the historical trends and developments in corporate taxation and their implications.
  • Examining the implications of tax policy on poverty alleviation and social welfare.
  • Assessing the impact of digitalization on tax compliance and revenue collection.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of tax credits for encouraging renewable energy production and adoption.
  • Examining the economic consequences of tax policy on multinational corporations and global trade.
  • Assessing the implications of tax policy on healthcare access and affordability.
  • Investigating the digital economy’s influence on tax policy and international taxation agreements in a post-COVID world.
  • Analyzing the role of tax policy in addressing wealth inequality and intergenerational wealth transfer.
  • Harmonizing tax policy with international trade laws for global economic equilibrium.
  • Evaluating the role of tax policy in promoting affordable healthcare and reducing health disparities.
  • Examining the impact of tax policy on consumer spending and economic stimulus.
  • Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on tax evasion and the effectiveness of countermeasures.
  • Examining the effects of tax policy on foreign aid and development assistance.
  • Evaluating the role of tax policy in encouraging innovation and technological advancements.
  • Investigating the role of tax havens and offshore tax evasion in the UK’s tax policy challenges.
  • Analyzing the effects of tax policy on labor market dynamics and employment rates.
  • Investigating the impact of tax policy on consumer behavior and market outcomes.
  • Assessing the role of tax incentives in promoting sustainable post-pandemic economic recovery.
  • Evaluating the impact of Brexit on the UK’s tax policy and international trade relations.
  • Analyzing the impact of COVID-19 on global tax policies and their adaptability to economic crises.
  • Analyzing the role of tax expenditures in shaping government fiscal policies and revenue collection.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of tax incentives for attracting foreign direct investment in special economic zones.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of tax policy as a tool for economic stabilization during times of crisis.
  • Analyzing the impact of tax policy on the gig economy and platform-based work.
  • Assessing the implications of tax policy on educational attainment and workforce skills.
  • Studying the role of tax policy in addressing income inequality exacerbated by the pandemic.
  • Evaluating the equity and efficiency of a national sales tax versus an income tax system.
  • Examining the challenges and opportunities of implementing a universal basic income through taxation.
  • Examining the environmental consequences of tax policy shifts in response to COVID-19.
  • Analyzing the economic consequences of tax evasion and its effects on government revenue.

In conclusion, tax policy research presents an expansive spectrum of intriguing research avenues across undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. Potential research topics include investigating the impacts of tax policy on income inequality for undergraduates, exploring the role of tax incentives in promoting renewable energy adoption for master’s candidates and delving into the complexities of cross-border tax evasion and its implications for national economies at the doctoral level. Selecting a research topic aligned with your academic level and interests is the first step toward contributing to the evolving landscape of tax policy understanding and reforms. Happy researching!

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Examples of hottest & latest dissertation topics on taxation.

Problems of Tax Collection in Overcrowded Urban Areas: A Case Study on City Slum Settlements

The study investigates the challenges faced by collection agencies when collecting taxes in overly crowded areas such as slum settlements in the inner cities. The paper also offers suggestions on how some of these challenges can be overcome. Do you feel “I need writers who can help me with a project topic ”? We are the best choice.

Tax as a Stimulus for Growth and Development: Analyzing the Reinjection of Taxes into the Economy by Governments

The purpose of this study is to examine how governments use collected tax to provide essential services to the citizens and reintroduce it back into the economy for economic development purposes. This study will also highlight some of the ways in which governments misuse the collected tax.

Evaluating the Influence of Government Tax Policy on Investors’ Decision to Start Up Businesses

This study evaluates and examines how government tax policy influences investors’ decision to either invest or not. The paper elaborates on why some investors may relent in investing in the market for fear of low-profit margins. Our firm has specialists who can assist you in developing t opic ideas for a dissertation on taxation .

Assessing the Impact of Tax Incentives and Concession on Growth and Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Tax incentives and concessions are some of the approaches used by governments to stimulate the growth and development of SMEs, which in turn provide employment opportunities and revenue sources for the governments. This paper assesses the impact of such incentives, as well as concessions, on the growth of SMEs.

Analyzing the Implications of Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance on the Economic Development of Third World Countries

Tax evasion and avoidance are some of the major challenges facing third-world countries in their efforts to develop further. This study analyzes how these practices curtail the economic development of these countries. You can hire a writer to help with a taxation research topic from Research Topic Help.

Value Added Tax: Catalyst for Industrial Development and an Important Source of Revenue to Governments

This study analyzes the significance of value-added tax in initiating the industrial development of a country. The paper also explains how the VAT is determined and arrived at in a fair process that promotes entrepreneurship.

Why Request Our Help when Writing Tax Dissertation Topics

Embarking on the arduous journey of developing   dissertation topics can be daunting, especially when the subject revolves around the intricate and nuanced domain of taxation. At such a juncture, soliciting our help becomes not just a convenience, but a pivotal step to ensure the precision, relevance, and depth of your research. Firstly, tax laws, regulations, and their implications are perpetually evolving. Having our help ensures you're accessing the most current, accurate, and pertinent data for your study. While many can navigate basic taxation principles, diving deep into niche areas such as international tax treaties, tax avoidance strategies, or the socio-economic implications of specific tax reforms requires a level of expertise and experience that our team can readily offer. Secondly, the sheer vastness of the subject makes selecting a unique and worthwhile dissertation topic challenging. Here again, our help is invaluable. We help streamline topics to match current industry trends, ensuring your research remains relevant and sought-after. Moreover, tax dissertation writing isn’t solely about understanding the topic; it's about presenting it in a lucid, coherent, and academically sound manner. Our seasoned experts help craft, refine, and polish your narrative, making it stand out. In essence, when you request our help, you're not merely asking for assistance; you're ensuring that your hours of hard work culminate into a dissertation that’s both impactful and commendable. Don't tread this intricate path alone; let our help be the guiding light in your academic endeavors.

In the ever-evolving landscape of taxation, fostering originality in academic pursuits is paramount. By assisting students in generating unique taxation dissertation topics, we not only fuel their academic ambitions but also contribute to the broader body of knowledge in this critical field. Our tailored approach ensures that each student is equipped with a topic that resonates with their interests while pushing the boundaries of current understanding. As a nexus of expertise and innovation, we are committed to guiding the next generation of scholars toward excellence. It's not just about crafting a dissertation; it's about shaping the future discourse of taxation.

Most Recent Master's Thesis Topics in Taxation- Best Writers

Key tips on writing interesting topics for your thesis project.

Embarking on a thesis project is an exciting yet daunting phase for most students. The first step, and perhaps the most critical, is selecting captivating thesis topics. A great topic not only ensures that you remain interested throughout your research but also captivates your audience. Here are essential tips from our experts on how to nail down interesting topics for a master's thesis project.

1. Passion First: Always choose a thesis topic that genuinely interests you. Your passion will shine through in your writing, making your master's thesis more engaging for your readers and easier for you to sustain momentum during your research.

2. Relevance to Your Field: Ensure that your topic is relevant to your field of study. It should contribute to existing literature or address a current gap. This will ensure that your work is topical and of significance to your academic community.

3. Feasibility Matters: It's essential to be ambitious, but be sure your thesis topic for you master's project is feasible within the time and resources you have. Conduct preliminary research to ensure there's enough information available to support your study.

4. Originality: Try to introduce a fresh perspective or approach to a known issue. Your unique viewpoint can make an old topic feel new and intriguing.

5. Scope: Narrow down broad topics. Instead of trying to tackle a vast subject, hone in on a specific aspect. This will make your research more detailed and your arguments more focused.

6. Seek Feedback: Discuss potential topics for your master thesis project with peers, professors, and mentors. They might offer a perspective you hadn't considered, or point out potential pitfalls.

7. Stay Updated: Regularly read journals, articles, and books related to your field. This will help you identify trending thesis topics, methodologies, or areas that are ripe for exploration.

8. Flexibility: While it's good to be committed to your topic, it's also essential to be adaptable. As you go deeper into your research, you might find the need to tweak your topic for clarity or due to unexpected findings.

Choosing the right topic for your master's thesis is a balance of passion, relevance, and practicality. Taking the time to select a compelling topic will not only make your research journey more enjoyable but also ensure that your findings resonate with your audience. Remember, your master's thesis is a testament to your academic journey; make it count.

Best Way to Write Tax Thesis Topics - Experts Guidance

Writing an exceptional tax thesis requires a deep understanding of the intricate and multifaceted world of taxation. To begin, it's vital to familiarize oneself with the most current tax regulations, global tax scenarios, and existing research literature. To select a compelling thesis topic , consider the intersection of taxation with socio-economic factors, business implications, or technological advancements. For instance, exploring the implications of digital currencies on tax regimes or the effect of international trade wars on tax treaties can offer fresh and insightful perspectives. It's also beneficial to evaluate real-life tax controversies and cases, which can shed light on potential gaps or areas for further research. A strong topic for a master thesis should not only be relevant but also original, presenting a unique viewpoint or shedding light on a less-explored area of tax law. Collaborating with tax professionals or advisors can provide invaluable insights and help refine your topic. Remember, a good topic for a master's thesis project not only contributes to existing literature but also guides future research, policymaking, and practice. In this endeavor, precision is key: ensure your hypothesis is clear, your methodology is rigorous, and your arguments are supported with factual data and robust reasoning. Lastly, while the vast landscape of taxation may be daunting, choosing a topic that genuinely interests you can make the research journey both engaging and rewarding.

The realm of taxation is dynamic, constantly evolving in response to socio-economic changes and shifting governmental policies. For students embarking on the rigorous journey of mastering this subject, choosing apt master thesis topics in taxation is paramount. Thanks to our team of accomplished writers, we've outlined the most recent and pressing issues in taxation, offering a springboard for in-depth research and exploration. By leveraging these topics, scholars can ensure their work is not only timely but also contributes meaningfully to the broader discourse in taxation. Remember, it's always wise to seek guidance when venturing into complex academic territories, and our writers stand ready to assist.

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Challenges in selecting the best phd project topics in taxation.

Selecting the best Ph.D. project topics in taxation is a complex task that requires thorough contemplation, research, and scrutiny. The challenges in this selection process include:

✓ Broadness of the Field: Taxation is a vast domain, encompassing everything from personal income tax to corporate tax, from international tax treaties to specific local tax incentives. Choosing a specific area that aligns with one's interest and has enough depth for scholarly research can be challenging.

✓ Rapidly Changing Regulations: Tax laws and policies can change frequently, influenced by political, economic, and social factors. This dynamic nature can be problematic, as a relevant topic today might become obsolete by the time the research concludes.

✓ Availability of Data: Reliable data is crucial for meaningful research. Depending on the jurisdiction and the topic, acquiring timely, accurate, and comprehensive tax-related data can be a significant challenge.

✓ Practical Relevance: Ensuring that the research has practical implications for policymakers, taxpayers, or professionals is crucial. Striking a balance between academic depth and real-world application can be tricky.

✓ Complexity and Specificity: While a niche topic can offer a unique contribution, it might also limit the potential audience and impact of the research. On the other hand, broader topics can be more challenging to handle comprehensively.

✓ Comparative Analysis: Taxation systems vary widely across countries. A researcher might be interested in comparative studies, but this involves understanding multiple jurisdictions, languages, and regulations, which can be a daunting task.

✓ Interdisciplinary Nature: Taxation often intersects with other fields like economics, law, sociology, and even psychology. A topic might require expertise beyond taxation, necessitating additional learning or collaboration.

✓ Personal Passion and Commitment: Finally, the researcher's personal interest is vital. A PhD journey is long and arduous. Choosing a topic that doesn't resonate on a personal level can make the process even more challenging.

While the field of taxation offers numerous exciting research opportunities, the challenges in selecting the best PhD topic demand careful consideration, preparatory work, and a clear vision of the desired outcome.

Help with Writing Research Proposal Topics in Taxation

In the intricate realm of taxation, the challenge of selecting the right proposal topic often proves formidable for many students and professionals alike. Recognizing this challenge, we offer unparalleled help to those who seek guidance in this domain. The process of researching and understanding the complex structures and mechanisms of taxation can be daunting. However, with the right proposal topic for your research in hand, the entire journey can become not only manageable but also immensely rewarding. Our dedicated team of experts is here to provide help every step of the way. From understanding the foundational principles of taxation to identifying the gaps in current research, we lend our expertise to ensure that the chosen proposal topic is both relevant and impactful. When you reach out to us for help, we prioritize understanding your individual needs, academic requirements, and personal interests. This personalized approach ensures that the help we offer resonates with your aspirations and paves the way for academic success. Over the years, countless students and researchers have benefitted from our specialized assistance, cementing our reputation as a leading provider of help in this area. Taxation, as a field, encompasses a wide array of proposal topics: from international tax laws, and implications of digital economies on tax regimes, to the role of taxation in socio-economic development. No matter where your interests lie within this spectrum, our help is designed to guide you toward a topic that not only aligns with current research trends but also offers a fresh perspective. By seeking our help, you are not merely getting a list of potential topics; you are receiving a partner in your academic journey. A partner that understands the nuances of taxation and the importance of choosing the right research proposal   topic . Let us help you navigate the vast seas of taxation research and bring your academic visions to fruition.

In the ever-evolving world of taxation, it is crucial for researchers to remain at the forefront of new theories, policies, and practices. "PhD Research Topics in Taxation" offers not only a deep dive into pertinent topics but also showcases the commitment to fostering a new generation of tax experts. Our collective efforts are not merely to understand the complex web of taxation but also to simplify, innovate, and lead. As scholars get deeper into these topics with our guidance, we remain optimistic about the advancements in the field. Expect nothing but the best from us, as we journey together into the intricate realms of tax research.


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20 Tax Dissertation Topics to Be Useful for Your Audience in the Future

The life of students is complicated thanks to different kinds of academic assignments. They are forced to write different writing tasks. Probably the toughest challenge they are to face is to write a dissertation.

people working

A dissertation gives the opportunity to obtain either a degree or the professional qualification. Accordingly, the requirements for this specific piece of writing are really high. There may appear a lot of obstacles when performing this assignment. The specification of a discipline plays an important role as well.

For instance, you may be assigned to write a dissertation about taxes. This is a very complicated process, which requires great knowledge, a proper command of the discipline, and the developed writing skills. One of the most important things you are to do is to choose one of the tax dissertation topics that will be of much use for your audience. If choosing the wrong topic, you may fail to complete this assignment properly. Many students choose pretty common and boring topics. In the case, you really wish to succeed with this significant piece of writing select a relevant and essential problem and try to make the decent study.

Please, make allowances for 20 tax dissertation topics, which will make your research creative and striking. You can choose out of the following offers: 1. Health Insurance Tax Peculiarities in the USA 2. The Main Aspects of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) 3. Taxation Policy and Administration in Developing Countries 4. International Tax Treaties and Their Functions 5. The Main Issues of Taxpayer Rights 6. Energy and Environment Taxes in Canada 7. Lottery and Gambling Taxes Differences in the USA and Canada 8. Value-Added Tax (VAT) vs. Sales Tax: The Main Indications 9. Human Rights in Tax Policy 10. Tax Status of Nonprofit Businesses 11. The Historical Development of Taxation in Europe 12. The Influence of Taxation on Big and Small Businesses: Crucial Differences 13. In What Way Do Taxes Reinforce the Developing Economies? 14. The Consequences and Evidence of Tax Evasion and Avoidance 15. How Does the Budgeting Affect the Tertiary Institution Management? 16. The Importance of Taxation in Australia 17. In What Way Can the Taxation System Reinforce the Growth and Promotion in African Countries? 18. How Does the Intellectual Capital Affect the Growth and Development of Huge Enterprises with Examples of Microsoft and Apple? 19. The Significance and Role of Audit Committees in China and South Africa: Similarities and Differences 20. The Most Interesting Peculiarities of the Tax System in the United States of America Consider these topics. They are pretty specific and interesting. The choice of these or some similar topics is a huge advantage for any student. You will have to work them out. Notwithstanding, they have some room for thinking. You will not be limited by the choice. Do not choose boring topics. Step out of the crowd with your creativity and effective choice of really important and intriguing topics. Use one of the mentioned above ideas or think of something similar to them. This will bring you a lot of advantages and high grades if you fulfill them properly.

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  • WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management
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Master’s Theses at the KU Research Institute for Taxation

The KU Research Institute for Taxation jointly assigns master’s theses at the Chair of Business Administration and Business Taxation (Prof. Dr. Koch) and at the Chair of Economics, esp. Public Finance (Prof. Dr. Langenmayr). In the following, we provide further information on the process.The KU Research Institute for Taxation jointly assigns master’s theses at the Chair of Business Administration and Business Taxation (Prof. Dr. Koch) and at the Chair of Economics, esp. Public Finance (Prof. Dr. Langenmayr). In the following, we provide further information on the process.


Apart from the generally valid admission requirements resulting from the relevant examination regulations, there are no further restrictions. However, we recommend that you attend a seminar at the Chair of Business Administration and Business Taxation or at the Chair of Economics, esp. Public Finance prior to writing a Master's thesis in the field.

Supervising master’s theses is only possible within available capacities at the Chairs. If capacities are not sufficient, we will give preference to students who have acquired the most ECTS credits in the field of taxation and have achieved particularly good grades in these courses.

The following deadlines and rules apply for the registration of your Master’s thesis:

Issuance of a topic/start of thesis:

  • Jan 01 - Mar 31 (first quarter) ⇒ Deadline for application: Nov 30
  • Apr 01 - Jun 30 (second quarter) ⇒ Deadline for application: Feb 28
  • Jul 01 - Sep 30 (third quarter) ⇒ Deadline for application: May 30
  • Oct 01 - Dec 31 (fourth quarter) ⇒ Deadline for application: Aug 30

Please submit the  registration form  including all annexes listed therein (by e-mail to  tax-masterarbeiten(at)ku.de ) observing the above deadlines.

A selection of possible topics will be available here  approx. four weeks before the application deadline. Approx. two weeks before the end of the application period, the Chairs will present possible topics for Master’s theses. The next event for presenting the topics will be on  February 14, 2023, at 9.00 a.m.  (via Zoom - please register via e-mail ). Furthermore, you are also free to submit own topic suggestions. If you want to suggest your own topic, please summarize your idea in a short problem description (approx. half a page). In this summary, please outline the objective of your thesis and which methods you want to use. It is possible to write your Master’s thesis in English.

We will inform you about the topic of your thesis at the start date of your thesis. The time allocated for working on the thesis depends on the respective examination regulations.

The length of the text part (introduction, main part and conclusion) of a Master's thesis is 100,000 to 130,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes. This corresponds to approximately 50 to 70 pages. When preparing quantitative theses, it is possible to deviate from this length after consulting with your supervisor. Please refer to the formal requirements for all other formalities.

Master’s Thesis Colloquium in Taxation

If you study Taxation, you also have to present your findings and your plans for further analysis in the Master's thesis colloquium. The presentation will take place approximately halfway through your thesis. The duration of the presentation is 20 minutes.

You will receive interdisciplinary feedback from the members of the institute and the other participants. Taxation students should attend the colloquium regularly during their Master's thesis.

If you are interested in writing your Master’s thesis at the KU Research Institute for Taxation, please feel free to contact us via  tax-masterarbeiten(at)ku.de .

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Create a spot-on reference in apa, mla, chicago, harvard, and other styles.

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Consult the top 50 dissertations / theses for your research on the topic 'Tax law.'

Next to every source in the list of references, there is an 'Add to bibliography' button. Press on it, and we will generate automatically the bibliographic reference to the chosen work in the citation style you need: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, etc.

You can also download the full text of the academic publication as pdf and read online its abstract whenever available in the metadata.

Browse dissertations / theses on a wide variety of disciplines and organise your bibliography correctly.

Pinto, Carlo. "Tax competition and EU law." [S.l. : Amsterdam : s.n.] ; Universiteit van Amsterdam [Host], 2002. http://dare.uva.nl/document/65841.

Wilson, Peter Antony. "'BRICS' and international tax law." Thesis, Queen Mary, University of London, 2017. http://qmro.qmul.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/24872.

Nettestad, Malin. "Tax Treaties: The EU Tax Dilemma : - The relationship between EU State Aid and Tax Treaties." Thesis, Uppsala universitet, Juridiska institutionen, 2017. http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:uu:diva-333798.

Edwardes-Ker, Michael. "Tax treaty interpretation." Thesis, Queen Mary, University of London, 1994. http://qmro.qmul.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/123456789/1679.

Sotirova-Prodanova, Vessela. "Bulgarian Accountancy and Tax Law An Overview." WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2001. http://epub.wu.ac.at/3338/1/ap82.pdf.

Perry, Nina. "Expenditure in South African Income Tax law." Master's thesis, University of Cape Town, 2014. http://hdl.handle.net/11427/4536.

Parmenion, Espeche Sebastián. "The Financial and Tax Law and its Relationship with Private Law." Derecho & Sociedad, 2015. http://repositorio.pucp.edu.pe/index/handle/123456789/118962.

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Double taxation treaties play a vital part in the international relations between states

regarding taxation matters. Since double taxation can occur as soon as a person has

income in more than one state, it is very important that there can be effective remedies

to the problems that can occur in these situations. Double taxation treaties are

necessary in most situations created by international trade and they are even more

important in such a free flowing economic co-operation such as the EU, where the

trade between the Member States is not only free but also very frequent.

Most double taxation treaties are based on the Model Treaty created by the OECD.

Even states not members of the organization use it as a model for their treaties. This

means that treaties between Member States of the EC are often rather similar, but

many times have been drafted without consideration taken to EC law. This can create

problems since the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has stated in its case law that

even though the Member States are solely competent when it comes to direct taxation,

that competence must be used in accordance with EC law. Since double taxation

treaties are directed at flows of income and capital between states, it is most

probable that they can run afoul of EC law.

After some judgments of the ECJ the situation is clearer now, but there are still some

possible future problems. Examples of such problems are trailing taxes, limitations of

benefits and the most favoured nation (MFN) principle. The latter has been before

the Court, but there are many questions surrounding the MFN principle that has not

been answered satisfactorily. Even if more cases are brought before the Court and it

gives more guidance on how the Member States shall conclude treaties with each

other, it is still preferable with proper EC legislation on the subject. It must also be

mentioned that the ECJ has shown reluctance to disrupting the tax treaty networks in

place and has been reluctant to dismiss rules based on the OECD Model Treaty.

Several different solutions to these problems have been put forward, ranging from

doing almost nothing and just letting the development in the case law have its way to

a complete regulation of these issues through legislation by the EC. The two most interesting

solutions presented are a Multilateral EU Tax Treaty or an EU Model Tax

Treaty. Both of these two different methods would mean that the problems would

have a proper solution in that it would implement common rules that would be applicable

over the whole of the EU.

Loukota, Walter Stefaner Markus. "Taxation of artistes and sportsmen in international tax law /." [Vienna] : Wien : Postgraduate International Tax Law ; Linde, 2007. http://bvbr.bib-bvb.de:8991/F?func=service&doc_library=BVB01&doc_number=016135985&line_number=0001&func_code=DB_RECORDS&service_type=MEDIA.

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Taxation Research Topics/Papers

List of taxation research project topics and papers – download in pdf or doc format.

Usefulness Of Financial Statement In Assuasive The Performance Companies And In Guiding Investment Decisions. A Case Study Of Sunrise Flour Mill Ltd Enugu

Role Of Accountant In Project Feasibility And Viability Appraisal. A Case Study Of Cassava Starch Production

Impact Of Federal Government Tax Policies On Economy. A Case Study Of Nigeria

Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Private Sector On The Economic Growth And Development.

Effect Of Value Added Tax (Vat). A Case Study On The Nigerian Economy

Social Accounting As A Method Of Assessing The Impact Of Development Activations. A Case Study of Nukes Local Government Area Enugu State

Successes And Failures Of Public Sectors Accountability For The Period.

Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Income Tax. A Case Study Of Board Of Internal Revenue Enugu

Taxation A System Of Generating Revenue By Government.

Effect Of Pesticides Dichlorodiphenyl Trichloroeyhane Ddy And Benzene Hexachroride Bhc On The Microflora Of The Three Types Of Soil.

Impact Of Value Added Tax On Economic Growth.

Problem And Prospects Of Personal Income Tax Collection. A Case Study Of Enugu State

Problems of revenue generation In government owned companies. A Case Study Of Pacn Enugu District

Problems Of Personnel Management In Government Owned Establishment. a case study of enugu state board of internal revenue

Impact Of Fiscal Policy On Employment Generation. A Case Study of Bayelsa State From The Period 2000-2018

Problems Of Personal Income Tax Administration. A Case Study Of Ministry Of Education, Enugu

Maintenance Of Social Order With Particular Emphasis On Police Reform(Police Reform). A case study of Police Reform

Taxation As An Instrument Of Fiscal Policy.

Problems Facing Personal Income, The Administration In Rural Communities. A Case Study Of Ugwuaji Community In Enugu South Local Government Area Of Enugu State

Impact Of Petroleum Subsidy On The Consumption Of Petroleum Products.

Effects Of Value Added Tax (Vat) On Industries.

Appraisal Of Revenue Collection Method In Government Establishment. Case Study Of University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (Unth) Enugu

Problems Of Personal Income Tax Generation And Administration. A Case Study Of Internal Revenue Enugu North

Role Of Accountant In Project Feasibility And Viability Appraisal. A Case Study Of Casava Starch Produciton

Tax Incentives Catalyst For Industrial Development And Economic Growth.

Impact Of Oil Revenue On The Economic Growth.

Funding Of Public Library Services. A Case Study Of Anambra State Library Board

Design And Implementation Of Network Security.

Impact Of Different Methods Of Depreciation On The Profitability Of A Company. A Case Study Of Anammco Motor Enugu State

Business Survival Strategies In A Depressed Economy. A Case Study Of Fidelity Bank Plc

Roles Of Central Bank And Merchant Banks In Financial International Trade. A Case Study Of Cbn Enugu And Crown Merchant Bank Benin

Advantage Of Value Added Tax In Terms Of Revenue Generation.

Assessment Of The Impact Of Manufacturing Sector On Economic Growth.

Revenue Collection Strategy In The Reformed Local Government. A Case Study Of Udi Local Government

Funding Of Federal Parastatals. A Case Study Of Federal Radio Cooperation Of Nigeria In Enugu State

Management And Utilization Of Tax Revenue. A Case Study Of Enugu State Board Of Internal Revenue Enugu

Problems And Prospects Of Co-Operative Development.

Nekede Residential Perception Of The Imo State Government. A Case Study Of A Residential Property In P.H

Approval Of Pay-As You Earn System Of Taxation. Case Study Of Nsukka Local Government Area

Critical Analysis Of The Sources Of Revenue And Expenditure Pattern Of Local Government. A Case Study Of Enugu North Lga

Design And Implementation Of Computerised Banking Monitor Information System. A Case Study Of Central Bank Plc Enugu

Problems Of Effective Utilization Of Revenue Available To Local Governments. A Case Study Of Aninri Local Government Area Of Enugu State

Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility On The Growth And Expansion Of Firms. A Case Study Of 5 Selected Companies In Nigeria

Appraisal On The Impact Of Oil Industry On The Economic Development. A Case Study Of Shell Petroleum Development Company Spdc

Problems And Prospect Of Value Added Tax (VAT). A Case Study In Enugu State

Evaluation Of Capital Structure And Profitability Of Business Organisation. A Case Study Of Selected Quoted Companies

Taxation As A Major Source To Government Funding. A Case Study Of Enugu State Board Of

Critical Appraisal Of The Strategies Of Exportation Of Made In Nigeria Goods. A Case Study Of Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Vat System In Nigeria.

Study Of The Use Of Financial Ratios For The Assessment Of The Performance And The Profitability Of A Firm.

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  • Possible tax evasion due to the ineffective and inconsistent implementation of internal controls within the supply-chain management processes  Matshiga, Zulu Elijah ( 2018-07 ) This study investigated and examined the effectiveness and implementation of the existing internal controls designed specifically for exempted micro-enterprises (EMEs) contracting with the South African Social Security ...
  • SARS’powers with regard to tax clearance certificates  Msiza, Vusumuzi Frank ( 2017-09 ) The study aims to review the regulatory powers exercised by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) with regard to the issuing, decline or revocation of a taxpayer’s tax clearance certificate, to highlight any remedial ...
  • Small and medium enterprises : recommended checklist of indicators to reduce the probability of tax errors on gross income definition and general deduction formula  Majola, Zwakele ( 2015-11 ) Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play a significant role in the economy. However, SMEs face a number of obstacles and impediments that prevent them from developing and growing. Government has introduced a number of ...
  • Medical tax benefits to South African taxpayers : an overview  Moosa, R. ( 2017-09 ) This study presents an overview of the medical expenditure allowed to taxpayers in the South African Income Tax Act, 58 of 1962 (hereafter the “Income Tax Act”). The study traces the changes made to the allowed expenditure ...
  • Strategies in managing financial risk vulnerability among South African households  Nzhinga, Rendani Kenneth ( 2016-04 ) Various studies have found that South Africa’s high unemployment rate contributes to poverty, inequality, crime and ill-health. Furthermore, South African low to middle-income households are characterised by a high debt ...
  • Developing a feasibility framework based on the characteristics of big data to reduce the taxation gap in South Africa  Cilliers, Tanya ( 2017-03 ) The purpose of this study was to develop a conceptual framework to aid in the reduction of the taxation gap in South Africa (SA) through the use of third-party data and information technology. In order to develop a framework ...
  • The perception of tax practitioners relating to the influence of the Tax Administration Act on taxpayers' tax compliance behaviour in South Africa  Maposa, Heavy ( 2016-07 )
  • The changing needs of a household's demand for liabilities over the life course : focused on young adults  Malan, Shan ( 2016-05 ) South Africans carry high debt levels and many deal with the threat of over-indebtedness. In particular, the debt situation of the youth is of utmost concern. This study was undertaken to gain an understanding of how the ...
  • Selected factors significantly influencing net equity value in the South African household's statement of financial position  Combrink, Hermanus Adriaan ( 2015-11 ) It is twenty-one years since South Africa’s democracy and the majority of South African households can still be classified as poor, despite the various interventions by Government to reduce poverty and inequality. The ...
  • The asset composition of high net worth individuals in the Southern Gauteng area of South Africa  Joubert, Kobus ( 2015-11 ) In South Africa, less than 10% of individuals are financially independent after retirement, with an increasing number becoming dependent on social grants from government – hence the importance of analysing the asset ...
  • South African small business' taxation registration compliance  Pretorius, Maria Margaretha ( 2015-10 ) Revenue losses due to tax non-compliance pose a substantial risk for all governments, including the South African government. As part of its risk management system, the South African Revenue Service has identified the ...
  • A comparative study of South African small business corporation tax and turnover tax  Rahim, Aadila ( 2015-06 ) This study compared the turnover tax and small business corporation tax systems in South Africa as applicable to micro and small businesses. Misinformed perceptions of the turnover tax system were the motivation for this ...
  • The winds of change : an analysis and appraisal of selected constitutional issues affecting the rights of taxpayers  Goldswain, George Kenneth ( 2012-11-30 ) Prior to 1994, South African taxpayers had little protection from fiscal legislation or the decisions, actions or conduct of the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) that violated their common law rights. Parliament ...
  • A comparative study of investment incentives available to the manufacturing sector in South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore  Wentzel, Martha Susanna Isabella ( 2010-11 ) This study identifies additional investment incentives, applicable to the manufacturing sector, which the South African government could introduce to encourage investors to choose the South African manufacturing sector as ...
  • Taxation implications arising from South African residents owning or having a tax interest in fixed property in Greece  Whitfield, Royden Bryan ( 2009-08-25 ) This study investigates, identifies and provides flowchart summaries of the various forms of taxation in South Africa and to a lesser extent Greece affecting South African residents who own or have financed fixed property ...
  • Remission of penalties in income tax matters  Goldswain, George Kenneth ( 2009-08-25 ) The additional tax ("penalties") imposable in terms of section 76(1) of the Income Tax Act (No 58 of 1962) when a taxpayer is in default, can be very harsh (up to 200% of the tax properly chargeable). The Commissioner ...
  • The contribution of justice MM Corbett to the development of the law of taxation in South Africa  Van der Walt, Wessel Johannes ( 2007-09 ) Mr Justice Corbett made a substantial contribution to the South African tax law as he delivered several judgements during his long career on the bench. Starting from the lower ranks as a judge he became Chief Justice of ...
  • The effect of value-added tax on small to medium-sized developers of residential properties in South Africa  Julyan, Leoni ( 2009-08-25 ) This dissertation deals with the effect of value-added tax on small to medium-sized developers of residential properties in South Africa. Firstly, the way value-added tax is applied to residential properties in South ...
  • The taxation of electronic commerce and the implications for current taxation practices in South Africa  Doussy, Elizabeth ( 2001-11 ) This study analyses the nature and implementation of electronic commerce in order to identify possible problems for taxation and pinpoint those problems which may be relevant to South Africa. Solutions suggested by certain ...

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    for the word "tax" or any variant. We find that 35% of the "tax" papers from 2004-2008 address AFIT issues, up from 22% of the tax papers from 1999-2003. One possible reason for this growth in AFIT studies is that, beginning in the 1990s, anecdotal information indicates that the tax accounts assumed an enhanced role in financial

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    Consult the top 50 dissertations / theses for your research on the topic 'Income tax Tax administration and procedure.' Next to every source in the list of references, there is an 'Add to bibliography' button. ... Master's thesis brings the basic summary of principles and methods of tax supervision and comments development of tax penalty ...

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    The development of this master thesis has been inspiring yet challenging. In particular, collecting, structuring, and analysing large amounts of data material has been demanding. Moreover, th iswork has given us the opportunity to studyan important topic which we did not have much knowledge of beforehand.As a result, we have

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    Abstract: This study analyzes the relation between accounting conservatism, future tax rate cuts and countries' level of book-tax conformity. Firms have an incentive to increase conservatism in financial reporting when a tax rate cut is imminent to shift taxable income into the lower taxed future. Using a panel of firms across 18 countries from ...

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    The theory of fiscal exchange relates tax compliance with the provision of public goods and services. Bandara and Weerasooriya (2019) explain that the government can enhance the level of tax ...

  18. Theses and Dissertations (Taxation)

    Theses and Dissertations (Taxation) Browse by Issue Date Authors Titles Subjects Supervisor UP Author UP Postgraduate Type Search within this collection: Recent Submissions An analysis of the VAT consequences of customer loyalty programmes Klopper, André (University of Pretoria, 2021-08-31)

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    This Thesis studies a new and evolving area of international tax law, namely, the international tax law of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, the 'BRICS', and concludes that the thrust of their divergences from the developed world's international tax law evolves from the necessity to counter the significant illicit outflow of funds while not disturbing inbound FDI or, in recent ...

  21. Taxation Research Project Topics, Papers And Other Materials

    List Of Taxation Research Project Topics and Papers - Download In PDF or DOC Format. Showing 1 - 50 of 67. Sort by: Random. Impact Of Federal Government Tax Policies On Economy. A Case Study Of Nigeria. Impact Of Tax Incentives On Economic And Industrial Development. A Case Study Of Board Of Isnternal Revenue Enugu State.

  22. Masters Degrees (Taxation)

    The dissertation commences with the origins of trusts to establish the underlying reason why such an institute was created and accepted into South African law. There has been much development of trust law in South Africa since inception which is indicative of the need for the use of trusts. ... Master of Law in Taxation Law. University of ...

  23. Theses and Dissertations (Taxation)

    The study aims to review the regulatory powers exercised by the South African Revenue Services (SARS) with regard to the issuing, decline or revocation of a taxpayer's tax clearance certificate, to highlight any remedial ...

  24. PDF Exploration the Relationship Between Taxation and Technological

    master's thesis on the topic: exploration the relationship between taxation and technological innovation for china. 60 pages, 13 figures, 9 tables. keywords: technological innovation, policies, preferential tax policies, r&d, patents, dual regression, r&d and technological innovation, taxation policies and r&d,