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IELTS Essay Questions for 2022

Below is a list of predicted IELTS Writing Task 2 essay topics for this year, 2022. As usual, these topics are based on common topics, current world issues and trending topics. Both GT and Academic candidates should prepare from the list below.

On this page, you will find:

  • List of types of essay questions
  • Essay Topics for 2022
  • Useful Links for lessons & tips

IELTS Essay Types in 2022

There are five types of essay questions in IELTS Writing Task 2. You will not know which type of essay you will be given. So, you must prepare for all types. When you read the 2022 Essay Topics list below, be ready for that topic to be phrased in different ways for different essay types. Be prepared to be flexible!!

  • Opinion Essay – agree/disagree/ partial agreement
  • Discussion Essay – discuss both sides
  • Advantage / Disadvantage – includes outweigh essay
  • Cause / Problem / Solution Essays
  • Direct Question Essays – Positive . Negative Development / one question / two question / three question essays

Click here to learn how to spot which type of essay you have: IELTS Essay Types

IELTS Essay Topics for 2022

I’ve organised the predicted IELTS essay questions below and highlighted the topics I feel are more likely to appear. All topics in IELTS essays are current world issues and known society concerns. Our world today is mainly focused on health, work, technology, internet and other aspects of life.

  • is art important
  • what can children learn from art, drama etc
  • is literature important to teach in schools
  • should the government fund artists
  • what people gain from live events
  • should art be censored
  • does art transcend the language barrier

Books & Reading

  • e-books – pros and cons
  • are libraries a thing of the past
  • children reading story books in their free time
  • adults reading children’s stories

Business & Money

  • family run businesses – pros and cons
  • should we save or spend
  • should companies be responsible for their employees’ health
  • why some people do not save
  • should money management be taught in schools
  • is dress code or uniforms important in a company
  • why do some people get into debt
  • spending money on unnecessary items / luxury goods
  • supporting small local businesses
  • buying local or foreign products
  • relocating companies to the countryside away from city centers – pros and cons
  • factors in business success
  • is the layout of an office important

Character & People

  • is leadership innate
  • factors behind success
  • are people more impatient than before
  • are older people as respected as they should be
  • people who follow fashion trends
  • keeping up with the Joneses
  • individuality or conformity in schools 
  • why do some people struggle with change
  • are people less respectful of the elderly nowadays
  • are people becoming less formal

Crime & Punishment

  • fixed punishment for a crime or should circumstances play a role in deciding punishment
  • prisons – pros and cons
  • stopping ex-convicts from re-offending
  • how to reduce crime in society
  • do some films encourage criminal behaviour
  • should teenage offenders get the same punishment as adult offenders
  • why people watch crime shows on TV
  • online crimes
  • is safety a personal or government responsibility
  • are museums and art galleries important
  • can children gain from visiting museums and galleries
  • should the government support artists
  • should schools prioritise science over the Arts
  • importance of traditional clothes and music
  • how tourism is changing local cultures
  • how can the government / schools preserve traditional culture
  • globalisation – will cultures be lost
  • how has the internet affect culture around the world
  • are public celebrations important for culture
  • people spending a lot of money on weddings and celebrations
  • do foreign films change local culture
  • discipline in schools
  • pros and cons of learning online
  • is science and technology important to teach
  • are university degrees more important than experience
  • how can people learn soft skills, such as communication, personal skills etc
  • homework for children – an aid to learning or too much pressure
  • who influences children most – teachers or parents
  • teaching good values – teachers or parents
  • are children from poor backgrounds disadvantaged in education
  • is history important to learn
  • studying abroad
  • children of different abilities should be taught separately
  • home schooling pros and cons
  • education in cities compared to rural areas
  • how to make learning interesting for children
  • all education should be free

Environment, Nature & Wildlife

  • protecting trees/ endangered species – causes / problems / solutions
  • how to educate people about environmental problems
  • noise pollution / air pollution / water pollution – causes / solutions
  • how to tackle littering
  • importance of tackling climate change – causes, problems, solutions
  • importance of spending time in nature
  • are wild animals important
  • testing consumer products on animals
  • children having pets
  • who should protect the environment: individuals or governments
  • what is the generation gap and how can it be tackled
  • can children benefit from a close relationship with their grandparents
  • should women with children go to work
  • are family roles changing within the family
  • who should support elderly family members: family or government
  • is it important for family members to spend time together
  • why do some couples choose not to have children
  • parents should give children the freedom to make their own mistakes
  • is our food culture changing
  • is it important to keep traditional meals
  • why do people eat junk food if it is unhealthy
  • should families eat together
  • is animal welfare important to know about when buying meat in supermarkets
  • what information would stop you buying a certain product
  • what is a balanced diet
  • why are some people vegetarian 
  • should all health care be free – pros and cons
  • is public health a personal responsibility or the responsibility of the government
  • sugar as a cause of health problems
  • problems with junk food
  • importance of mental health
  • tackling obesity in society / in children
  • health problems connected to using screens
  • how to encourage children to do more exercise
  • why people take up meditation, yoga or taichi
  • walking, cycling to work pros and cons
  • funding prevention or treatments

Language & Communication

  • are text messages / emails / video calls a good form of communication
  • pros and cons of one global language
  • how has the internet changed the way we communicate and socialise
  • should children learn a foreign language at an early age
  • is handwriting a thing of the past
  • will snail mail one day disappear
  • difficulties learning a foreign language
  • are holidays important
  • why is leisure time important
  • are hobbies important
  • spending time in nature
  • children spending time playing together
  • do people value leisure time more nowadays
  • why do people watch so much TV in their free time
  • Is watching TV a good leisure activity
  • what leisure activities are best for children
  • should children do homework or have fun in their leisure time

Media & The Internet

  • social media and our image of beauty
  • shopping online pros and cons
  • how the internet has changed the way we work
  • importance of accuracy in historical films
  • does the internet make people feel more connected
  • online streaming for films – pros and cons
  • problems sharing personal information online
  • reality TV stars
  • what makes a film successful – stars, special effects or story
  • meeting new people online
  • how advertising influences people – billboards, internet pop ups, brand placement in films, social media
  • celebrities as role models for children
  • are newspapers a thing of the past now that news can be found online
  • unreliable news or information online
  • technology makes people lazy
  • pros and cons of smart phones
  • technology in the work place results in job losses
  • technology and solving pollution / environmental problems
  • technology, science and health
  • government spending on space exploration or health care social services
  • how has technology changed our lives / the way we work
  • how has technology helped mankind
  • pros and cons of a traffic free zone in city centers
  • way to reduce pollution from cars
  • should driving tests be obligatory every 5 years
  • how to reduce traffic congestion in city centers
  • pros and cons of plane travel
  • how to ensure road safety
  • should we all use electric cars
  • people over 80 should not be allowed to drive
  • experiencing foreign countries on TV rather than travelling there
  • conforming to the culture of the country you are visiting
  • pros and cons of tourism on the domestic economy
  • adventure holidays
  • tourism and environmental factors (including wildlife)
  • pros and cons of taking holidays on your own country
  • tourism and its impact on the country
  • what children learn from team sports and individual sports
  • should sports teach competition or cooperation
  • should schools increase physical education lessons
  • benefits of exercise, walking, cycling
  • should sports stars be paid so much
  • companies sponsor sports events and teams for advertising – pros and cons
  • sports professionals earning high salaries compared to doctors or nurses
  • why people do adventure sports
  • importance of international sports competitions

World Issues & Social Issues

  • how can homelessness be tackled
  • should world issues be solved nationally or internationally
  • closing the gap between rich and poor countries
  • rich countries should support poor countries at any cost
  • overpopulation – problems / solutions
  • people are living longer – pros and cons
  • should charities help people locally or nationally
  • are charities important
  • more people are raising money for charities – why, is this a good thing
  • living in the countryside or city – pros and cons
  • food wastage / increase in world food demand
  • (affordable) housing shortage – solutions
  • migration of workers from rural to urban areas
  • taking care of the elderly – family or government responsibility
  • lack of good education in under-developed countries
  • pros and cons of working from home
  • work-life balance
  • pros and cons of being self-employed / working for a company
  • bosses contacting people on their days off
  • importance of holidays from work
  • both parents working – how it impacts children
  • is team working skills
  • job satisfaction or salary
  • working online pros and cons
  • pros and cons of technology / machines at work
  • Was this list useful to you?
  • Did you get one of these topics in your test?


Click below to access some useful lessons and tips for your IELTS essay

How to write an introduction

List of keywords for essay writing

How to use the last 5 mins in your writing test

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All Free Writing Task 2 Lessons and Tips

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hello everyone. I am preparing for the IELTS exam. kindly read my essay and suggests me with better writing skills. TOPIC “Newspaper less important nowadays” agree or disagree? Comments

Answer: Few people considered newspapers less important nowadays but others do differ with the statement In present world the demand of newspapers are declined as the people are more tend towards news and updates from internet and they focus least on hands-on paper as they found them of no use as the same stuff is available through internet (in the form of online newspaper).On the other hand people do have collection of newspaper piled up and they found them of no use. People are now well thought out that newspaper printing is useless and waste of resources; above mention are the views of few people not everyone. Moreover other people agree with the fact that reading newspaper online is better than collecting and piling them at home but they also don’t let the fact go away that continuously reading newspaper online may affect the eyes and it may create eyesight disease. After mentioning few general public views about newspaper I will proceed further along with the advantages of newspapers ,Firstly newspapers consists of interesting articles and write-ups that provides vast knowledge ,Secondly we can improve reading skills ,grammar vocabulary and speaking power too. Old newspapers can be used in projects by students in the form of recycle material as an example of solid waste management. I will conclude by saying that newspaper is less important for few people but for other people it is still very useful nowadays.

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Please see this page:

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Scientists agree that many people are eating too much junk food and it is damaging their health. Some people think that these problems can be solved by educating people to eat less junk food. Other people believe that education will not work. Discuss both opinions and give your own opinion.

' src=

hello dear Liz. I’m going to take my exam on 10th of July. Is it possible if these topics would come in my exam too? thanks in advance

Yes, these topics as well as the common essay topics could easily appear with different wording.

' src=

I’m confused. The predicted topics don’t have any essay type. How to know the essay type of predicted topics that u have highlighted?

There are topics, not questions. As long as you can prepare ideas for topics, you can adapt them to any type of essay.

' src=

Hii , Liz I’m beginner in this field Nd don’t know how can I collect good ideas to do better in writing task 2 … And how to practice for it

See my Ideas E-book:

' src=

Hi Liz, I was wondering if your correction service is active now.

Regards, Aya

Sorry, not at present. Once my health has improved, I’ll set it up.

' src=

Thank you Liz. I scored a band 8 overall!

That’s brilliant!! Very well done to you 🙂

' src=

Greeting Liz. I hope you’re good. I prepared for IELTS academic in just three weeks using your materials. I needed a minimum of 7 in all aspects and an overall of 7.5. These are my scores: Listening 8.5, Reading 8.5, Writing 7.0, Speaking 7.5. Overall 8.0. Thanks alot for your kindness. God bless you.

That’s a great score! Well done 🙂

' src=

Hi Liz, I love your videos in YouTube and your blog has been extremely helpful for my preparation of IELTS exam. Thank you. Sending you lots of love and best wishes from Bhutan 💜❤

Thanks 🙂 Greetings to Bhutan!!

' src=

Hello Liz, I just gave a mock writing test and it deducted my band score by 1 for using a clichés which was ‘a waste of time’. Will the same happen in the real test? Can you give a list of other clichés which we cannot use in the test [ apart from the ones given on the site ].

I’m not sure precisely the expressions you use as you mention only one. The expression “a waste of time” is completely fine to use in any Writing Task 2 essay. It is idiomatic, suitable for formal writing and good to use.

Okay. Thank you.😇

' src=

Thank you do much Liz.i started reading your tips recently and that Is when I started to understand what I need to do.your content is so easy to understand.

I’m so glad. I built this website to make learning IELTS easy 🙂

' src=

I’ve purchased your grammar book and all I can say is I should’ve bought this book ages ago. It was really useful and there so many “oo..” moments when I was learning using the pdf. I also agree with you that it’s not just for students who are taking Ielts, but also for life! this has helped me to unlearn and learn the correct ways of speaking and writing English. Thanks once again.

Thank you so much for leaving your comment. I really love hearing feedback on my work, particularly on that Grammar E-book. I poured my health and soul into it and tried to find ways to make grammar easy. I often feel that grammar is written by academics for academic people, but not for normal everyday people. I always felt that if grammar was explained and illustrated more clearly, it wouldn’t be so difficult. This really gives me a great boost. I’m going in the right direction with my teaching. Thank you very very much 🙂

' src=

Hi liz, I just want to express my joy on your comeback. I tried to contact you concerning your health. With your recent activity on your website, i am convinced that your have recovered.

Unfortunately, I haven’t recovered yet. I feel a bit stronger which is why I’m trying to get new posts out on my site. Hopefully this year will see me get stronger as times passes.

' src=

Praying for you, Liz. Please know that I have been learning from all your posts. You are a very smart teacher and content-creator. All are useful!

God bless you with better and improved health this 2022

Thank you 🙂

' src=

Thanks mum wish you speedy recovery.

' src=

You are a real teacher who can effectively deliver the lesson. Looks very kind and cool teacher.May thanks. Stay blessed.

Thanks for your kind comment 🙂

' src=

I need contact someone of Ieltsliz. I bought this year in the store but I cant access to it. Can someone help me PLEASE!

I’ve just emailed you. Can you check your inbox and spam folder for my email. Thanks.

' src=

Thank you so much Mam Liz . We all miss you so much . I pray to Allah that you get well soon and get you back on youtube .

' src=

Thanks for the useful information but I miss you on you tube. Why don’t you make videos again?

I’ve been sick for a long time and I’m still sick which prevents me making videos. You can read my story here:

' src=

HI liz.. thank you so much for your sharing. How strong you are Liz. Even I have never met you before but I really admire you. Thank you..thank you so much for your dedication. As you said knowing that help a lot of people reach their goals is the best way to live . We extremely appreciate your time, your support Liz. Wish you all the best.

' src=

It’s truly helpful for preparing oneself with these resources particularly writing task 2 topics and ideas. I got a lot of websites for Ielts preparation but this one is well organised to follow. Thanks a lot liz for providing us such quality materials.❤️

You’re welcome 🙂

' src=

LIZ , I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH. SCORED A BAND 8 ON MY FIRST TRY!!! 8.5 in listening , 8.5 in reading , 7.5 in writing , 7 in speaking – overall 8.

A great result!! Very well done 🙂

' src=

Thank You So Much Liz! You are gem of a person. I also got an overall band 8.5 on my first attempt. Your methodological teaching videos on youtube and this website’s practice lessons were my prime source of preparation. Much love. Regards, Dr. Yash

Wonderful news! Band score 8.5 is fantastic! Very well done 🙂

' src=

Thank you Liz for providing these topics.. Are these predicted topics only for paper based ielts or for computer based as well???

They are for the IELTS test this year. It makes no difference if you take the test on the computer or on paper.

' src=

So helpful topics. Thanks for providing such valuable content🥰.

' src=

Thankyou liz..its very very helpful

' src=

A very big thank you for these essay topics.It is indeed valuable.

' src=

Thank you very much, this information was very useful for us🙏🥰

' src=

Thank you so much,Liz for providing such valuable information.

' src=

Many thanks for your constant support for the students, stay blessed 🙏🏻

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IELTS Sample Essays

Here you will find IELTS Sample Essays for a variety of common topics that appear in the writing exam.

The model answers all have tips and strategies for how you may approach the question and comments on the sample answer.

You can also view sample essays with band scores on this page. 

Looking at IELTS essay topics with answers is a great way to help you to prepare for the test. 

These IELTS sample essays have been categorised in a way that makes it easy for you to see how certain essay question types require you to provide certain responses to ensure the question is fully answered. 

Specifically these are:

  • Agree / Disagree
  • Discuss Two Opinions
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Other Types

Agree / Disagree Type Questions

In these types of question you are given one opinion and you then have to state the extent to which you agree or disagree with that opinion:

  • Advertising
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Spending on the Arts
  • Human Cloning
  • Social Interaction & the Internet
  • Airline Tax
  • Free University Education
  • Scientific Research
  • Banning Smoking
  • Employing Older People
  • Vegetarianism
  • Paying Taxes  
  • Examinations or Formal Assessment 
  • Multinational Organisations and Culture
  • Internet vs Newspapers
  • Technology Development  
  • Dying of Languages
  • Animal Extinction
  • Truth in Relationships
  • Role of Schools
  • Return of Historical Artefacts

Discuss Two Opinions Type Questions

In this essay question type you are given two opinions, and you have to discuss both of these and then give your own view:

  • University Education
  • Reducing Crime
  • Animal Rights
  • Child Development
  • Diet & Health
  • Donating Money to Charity
  • Closing Zoos   
  • Becoming Independent  
  • Formal and Informal Education  
  • Influence of Scientists and Politicians
  • Sources for Stories
  • Searching for Extraterrestrial Life

Cause Type Questions

There are a variety of 'cause type' essay questions. In these you first have to give the reasons why something has happened, in other words the causes, but then discuss a different aspect of it, such as the effects, solutions or the extent to whether it is a positive or negative development:

Causes & Effects:

  • Child Obesity
  • Skin Whitening Creams
  • Family Size
  • Having Children Later in Life
  • Time Away from Family

Causes and Solutions:

  • Youth Crime
  • Global Warming
  • Paying Attention in Class
  • International Travel & Prejudice 
  • Museums & Historical Places
  • Disappearance of Traditions
  • Communication Between Generations

Causes, Pros & Cons:

  • Family Closeness
  • Living Alone
  • Rural to Urban Migration

Problems & Solutions Type Questions

In these type of questions, instead of discussing the causes of a problem, you need to discuss the problems related to a particular issue in society, and then suggest what can be to solve these problems:

  • Overpopulation
  • Competing for Jobs  
  • Professionals Immigrating

Advantage & Disadvantages Type Questions

In these type of questions you are asked to discuss the positive and negative sides of a particular topic. You will usually be asked this in the context of giving an opinion ( e.g. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Is it a positive or negative development? ): 

  • Traffic Problems
  • Food Additives
  • Computer Games
  • Age Discrimination at Work  
  • Children using Tablets and Computers  
  • Cell Phones, Internet, & Communication  
  • Working from Home 
  • Eating Locally grown  Produce  
  • Oil and Gas Essay  
  • Peer Pressure on Young People
  • Online Fraud

'Hybrid' Types of Essay Question

There are sometimes questions that don't fit easily into a particular category as above. I've called these 'hybrid', as they are of mixed character, are composed of different elements from other types of essay, or are perhaps just worded differently. 

  • Protecting Old Buildings
  • Animal Testing
  • Fear of Crime
  • Communication Technology
  • Influence of Children's Friends  

Sample Essays with Band Scores

You can also view some sample essays that have been written by candidates practising for the test and have band scores and comments by an experienced ex-IELTS Examiner based on the IELTS marking criteria. 

  • IELTS Band 8 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 7 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 6 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 5 Essay Samples
  • IELTS Band 4 Essay Samples

Student Sample Essays

For more IELTS essay topics with answers you can also view essays that have been written by students. Some have feedback from other students or IELTS teachers:

  • Student Model Essays  (with comments by other students)
  • Student Model Essays (with comments by IELTS buddy)

Any comments or questions about this page or about IELTS? Post them here. Your email will not be published or shared.

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ielts essay questions for 2022

IELTS Essay Questions for 2022: Top IELTS Writing Topics for Preparation

The IELTS writing section is neither tough or easy. It all depends upon your practice of writing essays. If you master the writing part, you can easily score a good IELTS score. In this article, we have listed the most common IELTS essay questions for the 2022 IELTS exam. Take 1-2 topics a day to get better in the writing section. Now, let’s get started.

IELTS Essay Questions for 2022

Below you will find sets of IELTS essay topics for 2022 IELTS preparation:

IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 1

It is not necessary for people to travel to another place to learn about the culture. We can learn as much from books, films, and the Internet. To what extent do you agree or disagree? As mass communication and transport continue to grow, societies are becoming more and more alike leading to a phenomenon known as globalisation. Some people fear that globalisation will inevitably lead to the total loss of cultural identity. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? The government should control the amount of violence in films and on television in order to decrease violent crimes in society. To what extent do you agree or disagree? In some countries, young people are not only richer but also safer and healthier than ever before. However, they are often less happy and more agitated in actions and behaviours. What do you think are the reasons for this and what can be done to help?

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IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 2

Some people say that the main environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Others say that there are more important environmental problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion. In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in. Give a reason and how people can research it. Some people say that men are naturally more competitive than women, while others believe that there is no difference in the competitiveness of men and women. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion. Some people argue that globalisation has been a great benefit to people around the world, while others believe that it is the cause of many of the problems we see today. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. Write at least 250 words.


IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 3

Students perform better in school when they are rewarded rather than punished. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Discuss both views and give your own opinion. It is becoming increasingly popular for school leavers to take a year off (a gap year) before going to university. Do the advantages of this outweigh any disadvantages? Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation such as an unsatisfactory job for the shortage of money others argue that it is better to try and improve such situations discuss both these views and give your own opinion Being a celebrity, such as a famous film star or sports personality, brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems? It is often said that we live today in a “throwaway society” in which people buy things and soon after throw them away. What are the causes of the “throwaway society”? What problems could the “throwaway society” create?

IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 4

Development in technology has brought various environmental problems. Some believe that people need to live simpler lives to solve environmental issues. Others, however, believe technology is the best way to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Some countries are considering imposing curfews in which teenagers will not be allowed outdoors at night unless they are accompanied by an adult. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this policy In the past, lectures were the traditional method of teaching large numbers of students in a classroom. Nowadays new technology is increasingly being used to teach students. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this new approach in teaching? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge. Some people believe that women should play an equal role as men in a country’s police force or military force, while others think women are suitable for these kinds of jobs. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

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IELTS Essay Questions for 2022 Set 5

Lack of fresh water is becoming a global issue of increasing importance. What problems does this shortage cause? What measures could be taken to overcome these problems? Some people think that in this modern world people are getting dependent each other, while others think that this world makes them more independent of each other Discuss both views and give your own opinion Some people claim that the government should provide free healthcare. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods of treatment and it’s better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion? The world of work is changing rapidly. Working conditions today are not the same as before and people no longer rely on taking one job for life. Discuss the possible causes for these changes and give your suggestions on how people should prepare for work in the future

We hope this post has been helpful in your IELTS preparation. If you take 1-2 topics from this post and practice daily, you will most likely score a higher band in this section.

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