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Essay About Malls

essay shopping centre

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In Alan Brinkley’s essay The Mall he explores the history of shopping complexes in the United States and gives us insight on the different kinds of complexes. The mall started off as a shopping center. The first shopping center was the Country Club Plaza, opened in Kansas City in 1924. The shopping center soon increased in size and became small “strips.” In 1956, the first enclosed, climate controlled shopping opened in Minneapolis and was called South Dale Shopping Center many cities. The malls spread and began to have similar aspects of the downtowns that they were rapidly displacing, but they were safer. Soon after that malls started being built in many cities. The malls were still increasing in size and they were begging to add movie theaters, video arcades, bowling alleys, restaurants, and hotels. “In cities and towns in every part of America, malls became not just a place for shopping, but often centers of a much-altered community life as well” (Brinkley 115). Malls became like little cities with their own police that were private security forces. For the most part they were able to keep undesirable customers off the premises. Mall evolved into self-contained imitations of cities, minus many of the troubling abrasive features of downtowns. Malls set out to be perfect urban spaces mostly having white middle class women in mind. Many teenagers began to cling to the malls instead of other hang out spots such as street corners, parks and downtown. The mall became a universal shopping center that attracted everyone.…

Suburban Regional Shopping

A suggestion that was used in the book was to add entertainment to the center of the mall. The entertainment can be anything from holiday shows, occasional concerts, a playground for kids, or even just an open area with comfortable resting spots where customers can relax and de-stress. A perfect type of idea would be a small coffee house type of area that serves coffee and soda with a waitresses on staff to cater to each patron’s needs. Especially during the holiday season, this would be a great relaxing way for customers to rest their feet and collect their thoughts before heading to the next store on the list.…

Kids in the Mall: Growing Up Controlled

William Kowinski has written the article “Kids in the mall: Growing up controlled”, to highlight the ignorance of parents that exposes children to artificial environment of shopping malls. Kowinski argues that this exposure converts children into “pre-programmed consumers” and leads them to a premature adulthood, which affects their emotional development. To prove his argument, the writer relies upon several studies which reveal the importance of the role parents play in nurturing their children with “warmth” and “old-fashioned mothering”. Furthermore, Kowinski defines the mall as a “high school without the impertinence of classes” where children can learn some skills by doing odd jobs. However these jobs might not be helpful in the future since they do not teach them anything new. By adopting a casual tone and specific choice of words, Kowinski succeeds in discussing his arguments and giving his point of view.…

Gender Socialization at a Local Mall Essay Example

Shopping mall is a classic icon of American culture. Such big shopping center is specifically designed to meat the needs of today’s customer. We like how convenient it is to shop, eat and be entertained all in one place. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family or if you’re a teen hang out with your friends. But we might just be underestimating the real power such places have over our society. There are plenty of subtle messages being sent to us and those messages in fact play a huge role in the socialization process and shaping of our society as a whole.…

Customer Service and Class Discussion

The following assignment allows you to analyze the Mall of America. You will have the opportunity to develop strategies designed to assist…


The key trend that has revolutionized the retail industry in all these years is the advent of internet as a major shopping channel. The traditional brick and mortar stores and the mall experience are getting negatively affected by the increasing use of internet as a shopping medium. To overcome the threat of ecommerce and online retailing, Mall of America's marketing team should make more efforts to continue their brand positioning of MOA as a unique tourist attraction and just not another shopping mall. In making future plans, the MOA's marketing team should try to distinguish themselves by providing new and unique experience to its visitors by continuously innovating and offering value added features to the mall. Further, internet should be extensively utilized as a tool to market the mall to consumers from outside the region.…

David Guterson The Mall of America

In the essay, Guterson emphasizes how the mall is just a tourist attraction but not a market place. It therefore does not create a sense of community. To make his description strong and distinct, he uses action and a plenty of sensual details. He distinctively describes the appearance and the interior of the mall that makes the audience have a feeling of having visited the mall. Through his description, one can have a picture of the mall and the activities that go…

Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored?

A suggestion that was used in the book was to adjust the overall feel, layout, or architecture to add entertainment to the center of the mall. The entertainment can be anything from holiday shows, occasional concerts, a playground for kids, or even just an open area with comfortable resting spots where customers can relax and de-stress. A perfect type of idea would be a small coffee house type of area that serves coffee and soda with waitresses on staff to cater to each patron’s needs. Especially during the holiday season, this would be a great relaxing way for customers to rest their feet and collect their thoughts before heading to the next store on the list.…

What exactly are malls and what is their purpose? What has malls done for Americans? A shopping mall, also known as a shopping center, or shopping plaza, is a modern, historical marketplace. The mall is a combination of independent retail stores, services and has a parking area, which is used by many Americans primarily for convenience. Many malls also contain restaurants, banks, theatres, professional offices, and sometimes entertainment areas for children. There is also a mall in the U.S. that has its own amusement parks. Shopping malls and shopping centers has proved to be so efficient that has become the main instrument for a good offline shopping. Architecture of each mall is to help people to find it easily, and so it would not…

Mall Walking Benefits

Most malls have cameras and security officers. They are well-lit and safer than a fair number of streets and parks, especially in the early morning. Many malls often have senior walking clubs which increases the safety aspect of the mall walking and adds a social benefit at the same time.…

The Mall of America: Destroying Life Long Values with Materialism

Through his piece “Enclosed. Encyclopedic. Endured: the Mall of America.” David Guterson shares his experience of the Mall of America as it opened and its effects of the American culture. From sharing statistics about the amount of jobs available, the number of parking spots, or how much cash is dispersed each week from just the ATMs; Guterson allows readers to feel the massive scale of the mall. He shares stories of the people he met and his own views on the mall, and what it says about America and its people’s values. Guterson makes it clear that Americans have become too absorbed with the thoughts of materialistic belongings; and a mall, such as the Mall of America, only makes those thoughts that much worse and destroys the people’s values. Although the points Guterson makes about the crumbling values and presently true and I agree that materialism is a horrible quality for a person to have, the mall in itself is not a bad place. It brings joy to many people and not just through ways of materialism and buying everything your heart desires, but for the sheer pleasure of entertainment. When young children go to the mall with their parents and attend Camp Snoopy or go to LEGOLAND; that is not materialistic in the slightest. All in the entire mall is not the horrible place that Guterson makes it out to be.…

Case Study, Mall of Americas

The Mall of America has been successful at marketing and maintaining a product that most did not expect to succeed, this is due to the fact that they have something for everyone in their retail and family entertainment complex and is viewed as more than a mall, Mall of America is a destination. Regardless of the weather conditions, you can always come to Mall of America and ride a roller coaster and enjoy all the features of the mall. The selection of the anchor stores and specialty stores appeals to different economic levels. In addition to the retail selection, there are activities for the entire family that include movies, a theme park and an aquarium.…

mall of america

The main reason for the success of the Mall of America is its unique retail-entrainment mix. This mall offers more than the regional malls. Because of the uniqueness of this mall it attract 40 million visitors each year. Visiting the one-stop complex offering retail shopping, guest service, convenience, and a huge variety of entertainment and fun for all. The location was the focus of the mall along with the size and the shopping experience, which make life easier to visit with out being confuse. This mall has something to offer everyone.…

Analysis: Shopping For American Culture

I could not help but to think that the purpose of a shopping mall was for everyone to have one convenient place to buy anything they desired. But, the viewpoints expressed though "Community through Exclusion and Illusion" by George Lewis and "Shopping for American Culture," by James J. Farrell, have led me to believe that the shopping mall also serves as a community center. Another article which captured my attention was Ira Zepp's, "The Shopping Mall as Sacred Place." They each express their ideas of how the shopping mall is not just a place to shop due to it's constantly availability, which has created an ideal environment for social interaction for people of all ages. Farrell…

Growing Up Controlled

Malls have negative influences on American teenagers because malls preprogram kids to all have the same set of values, which is to be consumers. Teenagers have less opportunity to think what they kind of life style they want to have because they are automatically indoctrinated to “shop” since they are small. According to Kowinski’s article, malls give people a sense that the goal of life is all about making money and spending it on products. However, consuming should not be the main goal of life. Malls restrain the way people think, so kids today are not able to have critical thinking about their lives. For example, my cousin, Joyce, grew up in California. When she was little, my aunt, Joyce’s mom, would usually drop her in the mall due to her work. Because my aunt was unable to take care of my cousin, she let my cousin spend her own time in the mall sometimes after school. Everytime, before my aunt dropped off Joyce at the mall, she would always give her some money so she could buy food or whatever she wanted. Gradually, my cousin got used to the consuming style, and she thought the mall was part of her life. Malls preprogrammed her to be a consumer in the future. Now, whenever my cousin goes to malls, she feels the necessity to spend money. My cousin’s mind has been influenced by malls since she was young, so she can not think independently now. She thinks mall is the place where she has to spend money. Malls are bad to American kids because they promotes kids to become consumers and allows kids to have less chance to think on their own ways.…

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Essay About Shopping Malls

Why are young people attracted to shopping malls? Shopping malls are really convenient because you have all the shops you need under one roof. Shopping in such places can also be more economical because you can compare prices at different shops since they are all so close to one another. If I am not at a mall, I will probably buy the first thing I see, without comparing it with something similar at another shop. Finally, going to a mall is fun because there are also cafes and cinemas there, as well as video game arcades. That means a shopping mall is a great place to go for entertainment with your friends as there are plenty of other things to do besides shopping. Well, shopping in a mall is certainly entertaining and has several advantages. However, I think it 's important to support small local shops, as well. I believe you get better service in your neighbourhood stores. At a mall, the shops are mostly international chain stores and a lot of the products are imported. Would you like to live in yout hometown for the rest of your life? I am very happy where I live, as my neighborhood is a quiet one but never dull. There are lots of shops and many restaurants and coffee shops. It is close to the city center but far away from all the noise and crowds. Although my city is nice, it does have some major problems. The first thingsI would do is try to reduce the traffic by improving public transport. That would also help alleviate the pollution and noise problems. I would

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Shopping Trumps Turkey Summary

The article, “Shopping Trumps Turkey”, by Gregory Karp, argues between whether or not retailers should initiate Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day. Karp considers that retailers should not commence the sales a day earlier. I agree with the author, due to the fact that the retailers that begin the sales on Thanksgiving day are careless and greedy, along with commanding people to not spend time with their families. Clearly, retailers should not release Black Friday sales a day earlier. To start off, experts say that the saying of retailers opening because the consumers are asking them to is false.

Comparison Of Sam's Club And Costco

Since the strong customer base is in the suburban areas of the country, these stores are really only in suburban areas because that’s the only place where there is enough land to have these stores. According to the ULI’s survey, 13% of millennials live downtown or near down town, 35% live in city neighborhoods, 13% live in dense older suburbs close to the city (still considered urban),

Inventors During 1865-1900

People were attracted to these department stores because they were so impressive. They offered items that had never been offered before, and made certain services

Urban Outfitters Essay

History Roommates at Lehigh University Richard Hayne and Scott Belair founded urban Outfitters in 1970. The two were just getting back from doing internships and volunteer work after completing their freshman year of college. Coming back for their sophomore year, the two discussed ideas of a store that sells inexpensive clothes and accessories for dorm rooms. The two open Free People Store in Philadelphia investing $5,000, the store sold inexpensive wore clothes, drug paraphernalia, candles, shirts, and jewelry. Successfully staying in business the two changed the name from Free People Store to Urban Outfitters.

Sioux Empire Mall Seizure Analysis

The passage “Grand Mall Seizure” is the mall’s habits from a shopper’s perspective on the mall. Daniel Alarcon explains what it is like to be in a mall with over 500 stores. Alarcon explains that it is chaos, everyone is scrambling around and it is loud. Alarcon says, “Shopping centers that not only served a community’s physical needs, but its civic, and social needs as well.” (Alarcon, 293)

Why Is Newton Kcs Such A Good City

We moved here because my dad got a new job. He had to move from California to Newton. It was okay at first since we had a few family members, but after I had to go to school, I was already regretting my whole life. Until, I met some nice great friends. Then it got better that 's why I think that Newton is a great city to

Lewiston Research Paper

About Lewiston Home to more than 32,000 residents the city of Lewiston is a great place to settle down, raise a family, or retire. Located in one of the most beautiful areas of the U.S., the town of Lewiston is a great place to call home. A city composed of beautiful and safe neighborhoods, the town is brimming with small town charm and friendly residents. New comers to the city are sure to feel right at home in the warm and inviting community of Lewiston. History Of Lewiston The city of Lewiston and its twin city Clarkston were both named in honor of the well-known American explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.

The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Personal Response

While I do not like moving, I like the adventure and challenge of the situations. There are a lot of places that I would like to experience, but my home will always remain at our farm here in

Personal Narrative: Laredo

was born in a small town in Texas known as Laredo. It was a poor city and was basically the border town to Mexico, it was always a mess, always hot, and only snowed once in 2002. Even though the city I was born in was harsh place, I had a great family that raised me well and taught me how to be respectful to my elders. Home was always different, every 2 to 3 years we always moved around so I really didn’t have many friends, until I moved to San Antonio is where I found a great home in 2007, the neighborhood was filled with nice people and each house actually had a lawn and not just broken cars or dried dirt in the front porches. The community was fantastic as well, the people and atmosphere we lived in when we moved to San Antonio was so much better than Laredo because people were actually nice to you and everyone didn’t look like they were going to cause trouble.

Brutality In Chicago

Without a lot of people around me, I feel it is too quiet, so if I ever plan to live in a suburb, I don’t know how I will live. Also,

Impact Of Urbanization In The Gilded Age

Some may say that there were many problems because of rapid urbanization. Some situations in the list of problems in the city include housing shortages, the environmental conditions, and crime. However, efforts and solutions were made to fix these complications. To fix problems of urbanization, there were early reforms to provide

Essay On Housing Discrimination

Maintain status quo. According to a survey of mayors, most of them expressed desire for higher housing values. For them, the ideal neighborhood is “older areas that have maintained housing values.” In light with economic imperatives and logic, mayors need to prioritize economic growth.

Essay On American Consumerism

The American wealthy ‘difficult decision’ is which sport car to drive to work: blue, red or yellow. Or where to go for vacation, Paris or New York. American consumerism places gains or importance upon satisfying excessive consumption of material goods or services. Beyond any reasonable needs or even wants. Basic consumption is to satisfy basic human needs-safety, shelter, food, clothing, health care, education.

Should Cars Be Banned From Big Cities Essay

First of all, cars should be banned from big cities for the cause of pollution it makes in the streets. Pollution has become a serious and dangerous problem in big cities

Consumer Buying Behaviour Essay

Consumer is one who consumes the goods & services product. The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy the Consumer needs and wants. The modern marketing concept makes customers the centre stage of organisation efforts. The focus, within the marketing concepts is to reach target and largest customer’s sets ball rolling for analysing each of the conditions of the target market1. Consumer behaviour can be defined as “the decision making process and physical activity involved in acquiring, evaluating, using and disposing of goods and services”.

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Essay on Shopping Mall

Students are often asked to write an essay on Shopping Mall in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on Shopping Mall

What is a shopping mall.

A shopping mall is a large building with many stores. These stores sell different things like clothes, shoes, toys, books, and food. People go to malls to shop, eat, and have fun. Malls are usually very busy, especially on weekends.

Layout of a Shopping Mall

A shopping mall has many levels. Each level has many stores. There’s also a food court where you can eat. Some malls have movie theaters, play areas for kids, and even skating rinks. Malls are designed to make shopping easy and enjoyable.

Benefits of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are convenient. You can find many different things in one place. Malls also have sales and discounts which help people save money. They are also a great place to meet friends and spend time together.

Challenges with Shopping Malls

While malls are fun, they can also be crowded. Finding parking can be hard. Sometimes, malls can be expensive too. It’s important to be careful with money when shopping at a mall.

In conclusion, shopping malls are a popular place for shopping, eating, and fun. They offer convenience but can also be crowded and expensive. It’s important to plan and budget when going to a mall.

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250 Words Essay on Shopping Mall

A shopping mall is a big building that has many different stores. It is like a big market under one roof. You can find a variety of goods and services in a shopping mall. From clothes, shoes, and toys to food, electronics, and books, you can find almost everything.

Features of a Shopping Mall

Most shopping malls have a wide range of facilities. They have parking lots for cars and bikes. Inside, they have elevators and escalators for easy movement. Some malls also have movie theaters, play zones for kids, and food courts with different types of food.

Advantages of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are very convenient. You can buy many things in one place. They save time and energy. They are also a great place to hang out with friends or family. They offer comfort and fun, along with shopping.

Disadvantages of Shopping Malls

Despite the benefits, shopping malls also have some downsides. They can be very crowded, especially on weekends. Prices can also be higher compared to local markets. Lastly, they can lead to impulse buying, which means buying things you don’t really need.

To sum up, shopping malls are a modern way to shop. They offer a wide range of goods and services under one roof. They have some advantages like convenience and variety, but also some disadvantages like higher prices and crowds. Still, they are a popular choice for shopping and entertainment.

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500 Words Essay on Shopping Mall

Introduction to shopping malls.

Shopping malls are large buildings filled with many different stores. These stores sell a variety of items, like clothes, shoes, toys, electronics, and food. Shopping malls are a popular place for people to shop because they offer a wide range of products under one roof.

Structure of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are usually multi-storied buildings. Each floor has a number of shops or stores. There are also escalators or elevators to help people move from one floor to another. Most malls have a food court, where there are many different types of food stalls. Some shopping malls even have movie theaters, play zones for kids, and other entertainment facilities.

Shopping malls offer many benefits. First, they save time. Instead of going to different places to buy different things, you can find everything you need in one place. This makes shopping easier and more convenient. Second, shopping malls offer a wide variety of products. You can compare prices and quality before making a purchase. Lastly, shopping malls are a great place to socialize. You can meet friends, have a meal together, or just spend time browsing the stores.

Challenges of Shopping Malls

Despite the benefits, there are also challenges with shopping malls. One of the main challenges is that they can be very crowded, especially on weekends and holidays. This can make shopping stressful and tiring. Another challenge is that items in shopping malls can be more expensive than in local markets or online stores. This is because the shops in the malls need to pay for their rent and other expenses.

Impact of Shopping Malls on Society

Shopping malls have a big impact on society. They have changed the way people shop and spend their leisure time. Many people prefer to go to shopping malls because they offer a comfortable and convenient shopping environment. They also create jobs for many people, from shopkeepers to security guards. On the other hand, shopping malls can also lead to increased consumerism. People may buy things they don’t really need just because they are available and easy to buy.

In conclusion, shopping malls are an important part of modern life. They offer a convenient place to shop, eat, and have fun. Despite the challenges, they continue to be popular with people of all ages. It is important to be mindful of our spending habits in malls and make wise choices. Shopping malls are more than just places to shop – they are also places where we can spend time with friends and family, and enjoy our leisure time.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Describe A Shopping Mall Essay

Dollar general industry and competitive analysis.

When examining competitive advantage, it is also important to consider the market and take into account the existing competition against larger firms.

Essay Suburban Regional Shopping Malls: Can the Magic Be Restored?

Just like before, malls are and will continue to be an entertaining shopping experience. As entertainment changes - so do the entertainment requirements in a mall or outdoor shopping area. Adding more and better forms of entertainment and updating them regularly can keep the shopping experience relevant, and keep shoppers coming back to see what’s new.

The Mall Of America By David Guterson Essay

A vivid depiction about the mall’s ……………. around it gives the audience the impression of already visiting the mall. The press kit contained a array of details concerning the mall:

Sociological Observation

The North Hanover Mall is an average shopping center with various stores and small attractions. Typically, the mall is not over-crowded; however, during the evenings and weekends it is well-traveled. There are the average chain stores such as JCPenny’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hallmark, and Bath and Body Works. Likewise, there are some smaller, lesser known stores, for example, a few nail and hair salons, cafes, a pizza shop, and a sports apparel store. In general, there is a diverse mix of people shopping, from ethnicity to ages and group sizes. The night I choose to do my social observation the mall was much busier than I had anticipated. There was a Halloween event and an antique car show; both circumstances brought more individuals than usual into the shopping complex.

Unit 30 LO2

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Task 4 (P2.3) - Explain what the different forms of customer traffic flows are, with examples

4) Location- Decisions about where to locate a store are critical to any retailer’s success. Location decisions are particularly important because of their high cost, long-term commitment and impact on customer patronage. Choosing a particular location type involves evaluating a series of trade-offs. These trade-offs generally include the occupancy cost of location, the pedestrian and vehicle customer traffic associated with the location, the restrictions placed on the store operations by the property managers, and the convince of the location for customers.

No Safety In Numbers Book Report

The mall in this book is much larger than the mall in my town. “From there it was a quick jog around the central fountain to the elevators up to the third floor, which contains a multiplex theater, giant bookstore, bowling alley, ice-skating rink, and sit-down

Endured: The Mall Of America

From the moment one enters the mall doors it becomes a mission. A mission to spend money in a selfish manner in attempt to feel better about oneself. In a crowd full of people all with the same intention, many malls have conquered our mindsets into believing we’re a community by coming together with no purpose. The mall is in fact a beast with attracting qualities. From the Stores, and food to the shiny floors and fancy designs.

The United State Census Bureau

According, the United State Census Bureau, the U.S. population is increasing, every eight seconds a child is born. With the population increasing sort of rapidly the construction of new neighborhoods it is going to be necessary to house these prospering families. Also, the establishment of stores are going to be needed. Therefore, neighborhood stores are going to become available and malls too, but they both are going to vary in certain aspects. Neighborhood stores are stores that provides accommodations to the locals. Malls, on the other hand, are large buildings made of multiple competitive retails stores. Nevertheless, neighborhood stores and malls seem very similar, but when looking at their square footages, remoteness from home, and marketability, they are quite different.

Social Observation Of The Southlands Mall In Centennial

To Begin, let me give you a visual of the mall. The Southlands mall is a large outdoor mall that’s filled with shops, diners and entertainment. I thought I would sit near Town Square which is in the center of the mall. I could see majority of the store from here. There were a lot of mothers out watching their children play in the water fountain and at the park.

Ggr252 Notes

To gain a better understanding of the retail and commercial activity in the Toronto area, two different types of retail will be evaluated in the following report. The character, market orientation and location of a retail space all play crucial role in contributing to the success of the business. All three aspects of the retail spheres will be carefully assessed in order to make direct comparisons between the two types of retail businesses. The two retail systems that will be contrasted includes the ancillary retail system in downtown Toronto and the Retail Strip on Spadina, south of Baldwin.

Ritual Analysis

Pointing and sprinting from store to store, bags in hand and wallet held tight. The sounds of screaming, laughing, and talking fill the space. Cash registers beaming and cards being swiped. There’s just no other place like this; a shopping mall. Today, buying clothes or items of interest is highly popular. All of one’s favorite stores feet away from each other, this ritual is composed of elements that might not seem very evident without looking close enough. At the International Plaza in beautiful Tampa Florida, I conducted observations and my own experiences as well to analysis this ritual as a cultural phenomenon. Through this research, we can understand the true meaning of a shopping mall.

Waltz on the Danube Essay

The purpose of this case is to establish the viability of the €75 million shopping center project located along the Danube River in the city of Gyor. As the director of Hungarian operations for ECE Projektmanagement Dr. Philipp von Wilmowsky had worked for two years on the 30,300 square meter shopping center. So while Gyor lack significant a shopping center thus creating a site that had great potential there were several major questions that would define the success of the project.

Case Analysis: Rue 21

Rue 21 is one of the many retailers that are geared towards teens, however what set them apart from the rest is their affordability. This company strives to keep all of its merchandise under 35 dollars. Rue 21 has locations in various strip malls with 52 percent, regional mall 31 percent and outlet centers 17 there are pros and cons that affect the company for each of them (Berman, 2009). Having this store in a strip center can be a really great thing for consumers put not such a positive thing for the company as a whole. The positive to a strip mall is that it is easily accessible for customers to find and shop at the location. Strip malls have less congestion when it comes to parking, which makes for a more pleasurable for shoppers like

Compare And Contrast Online Shopping In Store Shopping

Shopping in a store where the extended enterprise trade and international exchange with the developed countries. At the shopping mall, there are many department stores, shops, including many types of venue. Whether is a suburb of the city streets, city center or outlet center shopping mall corner convenience store, in life there are much traditional shopping location choices. Traditional retail is more dependent on location. Online shopping is usually at home or Office, you can use the convenient online computer search. Generally, the usual discussion the online shopping takes place on the internet website, so the location does not play an important role in online

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My Favourite Shopping Place: a Shopping Mall

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Introduction, the appeal of shopping malls, my favourite aspects of shopping malls, works cited.

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essay shopping centre

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Ielts essay sample 1121 - shopping in shopping centers or local markets, ielts writing task 2/ ielts essay:, some people prefer shopping in shopping centres while others prefer local markets. what are the advantages of each which shopping experience do you prefer.

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essay shopping centre

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Shopping Malls Essays

Shopping malls.

Shopping Malls Since industrialization pulled off the farm into the factory, department stores were invented and advertisement emerged. This caused consumerism to become a fundamental base of our culture. If consumerism had become a religion, well its temple would probably be shopping malls. Malls turned out to be the central institution of our modern consumer culture. Its environment is full of advertisement and lures which takes the consumer¡¦s soul into the ¡§temptation to buy¡¨ world. The

The First Shopping Mall

Victor Gruen, the man credited with designing the first shopping mall in the early 1950s, designed plans for new shopping malls to be created, he typically specified land that was to be included and used for community and civic purposes. That may come to a surprise to many people; as the majority of shopping malls today rarely include such luxuries. Land adjacent to shopping malls is usually prime real estate, and to increase their revenue malls often sell off the farthest areas of their parking lots;

Description Of Shopping Malls

business that we are doing is organizing and managing a shopping mall. We play the roles of investors and owners of the shopping mall. The name of our company is 4.0 Holdings and we name our shopping mall Holland 4.0. We are a group of passionate people who are inspired by successful entrepreneurs to purchase a land to invest in a shopping mall. We want to innovate and create a new shopping experience for people who visit our shopping mall. Since Singapore is encouraging young entrepreneurs, the

Fayette Shopping Mall

Something Clever About Malls In 1956 the first shopping mall opened, and within a few short decades, hundreds of malls had opened across the US. These spaces were created to provide communities and commodities, which were often found downtown, to the suburban population. In recent years, malls have been struggling to stay commercially competitive in a world increasingly reliant on online shopping. Of course, malls were designed with the secondary purpose of serving as community hubs. While

Dying Shopping Malls

Source Article: Khouri, Andrew. “Dying Shopping Malls Can Make Room for New Condos and Apartments, Helping Ease the Housing Crisis.” Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times, 29 Sept. 2017, Contextualizing Paragraphs: CP1 Shopping malls are seeing a significant decrease in popularity across America. What was once appealing to the post-war generation for its easy access, consumer convenience has taken on new forms. Conglomerate online

The History Of Shopping Malls

History of Shopping Malls Before the creation of shopping malls was ever envisioned, there were shopping centers. “A group of commercial establishments planned, developed, owned, and managed as a unit related in location, size, and type of shops to the trade area the unit serves; it provides on-site parking in definite relationship to the types and sizes of stores” (Carlson 13). “Shopping centers were built to cater to families migrating to suburban areas” (Carlson 13). Although shopping centers accommodated

Essay About Shopping Malls

LITERATURE REVIEW Visiting a shopping mall is an everyday activity for most. Shopping malls have become a central hub for a diverse set of activities ranging from being an access point to satisfy basic needs for food and clothing to being a social mecca where customers can engage in common interests. Over the last decade, the influx of competitors in the mall arena has forced managers to develop strategies that elevate themselves above the competition. As a result, different malls have deliberately introduced

The Death Of Shopping Malls In America

The fall of Shopping Malls A mall used to be a staple in American suburban communities, but is the rise of online retailing to blame for the death of shopping centers around America? Malls are shutting down across the nation; analysts estimating that 1 out of every 4 malls will close their doors for good in by the year 2022 (“The Death and Life,” 42). More than 8,600 stores have closed down this year alone from lack of business circulation and many businesses are close to the same fatality. There

The Modern Day Shopping Mall

The modern day shopping mall represents security. It is a long thread that winds through each resident of this country, binding the public tightly together. No person is untouched by this fascinating structure. It provides commonality in such a diverse population, and with that commonality comes comfort. Recently, I spent time at the Southside Works Shopping Center located in the city of Pittsburgh. Southside Works fits the profile of the average 21st century mall, complete with a movie theater

Role Of Entertainment In Shopping Mall

Nowadays, competition between shopping malls and other types of shopping destination or shopping format has influence spending money behaviours at the mall. Therefore, mall managements should face lessening shoppers’ patronage and mall’s profitability. In order to cope with increasing competition and meet competitive advantage, they can utilize differentiation, cost leadership or focus strategy (Porter 1980 and 198, cited in Hill 1988, p. 81). In terms of differentiation, entertainment has been a

A Report On The Shopping Mall Parking Lot At A Shopping Center

Cruisers Merchants at a shopping center have turned in repeated complaints against teenagers cruising the mall parking lot, having said it creates overwhelming traffic on weekends. The City Merchants’ Association pressured city council to pass an ordinance against cruising, however, the definition of cruising is vague and open-ended. Police officers issued warnings before giving citations, but the situation has declined further due to rising hostilities between the teenagers and patrol officers

What Is Las Vegas Shopping Malls

Las Vegas Shopping Malls - A Satisfaction and Enjoyable Las Vegas is popular not just for its fantastic gambling establishments, hotels and resorts however for its shopping center also. Among the most well-known shopping malls and Las Vegas Attractions in the city is the Fashion Show Mall. It lies on the Las Vegas Strip and it is among the world's biggest confined shopping centers. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are complimentary for the buyers fashion reveals in the shopping mall. It has

The Importance Of Shopping Malls

Shopping malls have become meeting places, similar to town halls in the old west. Malls are where people go to explore and experience everything retailers have to offer while indulging in their own personal sport of acquiring different products. The question of what malls bring to society has been questioned for years do they promote rapid consumerism or a life of luxury. Victor Gruen, the inventor of shopping malls, saw these centers as a source of community similar to his homeland in Europe. Most

Research Paper On Shopping Malls

Spend, Spend Anyone living in a more developed country has walked into a shopping mall at some point in their life. People usually walk in to buy merchandise or just to hang out with friends. One thing that you will notice when at the mall, people always walk out of there with their hands full of items they just bought. It is very rare that someone walks in and out of the mall without buying anything. Shopping malls have mastered the way in which they persuade the average passerby to get interested

The Challenges Of Town Shopping Centers And Retail Malls

It is known that town shopping centres and edge-of-town retail parks provide customers with greater range of goods and is a competition to high streets. As Colin J. Davis (1997: 6 - 7) claims high streets can succeed if they provide with appealing environment, great facilities and outstanding design quality. ! ! First of all, to understand and solve the problem it is important to realise what has caused it. Nowadays a car is a basic need therefore people can easily access retail parks that are located

Tearing Down a City to Build a Shopping Mall

Tearing Down a City to Build a Shopping Mall I exited US Highway 101 South at Madonna Road, squinting into the sun through the windshield of a friends borrowed truck. As I neared the Central Coast Plaza that includes Staples, Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers, I wondered what was to become of the Dalidio farmland, just south of the shopping center. 130acres of farmland sit just ten yards from the center, separated only by the newly paved Dalidio Road. I thought about how neat it is that

Comparing The Public Use Of Shopping Malls In Australia And America

The Public Use of Shopping Malls in Australia and America Shopping malls are a prevalent part of both Australian and American societies. People of all races, creeds, ages, and social status flock to malls to participate in what John Fiske labels as the “conflict of consumerism” (284). However, he calls it the “conflict of consumerism” because recently there have been problems with disruptive teenagers interfering with potential buyers and posing a safety threat both to other shoppers

Traditional Shopping Malls: Literature Review Of Online Shopping

market is increasingly being taken over by large retail chains .Most of these stores are called high street stores. Gradually high street stores are being re-grouped at one location called Malls. These are more defined and planned spaces for retail stores and brands ,i.e.- Walmart. Figure 4.1 Traditional Shopping Mall The customer can shop and order through the internet and the merchandise is dropped at the customer's doorstep or an e-tailer. Here the retailers use drop shipping technique. They accept

What Is A Visit To Dubai Mall Essay

This city attracts a lot of shopping tourists within this region and also from Eastern Europe, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent, whereas boutiques, electronics shops, department stores and supermarkets mostly operated on decisive prices whereas some shops also give discount on various event or on the basis to make a nice relationship with the customer. Dubai is well known for its District which is located on the side of Creek. • Dhow trip on Dubai Creek. Very mediocre food, a silly dance as

Selfridges Case Study

The Selfridges And SKP Beijing Introduction This essay is compare with two shopping center ‘Selfridges’ and ‘SKP Beijing’. Selfridges will be analysed thought by my own observation and experience and compered with SKP Beijing shopping center. Selfridges and SKP Beijing have a lot of differences, such as company models and company philosophies. However, Selfridges and SKP Beijing also have some commons in the company type and good service. This essay will begin with describing some company detail


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    Are you passionate about animals and looking for ways to help them in your local community? One impactful way to make a difference is by supporting animal rescue centres. In today’s digital age, finding information is just a few clicks away...

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    Shopping malls have made the shopping of people very convenient as they get almost everything from one same roof. These shopping malls are constructed

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    At a mall, the shops are mostly international chain stores and a lot of the products are imported. Would you like to live in yout hometown for the rest of your

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    Retail Experience. The mall offers an unparalleled retail experience, hosting a diverse mix of both local and international brands. The well-

  7. Essay on Shopping Mall

    Shopping malls are very convenient. You can buy many things in one place. They save time and energy. They are also a great place to hang out with friends or

  8. Shopping Center Essay

    Shopping Center The shopping center seemed to sweep upwards from the ground, its 5 princely floors all overflowing with shops, burger

  9. Shopping Mall Review Essay

    Every corner of the mall is meticulously maintained, offering ample seating options and soothing lighting. This attention to detail creates an environment that

  10. Describe A Shopping Mall Essay

    On the first floor there is a supermarket. On the third floor there is a big leisure complex with 4 fast food restaurants and a cinema. Shopping mall is

  11. Benefits of Shopping on Shopping Malls Free Essay Example

    By doing shopping in the mall people can meet with lots of people and also can spend their valuable time with their beloved persons besides buying things. When

  12. My Favourite Shopping Place: A Shopping Mall

    Also, shopping malls are for all ages, not just teenagers, and for all kinds of different people. Say no to plagiarism. Get a tailor-made essay

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    Personally, I prefer shopping centres over local markets. On the one hand, modern shopping malls have a far better environment and a variety of

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    Free Essays from 123 Help Me | Shopping Malls Since industrialization pulled off the farm into the factory, department stores were invented and