134 Economics Thesis Topics: Ideas for Outstanding Writing

economics undergraduate dissertation topics

Writing a thesis is not an easy task. For most of the students, it can be even intimidating, especially when you do not know where to start your research.

Here, we have provided an economics thesis topics list. After all, everyone knows that choosing the right idea is crucial when writing an academic paper. In economics, it can combine history, math, social studies, politics, and numerous other subjects. You should also have solid foundations and a sound factual basis for a thesis. Without these elements, you won’t be able to master your research paper.

The issue is:

It is not always clear what could be seen as an excellent economics thesis topic. Our experts can assist you with this challenge. This list contains some outstanding examples to get you started.

  • ⭐ Thesis in Economics
  • 🔥 Supreme Thesis Topics
  • 👍 Bachelor’s Thesis
  • 😲 Master’s Thesis

📊 Microeconomics

📈 macroeconomics.

  • 🤔 Developmental
  • 👨‍💼 Behavioral
  • 💼 Financial
  • 🌱 Agricultural
  • 🤝‍ Sociology
  • 📚 Ph.D. Topics
  • 📝 How to Pick a Topic

⭐ What Does a Thesis in Economics Look Like?

A good thesis in economics is a blend between an empirical paper and a theoretical one. One of the essential steps in choosing a topic in economics is to decide which one you will write.

You may write, research, analyze statistical data and other information. Or build and study a specific economic model.

Or why not both!

Here are some questions you can ask when deciding what topic to choose:

  • What has already been written on this topic?
  • What economic variables will my paper study?
  • Where should I look for the data?
  • What econometrics techniques should I use?
  • What type of model will I study?

The best way to understand what type of research you have to do is to write a thesis proposal. You will most probably be required to submit it anyway. Your thesis supervisor will examine your ideas, methods, list of secondary and primary sources. At some universities, the proposal will be graded.

Master’s thesis and Bachelor’s thesis have three main differences.

After you get the initial feedback, you will have a clear idea of what to adjust before writing your thesis. Only then, you’ll be able to start.

🔥 Supreme Economics Thesis Topics List

  • Fast fashion in India.
  • The UK housing prices.
  • Brexit and European trade.
  • Behavioral economics.
  • Healthcare macroeconomics.
  • COVID-19’s economic impact.
  • Global gender wage gap.
  • Commodity dependence in Africa.
  • International trade – developing countries.
  • Climate change and business development.

👍 Economics Bachelor’s Thesis Topics

At the U.S. Universities, an undergraduate thesis is very uncommon. However, it depends on the Department Policy.

The biggest challenge with the Bachelor’s Thesis in economics concerns its originality. Even though you are not required to conduct entirely unique research, you have to lack redundant ideas.

You can easily avoid making this mistake by simply choosing one of these topics. Also, consider visiting IvyPanda essays database. It’s a perfect palce to conduct a brainstorming session and come up with fresh ideas for a paper, as well as get tons of inspiration.

  • The impact of the oil industry on the economic development of Nigeria. The oil industry is vital for the economic development of Nigeria. In this thesis, students can discuss the notion of the resource curse. Analyze the reasons why general people are not benefiting from the oil industry. Why did it produce very little change in the social and economic growth of the country?
  • Sports Marketing and Advertising: the impact it has on the consumers.
  • Economic opportunities and challenges of investing in Kenya .
  • Economic Development in the Tourism Industry in Africa. Since the early 1990s, tourism significantly contributed to the economic growth of African countries. In this thesis, students can talk about the characteristics of the tourist sector in Africa. Or elaborate on specific countries and how their national development plans look like.
  • Globalization and its significance to business worldwide .
  • Economic risks connected to investing in Turkey .
  • The decline in employment rates as the biggest American economy challenge .
  • The economics of alcohol abuse problems. In this thesis, students can develop several essential issues. First, they can examine how poverty is connected to alcohol abuse. Second, they can see the link between alcohol consumption and productivity. To sum up, students can elaborate on the economic costs of alcohol abuse.
  • Causes and solutions for unemployment in Great Britain.
  • Parallel perspective on Global Economic Order: China and America. This thesis can bring a comparative analysis of the economies to a new level. China and The US are the world’s two largest economies. These two countries have a significant impact on the global economic order. So, looking at the set of institutions, policies, rules can be constructive.
  • The new international economic order after COVID-19
  • Financial stability of the banking sector in China.
  • New Electronic Payment Services in Russia.
  • The influence of culture on different entrepreneurial behaviors.
  • The impact of natural cultural practices on entrepreneurial activity.
  • The relationships between national culture and individual behavior.
  • The main reasons for salary inequalities in different parts of the U.S.

😲 Economics Master’s Thesis Topics

Student life can be fascinating, but it comes with its challenges. One of which is selecting your Master’s thesis topic.

Here is a list of topics for a Master’s thesis in economics. Are you pursuing MPhil in Economics and writing a thesis? Use the following ideas as an inspiration for that. They can also be helpful if you are working on a Master’s thesis in financial economics.

  • The impact of visual aid in teaching home economics.
  • The effect of income changes in consumer behaviors in America.
  • Forces behind socio-economic inequalities in the United States. This thesis can explore three critical factors for socio-economic differences in the United States. In the past 30 years, social disparities increased in the United States. Some of the main reasons are technology, trade, and institutions.
  • The relationships between economic growth and international development.
  • Technological innovations and their influence on green and environmental products.
  • The economics of non-solar renewable energy .

Renewable energy is beneficial for various economic reasons.

  • The economic consequences of terrorism . Terrorism not only takes away lives and destroys property but also widely affects the economy. It creates uncertainty in the market, increases insurance claims, slows down investment projects, and tourism. This thesis can address all of the ways in which terrorism can affect economies.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) implementation in the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa.
  • Use of incentives in behavioral economics.
  • Economic opportunities and challenges of sustainable communities .
  • Economics of nuclear power plants.
  • Aid and financial help for emerging markets. This topic is very versatile. Students can look at both the positive and the adverse effects that funding has on the development. There are plenty of excellent examples. Besides, some theories call international help a form of neocolonialism.
  • Multinational firms impact on economic growth in America .
  • The effect of natural disasters on economic development in Asia.
  • The influence of globalization on emerging markets and economic development.

📑 More Economics Thesis Topics: Theme

For some students, it makes more sense to center their search around a certain subject. Sometimes you have an econ area that interests you. You may have an idea about what you want to write, but you did not decide what it will be.

If that’s the case with you, then these economics thesis topics ideas are for you.

  • An analysis of the energy market in Russia.
  • The impact of game theory on economic development.
  • The connection between minimum wage and market equilibrium.
  • Gender differences in the labor market in the United States. This topic can shed light on gender differences in the labor market in the United States. In the past years, the overall inequality in labor in the markets decreased. However, there is still a lot of work that can be done.
  • Economic reasons that influence the prices of oil .
  • Relationship between the Lorenz curve and the Gini coefficient.
  • Challenges of small businesses in the market economy.
  • The changes in oil prices: causes and solutions . Universal economic principles do not always apply to the sale and purchase of the oil. The same happens with its cost. In the thesis, talk about what affects the prices. What are the solutions that can be implemented?
  • The economic analysis of the impact of immigration on the American economy.

Immigration has a little long-run effect on Americans’ wages.

  • Economic inequality as a result of globalization . Economic inequality becomes even more apparent on the global level. There is a common belief that globalization is the cause of that. Discuss what can be the solutions to these problems. This topic is vital to minimize the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • The economic explanation of political dishonesty .
  • Effect of Increasing Interest rates costs in Africa .
  • The connection between game theory and microeconomics.
  • Marketing uses in microeconomics.
  • Financial liability in human-made environmental disasters.
  • Banks and their role in the economy. Banks are crucial elements of any economy, and this topic covers why. You can explain how banks allow the goods and services to be exchanged. Talk about why banks are so essential for economic growth and stability.
  • Inflation in the US and ways to reduce its impact.
  • The connection between politics and economics.
  • Income Dynamics and demographic economics.
  • US Market Liquidity and macroeconomics.
  • Macroeconomics and self-correction of the economy .
  • The American economy, monetary policy, and monopolies .
  • The importance of control in macroeconomics. One of the central topics in macroeconomics is grouped around the issue of control. It is quite reasonable that control over money and resources should become a topic of discussion.
  • Analysis of Africa’s macroeconomics and its performance.
  • Economics of education in developing markets.
  • Problems and possible solutions for Japan macroeconomics .
  • Comparative analysis of British macroeconomics concerning the US .
  • Public policies and socio-economic disparities.
  • The world problems through macroeconomic analysis. Indeed, macroeconomics is very complicated. There are many influences, details, and intricacies in it. However, it allows economists to use this complex set of tools to examine the world’s leading problems today.

There are four main problems in macroeconomics.

  • The connection between employment interest and money.

🤔 Development Economics

  • Economics of development . This topic is very rich in content. First, explain what it is. Then pay particular attention to domestic and international policies that affect development, income distribution, and economic growth.
  • The relation between development and incentive for migration.
  • The impact of natural disasters on the economy and political stability of emerging markets.
  • The economic consequences of population growth in developing countries.
  • The role of industrialization in developing countries . The industrialization has been connected with the development. It promotes capital formation and catalyzes economic growth in emerging markets. In this thesis, you can talk about this correlation.
  • Latin American economic development.
  • Gender inequality and socio-economic development .
  • Problems of tax and taxation in connection with economic growth.
  • The economic impact of terrorism on developing markets.
  • Religious decline as a key to economic development. Not everyone knows, but a lot of research has been done in the past years on the topic. It argues that decreased religious activity is connected with increased economic growth. This topic is quite controversial. Students who decide to write about it should be extra careful and polite.

👨‍💼 Behavioral Economics

  • Risk Preferences in Rural South Africa.
  • Behavioral Economics and Finance .
  • Applied behavioral economics in marketing strategies. If you want to focus your attention on marketing, this topic is for you. Behavioral economics provides a peculiar lens to look at marketing strategies. It allows marketers to identify common behaviors and adapt their marketing strategies.
  • The impact of behavioral finance on investment decisions.
  • Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs in North Texas.
  • Guidelines for Behavioral Economics in Healthcare Sector.
  • Cognitive and behavioral theories in economics .
  • Cross-cultural consumer behavior and marketing communication. Consumers are not only affected by personal characteristics, but also by the culture they are living in. This topic focuses on the extent it should determine marketing strategy and communication.
  • Behavior implications of wealth and inequality.

The richest population holds a huge portion of the national income.

  • Optimism and pessimism for future behavior.

💼 Financial Economics

  • Financial Economics for Infrastructure and Fiscal Policy .
  • The use of the economic concept of human capital. Students can focus on the dichotomy between human and nonhuman capital. Many economists believe that human capital is the most crucial of all. Some approach this issue differently. Therefore, students should do their research and find where they stand on this issue.
  • The analysis of the global financial crisis of 2020s. Share your thoughts, predictions, ideas. Analyze the economic situation that affects almost everyone in the world. This thesis topic will be fresh and original. It can help to start a good and fruitful conversation.
  • The big data economic challenges for Volvo car.
  • The connection between finance, economics, and accounting.
  • Financial economics: Banks competition in the UK .
  • Risk-Taking by mutual funds as a response to incentives.
  • Managerial economics and financial accounting as a basis for business decisions.
  • Stock market overreaction.

🌱 Agricultural Economics

  • Agricultural economics and agribusiness.
  • The vulnerability of agricultural business in African countries.
  • Agricultural economics and environmental considerations of biofuels .
  • Farmer’s contribution to agricultural social capital.
  • Agricultural and resource economics. Agricultural and resource economics plays a huge role in development. They are subdivided into four main characteristics which in this topic, students can talk about: – mineral and energy resources; – soil resources, water resources; – biological resources. One or even all of them can be a focus of the thesis.
  • Water as an economic good in irrigated agriculture.
  • Agriculture in the economic development of Iran.
  • The US Agricultural Food Policy and Production .
  • Pesticides usage on agricultural products in California.

The region of greatest pesticide use was San Joaquin Valley.

  • An analysis of economic efficiency in agriculture. A lot of research has been done on the question of economic efficiency in agriculture. However, it does not mean there is no place for your study. You have to read a lot of secondary sources to see where your arguments can fit.

🤝‍Economic Sociology

  • Theory, approach, and method in economics sociology.
  • Economic sociology of capitalism. While economists believe in the positive effect capitalism has on the economy, the social effect is quite different. The “economic” part of the issue has been studied a lot. However, the sociology of it has been not. This thesis can be very intriguing to read.
  • Political Economy and Economic Sociology.
  • Gender and economic sociology .
  • Progress, sociology, and economics.
  • Data analysis in economics, sociology, environment .
  • Economic sociology as a way to understand the human mind.
  • Economic sociology of money.
  • Economics, sociology, and psychology of security.
  • Major principles of economic sociology. In the past decade, economic sociology became an increasingly popular field. Mainly due to it giving a new view on economics, human mind, and behavior. Besides, it explores relationships between politics, law, culture, and gender.

📚 The List of Ph.D. Topics in Economics

If you decide to go to grad school to do your Masters, you will likely end up getting a Ph.D. as well. So, with this plan in mind, think about a field that interests you enough during your Masters. Working with the same topic for both graduate degrees is easier and more effective.

This list of Ph.D. Topics in Economics can help you identify the areas you can work on.

  • Occupational injuries in Pakistan and its effect on the economy. Injuries are the leading cause of the global burden of disability. Globally, Pakistan was ranked 9th populated country with a large number of unskilled workers. In this dissertation, consider the link between occupational injuries and their effects on the economy.
  • The study of the Philippines’ economic development.

The Philippine economy is projected to continue on its expansionary path.

  • Financial derivatives and climate change .
  • Econometric Analysis of Financial Markets.
  • Islamic Banking and Financial Markets .
  • Health economics and policy in the UK.
  • Health insurance: rationale and economic justification. In this dissertation, students can find different ways to explain and justify health insurance. Starting to philosophical to purely economic grounds. In the past years, there was a lot of discussion regarding the healthcare system for all. What are some of the economic benefits of that?
  • Colombian economy, economic growth, and inequality.
  • Benefits of mergers and acquisitions in agribusiness.
  • Methods to measure financial risks when investing in Africa.
  • The significance of financial economics in understanding the relationship between a country’s GDP and NDP.
  • Network effects in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are not new anymore. However, it is still an original subject for a dissertation. Students can decide to choose several crypto coins and evaluate the importance of the network effect. This effect is particularly significant for Bitcoin. Explain why.
  • The comparison of the Chinese growth model with the American growth model.
  • An economic justification versus political expediency.
  • Pollution Externalities Role in Management Economics .

📝 How to Select an Economics Thesis Topic

As your academic journey is coming to an end, it’s time to pick the right topic for your thesis. The whole academic life you were preparing to undertake this challenge.

Here is the list of six points that will help you to select an economics thesis topic:

  • Make sure it is something you are genuinely interested in. It is incredibly challenging to write something engaging if you are not interested in the topic. So, choose wisely and chose what excites you.
  • Draw inspiration from the previous student’s projects. A great place to start is by looking at what the previous students wrote. You can find some fresh ideas and a general direction.
  • Ask your thesis advisor for his feedback. Most probably, your thesis advisor supervised many students before. They can be a great help too because they know how to assess papers. Before meeting with your professor, do some basic research, and understand what topic is about.
  • Be original, but not too much. You do not want to spend your time writing about a project that many people wrote about. Your readers will not be interested in reading it, but your professors as well. However, make sure you do not pick anything too obscure. It will leave you with no secondary sources.
  • Choose a narrow and specific topic. Not only will it allow you to be more original, but also to master a topic. When the issue is too broad, there is just too much information to cover in one thesis.
  • Go interdisciplinary. If you find yourself interested in history, philosophy, or any other related topic, it can help you write an exceptional thesis in economics. Most of your peers may work on pure economics. Then, the interdisciplinary approach can help you to stand out among them.

Some universities ask their students to focus on topics from one discipline.

Thank you for reading the article to the end! We hope this list of economics thesis topics ideas could help you to gather your thoughts and get inspired. Share it with those who may find it useful. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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economics undergraduate dissertation topics

Economics Undergraduate Honors Theses

Examples of honors theses written by economics undergraduate students.

Posted with permission of the author. © 2019-2022 by the individual author. All rights reserved.

  • "The Causal Effect of ACA Subsidies on Insurance Coverage Status Among California Adults"  - William Vereyken
  • "Economic Impacts of Immigration Detention Centers Built Between 1990-2016 on U.S. Commuting Zones"  - Ekaterina Yudina

Spring/Summer 2022

  • "The Impact of Indiv. Mandate on High-Income, Non-elderly Indiv. Health Insurance Coverage Rates and Racial/Ethnic Disparities"  - YeJin Ahn
  • "An Economic Analysis of the 1997 Amhara Land Redistribution in Ethiopia"  - Ezana Anley
  • "Affirmative Action's Effect on Educational and Wage Outcomes for Underrepresented Minorities"  - Vishnu G. Arul
  • "Are the Effects of Racism Really That Black and White? A Study on the Effect Racism Has on the Productivity of Black   Footballers in the Premier League"  - Advik Banerjee
  • "An Empirical Analysis of Industrial Concentration and Prices: Can We Blame Inflation on Corporate Greed?"  - Anton Bobrov
  • "Tax Revenue Cyclicality and Income Inequality: Evidence from U.S. Counties From 1989 to 2019"  - Yiyang Chen
  • "The Impact of Economic Opportunities on African American Migration Patterns in Oakland"  - Fernando Cheung
  • "Impact of Tech Companies on Wages in the Local Economy"  - Niki Collette
  • "Warm Welcome: Evidence for Weather-based Projection Bias in College Choice"  - Maria Cullen
  • "Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative on Bilateral Trade with China"  - Pedro de Marcos
  • "Renaissance of the Black Homeowner: Impact Evaluation of Michigan's Renaissance Zones"  - Rupsha Debnath
  • "Lockdown Blues: The Effect of Social Norms on the Psychological Cost of Unemployment During the COVID-19 Pandemic"  - Dylan Hallahan
  • "How Education Affects Health Outcomes Across Genders"  - Jessica Li
  • "Is Increasing Diversity Inclusion Effective in Improving Companies' Performance in the Financial Services Industry?"  - Miranda Li
  • "The Future Financial Status of the Social Security Program"  - Chloe Manouchehri
  • "Does Recreational Marijuana Legalization Affect Hard-Drug Use? - Evidence from Cocaine Prevalence and Treatment Admissions"  - Arthur Weiss
  • "Relationship Between Economic Status and Money Spent on Private Education Leading to Economic Inequality in South Korea"  - Jiho Lee
  • "The Impact of Migrant Remittances on Rural Labor Supply: Evidence from Nepal"  - Amanda Wong
  • "Confirmation Bias: The Role of Messages and Messengers"  - Hongyu (Randol) Yao

Spring 2021

  • "Gender Equality and Economic Growth: Solving the Asian Puzzle"  - Zoya Ali
  • "Women in STEM: Moving Up or Falling Off the Academic Career Ladder?"  - Sophia J. Bai
  • "Time Dependence in Okun's Law at the State Level" - Sarah Baig
  • "Labor Regulation and the Impact on Firm Behavior in India" - Vatsal Bajaj
  • "Gender Representation in Academia: Evidence from the Italian Education System Reform" - Oyundari Batbayar
  • "Money & Marriage on the Elementary Mind: A High-Level Analysis of Inequitable Child Development in LA County" - Matthew J. Chang
  • "Unanticipated Unemployment Rate News on the Stock Market" - David Chi
  • "Should Physicians Be More Collaborative? Determining the Relationship Between Patient Participation and Treatment Plan Confidence Across a Spectrum of Illness Severity in the State of California" - Saif Chowdhury
  • "Modeling Optimal Investment and Greenhouse Gas Abatement in the Presence of Technology Spillovers" - Sabrina Chui
  • "Understanding the Influence of Marginal Income Tax Rates on Retirement Investment Habits"  - Daniel Cohen
  • "Infrastructure in India's Internal War: A District-Level Analysis of the Naxalite-Maoist Conflict" - Krunal Desai
  • "Do Eucalyptus Trees Increase Wildfires?"  - Lila Englander
  • "Understanding the Labor Outcomes of Hurricane Sandy" - Kevin Fang
  • "Does TikTok Show Viewers the Content Relevant to them?" - Ekaterina Fedorova
  • "The Impact of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Care Provision on Long-term Young Adult Labor Market Choices" - Anne Fogarty
  • "Orchestra Sex Disparity: Experimental Evidence from Audience Members" - Richard Gong
  • "The Big Three Medical Price Indexes: A Comparative Review and Analysis"  - Robert Hovakimyan
  • "Effect of Value-Added-Services on Customer Reviews in a Platform Marketplace" - Shankar Krishnan
  • "COVID19 Recession: Gender Layoff Gap Explodes" - Ember Lin-Sperry
  • "The Gender Wage Gap in China: Learning from Recent Longitudinal Data" - Donghe Lyu
  • "Local Graduation Policies as a Tool for Increasing College Eligibility: Evidence from Los Angeles" - Dan L. Ma
  • "Trust in Government and Lockdown Compliance in Sub-Saharan Africa" - Charles McMurry
  • "I Do (or Don't): The Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Laws on International Tourism" - Oliver McNeil
  • "International Shipping Consequences of a Navigable Arctic" - Jack Melin
  • "Investigating Dollar Invoicing Trends Using United Kingdom Export Data" - Aneesh Nathani
  • "Micro-Level Impact of Initial Public Offerings on Bay Area Housing Inflation" - Mina Nezam-Mafi
  • "Explaining EU's Oil Dependency Through the Response of the Portuguese Sector Indexes to Brent Oil Prices Fluctuations" - Pedro S. Nunes
  • "Dynamic Incentives and Effort Provision in Professional Tennis Tournaments" - Ruiwen Pan
  • "Examining the Effects of Minimum Wage Laws on Part-Time Employment" - Odysseus Pyrinis
  • "The Great Indian Identity Crisis? Exclusions & Intersectionality in the Indian Aadhaar System" - Aditi Ramakrishnan
  • "The 'Clutch Gene' Myth: An Analysis of Late-Game Shooting Performance in the NBA"  - Can Sarioz
  • "Estimating the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Jobs Within the Healthcare Industry" - Sidharth Satya
  • "Factors Influencing Telehealth Utilization: Evidence from California" - Emily Schultz
  • "Cash and Conflict: Evidence from the Indian Banknote Demonetization" - Nachiket Shah
  • "Determinants of the Number of Anti-Government Demonstrations: Evidence from OECD Countries" - Nina Singiri
  • "Hygiene Heroes: A Process Evaluation of Promoting Hygiene Practices in Tamil Nadu Schools" - Malika Sugathapala
  • "Exploring the Labour Patterns of Women and Mothers Through the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Impact of School Closures and a New Kind of Recession"  - Renee Isabel Utter
  • "How Have Socioeconomic Achievement Determinants Changed in the Past Decade for First-Generation Chinese Immigrants in the U.S." - Haolin Wang
  • "The Impact of Quarantining on School Enrollment: Evidence from the Ebola Epidemic in Sierra Leone" - David Willigrod
  • "Weeding out Needy Households and Welcoming the Better Off? Impacts of Transactional Barriers on SNAP Participation Rates" - Kevin Woo
  • "Are Soccer Teams Being Inefficient? An Analysis of Sunk Cost Fallacy and Recency Bias Using Transfer Fee" - Junru Lyu
  • "The Effects of Access to Family Planning Facilities on Female Labor Market Outcomes"  - Marcus Sander
  • "Macroeconomic Volatility at the Zero Lower Bound: Evidence from the OECD" - Anthony Swaminathan
  • "How are Society's Conditions and Demographics Related to the Popularity of Chief Executive Carrie Lam  and the Hong Kong Government"  - Peter To

Spring/Summer 2020

  • "Parental Involvement: The Differential Impacts of Consent and Notice Requirements for Minors' Abortions" - Angela Ames
  • "Examining Local Price Levels and Income Distribution Over Time" - Josh Archer
  • "Estimating the Effect of Grandparent Death on Fertility" - Jason Chen
  • "Democracy in the Face of COVID-19: Have Less Democratic Countries Been More Effective at Preventing the Spread of This Pandemic ?" - Yi Chen
  • "Understanding the Effects of Conditional Cash Transfers on Indigenous People in Mexico" - Arushi Desai
  • "Microfinance and Payday Lending: Are they Solving a Problem or Creating One?" - Sophia Faulkner
  • "The Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy and Foreign Banks" - Noah Forougi
  • "Ride of Die? Metropolitan Bikeshare Systems and Pollution" - Sean Furuta
  • "Internet's Important Involvement in Information Industry Integration in Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana (and others): How the emerging internet affected the economic geography of the information industry" - Keming (Alex) Gao
  • "The Relationship between Economic Crises and Long-Run Wealth Inequality" - Renuka Garg
  • "Voter Bias in the Associated Press College Football Poll : Reconducting a 2009 study with new data in a $1 Billion-dollar industry that has seen significant changes in the past decade"  - Brent Hensley
  • "Monopsony Exploitation in Major League Baseball: Using Wins Above Replacement to Estimate Marginal Revenue Product" - Jacob C. Hyman
  • "The Relationship Between Currency Substitution and Exchange Rate Volatility" - Jewon Ju
  • "Efficiency, Bias, and Decisions: Observations from a Sports Betting Exchange" - Alexander Kan
  • "The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Substance Use Disorder Treatment Utilization: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act" - Christy Kang
  • "Analyzing the Relationship between Personal Income Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality" - Gevorg Khandamiryan
  • "The Effects of Occupancy Taxes on the Short-Term Rental Market: Evidence from Boston" - Alan Liang
  • "Corporate Types and Bank Lending in Contractionary Era: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies" - Zishen Liu
  • "Financial Constraints on Student Learning: An Analysis of How Financial Stress Influences Cognitive Function in Children" - Simone Matecna
  • "The Effect of Workplace Inspections on Employment and Sales - A Regression Discontinuity Analysis" - Jeseo Park
  • "Lending Sociodynamics, Economic Instability, and the U.S. Farm Credit Crisis" - Erfan Samaei
  • "The Effect of Intangible Assets on Value Added: Evidence from microdata across small and large firms in Europe" - Tamara Sequeira
  • "Price Efficiency Differences Between Public and Private Utilities: An Empirical Analysis of US Electric Utilities" - Yechan Shin
  • "Effect of Campus Shootings on Academic Achievement: Examination of 2014 Isla Vista Killings" - Min Joo (Julie) Song
  • "First-Degree Price Discrimination: Evidence from Informal Markets in India" - Rishab Srivastava
  • "Who Benefits From Gentrification? A Case Study of Oregon Public High Schools" - Namrata Subramanian
  • "Estimating the Economic Impacts of Wealth Taxation in France" - Jeffrey Suzuki
  • "Transit-Oriented Development or Transit-Oriented Displacement? Evaluating the Sorting Effect of Public Transportation in Los Angeles County" - Yeeling Tse
  • "How State Abortion Policy Restrictiveness is Associated with Unintended Pregnancy Outcomes in the United States from 2014-2018" - Ruhee Wadhwania
  • "Global Food Security and the El Niño-Southern Oscillation"  - Aidan Wang
  • "The Relationship Between Pharmaceutical R&D Spending and NME Development" - Taylor Wang
  • "The Role of Individual Risk Attitude in Occupational Inheritance" - Yi Wang
  • "Labor Market Segmentation: Evidence from U.S. Janitorial Jobs Advertised in English and Spanish" - Zijun Xu
  • "Bias on the Brain: How Patient Gender Influences Use of Emergency Room Diagnostic Imaging" - Abigail Zhong
  • "Age Effects, Irrationality and Excessive Risk-Taking in Supposedly Expert Agents" - William Aldred
  • "Pricing Disparities for Minority Communities in Chicago: Rideshares and Taxis" - Matthew Cleveland
  • "Where My Negros At? Evaluating the Effects of Banning Affirmative Action on Black College Enrollment" - Ellie Koepplinger
  • "Race and Recession: How Minorities May Affect Downturns" - Alexander Szarka
  • "Understanding the Effects of Canadian International Food Aid on Production and Trade" - Patrick D. Tagari
  • "Urban Property Rights and Labor Supply in Peru: Heterogeneity Analysis by Gender and Educational Attainment" - Juan Sebastián Rozo Vásquez
  • "Effect of High-Speed Rail on City Tourism Revenue in China: A Perspective on Spatial Connectivity" - Lingyun Xiao

Archives (2009-2019)

The Study Blog : Research topics

50+ Economics research Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation

The ultimate goal of economic science is to improve the living conditions of people in everyday lives. Economists study how to utilize the available scarce resources to maximize value and thus profits. The concerns of economics today are largely focused on issues such as opportunity cost, consumption and production, borrowing, saving, investments, occupations and employment, trades markets, pricing and human behavior concerning making economic decisions.

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Given that economics covers a lot of issues in society today coupled with the multitude of research studies within the existing literature, many economics students find it difficult to find the most suitable economic research topic for their undergraduate project, master’s thesis, and dissertations. Technological advancement has also increased the pace of transformation and globalization creating new areas in economics that are worth research. Our economics experts have curated a list of research paper topics in economics that you can use to get the perfect research paper topic.

economics undergraduate dissertation topics

Micro-Economics Research Topics

Microeconomics deals with the economic behavior of individual isolated units of the economy like an individual, a household, a company, and industry. Micro-economists study factors that influence economic choices, markets and their key elements such as demand and supply and analyze markets and determine the prices for goods and services that best allocate the available limited resources. Some of the best research topics in microeconomics that you can use for your thesis or dissertation include:

1. The effect of income changes on consumer choices

2. The effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget – A comparison

3. The impact of marital status on the labor force composition: A case of [your country] economy

4. The difference in the consumption attitude in [your country] over the last decade – Critical analysis of consumer behavior trends

5. The relationship between salary levels and ‘economic convergence’ in [your country]?

6. Analyzing salary inequalities in [your country] and the forces behind such inequalities.

7. The evolution of consumption in [your country] over the last 10 years: Trends and consumer behavior.

8. Dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income 

9. Cashless economy: The impact of demonetization on small and medium businesses

10 Privatization of Public Enterprises and its implications on economic policy and development

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economics undergraduate dissertation topics

Macroeconomics Research Topics

1. The relationship between economic growth and unemployment in [your country]

2. Global recession and factors that contribute to it.

3. Impact of government expenditure on economic growth in [country]

4. The impact of company income tax revenue on the developing economies- A comparative analysis of Kenya, India, and Nigeria

5. The relationship between common stock prices and inflation in [your country]

6. The relationship between inflation and government spending in [your country] economy.

7. The effect of currency devaluation on small and medium firms- A case study of selected multinationals in [your country]

8. The relationship between internet connectivity and productivity in the workplace 

9. The evolution of the stock market in [your country]: Causes and consequences

10 Unemployment and regional mobility of labor in [your country]

11 A comparison of the United States unemployment to the rest of the world

Research Topics on International Trade

1. The relationship between economic growth and international trade

2. To what extent does a currency union affect trade: A case of the United States

3. What are the gains and losses of international trade for developing countries?

4. Foreign direct investment in the United States: Determinants and impact

5. The effects of the banana crisis on the Jamaican and British economies

6. The impact of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK

7. The relationship between foreign direct investment and wages- A comparative analysis of USA and China

8. The roles of exchange rate and exchange rate regime in the US export

9. The importance of international trade in developing countries

10 To what extent are the gains of less developed countries from tradeliberalization exaggerated?

Environmental economics research paper topics

Economic activities such as production have a significant impact on the environment such as pollution and depletion of natural resources. Environmental economics studies these impacts and other environmental issues. Below are some of the best research paper topics in environmental economics.

1. An economic examination of waste disposal programs in the United States

2. Man-made environmental disasters: who bears the economic liability?

3. The economics of land- a comparative analysis of land sharing and land sparing in the United States

4. The impact of waste disposal programs to America’s Environmental Policy: An economic evaluation

5. Water management and conservation policies in the United States and the UK- a comparative analysis

6. The economic implications of climate policy changes because of different climate change assessment mechanisms

7. Investigating the cost of organizational environmental analysis in the United States

8. What are the determinants of climate policy formulation in the United States? An economic scrutiny

9. The economic perspectives of distribution of natural resources across boundaries

10 The impact of technological innovation for clean and green products on the environment

11 The impact of work-life balance on social eco-systems: perspectives from the United States

12 The relationship between financial subsidies and generation of eco-friendly products

Research Paper Topics on Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics examines the psychology behind economic activities and economic decision making. It examines the limitation of the assumption that individuals are perfectly normal. Good behavioral economics topics cover subjects such as bounded rationality, irrational exuberance, and choice architecture. 

1. Inducing choice paralysis: how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of options

2. The behavioral economics of discounting- A case study of amazon

3. Pricing and the decoy effect; how corporations ‘nudge’ consumers to spend more

4. Big data and implications for behavioral economics

5. A study of how the United States market benefitted from behavioral economics theory

6. How has behavioral economics influenced the real-world context? A case of online purchase behavior

7. Weight management through behavioral economics: use of incentives

8. What motivates consumers? A behavioral economics perspective

9. Using behavioral economics to help in reducing substance abuse

10 Addressing lifestyle management for diabetes through behavioral analysis- insights from the US healthcare sector

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Development Economics research paper topics

1. The impact of multinational commodity trading through the development economic perspective

2. The impact of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies

3. Investigating the relationship between migration and development economics

4. Budgeting and decision making by low-income earners in emerging economics

5. Investigating the relationship between family planning, labor force, and income fluctuations

6. The impact of natural disasters on development in emerging economies

7. The impact of population growth on development economics- review of India

8. The determinants of high performing institutions in emerging economies

9. Comparative economic patterns of villages across Virginia

10 Aid and economic growth of developing economies- a review

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economics undergraduate dissertation topics

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Economics Dissertation Topics

Economics is about making choices in the face of scarcity and uncertainty and ensuring that resource allocation is effectively and efficiently done. What was popularised by writers, researchers and philosophers such as Adam Smith in the 1770s, has become a field with significant relevance and importance in today’s society that is highly financialised and globalised. Dating back to medieval scholastics as well as literature published back in the 15th and 18th century, through the 19th century, the concerns of economics have largely focused on aspects such as choices of individuals, borrowing, money, consumption and production, occupations and employment, markets, trade, pricing of assets, taxes, and most recently human behaviour in relation to economic decisions.

There are multitudes of research studies, within the existing literature, that have been conducted in relation to the above concerns and many of these have resulted in a number of models that attempt to provide possible explanations to real world problems. As the world continues to evolve with the advent of technological advancements that have increased the pace of transformation and globalisation, new areas in economics have emerged as worthwhile research targets. The following are possible economics dissertation topics to choose from for your academic research project in economics:

Economic Geography Dissertation Topics

Economic sociology dissertation topics, institutional economics dissertation topics, microeconomics dissertation topics, macroeconomics dissertation topics, regional development dissertation topics.

  • Employment Economics Dissertation Topics

Financial Economics Dissertation Topics

This is the area in economics academic literature that is concerned with the role of geographic location and place with the economical outcomes. It focuses on describing and analyzing patterns and trends in human behavior and activity to gain understanding of the processes and drivers that shape and affect the economic and cultural landscapes. Within regions and localities, there are great dynamics that shape the nature and extent of economic activity. Below are some suggestions for economics dissertation topics on economic geography:

  • The impact of local and regional cultures on shaping entrepreneurial economic development.
  • Can entrepreneurial attitude be exported? The role of emigrants in introducing new entrepreneurial attitudes.
  • Differences of entrepreneurial behaviour in rural and urban areas.
  • Is there any relationship between mature industries dominating small towns and their local cultural factors?
  • The role of local culture in promoting regional innovation networks.
  • National, regional and local policies to support local clusters: opportunities.
  • How can policy support the creation of a local cluster?
  • Are networks affected by local proximity? Differences between co-localised and dispersed networks.
  • The likelihood impact of Brexit on policy outcomes that shape the local economy in UK cities.
  • A model for the development of information and communication technology incubators in the UK. Analysis of the concentration of Top 50 IT companies.
  • What is causing regional divergence? An analysis of the richest and poorest regions in the UK.
  • The economic geography of recession. Difference between regional and city economics in the UK.
  • Why are housing built in flood-prone coastal areas?
  • Understanding educational progression at the local level: A comparison of the North and South cities in the UK.
  • How COVID has contributed to house price volatility in various cities in the UK.
  • How the COVID lockdown has affected social life of big cities.
  • Will coronavirus cause a big city exodus?

Economic sociology refers to sociological aspects influencing the economic indicators and their relationship with social outcomes. It is the study of how the material conditions of life are produced and reproduced through social processes and broadly covers the sociology of markets and the sociology of consumptions. Possible economics dissertation topics in this area include:

  • The role of social networks in supporting innovation activities in mature industries.
  • The financial and non-financial support of family in the development of successful entrepreneurship.
  • The private network as the facilitator of the firm start-up.
  • Exploring the differences between trust and power in local productive systems.
  • Social contracts and peer-pressure as the source of traditional industry development in the UK.
  • Can cultural mix increase productivity in creative industries? Evidence from the UK.
  • The role of social and intellectual capital in rural places in the UK.
  • Is social capital a critical factor in the British creative industries?
  • How can universities take advantage of social networks to induce entrepreneurial action among their students?
  • The role and contribution of social entrepreneurship in the UK.
  • The economic impact of migration from different regions of the world to the UK. Comparative analysis between the EU and the non-EU migration.
  • Is the relationship between economic and social development linear?
  • The convergence of economic systems in the wake of globalisation and their implications on the social development across developed, emerging and developing national economies.

Institutional Economics relates to a variety of economics traditions that are concerned with social institutions which are linked to consumption, distribution and production of goods and services as well as the underlying corresponding social relations. In essence, Institutional Economics has a relatively broad inquiry scope and is considered to have relatively close ties with other disciplines such as anthropology, economic sociology, psychology, economic history, behavioural economics, behavioural finance, physical science, management and business studies, and nowadays neuro, cognitive and brain science. This implies that there are various dissertation topics that can fall under the Institutional Economics bracket; some of these include the following.

  • An assessment of the implications of Institutional Economics methodologies for the analysis of the property market.
  • A study of how the theoretical assumptions of the New Institutional Economics’ (NIE) micro analytical level influence a firm’s choice of governance structures.
  • How do habits and routines affect productivity? The case of (an industry).
  • How does the culture mix impact on the organisation of firms in the UK?
  • Resilience to economic shrinking in an emerging economy: the role of social capabilities.
  • Financial constraint, trust, and export performances: The case of UK SMEs.
  • Efficiency in the property market in the UK: An institutional perspective.
  • Transaction costs and economic development.
  • A resource-based theory analysis to firm co-operation.
  • How can transaction costs economics account for inter-firm collaboration?
  • Ownership and control in the UK: An institutional analysis.
  • Institutions and policies of economic freedom: different effects on income and growth.
  • How does job experience relate to entrepreneurship? Evidence from the UK.
  • Educational aspects of entrepreneurship. The role of formal school in promoting entrepreneurial capacities in the UK.
  • Latent entrepreneurship: the UK vs Europe.

Microeconomics has to do with supply and demand, and with the way they interact in various markets. It is andconcerned with how economic agents, that is, individual decision-makers (both consumers and producers) behave in different economic settings. The overarching goal of microeconomic research is to identify the incentives of various agents and trade-offs that they may face. To understand behaviour of individuals in terms of their economic decision-making, researchers build various models, use data and conduct experiments.

The following are the examples of dissertation topics on ‘Microeconomics’:

  • The evolution of household consumption in the UK over the last 10 years: Trends in consumer behaviour.
  • Are mergers and acquisitions related to productivity in UK firms?
  • Is the minimum wage still relevant in the UK economy?
  • Is the British retail sector becoming less oligopolistic? An analysis of the impact of new supermarkets.
  • Are British oligopolistic markets really oligopolistic?
  • Conditions for the existence of a knowledge firm.
  • Characteristics of the innovative organisation in the UK.
  • Are UK firms more innovative than their European counterparts?
  • The impact of the European regional policy on British small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • The energy market in the UK: A microeconomic approach.
  • The impact of regulation on British industries: The case study of Uk energy sector.
  • Does firm size affect firm profits? Evidence from telecommunication firms in the UK.
  • Game theory and decision theory.

Macroeconomics is concerned with how the overall economy works and how all markets interact to generate big phenomena that economists call aggregate variables. It studies such things as employment, gross domestic product, inflation, national income, employment and the interaction between the global economy and financial markets.

The following are the examples of dissertation topics on ‘Macroeconomics’:

  • How do interest rates affect consumption in the UK?
  • What is the role of the dollar evolution in UK spending?
  • The magnitude of the impact of oil price changes on UK consumption.
  • The impact of Brexit on consumer spending in the UK.
  • The impact of Brexit on employment and labour in the UK.
  • What factors influence the salary inequality across the UK?
  • The evolution of the exchange rates in the UK: Causes and consequences.
  • Negative interest household savings in the UK.
  • The impact of the common agriculture policy (CAP) on British agriculture.
  • Economic growth and productivity. The UK in the century transition.
  • Interest rates and foreign direct investment in the UK.
  • Brexit and foreign direct investment in the UK.
  • Monetary policy pass-through for the UK after Brexit.
  • Development of UK monetary policy overtime.
  • Does inflation affect firms’ profits in the UK?
  • Macroeconomic determinant of house prices in the UK.
  • Unemployment and regional mobility of labour in the UK.
  • The impact of finance on growth: The case of UK.
  • Economic growth and unemployment: Is there a relationship in the UK?
  • The macroeconomics of SMEs entrepreneurship in the UK.
  • Global economic recession and factors that contribute to it.
  • Is the UK insurance system economically viable?
  • How does the Greek financial crisis impact the EU economy overtime?
  • The impact of COVID income inequality in the UK.
  • Coronavirus and wage inequality: The case of UK manufacturing sector.
  • COVID and economic recession: Will the impact be more pronounced than the 2007 financial recession?
  • Role of information technology in economic development.
  • Social inequality: the difference between wealth and income.
  • Why is insurance necessary for the economic development of a country?
  • How is the tax burden shared between buyers and sellers in the UK?
  • Asymmetric information and adverse market selection: A case study of UK insurance market.
  • Economic rent and transfer earnings in the UK.

This discipline is focused on understanding the dynamics of regions as smaller economies with their own circumstances and outcomes. The focus is on the internal working of the regional economies as well as on their interaction with other regions. There is a component of economic growth and development at a regional level. The suggestions below will give you further ideas for your economics dissertation topics:

  • Regional development and profitability of the businesses. What are the factors underpinning this relationship?
  • The contribution of entrepreneurial networks for regional development.
  • Implications and development of regional development policy in the UK.
  • Infrastructures and regional development. How can the rail and road network explain the differences in the development of regions in the UK.
  • Regional comparative advantage in natural resources and regional development.
  • Effect of regional policy surrounding start-ups on regional development: more new firms or better old ones?
  • The role of broadband internet technology in regional development: co-relation between internet speeds and regional development?
  • Public investment and regional output: Evidence from the UK regions.
  • Robustness of regional institutions and development: How to search for a link?
  • Regional aspects of entrepreneurship in the UK.
  • Differences between types and extent of entrepreneurship and unemployment across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • Convergence and endogenous growth differences between South East England and the rest of the UK.

Employment/Labour Economics Dissertation Topics

Employment is considered to be a key concept in economics and its significance is reflected in the perception that people at work are seen as individuals/groups of individuals involved in the production of services and goods. Such production requires human capital and time; thus, organisations of different types pay people that are involved in the production process providing them with income that is later used to boost economic activity. In macroeconomics, low rates of national employment may signal underdevelopment or long-lasting depression while high rates of national employment may signal economic growth and development. Below is a list of dissertation topics that cover the area of employment economics.

  • Work from home or office and employee wellbeing: The case of the COVID pandemic.
  • A study of how flexible employment affects political support for social policy protection.
  • The impact of gender inequality in employment on economic growth and workforce productivity.
  • The influence of economic cycles on employment, workforce productivity and innovation: a study of manufacturing industries.
  • Local pools on unemployment in the UK: Looking for similarities.
  • Factors determining self-employment in the UK.
  • The effects of minimum wages on British employment.
  • How does technological innovation affect British unemployment? Evidence from the manufacturing industries.
  • A comparison of self-employment across Europe: Where does the UK stand?
  • Government policies in support of self-employment: Evidence from the UK.
  • The effects of immigration on British employment and productivity.

Financial economics concentrates on exchanges in which money of one type or another is likely to appear on both sides of a trade. Financial markets are crucial in facilitating these exchanges at a relatively reduced transaction cost. In many such cases, the amount of money to be transferred in the future is uncertain. Financial economists thus deal with both time and uncertainty. Often the latter is called risk. Financial economics is thus a branch of economics that examines the utilisation and distribution of economic resources in financial markets in which decisions must be made under uncertainty.

The following are examples of dissertation topics on ‘Financial Economics’:

  • How has the coronavirus pandemic affected the UK stock market?
  • How is the FTSE affected by interest rates?
  • Does CAPM measure the risk of stocks listed on the FTSE 100?
  • How does the behaviour of the FSTE 100 affect economic growth?
  • Behavioural finance: A study on the motivation of British investors.
  • The determinants of corporate debt in the UK.
  • The role of private equity and debt market in the finances of SMEs in the UK.
  • Do SMEs achieve higher profitability rates than large corporations in the UK?
  • The financial structure of British firms: A comparison with the European Union.
  • Financial markets and financial intermediation in the UK.
  • Temporary and permanent components of asset prices in the UK.
  • Capital and financial structure of UK companies.
  • Investor protection and corporate governance: Comparison between EU and US financial market.
  • Political uncertainty on asset prices.

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Economics Department Dissertations Collection

Current students, please follow this link to submit your dissertation.

Dissertations from 2023 2023

Essays on International Trade and Economic Growth , Mateo Hoyos, Economics



Dissertations from 2022 2022



Employer Power: Consequences for Wages, Inequality and Spillovers , Ihsaan Bassier, Economics



Essays on Unpaid Care and Gender Inequality in India , Leila Gautham, Economics



Essays on Anti-Discrimination Legislation Enforcement and Sex-Based Discrimination in U.S. Labor Markets , Carly McCann, Economics




The Political Economy of Consumer Credit Expansion and Real Exchange Rate Policy in Dual Economies , Esra Nur Ugurlu, Economics

Dissertations from 2021 2021

Three Essays on Learning and Conflict Applied to Developing Countries , Amal Ahmad, Economics

The Political Economy of the Cost of Foreign Exchange Intervention , Devika Dutt, Economics




Three Essays on Socio-Institutional Ecosystems & Labor Structures , Jonathan Donald Jenner, Economics


Three Essays on Structural Change and Labor Market Adjustment in Developing Countries , Karmen Naidoo, Economics



Dissertations from 2020 2020


A New Economic History of Deindustrialization: Class Conflict and Race in the Motor City , Jackson Allison, Economics


Essays on Food Security, Gender and Agriculture , Berna Dogan, Economics





Neoliberal Capitalism and the Evolution of the U.S. Healthcare System , Samantha Sterba, Economics



Endogenous Money, Corporate Liquidity Preferences and the Transformation of the U.S. Financial System , Yeo Hyub Yoon, Economics

Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Historical and Legal Creation of a Fissured Workplace: The Case of Franchising , Brian Callaci, Economics

Essays on the Minimum Wage, Immigration, and Privatization , Doruk Cengiz, Economics

Bangladesh's Energy Policy: Economic, Environmental, and Climate Change Impacts , Rohini Kamal, Economics



Dimensions of US Global Financial Power: Essays on Financial Sanctions, Global Imbalances, and Sovereign Default , Mariam Majd, Economics

THE POLITICAL ECONOMY OF ACCUMULATION IN SOUTH AFRICA: Resource Extraction, Financialization, and Capital Flight as Barriers to Investment and Employment Growth , Seeraj Mohamed, Economics


Essays on Monetary Policy in Developing Countries: Income Distribution, Housing and Unemployment , Zhandos Ybrayev, Economics

Resource Rents, Public Investment and Economic Development: The Case of Bolivia , Raul Zelada Aprili, Economics

Dissertations from 2018 2018

Three Essays on Governments and Financial Crises in Developing Economies, 1870-1913 , Peter H. Bent, Economics

Constraining Labor's “Double Freedom”: Revisiting the Impact of Wrongful Discharge Laws on Labor Markets, 1979-2014 , Eric Hoyt, Economics

SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF ACCUMULATION IN TURKEY (1963 – 2015) , Osman C. Icoz, Economics

Stumbling Toward the Up Escalator: How Trends in International Trade, Investment, and Finance Have Complicated Latin America’s Quest for Sustainable, Diversified Economic Development , Mary Eliza Rebecca Ray, Economics

Forms of Naturalism in Seminal Neoclassical Texts: An Analysis and Comparison of Léon Walras, John Bates Clark, and William Stanley Jevons , Mark Silverman, Economics


Dissertations from 2017 2017

Currency Mismatch and Balance Sheet Effects of Exchange Rate in Turkish Non-Financial Corporations , Serkan Demirkilic, Economics

The Impacts of Foreign Labor Migration of Men on Women's Empowerment in Nepal , Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar, Economics

Real and Nominal Effects of Exchange Rate Regimes , Emiliano Libman, Economics

Three Essays on International Economics and Finance , Juan Antonio Montecino, Economics


Dissertations from 2016 2016

Colonial and Post-Colonial Origins of Agrarian Development: The Case of Two Punjabs , Shahram Azhar, Economics

Three Essays on the Social Determinants of Early Childhood Health and Development , Andrew Barenberg, Economics


Three Essays on Sustainable Development in China: Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects , Ying Chen, Economics

Three Essays on Women's Land Rights in Rural Peru , Rosa L. Duran, Economics

Three Essays on Economic Stages and Transition , Ricardo R. Fuentes-Ramírez, Economics

Three Essays on U.S. Household Debt and the Sources of Systemic Financial Fragility , Thomas Herndon, Economics

Essays on Household Health Expenditures, National Health Insurance and Universal Access to Health Care in Ghana , EVELYN KWAKYE, Economics

Microfinance, Household Indebtedness and Gender Inequality , Theresa Mannah-Blankson, Economics

Three Essays on Labor Market Friction and the Business Cycle , Jong-seok Oh, Economics

Three Essays on Sustainability , Mark V. Paul, Economics

The Political Economy of Smallholder Incorporation and Land Acquisition , Alfredo R. Rosete, Economics

Employment and Family Leave Mandates: Three Essays on Labor Supply and Demand, Nontraditional Families, and Family Policy , Samantha Schenck, Economics

Endogenous Capacity, Multiple Equilibria and Thirlwall's Law: Theory and an Empirical Application to Mexico: 1950 - 2012. , Juan Alberto Vázquez Muñoz, Economics

Three Essays on the Macroeconomic Impacts of Rent Seeking , Kurt von Seekamm, Economics

Dissertations from 2015 2015

Essays on Growth Complementarity Between Agriculture and Industry in Developing Countries , Joao Paulo de Souza, Economics

Structural Transformation, Culture, and Women’s Labor Force Participation in Turkey , yasemin dildar, Economics

Essays on Information, Income, and the Sharing Economy , Anders F. Fremstad, Economics

Essays on Inequality, Credit Constraints, and Growth in Contemporary Mexico , Leopoldo Gómez-Ramírez, Economics

Three Essays on Macroeconomic Implications of Contemporary Financial Intermediation , Hyun Woong Park, Economics

The Labor Share Question in China , Hao Qi, Economics

Three essays on economic inequality and environmental degradation , Klara Zwickl, Economics

Dissertations from 2014 2014

Common Pool Resources and Rural Livelihoods in Stung Treng Province of Cambodia , Pitchaya Boonsrirat, Economics

The financialization of the nonfinancial corporation in the post-1970 U.S. economy , Leila Emami Davis, Economics

The Financial Underpinnings of the EU Crisis: Financial Deregulation, Privatization, and Asymmetric State Power , Nina Q. Eichacker, Economics




Three Essays in Macroeconomic History , Joshua W. Mason, Economics

Essays on the Evolution of Inequality , Cem Oyvat, Economics


Productive Stagnation and Unproductive Accumulation in the United States, 1947-2011. , Tomas N. Rotta, Economics

Advertising and the Creation of Exchange Value , Zoe Sherman, Economics

Understanding Income Inequality in the United States , Mark J. Stelzner, Economics


Essays on the minimum wage , Ben Zipperer, Economics

Dissertations from 2013 2013

Credit Chains, Credit Bubles, and Financial Fragility: Explaining The U.S. Financial Crisis of 2007-09 , Thomas L Bernardin, Economics

A Knife Hidden in Roses: Development and Gender Violence in the Dominican Republic , Cruz Caridad Bueno, Economics

Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in Upper Svaneti, Republic of Georgia , Robin J Kemkes, Economics

Contract as Contested Terrain: An Economic History of Law and the Rise of American Capitalism , Daniel P MacDonald, Economics

Essays on the Rising Demand for Convenience in Meal Provisioning in the United States , Tamara Ohler, Economics

Social Emulation, the Evolution of Gender Norms, and Intergenerational Transfers: Three Essays on the Economics of Social Interactions , Seung-Yun Oh, Economics

Decollectivization and Rural Poverty in Post-Mao China: A Critique of the Conventional Wisdom , Zhaochang Peng, Economics

Capitalist Crisis and Capitalist Reaction: The Profit Squeeze, the Business Roundtable, and the Capitalist Class Mobilization of the 1970s , Alejandro Reuss, Economics

The Economics of Same-Sex Couple Households: Essays on Work, Wages, and Poverty , Alyssa Schneebaum, Economics

The Political Economy of Cultural Production: Essays on Music and Class , Ian J. Seda Irizarry, Economics

Essays Of Human Capital Formation , Owen Thompson, Economics

Dissertations from 2012 2012

Knowledge, Gender, and Production Relations in India's Informal Economy , Amit Basole, Economics

Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Determinants of Informal Employment: The Case of Clothing Traders in Johannesburg, South Africa , Jennifer E Cohen, Economics

The Relationship Between Mass Incarceration and Crime in the Neoliberal Period in the United States , Geert Leo Dhondt, Economics

Fair Trade, Agrarian Cooperatives, and Rural Livelihoods in Peru , Noah Enelow, Economics

Organic Farming and Rural Transformations in the European Union: A Political Economy approach , Charalampos Konstantinidis, Economics

The Sources of Financial Profit: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Transformation of Banking in the US , Iren G. Levina, Economics

A Minskian Approach to Financial Crises with a Behavioural Twist: A Reappraisal of the 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey , Mathieu Perron-Dufour, Economics

Essays on Urban Sprawl, Race, and Ethnicity , Jared M. Ragusett, Economics

Agriculture and Class: Contradictions of Midwestern Family Farms Across the Twentieth Century , Elizabeth Ann Ramey, Economics

Women In Conflict, Peacebuilding And Reconstruction: Insights From The Aftermath Of Nepal's Maoist Insurgency , Smita Ramnarain, Economics

Money, Reality, and Value: Non-Commodity Money in Marxian Political Economy , Joseph Thomas Rebello, Economics

Three essays on oil scarcity, global warming and energy prices , Matthew Riddle, Economics

The Political Economy of Agrarian Change in the People's Republic of China , Zhun Xu, Economics

Dissertations from 2011 2011

State Hegemony and Sustainable Development: A Political Economy Analysis of Two Local Experiences in Turkey , Bengi Akbulut, Economics

Financial evolution and the declining effectiveness of US monetary policy since the 1980s , Hasan Comert

Why China Grew: Understanding the Financial Structure of Late Development , Adam S. Hersh, Economics

Solving the "Coffee Paradox": Understanding Ethiopia's Coffee Cooperatives Through Elinor Ostrom's Theory of the Commons , Susan Ruth Holmberg, Economics

Migration, Remittances And Intra-Household Allocation In Northern Ghana: Does Gender Matter? , Lynda Joyce Pickbourn, Economics

Youth and Economic Development: A Case Study of Out-of-School Time Programs for Low-Income Youth in New York State , Kristen Maeve Powlick, Economics

The Real Exchange Rate And Economic Development , Martin Rapetti, Economics

Essays on International Reserve Accumulation and Cooperation in Latin America , Luis Daniel Rosero, Economics

Three Essays on Racial Disparities in Infant Health and Air Pollution Exposure , Helen Scharber, Economics

Dissertations from 2010 2010

Capitalism in Post-Colonial India: Primative Accumulation Under Dirigiste and Laissez Faire Regimes , Rajesh Bhattacharya, Economics

Uneven Development and the Terms of Trade: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis , Bilge Erten, Economics

Gendered Vulnerabilities After Genocide: Three Essays on Post-Conflict Rwanda , Catherine Ruth Finnoff, Economics

The Employment Impacts of Economy-wide Investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency , Heidi Garrett-Peltier, Economics

Household Employer Payroll Tax Evasion: An Exploration Based on IRS Data and on Interviews with Employers and Domestic Workers , Catherine B. Haskins, Economics

Racial Inequality and Affirmative Action in Malaysia and South Africa , Hwok-Aun Lee, Economics

Essays on Behavioral Labor Economics , Philip Pablo Mellizo, Economics

Three Essays on the Political Economy of Live Stock Sector in Turkey , Hasan Tekguc, Economics

The Impact Of Public Employment On Health , Wei Zhang, Economics

Dissertations from 2009 2009

Effort, work hours, and income inequality: Three essays on the behavioral effects of wage inequality , Michael Carr

Essays on investment, real exchange rate, and central bank in a financially liberalized Turkey , Deger Eryar

Essays On Investment, Real Exchange Rate, And Central Bank In A Financially Liberalized Turkey , Deger Eryar, Economics

Labor Turnover in the Child-Care Industry: Voice and Exit , Lynn A. Hatch, Economics

Three Essays on Conflict and Cooperation , Sungha Hwang, Economics

Economic Reforms in East African Countries: The Impact on Government Revenue and Public Investment , Adam Beni Swebe Mwakalobo, Economics

Post-Marxism After Althusser: A Critique Of The Alternatives , Ceren Ozselcuk, Economics

Essays on Financial Behavior and its Macroeconomic Causes and Implications , Soon Ryoo, Economics

Skill Mismatch and Wage Inequality in the U.S. , Fabian Slonimczyk, Economics

Linkages Between Inequality And Environmental Degradation: An Interregional Perspective , Marina S Vornovytskyy, Economics

Dissertations from 2008 2008

Migrant women and economic justice: A *class analysis of Anatolian -German women in homemaking and cleaning services , Esra Erdem

Emigrant or sojourner? The determinants of Mexican labor migration strategies to the United States , Florian K Kaufmann

Macrofinancial risk management in the U.S. economy: Regulation, derivatives, and liquidity preference , Marcelo Milan

Essays on behavioral economics , Wesley Jose Pech

The impact of land ownership inequality on rural factor markets , Fatma Gul Unal

Three essays on family care, time allocation, and economic well -being , Jayoung Yoon

Dissertations from 2007 2007

Capital flight and foreign direct investment in the Middle East and North Africa: Comparative development and institutional analysis , Abdullah Almounsor

Investment under financial liberalization: Channels of liquidity and uncertainty , Armagan Gezici

Three essays on social dilemmas with heterogeneous agents , Mark Howard

Between the market and the milpa: Market engagements, peasant livelihood strategies, and the on -farm conservation of crop genetic diversity in the Guatemalan highlands , S. Ryan Isakson

Late neoclassical economics: Restoration of theoretical humanism in contemporary mainstream economics , Yahya Mete Madra

Inequality and the Human Development Index , Elizabeth Anne Stanton

Dissertations from 2006 2006

Institutional settings and organizational forms: Three essays , Alper Duman

Labor market characteristics and the determinants of political support for social insurance , Anil Duman

State power, world trade, and the class structure of a nation: An overdeterminist class theory of national tariff policy , Erik E Guzik

Unions and the strategy of class transformation: The case of the Broadway musicians , Catherine P Mulder

Children's work and opportunities for education: Consequences of gender and household wealth , Sevinc Rende

The economics of immigration: Household and employment dynamics , Maliha Safri

Dissertations from 2005 2005

Capital flight from Southeast Asia: Case studies on Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand , Edsel L. Beja

Rethinking municipal privatization: A Marxian class analysis of the privatization of New York City's Central Park , Oliver David Cooke

Financial liberalization and its distributional consequences: An empirical exploration , Arjun Jayadev

Three essays on gender, land rights, and collective action in Brazil's rural political economy , Merrilee Mardon

Land markets, female land rights and agricultural productivity in Paraguayan agriculture , Thomas Masterson

Workers' struggles and transformations of capitalism at industrial enterprises in Russia, 1985–2000 , Maxim V Maximov

Economy and society: Class relations and the process of economic growth , Erik K Olsen

Gender, liberalization and agrarian change in Telangana , Smriti Rao

The contradictory imperatives of New Deal banking reforms. , Ellen D. Russell, Economics

Equity in community -based sustainable development: A case study in western India , Priya Parvathy Sangameswaran

Mandated wage floors and the wage structure: Analyzing the ripple effects of minimum and prevailing wage laws , Jeannette Wicks-Lim

Public enterprises in mixed economies: Their impact on economic growth and social equity , Andong Zhu

Dissertations from 2004 2004

An economic analysis of prison labor in the United States , Asatar P Bair

Three essays on income, inequality and environmental degradation , Rachel A Bouvier

The implementation and enforcement of environmental regulations in a less developed market economy: Evidence from Uruguay , Marcelo F Caffera

Race, altruism and trust: Experimental evidence from South Africa , Justine Claire Keswell

Exchanging entailments: The contested meaning of commodity exchange , Philip M Kozel

Three essays on capital account liberalization and economic growth: New measures, new estimates and the experience of South Korea , Kang-Kook Lee

Enterprise hybrids and alternative growth dynamics , Kenneth M Levin

Social interaction and economic institution , Yongjin Park

Research and policy considerations in the valuation and the allocation of environmental and health commodities , Mihail Samnaliev

Immiserizing growth: Globalization and agrarian change in Telangana, South India between 1985 and 2000 , Vamsicharan Vakulabharanam

Social networks and labor market outcomes: Theoretical expansions and econometric analysis , Russell E Williams

Dissertations from 2003 2003

Three essays on the evolution of cooperation , Jung-Kyoo Choi

Economic size and long -term growth: An empirical analysis of the consequences of small economic size on investment, productivity and income growth , Pavel E Isa

Essays on categorical inequality, non-linear income dynamics and social mobility in South Africa , Malcolm M Keswell

The effectiveness of tax incentives in attracting investment: The case of Puerto Rico , Carlos F Liard-Muriente

A theoretical and statistical exploration into the effects of morals, personality and uncertainty on hypothetical bias in contingent valuation , Joseph D Ogrodowczyk

The role of the stock market in influencing firm investment in China , Feng Xiao

Dissertations from 2002 2002

Essays on the threat effects of foreign direct investment on labor markets , Minsik Choi

An international analysis of child welfare , Nasrin Dalirazar

Fiscal faux pas? An empirical analysis of the revenue and expenditure implications of trade liberalization , Barsha Khattry

Property from the sky: The creation of property rights in the radio spectrum in the United States , Elizabeth M Kruse

Three essays on China's state owned enterprises: Towards an alternative to privatization , Minqi Li

From welfare rights to welfare fights: Neo -liberalism and the retrenchment of social provision , John Arthur O'Connor

Political community and individual gain: Aristotle, Adam Smith and the problem of exchange , Kimberly Kaethe Sims

Rethinking prostitution: Analyzing an informal sector industry , Marjolein Katrien van der Veen

Dissertations from 2001 2001

Land and labor markets among paddy producers in the Nepalese Tarai , Ravi Bhandari

What drives equity values: fundamentals or net flows? An empircal analysis of the 1982--1999 United States stock market boom , Lawrence Lee Evans

Investment, labor demand, and political conflict in South Africa , James S Heintz

Education, Inequality and Economic Mobility in South Africa , Thomas Nathaniel Hertz

Employer work -family programs: Essays on policy implementation, employee preferences, and parental childcare choices , Sally Jane Kiser

Valuing environmental health risks: A comparison of stated preference techniques applied to groundwater contamination , Tammy Barlow McDonald

Endogenous quality and intra-industry trade , Edward Allan McPhail

Perceptions of Massachusetts family and consumer sciences education professionals regarding the importance and use of the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences Education in Massachusetts , Jo Ann Pullen

From feudal serfs to independent contractors: Class and African American women's paid domestic labor, 1863–1980 , Cecilia M Rio

A home of one's own: Overcoming gender and familial status barriers to homeownership , Judith K Robinson

Springfield Armory as industrial policy: Interchangeable parts and the precision corridor , Bruce K Tull

Dissertations from 2000 2000

Intergroup inequality, social identity and economic outcomes , Katherine E Baird

Engendering Globalization: Household Structures, Female Labor Supply and Economic Growth , Elissa Braunstein

Capital, conditionality, and free markets: The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the effects of the neoliberal transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean , Andres Carbacho-Burgos

Rural institutions, poverty and cooperation: Learning from experiments and conjoint analysis in the field , Juan-Camilo Cardenas

Understanding the equal split as a bargaining convention and the role of residual claimancy in team production: Three essays in behavioral and experimental economics , Jeffrey Paul Carpenter

Enforcing market -based environmental policies , Carlos A Chavez Rebolledo

A comparative analysis of three economic theories focusing upon the international trade of hazardous waste (the case of electric arc furnace dust) , Amy Silverstein Cramer

The political economy of transformation in Hungary , Anita Dancs

Cross -media transfers of pollution and risk , Janine Marie Dombrowski

Essays on endogenous preferences and public generosity , Christina Margareta Fong

Con nuestro trabajo y sudor: Indigenous women and the construction of colonial society in 16th and 17th century Peru , Karen B Graubart

Banks, insider lending and industries of the Connecticut River Valley of Massachusetts, 1813–1860 , Paul Andre Lockard

Existence value: A reappraisal and cross -cultural comparison , Billy Manoka

Quality management systems and the estimation of market power exertion , Corinna Michaela Noelke

The power of personality: Labor market rewards and the transmission of earnings , Melissa Anne Osborne

Accumulation and European unemployment , Engelbert Richard Stockhammer

Modeling Superfund: A hazardous waste bargaining model with rational threats , Mary Anderson Taft

Welfare, inequality, and resource depletion: A reassessment of Brazilian economic growth, 1965–1993 , Mariano Torras

Dissertations from 1999 1999

Steadying the husband, uplifting the race: The Pittsburgh Urban League's promotion of black female domesticity during the Great Black Migration , Nina Elizabeth Banks

The origins of parallel segmented labor and product markets: A reciprocity-based agency model with an application to motor freight , Stephen V Burks

R&D, advertising, and profits: Economic theory, empirical evidence, and consequences for transfer pricing policy , David W DeRamus

Rethinking demand: A critique and reformulation of Marxian theories of price , David Leo Kristjanson

Wealth, the power to set terms, and the financing and control of firms , Paul N Malherbe

Intra -family transfers and the household division of labor: A case study of migration and remittance behavior in South Africa , Dorrit Ruth Posel

Transportation network policy modeling for congestion and pollution control: A variational inequality approach , Padma Ramanujam

The political economy of organized baseball: Analysis of a unique industry , Ross David Weiner

Dissertations from 1998 1998

The internationalization of production and its effects on the domestic behavior of United States manufacturing multinational firms , James Michael Burke

Neoliberal and neostructuralist theories of competitiveness and flexible labor: The case of Chile's manufactured exports, 1973-1996 , Fernando Ignacio Leiva

An econometric study of the export sector of Somalia , Mohamed A Osman

Financial liberalization, multinational banks and investment: Three essays on the cases of Hungary and Poland , Christian Erik Weller

Dissertations from 1997 1997

Structuralism and individualism in economic analysis: The "contractionary devaluation debate" in development economics , S Charusheela

Financial liberalization in Mexico, 1989-1993 , Colin Danby

CEO pay, agency, and the theory of the firm , Frederick Dexter Guy

Food quality regulation under trade agreements: Effects on the supply of food safety and competitiveness , Neal Hilton Hooker

Agency problems in the capital markets and the employment relationship: The possibility of efficiency-enhancing institutional innovation: An empirical case-study , Pierre Laliberte

New directions in the political economy of consumption , Allan Henry MacNeill

Capabilities and processes of industrial growth: The case of Argentina and the Argentine auto industry , Marcela Monica Miozzo

Manufacturers' responses to new nutrition labeling regulations , Eliza Maria Mojduszka

Rethinking rural development: Making peasant organizations work. The case of Paraguay , Jose R Molinas Vega

Property regimes, technology, and environmental degradation in Cuban agriculture , Hector R Saez

International multi-sector, multi-instrument financial modeling and computation: Statics and dynamics , Stavros Siokos

Three essays on government decision-making to implement and enforce environmental policies , Kristin Ellen Skrabis

Dissertations from 1996 1996

An economic critique of urban planning and the 'postmodern' city: Los Angeles , Enid Arvidson

Dissertations from 1995 1995

Trade liberalization and income distribution: Three essays with reference to the case of Mexico and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) , Mehrene E Larudee

Dissertations from 1994 1994

Subjectivism and the limits of F. A. Hayek's political economy , Theodore A Burczak

International currencies and endogenous enforcement , Roohi Prem

Three essays on key currencies and currency blocs , Ellen Tierney

Dissertations from 1993 1993

Capitalist regulation and unequal integration: The case of Puerto Rico , Jaime Eduardo Benson

Production and reproduction: Family policy and gender inequality in East and West Germany , Lynn Susan Duggan

Dissertations from 1992 1992

Capital controls and long-term economic growth , Jessica G Nembhard

Dissertations from 1990 1990

Concentration and product diversity in culture-based industries: A case study of the music recording industry , Peter James Alexander

Dissertations from 1987 1987


Dissertations from 1986 1986

The Political-Economy of Nuclear Power 1946-1982 , Steven Mark Cohn, Economics

Dissertations from 1985 1985



Dissertations from 1983 1983


Dissertations from 1982 1982

Evolution of a Hospital Labor System: Technology, Coercion, and Conflict , Jean E. Fisher, Economics

Dissertations from 1981 1981


Dissertations from 1980 1980

Justice and economic theory. , Barry Stewart Clark, Economics

Dissertations from 1976 1976


Dissertations from 1970 1970


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economics undergraduate dissertation topics

Dissertation Topics In Economics (33 Examples) To Explore For Research

Mark May 17, 2017 Jun 5, 2020 Economics No Comments

Before suggesting you dissertation topics in economics, let me give you a brief introduction of what economics is, its branches, and what are the areas you can choose to make a good economic dissertation topics. Economics can be defined as the social science that analyses the way choices people take among the alternatives available to […]

dissertation topics in economics

Before suggesting you dissertation topics in economics, let me give you a brief introduction of what economics is, its branches, and what are the areas you can choose to make economic dissertation topics.

Economics can be defined as the social science that analyses the way choices people take among the alternatives available to them. It is social because it engages people and their behaviour. It is a science because it utilises, as much as required, a systematic approach in its study of choices. It is the study of how the production, distribution and consumption of goods in human life are controlled. Production encompasses all the actions taken to fulfil the needs and wants of the people by providing the goods and the services. On the other hand, distribution means how these goods and services are made available to the people by the society. These social arrangements form the economic system of social life.

The economics can be further subdivided into two major branches;


It examines the economic choices of maker and purchaser at an individual or sectoral level, along with how market effects due to government policies on these choices.  Some general microeconomic topics areas are;

  • Consumer and producer surplus
  • Economies of scale
  • Market equilibrium
  • Production possibility frontiers
  • Positive and normative statements
  • Opportunity cost
  • Specialisation and division of labour
  • Market failure
  • Government failure


It studies the economy and the markets at a country level, examines government policies effect on the national economy, and effects of the world economy on the national economy. Some general macroeconomic topics areas are;

  • Balance of payments
  • Budget deficit
  • Economic growth
  • Fiscal policy
  • Globalisation
  • Exchange rates
  • Monetary policy
  • International trade
  • Supply side policies
  • Unemployment

List Of Dissertation Topics In Economics

We have been able to come up with a list of 20 economic dissertation topics which I am sure you will find useful. Either you are an undergraduate student, about to commence writing your master's dissertation in economics or looking for dissertation topics in economics for postgraduates, the following list can help you to come up with your own dissertation economic topics.

Effects of foreign direct investment on economic growth: a case study.

Techno-economic evaluation of various propulsion systems for LNG carriers.

Immigration towards united states and how it affects the economic trend.

An uncertainty of the law on agency workers: benefit or detriment to businesses in the UK at a time of economic instability.

The economic impact of urban regeneration companies as a mechanism for delivering regeneration in the city of Leicester.

A relationship between the stock market and economic growth.

An analysis of fiscal policy in the UK and Germany: a comparison in the light of the current economic recession.

Has the current economic crisis encouraged UK charities towards more commercial models and practices?

The impact of brand and price on consumer behaviour during the economic recession: a case of clothing market in Greece.

An Economic and social impact of venture capital and private equity in the EU.

Adaptive reuse as economic development in downtown Los Angeles: a resource guide for start-up developers, community-based organisations, and stakeholder groups.

An economic theory of homeschooling.

An empirical investigation of economic aspects of physician services utilisation.

Argentina's economic crisis in 2001 and the international monetary fund.

Banking system regulations, financial development and economic outcomes.

Economic and institutional determinants of geographical concentration of industries in transition economies: evidence from China.

Institutional aspects and fiscal outcomes of U.S. Municipal governance.

The Impact of International Trade & Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Growth in Developing Countries; a case study.

Central banks and university financial governance: how institutions are managing institutional resources and creating a monetary policy for mission attainment.

The impact of a recession on consumer credit.

Small Medium Enterprises under the Condition of Global Financial Crisis in U.A.E.

Impact of BREXIT on the Economy of United Kingdom.

Economic Impact of BREXIT on the European Union.

Successful Implementation of Corporate Governance Mechanisms in Banks.

Analysis of Asymmetric Information and Market Interest.

Influence of Current US Trade Barriers on the Firms Pricing Decisions.

Influence of Capital Structure on the Stock Returns in the Petrochemical Industry.

Microfinance/Microcredit in the Developing Countries.

How the Current US Trade Barriers may Affect Firms Pricing Decisions?: A Focus on the Auto Manufacturing Industry Particularly GM.

Microfinance/Microcredit in the Developing Country – Malaysia: The Awareness and the Impacts of its Financial Services to the Low Income Group.

A Critical Analysis of the Impact of BREXIT on UK and European Union.

The Impact of Foreign Trade Agreement (FTA) Amid China and USA on the Global Trade.

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Economics Dissertation Topics


  • To what extent does the concentration in the industry determine individual firm profitability?
  • How does competition in the market determine corporate strategies for growth?
  • Impact of the covid pandemic on the market entry modes practised by corporations.
  • How do models of funding of non-profit organisations affect their sustainability?
  • Privatization of Public Enterprises and its implications on economic policy and development
  • Fraud and Abuse in Non-profit Organizations
  • Antitrust Practices and Market Power in the UK
  • Effect of antitrust regulations on the performance of the IT sphere in the UK
  • Antitrust regulation of horizontal mergers
  • Challenges for the industry from digitalisation
  • How changes in industrial structure affected economic growth in China?
  • How can Brexit change industrial policies in the UK?
  • Effect of covid on the entertainment industry
  • Perspectives of the alternative energy industry over the world
  • Contribution of smart materials to the development of the construction industry
  • Transformation of consumer tastes over the last two decades
  • How do local culture and mentality affect entrepreneurial behaviour and inclination to running a business?
  • How does the behaviour of single-person households differ from the behaviour of couple-based households?
  • Product life cycle in the era of digitalisation
  • Influence of IT on product development
  • Crowd funding as a driver of product development
  • How did Covid-19 affect economic inequality?
  • Dynamics of the Gini index as an indicator of income distribution
  • Forces behind income inequality in the UK
  • Is economic equilibrium attainable in the modern world?
  • How will equilibrium change after the covid-19 pandemic
  • The effect of trade liberalisation on general economic equilibrium
  • Impact of the informal sector of the economy on welfare
  • Potential consequences of the unconditional income introduction
  • Effect of covid-19 on income distribution in the UK
  • Collective decision-making in social networks
  • Collective decision making on mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of decision making on tourism destinations
  • How uncertainty affects decision making?
  • Career perspectives in the knowledge economy
  • The effect of covid on uncertainty in a particular market
  • Job search from the perspective of behavioural economics
  • The role of emotions in personal investing strategies
  • What drives customers to change mobile operators?


  • How do demand and supply control market forces in the UK?
  • Should the neoclassical growth model be revised in conditions of the modern world?
  • How does covid affect aggregate spending in the UK?
  • Do interest rates affect consumption in the UK?
  • Does consumption depend on the country’s currency exchange rate?
  • What industries were hit by covid most of all in terms of production?
  • Do consumer prices move synchronously in EU countries under the regime of inflation targeting?
  • What counter-cyclical measures can help to mitigate economic turmoil?
  • How do oil prices affect business activities in oil importing and oil-exporting countries?
  • How do interest rates affect investment activities?
  • Analysis of money supply in developing and developed economies
  • Is interest rates an effective instrument of inflation control in developing countries?
  • Forward Guidance as an Instrument of Monetary Policy: Experiences and Prospects
  • Does money supply influence rates of economic growth?
  • Is austerity an appropriate instrument of reducing national debt?
  • Influence of political situation on macroeconomic regulation in the UK.
  • How do macroeconomic policies affect capital structure of firms?
  • How do recommendations of international organisations (WB, WTO, IMF) affect macroeconomic policies of developing countries?
  • The use of big data in behavioural economics at the macrolevel
  • Public policy formulation through the lens of behavioural economics
  • How to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of behavioural macroeconomics?

International Economy

  • International trade as a factor of growth of developing economies
  • The effect of IT on restructuring international trade
  • How IT progress changed international value chains
  • How did covid affect international business activities?
  • The most prospective developing markets for international business
  • Tendencies in international factor movements over the last decade
  • Are there preconditions for creating new currency unions anywhere in the world?
  • Latest tendencies in international finance: liberalisation or restrictions?
  • Is the current global financial system viable?
  • The most prospective regional trade unions
  • What are the most attractive destinations for FDI right now?
  • The impact of FDI on economic growth in developing countries
  • How will the inauguration of Joe Biden change the US-China relations?
  • Macroeconomic drivers of local armed conflicts
  • Comparison of macroeconomic structure of the US and China
  • The impact of globalisation on poverty
  • Does IT affect poverty in the global scale?
  • How does globalisation influence corruption in the global scale?

Financial Economics

  • Reaction of financial markets to covid-19
  • How mutual funds change their risk-taking strategies depending on different incentives
  • How did financial markets react to the Biden win?
  • How FinTech companies affect the sphere of financial services
  • The latest accomplishments in the sphere of financial engineering
  • How IT changes competition in the sphere of financial services
  • Has covid changed corporate governance practices in the UK?
  • The effect of corporate governance procedures on capital structure in developing countries
  • Does IT progress influence companies’ investment in R&D?
  • Behavioural finance and its influence on investing decisions
  • Is behavioural finance able to completely explain investment decisions?
  • How personal characteristics of an investor explain their investment decisions
  • Patterns in spending of single-person households and couple households
  • Has covid changed inclination to saving among households?
  • The role of mediators in the mortgage market

Labour and Demographic Economics

  • Economic effects of changes in demographic structure
  • The relationship between the number of children and family wellbeing in developing countries
  • Does the child-free movement have a real impact on demographic situation in the UK?
  • Does Affirmative Action Reduce Gender Discrimination in the Labor Market? Recent Evidence for Developing Countries
  • Has covid changed the demand for labour in the EU?
  • Digitalisation and changes in labour market
  • The influence of marital status on income
  • How does marital status impacts labour force structure?
  • What are the reasons behind regional wage inequality in the EU.
  • Influence of uberisation on labour force structure.
  • The demand for refugee labour force in the EU.
  • Benefits and disadvantages of being self-employed
  • Strategic HR management and trade unions
  • A critical analysis of collective bargaining in the context of the UK
  • Do all participants of the single market have the same collective bargaining conditions?
  • The influence of regional disparity of income on labour mobility
  • How has covid changed unemployment patterns in the UK?
  • What is the contribution of immigrant workers to GDP of the UK?
  • Differences in labour standards between top-5 European football leagues
  • An overview of labour laws in the tourist sector across EU countries
  • UK labour regulations: drawbacks to be amended in the future

Development Economics and Innovation

  • What are the most relevant indicators of economic development?
  • The influence of population growth on developing economies: case study of India.
  • Exploring the relationship between migration and economic development
  • How do land regulations affect the pace of development in developing countries?
  • Ecovillages: regulation and development prospects
  • What are the residential location preferences of the new generation of millennials?
  • Instruments of funding innovations
  • Issues of protecting intellectual property rights of start-ups
  • Impact of technological change on productivity in the manufacturing industry
  • How does trade openness affects aggregate productivity of the economy? On the sample of Australia
  • What affects productivity in the long run?
  • The impact of structural change on productivity in developing economies
  • Economic development in Russia: effects of privatisation
  • Economic implications of climate change in developing countries
  • Economy wide effect of free trade agreements: the case of developing countries

Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Environmental and Ecological Economics

  • The effect of technology on productivity of the agricultural sector in developing countries.
  • How do labour force flows affect agricultural sector performance in an emerging economy?
  • Managing livestock farm as a business: issues and benefits
  • Sustainable management practices in fish industry
  • Benefits and methods of energy conservation
  • Influence of renewable energy sources: economic, social and environmental aspects
  • Management of non-renewable sources in the context of Germany.
  • How does depletion of resources affect the UK economy?
  • Methods of monitoring and control of non-renewable resources
  • What is the potential of the solar energy in the world market of energy?
  • Opportunities, benefits and drawbacks of alternative energy sources
  • What are the main sources of risk in the sphere of renewable energy?
  • Water management and conservation policies: A comparative study of the UK and Malaysia.
  • The influence of climate policies on economic development.
  • How can innovations contribute to the development of an eco-friendly economy?

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economics undergraduate dissertation topics

201 Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Economics dissertation topics are crucial for students seeking to delve into the complexities of economic theory and practice. From macroeconomics to microeconomic analysis, selecting the right dissertation topic is paramount for academic success. One compelling area for exploration could be “Economics Dissertation Topics: Unraveling the Dynamics of Supply and Demand in Contemporary Markets.” This topic […]

economics dissertation topics

Economics dissertation topics are crucial for students seeking to delve into the complexities of economic theory and practice. From macroeconomics to microeconomic analysis, selecting the right dissertation topic is paramount for academic success.

One compelling area for exploration could be “Economics Dissertation Topics: Unraveling the Dynamics of Supply and Demand in Contemporary Markets.” This topic allows students to examine how market forces interact in various industries, exploring factors such as consumer behavior, pricing strategies, and the impact of technological advancements.

Another intriguing avenue could be “Economics Dissertation Topics: Exploring the Role of Government Intervention in Economic Development.” This topic offers a chance to investigate the efficacy of government policies in promoting growth, mitigating market failures, and addressing income inequality.

Additionally, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Sustainability and Environmental Economics” presents a timely focus on the intersection of economics and environmental concerns, exploring concepts such as carbon pricing, renewable energy adoption, and the economics of climate change mitigation.

For those interested in international economics, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Globalization and Trade Dynamics” offers a rich field for inquiry, examining issues such as trade agreements, exchange rate regimes, and the implications of globalization on income distribution.

Moreover, “Economics Dissertation Topics: Behavioral Economics and Decision-Making” provides an opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of human psychology and its influence on economic choices, investigating phenomena such as irrational behavior, biases, and nudges in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, the selection of economics dissertation topics plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of research and academic exploration, offering students the opportunity to delve into pressing issues and contribute meaningfully to the field of economics.

Table of Contents

Political Economy:

  • a. The Impact of Political Institutions on Economic Growth: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. Political Determinants of Income Inequality: Evidence from Developing Countries
  • c. The Role of Corruption in Shaping Economic Policies: A Cross-Country Study
  • d. Political Stability and Foreign Direct Investment: A Panel Data Analysis
  • e. Populism and Economic Policies: A Case Study of Recent Trends
  • f. Best  Political Economy Dissertation Topics

Behavioral Economics:

  • a. Nudging Strategies for Improving Retirement Savings Behavior
  • b. The Influence of Social Norms on Consumer Decision Making: An Experimental Study
  • c. Behavioral Biases in Financial Markets: Implications for Investor Behavior
  • d. Psychological Factors in Debt Repayment: A Behavioral Analysis
  • e. The Impact of Framing Effects on Environmental Decision Making
  • f. More Behavioral Economics Dissertation Topics Examples

Managerial Economics:

  • a. Pricing Strategies in Oligopoly Markets: A Game Theory Approach
  • b. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Vertical Integration in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • c. Optimal Resource Allocation in Project Management: A Managerial Perspective
  • d. Risk Management Strategies for Multinational Corporations: A Case Study Approach
  • e. Decision Making under Uncertainty: The Role of Managerial Judgment
  • f. More  Topics for Dissertation in Managerial Economics for Students

Monetary Economics:

  • a. Central Bank Independence and Inflation Targeting: Lessons from Emerging Economies
  • b. The Effectiveness of Quantitative Easing in Stimulating Economic Growth
  • c. Exchange Rate Volatility and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Developed Economies
  • d. Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms in Developing Countries: A VAR Analysis
  • e. The Role of Digital Currencies in Shaping the Future of Monetary Policy
  • f. More Monetary economics dissertation topics ideas

Economic Geography:

  • a. Urbanization and Economic Development: A Spatial Analysis
  • b. Regional Disparities in Economic Growth: A Study of Infrastructure Development
  • c. The Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Regional Trade Patterns
  • d. Clusters and Innovation: Exploring the Geography of Knowledge Spillovers
  • e. The Role of Economic Geography in Shaping Global Supply Chains
  • f. More Economic geography dissertation topics examples

Public Economics:

  • a. Taxation and Income Redistribution: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Progressive Tax Systems
  • b. The Economics of Public Goods Provision: A Case Study of Healthcare Systems
  • c. Fiscal Policy and Economic Stability: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis
  • d. Social Welfare Programs and Labor Market Participation: A Longitudinal Analysis
  • e. The Impact of Government Spending on Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Comparison
  • f. More Public economics dissertation topics Ideas

Financial Economics:

  • a. Financial Market Integration and Economic Growth: Evidence from Stock Market Co-movements
  • b. Asset Pricing Models: Testing the Efficient Market Hypothesis in Emerging Markets
  • c. Financial Innovation and Systemic Risk: A Case Study of Derivatives Markets
  • d. Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Executive Compensation
  • e. The Role of Behavioral Finance in Explaining Asset Price Bubbles
  • f. More Financial Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

Experimental Economics:

  • a. Trust and Cooperation in Social Dilemmas: Insights from Experimental Games
  • b. The Effect of Incentive Structures on Risk Preferences: An Experimental Approach
  • c. Behavioral Responses to Economic Incentives: A Laboratory Experiment
  • d. Gender Differences in Economic Decision Making: An Experimental Study
  • e. The Role of Social Networks in Facilitating Economic Exchange: Experimental Evidence
  • f. More Experimental economics dissertation topics Ideas

Environmental Economics Research Topics:

  • a. Market-Based Mechanisms for Environmental Regulation: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. Valuation of Ecosystem Services: Methodological Approaches and Policy Implications
  • c. The Economics of Climate Change Adaptation: Assessing Costs and Benefits
  • d. Environmental Policy and Technological Innovation: A Study of Renewable Energy Adoption
  • e. The Role of Behavioral Economics in Promoting Sustainable Consumption Patterns
  • f. More Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas and Samples

Health Economics Dissertation Topics:

  • a. Healthcare Financing and Access to Health Services: A Comparative Study
  • b. The Economics of Health Behavior: Insights from Behavioral Economics
  • c. Pharmaceutical Pricing and Access to Medicines: A Global Perspective
  • d. The Impact of Healthcare Reforms on Health Outcomes: Evidence from Policy Changes
  • e. The Economics of Aging: Long-Term Care and Retirement Planning
  • f. More Health economics dissertation topics Ideas and Examples

Business Economics:

  • a. Market Entry Strategies for International Expansion: A Comparative Analysis
  • b. The Economics of Innovation: Determinants and Impacts on Firm Performance
  • c. Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Profitability: A Meta-Analysis
  • d. Mergers and Acquisitions: Economic Drivers and Performance Outcomes
  • e. The Economics of Digital Transformation: Implications for Business Strategy
  • f. More Business economics dissertation topics Ideas and Examples

Agricultural Economics Dissertation Topics:

  • a. Agricultural Productivity and Rural Development: A Case Study of Subsistence Farming Communities
  • b. Price Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Markets: Causes and Consequences
  • c. The Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production: Adaptation Strategies for Farmers
  • d. Agricultural Policy Reforms and Market Efficiency: Lessons from Agricultural Subsidy Programs
  • e. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Balancing Economic and Environmental Objectives
  • f. More Agricultural Economics Dissertation Topics Examples

Development Economics Research Topics:

  • a. Foreign Aid and Economic Development: Evaluating Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • b. Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Impact Evaluations
  • c. Structural Transformation and Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of Developing Economies
  • d. Inequality and Development: Exploring the Relationship between Income Distribution and Growth
  • e. The Role of Institutions in Economic Development: A Cross-Country Analysis
  • f. More Development economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

General dissertation topics in economics for college students

Here is a list of economics undergraduate dissertation topics also this list is useful for those looking for dissertation topics in economics for postgraduates:

  • The impact of monetary policy on economic growth
  • The effect of international trade on economic development
  • The role of financial development in economic growth
  • The impact of tax policy on income inequality
  • The relationship between inflation and unemployment
  • The effect of education on economic productivity
  • The influence of immigration on the labor market
  • The role of technology in economic growth
  • The impact of corporate governance on firm performance
  • The relationship between economic growth and environmental quality
  • Covid-19 and Economy: Research to identify the impacts of coronavirus on the economy. Economy Factors: Factors responsible for job creation and job destruction in the United Kingdom
  • Economic growth: How are economic growth and unemployment connected in your country?
  • Emerging economies: How do the inflows of capital influence emerging economies?
  • What are the causes of capital inflows?
  • Economic Deflation: Economic Deflation Concerns in the United-Kingdom
  • Gender Pay-Gap: Analyzing the Components of the Gender Pay-Gap in the UK – What are the Main Components of the Gender-Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?
  • Economic Growth: Does Foreign Direct Investment Influence Economic Growth in Rapidly Growing Economies? An Examination of China and India
  • The Role of Free Trade and Openness in the Growth and Development of South-Asia
  • Growth of Economic Level: Is the Worldwide Internet Affecting the Local Proximity and Contributing to the Growth of Economic-Level
  • The Reasons for Regional Divergence in the Selected Countries and the Comparison between Poor and Well-Developed Regions
  • The Utilization of Farming Economics-Implication into Public Institutions-Sector as Means of Economic Development in Agrarian-Countries
  • Nonstandard Economical Approaches That Were Brought by Emigrants to the US and Their Contribution to Economic-Prosperity
  • The Modern Job-Market Analysis within the Period of 20-Years – the Most Applicable Professions of Nowadays
  • The Shocking Therapy – the Potential Application for the Development of the Economics in the Countries of the Third World
  • Analyzing the Components of the Gender Pay Gap in the UK – What are the Main Components of the Gender Pay Gap, and to What Extent do they Contribute to this Inequality?
  • Role of local ethics and culture in shaping-entrepreneurial economic development in various businesses
  • European regional policy: To discuss the role of the “European regional policy” in shaping or modifying places in the UK.
  • Causes of regional diversity.
  • Analysis and comparison between the richest and poorest places of the UK.
  • A critical analysis of diversity in entrepreneurial attitudes in rural and urban areas.
  • What are the measures taken by the new president of America to rebuild the economy?
  • A look into an economically deprived country – Costa Rica
  • America is on the verge of economic disaster.
  • Causes for the failure of the automotive industry in the United States of America
  • Changes that the American economy has gone through after the catastrophic incident of 9/11 2001.
  • How does the world economic crisis have affected the American economy?
  • What is the role of privatization in the country’s economic growth?
  • The economic condition after the catastrophe of World War II
  • What is the role of inflation in the overall economic status of a country?
  • Why does money’s worth decrease with time?
  • Shedding light on different economic theories that got both succeeded and failed.
  • Effects of nationalization on the overall economic growth of a country
  • What is Laissez-Faire ?
  • Countries that have a Laissez-Faire system installed
  • How did the civil war affect the economy of the United States of America?
  • The global financial crisis led to a global economic breakdown.
  • Causes of the drastic growth in China’s economy
  • A brief overview of economic models
  • What do you mean by the fiscal policy?
  • What are the principles of macroeconomics?
  • What is environmental economics?
  • Study of the economic behavior of small groups
  • What is behavioral economics?
  • An introduction to devalued market inventories.
  • What is the cost of production theory of value?
  • Relationship between inflation and economic growth
  • Relationship between rate of unemployment and economic growth
  • Relationship between stock returns and inflation
  • Relationship between bonds returns and inflation.
  • Effect of micro-financing initiatives on an individual household
  • Factors to improve individual’s purchasing power.
  • Effect of commercial bank loans on the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a developing country
  • Impact of AIDS disease on the development of African countries
  • Impact of technological tools on agricultural retail business
  • Effect of competitors on supply chain management of a product
  • Impact of changing labor markets on consumer purchasing power
  • Effect of the fiscal policy on social welfare in a developing country
  • Effect of international trade activities on the economic development of a developing country
  • Importance of commercial banks in agriculture development of a county.
  • Effect of foreign trade activities on the economic growth of a developing country
  • The impact of fiscal policy on economic growth
  • The role of innovation in economic development
  • The effect of exchange rate regimes on trade and investment
  • The influence of political institutions on economic policymaking
  • The relationship between income distribution and economic growth
  • The impact of economic globalization on labor markets
  • The role of infrastructure in economic development
  • The influence of demographic change on the economy
  • The impact of environmental regulations on firm competitiveness
  • The relationship between corruption and economic performance

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Below are some examples of the excellent work produced by some of our students. The authors have agreed for their work to be made available as examples of good practice.

Undergraduate dissertations

  • The Causal Impact of Education on Crime Rates: A Recent US Analysis . Emily Taylor, BSc Hons Economics, 2022
  • Does a joint income taxation system for married couples disincentivise the female labour supply? Jodie Gollop, BA Hons Economics with German, 2022
  • Conditional cooperation between the young and old and the influence of work experience, charitable giving, and social identity . Rachel Moffat, BSc Hons Economics, 2021
  • An Extended Literature Review on the Contribution of Economic Institutions to the Great Divergence in the 19th Century . Jessica Richens, BSc Hons Economics, 2021
  • Does difference help make a difference? Examining whether young trustees and female trustees affect charities’ financial performance. Chris Hyland, BSc Hons Economics, 2021

Postgraduate dissertations

  • The impact of Covid-19 on the public and health expenditure gradient in mortality in England . Alexander Waller, MSc Economic Development & Policy Analysis, 2022
  • Impact of the Child Support Grant on Nutritional Outcomes in South Africa: Is there a ‘pregnancy support’ effect? . Claire Lynam, MSc Development Economics, 2022
  • An Empirical Analysis of the Volatility Spillovers between Commodity Markets, Exchange Rates, and the Sovereign CDS Spreads of Commodity Exporters . Alfie Fox-Heaton, MSc Financial Economics, 2022
  • The 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season and Labour Market Transitions . Edward Allenby, MSc Economics, 2022
  • The scope of international agreements . Sophia Vaaßen, MSc International Economics, 2022

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50+ Economics Dissertation Topics in 2024

Manali Ganguly Image

Manali Ganguly ,

Feb 20, 2024

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The most popular economics dissertation topics in 2024 are economic development, economic policy and planning, impact of globalisation on economy, money and rates of interest, and international finance among others.

50+ Economics Dissertation Topics in 2024

The economics dissertation topics include impact of globalisation on economy, international finance, economic development, the macroeconomic features of international trade, and many more. A student who has enrolled in a BA Economics course or who is pursuing a PhD in Economics must be aware of the topics that are popularly selected to prepare economics dissertation.

Economics can be said to be a social science associated with the production, distribution, and the consumption of services. The subject analyses the efforts made by the country, organisation, or individual for the allocation of resources.

Economics covers a vast number of topics. These are macroeconomics, microeconomics, international economics, managerial economics, labour economics, behavioural economics and many more.

Top 50+ Economics Dissertation Topics

The list of economics dissertation topics that have been listed below are the most popular ones picked up by the students. These topics cover varied theories, laws, and principles of economics. The list has been categorised under various heads, which are as follows:

  • Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics
  • Microeconomics Dissertation Topics
  • Economic Geography Dissertation Topics
  • Labour Economics Dissertation Topics
  • Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics

1. Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics

This branch of Economics studies the performance, behaviour, structure, and decision-making of an aggregate or the whole economy. Long term growth in the economy and short termed cycles in business are the two major areas of macroeconomics.

The economics dissertation topics for macroeconomics are:

  • Is the system of economics practicable for all sections of a society?
  • How do interest rates affect consumption in a country?
  • Effect of Covid-19 on industrial production?
  • Using big data in behavioural economics at macro level
  • Has Brexit influenced the rate and quality of consumer spending?
  • Division of tax between a buyer and seller
  • How to mitigate the space between theory and practise of behavioural macroeconomics?
  • FDI and interest rates in India
  • Is it necessary to revise neoclassical growth according to the modern world conditions?
  • Housing prices and the macroeconomics determinants

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2. Microeconomics Dissertation Topics

Microeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with the study of households, firms, and individual’s ' behaviour in allocating resources. It applies to goods and services and deals with economic and individual issues.

The dissertation topics on macroeconomics are:

  • A macroeconomic study of the energy sector
  • The relationship between merger and acquisition and productivity
  • Inequality of income in the Indian workforce
  • The antitrust regulations and horizontal mergers
  • Impact of the new supermarket stores on local economy
  • The impact of cryptocurrency on economy
  • The concept of minimum wage for the daily wage wage earners
  • Relationship between the game theory and decision theory
  • Impact of eCommerce on small and medium enterprises
  • Is the profit percentage made by a firm directly proportional to the size of the firm? Shed light on the telecommunication sector

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3. Economic Geography Dissertation Topics

Economic geography can be said to be a part of human geography and the economic activities that affect it. This is a subfield of economics.

The economics dissertation topics related to economic geography are:

  • How is local proximity being affected by the networks? Difference between co-localized and dispersed networks
  • The effect of Covid-19 on the economic life in the cities
  • The role of local and regional cultures in the shaping of economic development of the entrepreneurs
  • Indian economy in the post pandemic era
  • National, regional, and local policies for an environment conducive to local cluster
  • How does local culture help promote regional innovation networks?
  • What is regional divergence? Poorest and richest areas in India in terms of wealth distribution.
  • The difference in entrepreneurial behaviour between the rural and urban areas
  • How can natural calamities affect the economy and resources of a localised region or state or country?
  • How has recession affected the economic geography of India in the past?

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4. Labour Economics Dissertation Topics

The Labour Economics studies the role of the labour force in the production process. The labour force refers to the whole gamut of the industry, i.e., the employers and the employed.

The distinctive labour economics dissertation topics are:

  • A critical and analytical assessment of a collective bargaining practice
  • The role of gender inequality in the staggered growth of economy and productivity within the context of work-culture
  • The impact of digitization on the labour market
  • How practical are the economic labour laws in India?
  • Government policies in favour of self-employment
  • The impact of ‘Vocal for local’ on local and regional economies in India
  • Immigration policies in India and its impact on the local labour market
  • Labour exploitation in China and its impact on the labour laws of the country
  • How Brexit has impacted the policy outcomes shaping the local economy of the cities in the United Kingdom.
  • Cheap labour: An exploitation of the labour laws in India

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5. Environmental Economics Dissertation Topics

Environmental economics is a branch of economics that deals with the cost-effective use, allocation, and protection of the natural resources of the world.

The most popular environmental economics dissertation topics are:

  • The impact of a company running on an eco-friendly model on its competitiveness in the market
  • The economic and cultural impact of the of the maintenance of heritage cities on a country’s economy
  • A qualitative study of the paying for recycled products
  • Biological invasion and its impact on a country’s economy
  • Analysing the impact of risk aversions in the context of goods and services
  • Climate change and its impact on natural production and thereby on the national economy
  • Does drinking clean water really impact the GDP of a country?
  • The impact of greenhouse effect on the global and local economy
  • Waste management procedure: implication on the environmental economy
  • Economic environmental policies in the lights of natural disasters: An impact on the national economy
  • Is the growth of new industries impacting the environment economy of India?
  • Preservation of natural resources and its impact on the economy

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Trending Dissertation Topics & Ideas For 2024

ResearchProspect has prepared a list of trending dissertation topics and ideas in every academic subject to inspire you. In addition to the free topics available in our topics database, we offer 3 free custom dissertation topics to students of all levels. Our most popular dissertation topics categories include marketing , business , operations management , engineering management , project management , science , history , climate change , ecology , sports , sociology , psychology , philosophy , cryptocurrency , facebook , twitter , snapchat , instagram , finance & accounting , tourism , literature , photography , and more. You can also review our example dissertation titles to get inspired.

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In creating a worthy research topic, it is important to be manageable, interesting, and add value to the body of knowledge in its respective field. To help students narrow their search for a research topic, ResearchProspect writers have brainstormed new dissertation topics that are innovative and relevant to the current body of knowledge available and can aid in the brainstorming process.

Our band of super nerds have designed the latest dissertation topics across a variety of subjects that are intriguing and look to fill research gaps present in their respective academic literature. These free dissertation topics are great for starting the process of writing your dissertation , thesis or proposal . So take a breather, ResearchProspects has got you covered with our dissertation writing services.

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The Importance Of Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics are of utmost importance in academic research because they can greatly impact the quality of research and the project’s ultimate success. Coming up with the right ideas for dissertation topics can be complicated for a few students. Here are some reasons why choosing the right dissertation title is significant for your research:

  • Sets the tone for the research: Your dissertation topic is the starting point for your research project. It sets the tone for the entire research and determines the scope and direction of the study.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and expertise: A good dissertation topic also helps demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your particular study area. It is an opportunity to showcase your mastery of the topic and your ability to engage in independent research.
  • Significance: The right dissertation topic is significant and relevant in the field of study. It addresses a knowledge gap or a research question that has not been adequately answered.
  • Feasibility: The topic should be feasible and realistic. It should be possible to conduct research on the chosen topic within the given time frame and with resources.
  • Interest and motivation: The dissertation topic should interest the student and motivate them to conduct the research. This will make the research process more enjoyable and increase the likelihood of success.

Humanities Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of The Role of Social Media in Shaping Public Discourse.
  • The Representation of Gender in Contemporary Literature: A Comparative Study.
  • The Politics of Cultural Heritage Preservation: Case Study of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • A Philosophical Inquiry of The Ethics of Digital Humanities Research.
  • The Intersection of Religion and Politics in the Middle East: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.
  • An Ethnographic Study of the Impact of Globalisation on Indigenous Cultures.
  • The Aesthetics of Horror in Literature and Film: An Analysis of Contemporary Works.
  • The Philosophy of Human Rights: A Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Perspectives.
  • The Representation of Trauma in Postcolonial Literature: A Comparative Study of African and South Asian Texts.
  • The Psychology of Humor: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Laughter and Mental Health.

Environment Dissertation Topics

  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategies: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries.
  • The Impact of Urbanisation on Biodiversity: Case Study of Major Cities in the World.
  • The Politics of Environmental Justice: A Critical Analysis of Environmental Policies and Their Impacts on Marginalised Communities.
  • The Role of Green Technology in Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • The Economics of Carbon Pricing: A Comparative Study of Cap and Trade Systems.
  • The Implications of Deforestation on Ecosystem Services with Respect to the Amazon Rainforests.
  • The Ethics of Animal Agriculture: An Investigation into the Impacts of Industrial Livestock Production.
  • The Role of Environmental Education in Promoting Sustainability in the United Kingdom.
  • A Study on The Intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Conservation.
  • The Politics of Water Scarcity: An Overview of the Middle East and North Africa.

Education Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning: A Comparative Study of Traditional and Online Education.
  • An Investigation on The Role of Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Education.
  • A Meta-Analysis on The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning in STEM Education.
  • The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Student Learning Outcomes in the United Kingdom.
  • The Politics of Education Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Policies and Their Impacts on Student Achievement.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Quality.
  • The Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education: Case Study of Internationalisation Strategies in Universities.
  • An Analysis of The Effectiveness of Social-Emotional Learning Programs.
  • The Intersection of Education and Technology Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of EdTech Startups.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Funding and Student Outcomes in Public Schools.

Sports Dissertation Topics

  • A Study on the Role of Sports in Promoting Social Inclusion.
  • The Impact of Sports Psychology on Athletic Performance: An Investigation into Mental Training Techniques.
  • An Analysis of The Ethics of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports.
  • The Effectiveness of Injury Prevention Programs in Contact Sports.
  • The Intersection of Sports and Technology: An Analysis of Wearable Technology in Athletic Training and Performance.
  • A Comparative Study of National and International Sports Organisations.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Sponsorship and Brand Awareness.
  • The Impact of Sports on Personal Development: A Comparative Study of Sports and Non-Sports Participants.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Fan Attachment and Identity.
  • The Intersection of Sports and Social Media: A Case Study of Athlete Branding and Fan Engagement.

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Social Media on Anxiety and Depression.
  • The Role of Positive Psychology in Promoting Well-Being.
  • The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Treating Anxiety and Depression.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Coping Strategies and Health Outcomes.
  • The Intersection of Psychology and Neuroscience: An Analysis of Brain Imaging Techniques in Understanding Mental Health Disorders.
  • A Critical Analysis of Research Methods and Their Implications for Participants.
  • The Impact of Culture on Mental Health: Case Study of Western and Eastern Approaches to Mental Health Treatment.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Addiction.
  • An Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships and Their Impacts on Psychological Well-Being.
  • A Comparative Study of Aging and Longevity in Different Cultures.

Gender Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Career Choices.
  • The Role of Gender-Based Violence in Perpetuating Gender Inequality.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Intersectionality on Women of Color.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Politics and Women's Access to Healthcare.
  • The Effectiveness of Gender Quotas in Promoting Gender Equality.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Masculinity and Mental Health.
  • The Role of Gender Identity in Social Justice Movements.
  • The Impact of Gender and Sexuality Education on Adolescents.
  • A Comparative Study of Gender Pay Gaps in Different Industries and Countries.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Ableism and Gender Discrimination on Disabled Women.

Law Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Digitalisation on Legal Systems.
  • The Role of International Law in Addressing Global Challenges.
  • The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Addressing Criminal Behaviour.
  • A Comparative Study of Selection Processes and Their Impacts on Judicial Independence.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Intersectionality on Legal Rights and Protections.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Advocacy and Professional Responsibility.
  • The Impact of Gender and Race on Jury Decision-Making: An Analysis of Implicit Bias in Legal Proceedings.
  • The Role of Human Rights Law in Addressing Corporate Responsibility: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Business and Human Rights.
  • The Politics of Immigration Law: A Comparative Study of National Policies and Their Impacts on Migrant Rights and Protections.
  • The Effectiveness of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Addressing Civil Disputes: A Comparative Study of Mediation and Arbitration.

Business, Finance & Management Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance.
  • The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth: An Analysis of Small Business Development and Job Creation.
  • The Impact of Financial Technology on Banking and Finance: use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
  • The Effectiveness of Corporate Governance in Preventing Corporate Scandals: A Comparative Study of Regulations and Practices.
  • The Psychology of Decision-Making in Management: An Analysis of Cognitive Biases and Their Impacts on Organisational Behaviour.
  • The Role of Leadership in Organisational Change: An Investigation into the Impacts of Leadership Styles on Change Management.
  • A Comparative Study of Trade Agreements and Their Impacts on Global Economic Relations.
  • The Impact of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation and Performance.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing.
  • The Role of Human Resource Management in Talent Development.

Health & Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Telemedicine on Healthcare Delivery
  • The Role of Nursing in Patient Safety: An Analysis of Best Practices and Strategies for Preventing Medical Errors.
  • The Effectiveness of Health Promotion Programs in Preventing Chronic Diseases.
  • A Comparative Study of National Policies and Their Impacts on Access to Care.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Co-Morbidities on Patient Outcomes.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Health Knowledge and Patient Empowerment.
  • A Comparative Study of Pain Management Strategies in Different Settings.
  • An Analysis of Best Practices and Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Comfort Care and Quality of Life.
  • The Effectiveness of Healthcare Teamwork in Patient-Centered Care.

Technology Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Ethical and Social Implications of AI Technologies.
  • The Impact of Cybersecurity Threats on Business and Society.
  • The Role of Blockchain Technology in the Future of Digital Transactions.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Digital Health Technologies on Patient Outcomes and Access to Care.
  • The Effectiveness of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education and Training.
  • A Comparative Study of National Policies and International Agreements.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Data-Driven Decision Making.
  • The Impact of Social Media on Society and Culture: An Analysis of the Impacts of Platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The Effectiveness of User-Centered Design in Developing Technology Products.
  • The Future of Quantum Computing and its Potential Applications in Different Fields.

Geography & Politics Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Environmental Policy and Global Climate Change.
  • An Analysis of Immigration and Refugee Settlement Patterns in Cities.
  • A Comparative Study of National Interests and Strategic Considerations.
  • A Review on The Intersection of Geography and Political Violence.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Addressing Economic Disparities.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Resource Distribution and Political Power.
  • An Analysis of National Borders and Their Impacts on Migration, Trade, and Security.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Geospatial Technologies and Digital Mapping in Political Analysis.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Disaster Response and Preparedness.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Spatial Analysis and Geographical Information Systems in Policy Making.

Fashion & Media Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Instagram, TikTok, and Other Platforms on Fashion Marketing and Consumption.
  • The Role of Fashion in Representing Diversity and Inclusivity in Media.
  • An Examination of the Influences of Celebrities on Fashion Trends and Consumer Behaviour.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Fashion, Power, and Identity.
  • Comparative research of Different Approaches to Ethical and Environmentally Conscious Fashion Production.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Photography in Fashion Communication.
  • A Breakdown of the Relationship Between Wearable Technologies and Fashion Trends.
  • The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing in Fashion.
  • The Impact of Fashion and Media on Body Image.
  • A Study into the Use of Fashion as a Symbolic Representation of Political Messages and Movements.

Tourism Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Sustainable Tourism Practices on Local Communities.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Tourism.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Marketing Tourism Destinations.
  • An Analysis of the Relationship Between Tourism Development and Political Power.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Tourism and Heritage Conservation.
  • A Research of Different Approaches to Tourism as a Driver of Economic Growth.
  • The Effectiveness of Tourism Policies in Addressing Overtourism: An Analysis of Different Approaches to Managing Tourist Crowds in Popular Destinations.
  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Platforms like Instagram and TikTok on Tourism Marketing and Consumption.
  • The Role of Tourism in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Trends and Innovations in Tourism.

Science & Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Use of Machine Learning and AI Techniques in Engineering Design and Optimisation.
  • The Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies on Sustainable Development: An Analysis of Different Approaches to Promoting Renewable Energy Sources.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Space Science and Engineering.
  • Study of Different Approaches to Green Building and Sustainable Architecture.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Biotechnology on Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Drug Development.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Engineering Infrastructure: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Climate Change and Infrastructure Resilience.
  • The Effectiveness of Science Education Programs: A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Teaching Science in Schools.
  • A Research on the Use of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Engineering Applications.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Transportation Engineering.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Additive Manufacturing on Industrial Processes and Supply Chains.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Behaviour
  • An Analysis of the Use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Strategies.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Targeted Marketing and Personalised Advertising.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Customer Experience and Consumer Loyalty.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Narrative Techniques in Brand Communications.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing.
  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Customer Advocacy and Word-of-Mouth Marketing.
  • A Research of the Use of Mobile Technologies in Marketing Communications.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Creating Immersive Brand Experiences.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Marketing Communications and Brand Reputation.

Management Dissertation Topics

  • A Research on the Impacts of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness
  • An Analysis of the Use of Digital Technologies in Business Management and Operations.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces.
  • The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Management.
  • An Analysis of the Use of AI and Machine Learning in Business Decision-Making and Strategy.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Managing Organisational Knowledge.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Organisational Culture and Performance.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Globalisation on International Business Operations and Management Practices.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Measuring and Evaluating Employee Performance.

The Role of Change Management in Organisational Transformation.

More Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics, environment, business, finance & management, health & nursing, geography & politics, fashion & media, science & engineering, dissertation topic examples.

Here are some dissertation topics examples for you so you know what you can expect from our experts when you order a free dissertation topic from Research Prospect

Topic 1: Management Quality and Control- Assessing the role of project length in the UK Construction sector.

Research Aim: The construction industry is one of the most significant contributors to the country’s economy. This study investigates the role of project length on management control and quality in the UK’s construction sector. Also, the research will analyse the connection between project length and quality control, considering the moderating impact of management quality control on a project’s success.

Topic 2: Investigating how the Tourism Industry has taken Green and Sustainable measures- A case study of UK

Research Aim: This study will investigate the various aspects of the UK tourism industry towards making green and sustainable measures for the environmental benefits. It will also look into the consumer’s perspective towards green tourism and its positive and negative impacts on the tourism industry and the tourists. It is also helping you develop a better understanding of the concept of a green environment and its influence on the tourism industry.

Topic 3: Assessing the role of Communication Strategies in Fashion Marketing- a case study of UK

Research Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of communication strategies in the world of UK fashion marketing. This will also give us an understanding of how new fashion remanufacturing should be communicated to the consumers. Focusing on how information and messages about the brands or products should be labelled to attract the audience.

Topic 4: Building demolition- Analyse the efficacy of destroying and ruining Big city structures and their impact on the traffic.

Research Aim: Many big cities around the world have demolished a vast number of buildings that were functional with new structures. It not only has an economic impact but also results in the loss of urban culture, harms the environment, cause pollution, and also worsen the traffic situation. This study will evaluate the merits of building demotion and will provide economic, technical and environmental input.

Topic 5: Assessing the relationship between Information Protection and Journalism, how does the Data Protection Act of 1998 affect the problem of people in Media Exposure?

Research Aim: This study will examine how the Data protection act of 1998 plays an important role in protecting information. This study will provide vital knowledge by collecting information from the directors’ of a few media associations. Discussions with media members can also help in gaining an understanding of the actual circumstances in which material obtained by journalism should be protected.

Topic 6: An investigation of the blockchain's application on the energy sector leading towards electricity production and e-mobility.

Research Aim: This study aims to investigate the applications of blockchain within the energy sector. This study will identify how blockchain can be used to produce electricity from the comfort of home. Moreover, this study aims to introduce the concept of e-mobility through blockchain, according to which blockchain can be used to share the car ride with the other commuters residing at nearby places. Another objective of this research is to develop a framework that could assess blockchain’s use for the consumers staying within a budget and letting them assess how much money they have been spending so far.

Topic 7: Increasing Bitcoin Privacy and Security- Assessing the Role and Implementation of Confidential Transactions.

Research Aim: A confidential transfer is a technology that allows users to protect their money values from the public using new crypto techniques. The study aims to determine if confidential transactions can provide secret, secure as well as financial privacy. As a result, it is crucial to examine the function of confidential transactions in order to ensure that no digital currency is lost or produced when a transaction occurs without disclosing the precise number of transfers.

Topic 8: An analysis of the novel waste management techniques- A case study of United Kingdom oil and gas sector.

Research Aim: This study analyses the novel waste management techniques and practices in the UK oil and gas sector. It will also identify the challenges facing the oil and gas sector in achieving sustainable management of all the waste from production. This study aims to determine different forms of E and P waste being generated and reduce harmful E and P waste by using technology, focusing on the policies made by the government regarding hazardous waste from the oil and gas industry.

Topic 9: Assessing the parental perceptions and attitude towards the adoption of healthy behaviour patterns to control obesity and overweight concerns in young children.

Research Aim: This study aims to analyse the parent’s perceptions and attitudes in relation to healthy behaviours practises to control obesity and overweight disorders in young children. It will also focus on the obstacles parents or caregivers experience when it comes to obesity control in young children.

Topic 10: What are the Environmental Impacts of Water Waste Treatment of Cement Industry in South Korea?

Research Aim: This study aims to find the environmental impacts of water waste treatment of the cement industry in South Korea. With the help of a comprehensive survey across the cement manufacturing companies in South Korea, this study will first scrutinize the entire waste treatment process in the cement industry in South Korea. Then it will analyze the impact of each step on the environment. And after analyzing find the environmental effects of the water waste treatment of the cement industry in South Korea, this study will recommend modern ways to reduce the adverse effects.

Topic 11: Politics in a Digital Age- Assessing the impact of Social Media on Public Participation and Political Campaigns.

Research Aim: This study aims to find how the public has utilised social media during elections or political campaigns. This study will also focus on the impact of social networking sites on popular participation in the electoral vote and political debate. This research study will also investigate the effects of new technologies and the digital era on media and political party campaigns and media activities during elections.

Topic 12: The influence of price and brand on consumer preference during an economic recession: A case of the clothing market in Greece

Research Aim: The research will aim to examine the impact of prices and brands on consumer buying behaviour during an economic recession in Greece’s clothing market. During an economic crisis, not all types of products suffer the same consequences. During a recession, people are more sensible in their buying decisions, and they frequently continue to choose known product brands that meet their demands. The study will look at the impact of the recession on consumer purchasing preferences, taking into account variations in spending on various apparel brands based on price.

Topic 13: An investigation of the reasons for the Merger's failure outcomes and acquisition of Islamic Banks in gulf countries.

Research Aim: It is also evident from various studies that most Islamic banks in the Gulf countries, which put their efforts into Mergers and acquisitions to other know and well-established banking sectors, encountered some severe failures. Therefore, this study aims to develop an understanding of failure outcomes for the Islamic banks while going towards Merger’s decision and acquisition with other well-known banks in the Gulf countries.

Topic 14: The Role of International Criminal Laws in Reducing Global Genocide

Research Aim: This study aims to find the role of international criminal laws in reducing global genocide. It will be an exploratory study identifying the explicit and implicit effects of international criminal laws on the worldwide genocide. It will analyse different incidents of international genocide and find out how international criminal laws played a positive role to reduce these incidents. Lastly, it will recommend possible changes in the international criminal laws to effectively mitigate global genocide. And it will be done by comparing criminal laws of world-leading powers to reduce genocide.

Topic 15: How do our genes influence our lifestyle and behavior?

Research Aim: Inherited genetic predispositions largely determine individual differences in intellectual ability, personality, and mental health. Behavior also displays indicators of genetic influence; for example, how somebody reacts to stressful circumstances reflects some genetic influence. This research aims to find the impact of genes on a person’s lifestyle and behavior. The study will also examine the ratio of people likely to be affected by genetics.

Topic 16: An assessment of the Influence of Parents' Divorce or Separation on Adolescent Children in terms of long-term psychological impact.

Research Aim: This study aims to investigate the level of traumas experienced by the children of divorced or separated parents. The principal aim of this study is to explore the long-term psychological impacts of parents’ divorce on the life of children regardless of their gender and age in terms of mental wellbeing, academic performance, and self-worth.

Topic 17: Russia-Israel relationship and its impact on Syria and the Middle East.

Research Aim: Russia and Israel share significant aspects of their strategic cultures. Both countries have a siege mentality and are led by a security-first mindset and a predominantly military view of authority. p Russia’s relationship with Israel has grown in importance in the context of Russia’s military operation in Syria. This study aims to examine the relations between Russia and Israel and how they have impacted Syria and the middle east—focusing on different policies, agreements, and military interventions.

Topic 18: Assessing the Role of Social Media in Raising Awareness about Environmental Issues- A case study of Snapchat.

Research Aim: The main aim of this study is to find the role of social media platforms in raising awareness about environmental issues. This study will focus on the social media app Snapchat which is currently very popular among the youth, and millions of people use Snapchat daily and send each other snaps. Furthermore, this study will focus on how this platform plays a vital role in spreading awareness regarding environmental issues.

Topic 19: Is Cybercrime a Threat to Banking Sector in Developing Countries? A Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan

Research Aim: This study aims to analyze the impact of cybercrime on the banking sector in developing countries. It will identify the possible threats faced by the banking sector due to increasing cybercrimes. These threats are related to the information security of the banks in developing countries. This research will be using Pakistan as a case study to find the threats posed by cybercrime to fragile banking. And after identifying the threats, the study will try to recommend possible solutions to ensure information security.

Topic 20: Examining Multi-dimension in facial emotion detection.

Research Aim: When it comes to communications, human expressions are extraordinary. Humans can identify it very easily and accurately. Getting the same outcome from a 3D machine is a difficult task. This is because of the present challenges in 3D face data scanning. This study will examine the facial emotion identification in humans using different multi-point for 3D face landmarks.

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  • Conduct a literature review of your chosen field of study to identify gaps in knowledge or areas that require further research. Try looking for topics that are currently trending and in demand in your field of study.
  • Consult with your advisor to get their opinion on potential research topics. They can suggest areas of study that have not been explored or provide insight into what is currently being researched in your field.
  • Narrow your focus to a specific area of study or research question. A well-defined topic will make your research more manageable and focused.
  • Consider the feasibility of your topic regarding the availability of resources, access to data, and the time frame for completion.
  • Brainstorm a list of potential topics and evaluate each based on feasibility, relevance, and interests.
  • Once you have identified potential topics, test them by conducting preliminary research to determine the data availability and the research project’s feasibility.

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80 Law and Economics Research Topics

FacebookXEmailWhatsAppRedditPinterestLinkedInIf you are a student seeking compelling research topics in Law and Economics , you have come to the right place. Embarking on the exciting journey of selecting research topics for your undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral thesis in Law and Economics? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The field of Law and Economics offers […]

Law and Economics Research Topics

If you are a student seeking compelling research topics in Law and Economics , you have come to the right place. Embarking on the exciting journey of selecting research topics for your undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral thesis in Law and Economics? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The field of Law and Economics offers a fascinating intersection between two crucial disciplines, inviting scholars to explore a myriad of compelling issues. In this comprehensive guide, we will not only delve into the synonyms you can use when searching for this interdisciplinary field but also provide you with an array of research topics tailored to your academic level, ensuring that you embark on a research journey that challenges and enriches your scholarly pursuits.

Law and Economics, often known as “economic analysis of law,” “economic analysis of legal systems,” and “economic jurisprudence,” is an interdisciplinary field that applies economic principles and techniques to analyze and understand legal systems, institutions, and issues.

A List Of Potential Research Topics In Law and Economics :

  • Investigating the economic implications of artificial intelligence and automation on labor markets.
  • Assessing the impact of corporate tax policies on multinational corporations’ profit shifting strategies.
  • Assessing the role of regulatory compliance costs on small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Investigating the impact of occupational licensing regulations on labor market entry and competition.
  • Investigating the economic consequences of intellectual property rights infringement on pharmaceutical innovation.
  • Assessing the economic consequences of temporary suspension of bankruptcy laws during the pandemic.
  • Exploring the intersection of public health regulations and economic interests in pandemic management.
  • Examining the role of insurance regulations in managing risks and protecting consumers.
  • Assessing the economic impact of eviction moratoriums and rent relief programs during the pandemic.
  • Examining the economic consequences of government bailouts on financial institutions during economic crises.
  • Evaluating the economic efficiency of punitive damages in tort law.
  • Analyzing the impact of pandemic-induced legal changes on contract enforcement and economic outcomes.
  • Exploring the economic effects of minimum wage laws on employment and income distribution.
  • Analyzing the economic consequences of trade wars and protectionist policies on global trade.
  • Evaluating the economic efficiency of tort reform measures in healthcare.
  • Analyzing the impact of legal regulations on economic behavior through econometrics .
  • Examining the relationship between UK employment law and workplace dynamics in the gig economy.
  • Examining the economic rationale behind international sanctions and their impact on targeted economies.
  • Exploring the economic consequences of mandatory arbitration agreements in consumer contracts.
  • Investigating the relationship between corporate governance practices and firm performance.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of UK environmental laws in promoting sustainable economic practices.
  • Exploring the economic effects of trade liberalization on income inequality in developing countries.
  • Analyzing the influence of digitalization on legal services and its economic consequences in a post-COVID world.
  • Analyzing the economic costs and benefits of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the legal system.
  • Analyzing the economic implications of Brexit on UK trade agreements and regulatory frameworks.
  • Examining the impact of cybersecurity regulations on the cost of doing business.
  • Evaluating the economic consequences of workplace discrimination and equal pay legislation.
  • Analyzing the contributions of Law and Economics to addressing global issues such as climate change and inequality.
  • Examining the relationship between labor law adjustments and workforce dynamics post-COVID.
  • Investigating the economic implications of drug legalization and its impact on crime rates and public health.
  • Evaluating the economic consequences of regulatory capture in financial markets.
  • Investigating the role of UK data protection regulations in safeguarding consumer trust and facilitating digital commerce.
  • Evaluating the economic efficiency of carbon pricing mechanisms to combat climate change.
  • Evaluating the economic efficiency of alternative energy subsidies and incentives.
  • Investigating the role of government stimulus packages in mitigating economic downturns during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Assessing the economic consequences of UK consumer protection laws on market competition.
  • Assessing the role of intellectual property laws in fostering innovation and economic growth.
  • Exploring the economic implications of privacy and data protection laws in the digital age.
  • Examining the impact of UK immigration policies on labor markets and economic growth.
  • Evaluating the impact of behavioral economics on the study of legal decision-making and economic outcomes.
  • Analyzing the economic consequences of environmental regulations on businesses.
  • Examining the economic consequences of property rights and land reform in developing countries.
  • Assessing the role of tax incentives in promoting renewable energy adoption.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of remote court proceedings in maintaining legal access and economic stability.
  • Investigating the impact of antitrust regulations on market competition and consumer welfare.
  • Analyzing the economic implications of antitrust policies on innovation and market dynamics.
  • Examining the economic rationale behind anti-dumping policies and their impact on international trade.
  • Assessing the role of bankruptcy laws in protecting consumers’ financial well-being.
  • Investigating the impact of financial regulations on systemic risk and financial stability.
  • Exploring the evolutionary dynamics of economic systems within the law and economics framework.
  • Investigating the economic consequences of public-private partnerships in infrastructure development.
  • Analyzing the economic implications of gun control measures on firearm sales and violence rates.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of consumer protection laws in preventing fraud and abuse in financial markets.
  • Analyzing the theoretical foundations and methodologies commonly employed in Law and Economics research.
  • Assessing the economic consequences of insider trading regulations on market integrity.
  • Exploring the economic rationale behind criminal sentencing and its impact on recidivism rates.
  • Exploring the economic rationale behind gun control laws and their effects on crime rates.
  • Investigating the economic consequences of antitrust regulations in the context of pandemic-induced market shifts.
  • Investigating the interdisciplinary collaboration between legal scholars and economists in the field.
  • Assessing the role of international trade agreements in shaping global economic relations.
  • Analyzing the economic consequences of bankruptcy laws on entrepreneurship and risk-taking.
  • Analyzing the economic implications of government subsidies for agriculture and their impact on food prices.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the UK’s legal framework in safeguarding intellectual property rights and fostering innovation.
  • Evaluating the role of empirical analysis in advancing Law and Economics scholarship.
  • Assessing the economic consequences of financial market regulations in the UK post-Brexit.
  • Examining the economic consequences of government surveillance policies on individual privacy and civil liberties.
  • Assessing the role of labor laws in shaping employment relationships and worker rights.
  • Investigating the role of Law and Economics in shaping public policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • Evaluating the economic consequences of antitrust enforcement in the tech industry.
  • Exploring the economic effects of healthcare regulations and their impact on access and quality.
  • Examining the impact of trade restrictions on the global supply chain and prices of consumer goods.
  • Examining the ethical considerations within Law and Economics research and their implications.
  • A comprehensive review of the historical evolution of Law and Economics as an interdisciplinary field.
  • Assessing the impact of tax policies on income distribution and economic inequality.
  • Analyzing the economic implications of UK tax reforms and fiscal policies.
  • Investigating the role of UK competition law in shaping market dynamics and economic outcomes.
  • Exploring the economic implications of immigration policies on labor markets and national economies.
  • Analyzing the economic incentives and disincentives of whistleblower protection laws.
  • Evaluating the impact of international investment treaties on foreign direct investment flows.
  • Investigating the economic implications of insurance coverage disputes arising from COVID-19-related losses.

In conclusion, the realm of Law and Economics beckons with a wealth of research opportunities, irrespective of your academic level. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, this field offers a diverse range of topics to explore. From analyzing the economic implications of legal regulations to examining the efficiency of legal systems, these research topics will challenge your intellect and help you make a meaningful contribution to the intersection of law and economics. So, embark on your research journey confidently, armed with the knowledge that the world of Law and Economics is brimming with possibilities waiting to be uncovered.

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