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178 Communication Research Topics For Your Paper

178 Communication Research Topics

Imagine what the world would be without communication! How would we get along? I guess there would be no sense in existing after all. That is just a tiny snippet of how important communication is in everyday life. Exchanging information is a key component of coexistence as it creates order and a sense of satisfaction in the end. However, communication as a discipline cuts across all other niches in the academic world. Students from an Engineering course would also take up communication as a unit of study. Students delve into the transmission, representation, reception, and decoding of information communicated to a greater extent.

Situations When You May Need To Write A Communication Paper

Various scenarios call for a communication paper either as an assignment or a research project in college. The communication papers needed for every situation vary in format and outline. Here are some of the cases when communication papers are necessary:

When writing a resume or cover letter In presentations and reports Internal or external communication in a company Writing a thesis statement

When writing communication papers in these different scenarios, students can develop the following aspects:

Understand the various communication phenomena Ability to direct communication messages towards accomplishing individual and organizational goals Understand various types of communication such as rhetoric, interpersonal or organizational

Such an assignment is peculiar because it deals with students’ communication processes. Therefore, the student can easily relate a communication assignment to the real-world environment. You will have to conduct extensive digging before writing your paper like any other research project. In writing a communication research paper, you will benefit from the importance of communication in general, such as building better relationships and finding the right solutions to various problems. It takes a lot of time to create a high-quality writing, so you have all the right to ask dissertation writers for hire to help.

Guidelines On Structure And Step By Step Tips On Writing

To have an award-winning communication paper, you need to understand that structure is always at the heart of it all. A great communication paper follows the structure below:

Solid intro : Begin by presenting a captivating introduction by highlighting the facts, questions, or problems that you will explore in the body. The reader should find more than a million reasons to proceed with your essay by reading the first two lines. A strong thesis statement is also necessary for the introduction. An insightful literature review : It shows the theoretical basis of your research project, thus giving it validity. An in-depth literature review will give room for exploration and further research. Main body : This is where we expect to find all your findings, methodological steps, concepts, analyses, and the outcome. Discussion and conclusion : Depending on your professor’s instructions, you can divide this into two parts or put it as one. In either case, this section will consist of the strengths and weaknesses of your research and any future development or improvements. You could also compare the results found in your research with what other authors have discovered.

Provided you have all your facts at hand, a communication research paper will be the easiest you will ever handle in college. Nonetheless, you can order a custom paper from various online writing experts. If you want to make an impression with your communication research paper, here are some tips to consider:

Select a thought-provoking and captivating research topic Have a working outline with all the arguments and examples/evidence in place Ensure that you exhaust reading all the possible research materials on your topic Such papers are always in the first person except in unique cases

You can review some of the samples on our essay writer to familiarize yourself with the structure and outline of a communication research paper. Let’s now explore 178 of the hottest communication research topics to ace your project:

Top Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

  • Evaluate the different relational patterns of interaction theory
  • How to achieve coordinated management of meaning
  • Discuss the fundamentals of pedagogical communication
  • How does technology relate to interpersonal communication?
  • Key constructs of openness and closeness
  • Establishing identities in the identity management theory
  • Evaluate the contribution of interpersonal communication scholars
  • How mental representations influence how people interpret information
  • Conceptualizing the process of social interaction
  • Discuss the various behavioral interaction patterns among siblings
  • Why do individuals modify their communicative behavior?
  • Describe why new environments present a challenge for most people to communicate effectively
  • The role of eye contact and gestures in interpersonal communication
  • Varying effects of nonverbal and verbal acts of interpersonal communication
  • Effects of different cultures on interpersonal communication strategies

World-Class Communication Research Topics For College Students

  • Understanding the historical research methods in communication
  • Discuss the relationship between technology, media, and culture
  • Evaluate the various revolutions in human communication
  • Discuss the developments made in the invention of human speech and language
  • The role of image-making, cinema, and media entertainment in communication
  • How to overcome communication barriers among students
  • Steps in encouraging participation in meetings
  • How employees contribute to the information flow in organizations
  • How to evaluate a report based on its findings
  • Sources of error during nonverbal communication
  • How the media can match the channels of communication to their audience
  • Ensuring audience attention during a presentation
  • The impact of graphics in communication strategies
  • How to interpret non-verbal signals
  • Developing communication methods that match a given purpose

Possible Topics For Communication Research

  • How to develop realistic communication strategies
  • Discuss the economics of finance in communication processes
  • How exposure to radio and TV impacts communication
  • How to manage controversial issues in communication
  • Why speaking with confidence is still difficult for many people
  • The effectiveness of communicating with words and body language
  • Why defining your purpose is key in any communication process
  • Why explanatory communication is more difficult than informative communication
  • The place of communication in long-distance relationships
  • Communication strategies that influence people
  • How to use communication effectively for conflict resolution
  • Developing your self-esteem for effective communication
  • Effects of redundancy in communication processes
  • The place of responsibility in developing communication messages
  • How to acquire effective communication skills in college

Latest Communication Topic For Research

  • The role of persuasive dialogue in negotiations
  • Why everyone must learn proper expression strategies
  • Effects of emoji and other characters in enhancing textual conversations
  • The role of propaganda in shaping communication tones
  • Evaluate the unique political language used in America versus Africa
  • The continuing impact of the internet on interpersonal communication
  • How images are enhancing communication
  • Discuss the effects of gender victimization on communication
  • Evaluate the development of modern digital communication
  • How to effectively communicate during a war or crisis
  • How hacking is transforming communication of encrypted messages
  • Effects of stereotyping in developing communication messages
  • Is virtual reality ruining effective communication?
  • Evaluate language as a barrier in communicating messages
  • The role of empathy in communicating to victims of a disaster

Top-Notch Communication Research Paper Topics

  • The role of diplomacy in fostering better relations among countries
  • Why aided communication may not achieve the intended purpose
  • Effects of using a translator in the communication of critical messages
  • Evaluate the development of audio-visual devices for communication
  • The dangers of failing to notice barriers to communication
  • How stigma and prejudice impact effective communication
  • Discuss the impact of having a common language in a country
  • How social classes affect communication messages
  • Factors that hinder communication between fighting political sides
  • How to develop strong communication skills in a marketplace
  • Why opinions may prevent one from seeing the true picture
  • Discuss the role of fantasy and exaggeration in communication
  • Differences between oral and verbal messages in conveying information
  • The role of attitude and mood in enhancing effective message delivery
  • How the media sets the communication pattern of a given society

Highly Rated Mass Communication Research Topics

  • Discuss the essence of social media among PR practitioners
  • The role of mass media in rebranding a nation
  • Challenges to media freedom and their impact on proper communication
  • Discuss the effects of news commercialization and their credibility
  • How TV advertisements impact children and their development
  • Compare and contrast between animation and real-people adverts in mass media
  • How the internet affects professionalization in news media
  • How mass media messages contribute to the development of religion in Africa
  • Evaluate the radio listenership patterns between men and women
  • How does mass media contribute to an emerging democracy
  • Discuss how the media enlightens the public on issues of concern
  • The role of mass media in communicating development messages
  • Why mass media is critical before, during, and after elections
  • Assess the influence of community radio in remote areas
  • How mass media contributes to national integration

Good Communication Research Topics

  • What determines consumer preference patterns in the 21 st century?
  • Effective communication strategies for creating awareness against drug abuse
  • Prospects and challenges of local dialects in communication
  • Evaluate the influence of television on public opinion
  • Discuss the growing cyberactivism in the digital age
  • How social media is contributing to misleading information
  • Challenges facing teachers when communicating to pre-school students
  • Discuss the impact of information overload on the credibility of information
  • Evaluate communication patterns among the youth in the US
  • Assess the effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on communication patterns
  • How public perception influences communication strategies
  • Explain how mothers learn to communicate with and understand their babies at such a tender age
  • The role of music in shaping communication models
  • How to overcome the challenge of top-down communication in companies
  • Management of information on online media for effective use

Business Communication Research Paper Topics

  • Discuss the increasing role of influencers on brand marketing
  • Why company blogs are essential in attracting new clients
  • Evaluate the differences between face to face and virtual business meetings
  • The growing popularity of social media in business marketing
  • Why every company should have a partner relations department
  • Dealing with complaints in a relaxed and useful manner
  • Why online project management is the future of business
  • Discuss why it is necessary to have company retreats
  • Explore the role of digital document sharing in speeding up business communication
  • Effects of relying on online communication at the expense of physical meetings
  • The role of effective business management in the performance of an organization
  • How staff motivation improve the overall working environment
  • Discuss the place of corporate social responsibility in a company
  • Effective ways of handling crisis in a large company
  • Explain why trust is important in any business partnerships

Intercultural Communication Research Topics

  • Discuss how Muslims interact with Christians at a social level
  • Evaluate the reception of instructions from a man to a woman
  • How Americans interact with Africans at the basic level
  • Discuss how an American Democrat would associate with a Chinese politician
  • Discuss the impact of marginalization in developing communication messages
  • How migration and immigration affect communication patterns
  • Effects of social stereotyping in communication
  • How do Western communication models differ from those of Africa?
  • Impact of discriminatory communication messages
  • How to organize an effective intergroup come-together
  • How the media represents various groups in its communication
  • Effects of the growing intercultural norms
  • The role of language attitudes in inhibiting effective communication
  • Evaluate how ethnographic perspectives affect communication messages
  • Why it is difficult to solve intercultural conflicts

Additional Interpersonal Communication Topics For Research Paper

  • The role of interpersonal communication in team member satisfaction
  • How collaboration and teamwork enhances business success
  • Discuss how interpersonal communication enhances problem-solving skills
  • The role of trust in interpersonal communication
  • Effects of confusion, negativity, and conflicts on interpersonal communication
  • How to deal with workplace miscommunication effectively
  • The role of personalizing information
  • How to improve internal communication channels in a company
  • Discuss the role of interests in communication patterns
  • Challenges when implementing modern communication solutions
  • Evaluate how jargon and inattention make internal communication difficult
  • The role of feedback in interpreting messages correctly
  • Discuss the influence of environmental factors in communication
  • Why miscommunication may result in a disconnect among a group of people
  • Discuss the role of skills and knowledge in effective communication among leaders

Interesting Communication Research Topics

  • How can effective interpersonal communication be a catalyst for action
  • Why a focused and intentional approach is necessary for effective communication
  • Discuss why online dating is not successful in most cases
  • Evaluate the role of non-verbal communication and customer satisfaction
  • Why is it important to have a list of communication networks?
  • Effects of lack of personal contact when it comes to communication
  • Discuss the various forms of human interactions and their influence on communication
  • The role of clear communication during an organizational change process
  • Why online communication is not as effective as physical meetings
  • Evaluate the roles and issues involved in a nurse-patient communication
  • The role of TV shows in determining how people relate to each other in the society
  • Effects of the digital divide in communication paradigms
  • The relationship between quality leadership and effective communication
  • Why is email still not yet an effective communication medium?
  • Effects of integrating marketing communication

General Communication Studies Research Topics

  • Discuss the differences in body language between male and female
  • The role of communication in familiarizing with someone
  • How online gaming communication affects one’s interpersonal communication
  • Why a leader without proper communication skills may not succeed
  • The role of communication in achieving an organization’s vision
  • How mobile phone conversations are turning around interpersonal communication
  • Discuss the role of different personality types in communication
  • Is there a difference between language and communication?
  • Discuss how communication in the military is different from that in a normal setting
  • Compare and contrast between written and spoken forms of communication
  • Why family communication is critical for a peaceful coexistence
  • Shortcomings to understanding foreign languages
  • Discuss the effectiveness of web-based communication

Professional Help On Research Paper Writing

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Communication Studies Theses, Dissertations, and Professional Papers

This collection includes theses, dissertations, and professional papers from the University of Montana Department of Communication Studies. Theses, dissertations, and professional papers from all University of Montana departments and programs may be searched here.

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023


Navigating Toxic Identities Within League of Legends , Jeremy Thomas Miner

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022




Is Loss a Laughing Matter?: A Study of Humor Reactions and Benign Violation Theory in the Context of Grief. , Miranda B. Henrich

The Request Is Not Compatible: Competing Frames of Public Lands Discourse in the Lolo Peak Ski Resort Controversy , Philip A. Sharp

Patient Expectations, Satisfaction, and Provider Communication Within the Oncology Experience , Elizabeth Margaret Sholey

Psychological Safety at Amazon: A CCO Approach , Kathryn K. Zyskowski

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

Discourse of Renewal: A Qualitative Analysis of the University of Montana’s COVID-19 Crisis Communication , Haley Renae Gabel

Activating Hope: How Functional Support Can Improve Hope in Unemployed Individuals , Rylee P. Walter

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020




Belonging for Dementia Caregivers , Sabrina Singh

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Making the Most of People We Do Not Like: Capitalizing on Negative Feedback , Christopher Edward Anderson

Understanding the Relationship Between Discursive Resources and Risk-Taking Behaviors in Outdoor Adventure Athletes , Mira Ione Cleveland

Service Failure Management in High-End Hospitality Resorts , Hunter A. Dietrich

Fear, Power, & Teeth (2007) , Olivia Hockenbroch

The climate change sublime: Leveraging the immense awe of the planetary threat of climate change , Sean D. Quartz

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

The Relationship Between Memorable Messages and Identity Construction , Raphaela P. Barros Campbell

Wonder Woman: A Case Study for Critical Media Literacy , Adriana N. Fehrs

Curated Chaos: A Rhetorical Study of Axmen , Rebekah A. McDonald


Cruising to be a Board Gamer: Understanding Socialization Relating to Board Gaming and The Dice Tower , Benjamin Wassink

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017


Beyond the Bike; Identity and Belonging of Free Cycles Members , Caitlyn Lewis

Adherence and Uncertainty Management: A Test Of The Theory Of Motivated Information Management , Ryan Thiel

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Redskins Revisited: Competing Constructions of the Washington Redskins Mascot , Eean Grimshaw

A Qualitative Analysis of Belonging in Communities of Practice: Exploring Transformative Organizational Elements within the Choral Arts , Aubrielle J. Holly

Training the Professoraite of Tomorrow: Implementing the Needs Centered Training Model to Instruct Graduate Teaching Assistants in the use of Teacher Immediacy , Leah R. Johnson

Beyond Blood: Examining the Communicative Challenges of Adoptive Families , Mackensie C. Minniear

Attitudes Toward Execution: The Tragic and Grotesque Framing of Capital Punishment in the News , Katherine Shuy

Knowledge and Resistance: Feminine Style and Signifyin[g] in Michelle Obama’s Public Address , Tracy Valgento

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015



Diabesties: How Diabetic Support on Campus can Alleviate Diabetic Burnout , Kassandra E. Martin

Resisting NSA Surveillance: Glenn Greenwald and the public sphere debate about privacy , Rebecca Rice

Rhetoric, participation, and democracy: The positioning of public hearings under the National Environmental Policy Act , Kevin C. Stone

Socialization and Volunteers: A Training Program for Volunteer Managers , Allison M. Sullivan

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014


Commodity or Dignity? Nurturing Managers' Courtesy Nurtures Workers' Productivity , Montana Rafferty Moss

"It Was My Job to Keep My Children Safe": Sandra Steingraber and the Parental Rhetoric of Precaution , Mollie Katherine Murphy

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Free Markets: ALEC's Populist Constructions of "the People" in State Politics , Anne Sherwood

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013


Let’s talk about sex: A training program for parents of 4th and 5th grade children , Elizabeth Kay Eickhoff

"You Is The Church": Identity and Identification in Church Leadership , Megan E. Gesler

This land is your land, this land is my land: A qualitative study of tensions in an environmental decision making group , Gabriel Patrick Grelle

The Constitution of Queer Identity in the 1972 APA Panel, "Psychiatry: Friend or Foe to Homosexuals? A Dialogue" , Dustin Vern Edward Schneider

The Effect of Religious Similarity on the Use of Relational Maintenance Strategies in Marriages , Jamie Karen Taylor

Justice, Equality, and SlutWalk: The Rhetoric of Protesting Rape Culture , Dana Whitney Underwood

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Collective Privacy Boundary Turbulence and Facework Strategies: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of South Korea and the United States , Min Kyong Cho


Communication Apprehension and Perceived Responsiveness , Elise Alexandra Fanney

Improving Patient-Provider Communication in the Health Care context , Charlotte M. Glidden

What They Consider, How They Decide: Best Practices of Technical Experts in Environmental Decision-Making , Cassandra J. Hemphill

Rebuilding Place: Exploring Strategies to Align Place Identity During Relocation , Brigette Renee McKamey

Sarah Palin, Conservative Feminism, and the Politics of Family , Jasmine Rose Zink

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Salud, Dignidad, Justicia: Articulating "Choice" and "Reproductive Justice" for Latinas in the United States , Kathleen Maire de Onis

Environmental Documentary Film: A Contemporary Tool For Social Movement , Rachel Gregg

In The Pink: The (Un)Healthy Complexion of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month , Kira Stacey Jones

Jihad as an Ideograph: Osama bin Laden's rhetorical weapon of choice , Faye Lingarajan

The Heart of the Matter: The Function and Relational Effects of Humor for Cardiovascular Patients , Nicholas Lee Lockwood

Feeling the Burn: A Discursive Analysis of Organizational Burnout in Seasonal Wildland Firefighters , Whitney Eleanor Marie Maphis

Making A Comeback: An Exploration of Nontraditional Students & Identity Support , Jessica Kate McFadden

In the Game of Love, Play by the Rules: Implications of Relationship Rule Consensus over Honesty and Deception in Romantic Relationships , Katlyn Elise Roggensack

Assessing the balance: Burkean frames and Lil' Bush , Elizabeth Anne Sills

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

The Discipline of Identity: Examining the Challenges of Developing Interdisciplinary Identities Within the Science Disciplines , Nicholas Richard Burk

Occupational Therapists: A Study of Managing Multiple Identities , Katherine Elise Lloyd

Discourse, Identity, and Culture in Diverse Organizations: A Study of The Muslim Students Association (University of Montana) , Burhanuddin Bin Omar

The Skinny on Weight Watchers: A Critical Analysis of Weight Watcher's Use of Metaphors , Ashlynn Laura Reynolds-Dyk

You Got the Job, Now What?: An Evaluation of the New Employee Orientation Program at the University of Montana , Shiloh M. A. Sullivan

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Because We Have the Power to Choose: A Critical Analysis of the Rhetorical Strategies Used in Merck's Gardasil Campaign , Brittney Lee Buttweiler

Communicative Strategies Used in the Introduction of Spirituality in the Workplace , Matthew Alan Condon

Cultures in Residence: Intercultural Communication Competence for Residence Life Staff , Bridget Eileen Flaherty

The Influence of Sibling Support on Children's Post-Divorce Adjustment: A Turning Point Analysis , Kimberly Ann Jacobs


The Effect of Imagined Interactions on Secret Revelation and Health , Adam Stephens Richards

Teaching Intercultural Communication Competence in the Healthcare Context , Jelena Stojakovic

Quitting versus Not Quitting: The Process and Development of an Assimilation Program Within Opportunity Resources, Inc. , Amanda N. Stovall

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008


Relational Transgressions in Romantic Relationships: How Individuals Negotiate the Revelation and Concealment of Transgression Information within the Social Network , Melissa A. Maier

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007


Friends the family you choose (no matter what: An investigation of fictive kin relationships amoung young adults. , Kimberly Anne Clinger

Public relations in nonprofit organizations: A guide to establishing public relations programs in nonprofit settings , Megan Kate Gale

Negotiated Forgiveness in Parent-Child Relationships: Investigating Links to Politeness, Wellness and Sickness , Jennifer Lynn Geist

Developing and Communicating Better Sexual Harassment Policies Through Ethics and Human Rights , Thain Yates Hagan

Managing Multiple Identities: A Qualitative Study of Nurses and Implications for Work-Family Balance , Claire Marie Spanier


Theses/Dissertations from 2006 2006

Graduate Teaching Assistant Interpretations and Responses to Student Immediacy Cues , Clair Owen Canfield

Verbal negotiation of affection in romantic relationships , Andrea Ann Richards

Theses/Dissertations from 2005 2005

Art of forgiveness , Carrie Benedict

"We shall fight for the things we have always held nearest our hearts": Rhetorical strategies in the U.S. woman suffrage movement , Stephanie L. Durnford

War on Terror Middle-East peace and a drive around the ranch: The rhetoric of US-Saudi diplomacy in the post-911 period , J. Robert Harper

What do you mean by competence?: A comparison of perceived communication competence among North Americans and Chinese , Chao He

Rhetoric of public interest in an inter-organizational environmental debate: The Fernie mining controversy. , Shelby Jo. Long

Investigation of the initiation of short-term relationships in a vacation setting. , Aneta Milojevic

"It 's the other way around"| Sustainability, promotion, and the shaping of identity in nonprofit arts organizations , Georgi A. Rausch

Child left behind: An examination of comforting strategies goals and outcomes following the death of a child , Kelly R. Rossetto

Profile of the modern smokejumper| A tension-centered lens on identity and identification , Cade Wesley Spaulding

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dissertation topics in communication

63+ Best Communications dissertation Topics in 2023

Communication dissertation topics are critical to writing the assignments for school and college. Communication is a significant piece of life at any stage, and composing assignments on it is an extraordinary open door for the students. Finding an essential subject in communication building is a test for the students. Research titles for communication studies can […]

Communication Dissertation Topics

Communication dissertation topics are critical to writing the assignments for school and college. Communication is a significant piece of life at any stage, and composing assignments on it is an extraordinary open door for the students. Finding an essential subject in communication building is a test for the students.

Research titles for communication studies can be particularly fascinating. However, it is additionally prone to require students to invest more energy in research and composing. We are sharing a few communication dissertation topics for you to help you to prepare for your dissertation.

Table of Contents

Topics on Business Communication

Business correspondence is one of the most significant fields that require excellent communication. The development of any business is unimaginable without acceptable aptitudes in communication.

The students could utilize correspondence theory titles in the given referenced rundown underneath for composing proposition assignments. All the subjects are best with the end goal of proposition assignments on business correspondence.

Students could likewise benefit from proposition Writing Help from experts as they may help out in choosing some good communications dissertation topics.

  • Which are the occasions when the prerequisite of good correspondence for business advancement turns out to be critical?
  • How greatly do interchanges influence the development of business advancement positively?
  • Explain the images and key highlights of good correspondence for the success of a business.
  • How do business interchanges assume a critical job in the business improvement gathering of a business association?
  • Which are the fundamental focuses that must be remembered for business correspondence by the representatives of a business firm?
  • Get 500 words topic brief for communication dissertation topics now! or continue reading for more free topics ideas

Advertising Communications Dissertation Topics

Advertising needs proper communication, and writing a dissertation on Advertising communication can be a great idea for you to score high on your exam.  The preeminent most things about the significance are its assistance in the showcasing of items that are made by an organization.

Correspondence proposal subjects given in the rundown underneath depend on the importance of correspondence in the showcasing division. These themes are generally excellent that could be utilized in theory, composing assignments on communication. Correspondence Assignment Help is given to the understudies as the accompanying theory points.

  • Which are the significant strides in advertising that require an order over relational abilities?
  • Explain the way toward utilizing exceptional relational abilities in the improvement of the advertising estimation of the item.
  • How to spread brand mindfulness about a specific item through exceptional relational abilities in advertising
  • Which are the focuses that must be remembered by an individual while utilizing relational abilities in promoting the development of benefit?
  • How would we be able to take the promoting business to the top with powerful relational ability and methods for persuading the clients?

Topics for the dissertation on the Importance of Communication

The accompanying themes depend on the significance of correspondence for proposal assignment composing. All the subjects have been proposed by the talented and expert authors of the letter. These specialists additionally give media and communications dissertation topics to the understudies separated from correspondence proposal themes. Understudies can uninhibitedly approach Mass Communication Assignment Help from these authors also.

  • How do relational abilities help us to defeat numerous issues throughout our life?
  • Explain the job of relational abilities in the accomplishment of an individual in their profession, particularly in showcasing and business firms.
  • Which are the advantages that an individual can pick up with his strong relational abilities in the segment of the board?
  • How to turn into a decent specialist with the assistance of connecting with correspondence expertise and lively character?
  • Explain the job of relational abilities in the foundation of a new company, all alone efficiencies.

Research-Based Thesis Topics on Communication

Research in the correspondence field is occurring in recent decades. Scientists have thought of different new tips to grow exceptional relational abilities in individuals. Research points in media and correspondence are given in the accompanying rundown for understudies. Corporate Communication Assignment Help is likewise given to the understudies by the expert assignments aides. Communications dissertation topics can be a great idea for your end-year paper.

  • How research is valuable for the improvement in the correspondence area concerning various motions and developments.
  • Explain the non-verbal communication of the right correspondence expertise and how to create it by adhering to specific principles.
  • Which are the fundamental highlights that strong relational abilities for the corporate world ought to have by the individual?
  • How to form a private organization into a global one based on exceptional relational abilities?
  • Which are the Major inquiries that have been expertly done as such far in the field of correspondence?

Postulation Topics on the Theories of Communication

With the progression of time, relational abilities have that much sparkle again that understudies are doled out theory assignments on speculations of correspondence. Corporate correspondence inquires about themes and Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment Help to the understudies is given by Students Assignment Help. Aside from that, help in proposition subjects on correspondence is additionally provided in the accompanying rundown.

  • Explain the psychological hypothesis of correspondence with pertinent guides to help your thesis.
  • What are the various speculations in correspondence concerning the numerous zones of communication?
  • Which is the best hypothesis in the part of the correspondence, and why is it considered extraordinary compared to another correspondence hypothesis?
  • What is the social hypothesis of correspondence and clarifies its job in the relational abilities of an individual?
  • Describe the job of hypotheses in correspondence to create successful communication for the corporate world.

Intercultural Communication Dissertation Topics

  • Approaches to intercultural data trade.
  • Practical systems for intercultural discourse.
  • Teaching society and intercultural correspondence.
  • Artifacts in intercultural data trade.
  • Studying abroad is a factor adding to intercultural discourse ability.
  • Health-related issues between social insurance suppliers and ethnic-minority patients.
  • International understudy adjustment to American grounds
  • Intercultural evaluation viability.
  • Translation as intercultural discourse.
  • High-setting societies versus low-setting societies: intercultural point of view.

Topics on Virtual Communication

  • Communication in worldwide virtual groups: advanced investigation.
  • Virtual exchange and social articulation.
  • Computer-intervened correspondence and the virtual culture idea.
  • “Virtual study hall:” an intuitive data trade and PC learning space.
  • Communication in the augmented reality age.
  • Virtual group discourse preparation.
  • Nonverbal discourse in practical situations.
  • Communication medium and group association styles.
  • Building trust in virtual groups.
  • Interpersonal correspondence in computer-generated reality.

Other Communication Dissertation Topics Ideas

  • Democracy, articulation, and web-based social networking.
  • Teenage impact and adolescent sexting.
  • Privacy in person-to-person communication.
  • Yellow news coverage and social job.
  • Political talk on nearby, state, government, or global level.
  • Organizations and web-based social networking.
  • Effects on the board of progress and hierarchical culture.
  • The connections between social collaborations, discernment, and feelings.
  • Relational correspondence: emotional connections versus companionships.
  • Speech as a correspondence type.

Interpersonal Communication Dissertation Topics

  • Culture effect relational discourse.
  • Context effect on relational exchange quality.
  • Interpersonal exchange incitement techniques.
  • Active relational exchange in advancing individual and expert achievement.
  • Computer-interceded connection and its effect.
  • Medium job in relational correspondence.
  • Interpersonal data trade and influence.
  • Competence idea and its materialness to relational discourse.

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You will get the topics first and then the mini proposal which includes:

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
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150 Top-Shelf Communication Research Topics in 2023

The discipline of communication is an elaborate one and can take many different forms. Writing, recording media, and speaking are all viable forms of communication, all of which follow different rules. The content, information, and delivery depend on the research topic and your savviness, as that will directly dictate most of the behaviors you convey as well as human interactions in general.

Communication research topics

The most common form of practicing communication in the education environment is writing. And this very type also appears one of the hardest things for most students. Sure, anyone can write a few lines, but writing something that appropriately conveys information can be a nightmarish ordeal – and it’s one that most of us have to go through at some point.

This article is dedicated to communication studies as the discipline itself, as well as to the elements that are essential for preparing a compelling research paper. Besides, you’ll find a list of our top 150 communication research paper topics across 12 different fields.

Approaches to Studying Communication

Communication is a science, an art form even, and it has four different approaches that fundamentally change the subject as a whole. The four primary approaches are discussed below:

Social Science Approach

The social science approach is the most widespread interpretation to this study as a whole – this entails studying and exploring it in the context of modern times. People who share this approach are firm believers that culture is a measurable variable. It can play an instrumental role in all kinds of interactions as a whole – and this approach stems from discovering this connection.

Interpretive Approach

The second most prominent approach to studying is through interpretation. This approach delves deep into understanding how information itself is perceived and received and optimizing connections as a whole.

Critical Approach

This one takes a critical perspective to the current or past state of communication, including persuasion, manipulation, and critiques. The primary prospect of this approach is to deduct the actual raw information from what’s being delivered and improve the delivery.

Postmodern Approach

Lastly, the postmodernist approach to Communication Studies strives to improve how the data is being delivered through studying, exploring, and devising new guides, formats, styles, media, and technologies for better data delivery.

The Secret Behind a Perfect Research Paper

If you’re a student, academic, or scholar looking to write a compelling research paper on Communication, it’s always better to do a solid preparation before you actually start writing. Please consider that you can always pay for a research paper , but if you want to create it on your own, it’s far from an easy task, and it takes quite a lot of preparation.

In case you’re new to the world of writing research papers or just want to hone your skills, we’re more than happy to provide you with some tips to improve your research paper.

First, we’ll start by outlining the process itself – then, we’ll move on to some insider tips on writing a research paper on this subject, and lastly, we’ll provide the list of the most common mistakes people make when writing a research paper on Communication.

The process in the nutshell

The first step in preparing your research paper is finding a topic that suits your requirements. Below in this article you’ll find a list of 150 topics in 12 different subjects, so you can take one of ours to get the job done.

Once you have a topic at hand, you’ll want to do adequate research before writing a research paper. That entails reading other research papers, investigating, and doing surveys and studies.

When you have all the information, it’s time to gather it into something compelling. It’s best done by organizing your information and segmenting it before coming up with the best communication research paper topics. That will make the next step far easier, covering every piece of information you have for your research paper or study in detail.

Lastly, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your paper, i.e. formatting it according to the rules and regulations of the institution where you’re submitting the paper.

Top tips for writing an outstanding communication research paper

If you’re willing to write a top-of-the-line research paper, we recommend considering the following tips:

  • Never go outside of the topic at hand.
  • Make sure to smooth out any rough spots in your content.
  • Keep a constant direction throughout the paper (a detailed outline would surely help).
  • Use precise, clear, and crisp language and avoid jargon.
  • Avoid using passive voice at all times.
  • Always practice proper punctuation, grammar, and style.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the institution and the required format style.

While these are far from all the tips on writing a brilliant paper, they’re vital things you need to keep in mind when doing so. Again, following these will instantly improve your content before you even start writing it, so recollect these rules the next time a research paper on Communication is due.

If these still seem a bit too challenging, perhaps you should buy a research paper instead.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a research paper

Students tend to make several rather common mistakes when writing this type of paper. We’ve created a list of the most popular to keep you aware:

  • Not formatted content . Writing long paragraphs, avoiding subheadings, omitting bulleted lists, presenting data in the text format instead of tables/graphs, etc.
  • Lack of direction . Text that lacks a logical sequence, the subject is covered poorly.
  • Vagueness . The author’s thoughts are not supported, assumptions are made instead of facts.
  • Substandard grammar . Usage of jargonizes, informal writing style, shortened forms ( it’s, you’d , etc.)).
  • Repetition . Including the same statements written in different words.
  • Absence of design elements . Tables, graphs, pictures, etc. where required.
  • Improper citation . The required format should be mentioned in the professor’s instructions (APA, ASA, Chicago, etc.).
  • Unsubstantiated abbreviations . Abbreviated names of education institutions, scientific works, etc. Note: When citing sources, always consider the particular format requirements.

And these are just some of the highlights. Such mistakes in writing can be found across all disciplines, not just in the world of Communications. Keep these in mind when writing your paper and you’ll see an instant improvement.

List of 150 Communication Research Topics

The topic is almost as important as the content itself. The text should answer the question that the subject presents. Developing an outstanding topic is the first step for your content to flow smoothly and instantly become valuable.

Coming up with top-tier topics for a research paper in Communication is a challenging task. To make it as simple as possible, we’ve decided to give you our own best picks.

We’ve outlined 150 various topics across twelve different subjects. You’ll find all of them below.

Interpersonal communication research topics

Interpersonal communication is an extremely vast, emotional, and heart-filled sphere, so the topics will have to reflect that. That’s why you can explore the following:

  • Love in the 21st Century — Is It Going Digital?
  • Passion in Long-Term Relationships — How to Reignite The Spark?
  • Friendship in the Digital Era — The Pros and Cons
  • Exploring Commitment in Corporate Employment Practices
  • No-Strings-Attached Sexual Relationships and One Night Stands — Which Option is Better and Why
  • The Primary Driver Between Marriage and Divorce
  • Platonic Relationships and Their Impact on the Concept of Romance
  • Financial and Emotional Dependency — How Are They Intertwined?
  • Emotions and the Way They Are Expressed During the Pandemic
  • Empathy for Victims of Tragedy — What Can We Do Better?

Intercultural communication research topics

Cultures make humanity unique and beautiful, and the communication research paper topics should reflect that fact as much as possible. That’s why the following make ideal options:

  • Exploring Prophecies Based on Culture and Region
  • Which Old Traditions Made It to the Modern World
  • Religion and Its Socio-Political Influence
  • Customs and Their Implication on Society
  • What Ethnicity Means to Ethnic Minorities
  • Exploring the Differences Between Nationality and Nationalism
  • Race and How It Impacts Modern Communication
  • How Racism Changed The Way We Communicate
  • The Rising Threat of Cultural Appropriation in Multi-Ethnic Societies
  • Globalization and Loss of Individualism Between Cultures
  • How Language Connects and Disconnects Cultures
  • Cultural Diversity and Its Role in Modern Politics
  • Phonology and Sign Language as the Means of Modern Communication
  • How Laws and Regulations Reshape Cultures
  • What Unifies All Cultures Under the Same Banner

Mass communication research topics

We live in a world that is becoming more connected via interacting people with each other than ever, and it’s an exciting prospect. Some of the best research paper topics for mass communication are:

  • Democracy and the Surprising Lack of It in Modern Political Systems
  • Shadow-Authoritarianism and How It Is Conveyed to the Masses
  • Exploring Honesty, Morals, and Ethics in Politics
  • Media Manipulation and How It Controls Populations
  • How Phrasing Changes the Context
  • Innovation and Its Positive Role in Modern Communication
  • How Technology Is Changing the Way We Communicate
  • Archaic Communication Methods and How They’re Used Today
  • Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Speech in the US
  • Digital Cognition and Virtual Communication Across the World

Journalism research topics

Truth, exposure, and integrity are the three defining traits of journalism, and your communications research paper should reflect that perfectly, which is why these make the perfect topics:

  • The Current Political Divide in the United States
  • How Socio-Economic Factors Affect Voters’ Perspectives
  • How News and Broadcasting Can Become the Boiling Point That Leads to Change
  • Morals and Ethics in Modern Digital Journalism
  • Virtual Propaganda and Its Frightening Presence in Everyday Journalism
  • How Mass Media Controls Trends and Profits off Them
  • Instability in War Struck Regions
  • Freedom of Expression for Minorities in the US
  • Female, Ethnic, and Minority Empowerment Efforts in Recent Years
  • How Technology Broadens or Limits Our Access to Information
  • The Prospects of Perjury in Developing Countries
  • Gossip and How It Ruins Lives Forever
  • Emotional Manipulation in Journalism
  • How Bias Changed Journalism Forever
  • Lies and Half-Truths in Crisis-Stuck Regions

Media research topics

The media is in charge of how we take and perceive information, and to say that it’s a massive thing would be an understatement, which is why you can explore these engaging topics:

  • Media Manipulation and How to Stop It
  • How Phrasing Can Make or Break a Broadcast
  • Copyright Issues in the Cyberspace of Tomorrow
  • Literary Work Censorship and How It Is Manifesting in the Real World
  • The Past, Present, and Prospect of Biased Media Outlets
  • Opinionated Content In Information and Data Delivery
  • Communication Monopolies and Information Manipulation
  • How Current Events Shape Our Communication and Recollection
  • How Past Events Change Our Perspective on Communication
  • Controversies, Shaming, and How They Affect Communication Development

Public relations research topics

Just like how culture makes us the way we are, public relations define how different cultures interact with each other and influence people within. It’s a wide spectrum, which is why you can explore a range of communication research topic ideas such as the following:

  • How Corporate Reputation Reflects on Public Relations
  • The Cult of Creating an Image
  • “Corporatespeak” and How It Leads to Confusion
  • The Data-Driven World of CMS Solutions and How AI Is Changing the Way We Communicate
  • How Education Influences and Changes the Way We Talk to One Another
  • The Monumental Power Influence in Conveying Ideas
  • Community Relations and Tension: How They Reshape Modern Communication
  • Demographics and Backgrounds: What Do They Mean for Public Relations
  • Should Characterisation Influence Public Relations
  • How Communication and Comedy Go Hand In Hand With Tragedy
  • Do Modern Media Platforms Influence How We Talk to One Another?
  • Administrative and Mundane Work and Its Effect on Interpersonal Relations
  • Data Science and Tracking as a Means to Reshape Public Relations
  • How Public Health and Safety Change Our Most Basic Communication Needs
  • How Public Relations Are Controlled and Executed

Advertising Topics

Money doesn’t make the world go round – marketing and advertising do, which is why you can explore the following topics for your communications research topics in the advertisement:

  • Current, Past, and Future Trends in Advertising
  • The Statistical Shift That Changed How Advertisers Approach Marketing
  • The Massively Popular Tendency of Trend-Setting in Modern Media
  • How Research Makes or Breaks Communication of Ideas in Advertising
  • Data Discovery and Secrecy That Drive Successful Advertising Campaigns
  • How Is Digital Advertising Conveyed to the Masses
  • Communication in Archaic Advertisement Methodologies and the Practise of Consumerism
  • Shady Practises in 21st Century Marketing
  • A Brief History on Communication in Advertising Towards Children
  • Advertising Methodologies and How They’ve Changed Alongside Modern Business Practises

Topics on Virtual Communication

The internet has changed humanity forever and for good, which is why exploring the following topics can not only shed some light on your research paper but make it more interesting as well.

  • What Have We Learned From the Forums of Yesterday?
  • How Blogs Change Our Buying Habits
  • Emails and Wordsmithing: Why Style Matters
  • Reviews and Customer Communication on the Modern Internet
  • Corporate Virtual Communication: Facetime, Zoom, and Skype
  • How Video Communication Drives Us Apart as Humans
  • The Phenomenon of Communicating Information Through Selfies
  • Virtual Communication Addiction and How It Affects Mental Health
  • File-Sharing: Is it Ethical or Illegal?
  • How Social Media Has Already Changed Mankind Forever
  • Messaging Apps and Their Rising Numbers: What Do They Mean?
  • Anonymous Communication and Freedom of Expression
  • Privacy Protection, VPNs, and Other Protective Measures
  • Data Harvesting Through Digital Channels
  • How Webinars, Elearning, and AI Are Reshaping Education

Social media research topic

Whether social media is a blessing or a curse is still up to interpretation – what we do know is that it’s more than a viable medium for interpersonal communication.

  • The Astronomical Rise in Social Media Platforms and Adaptation
  • The Wild Wild West That Is Social Media Advertising
  • Targeting and Retargeting: How Social Media Tailors Itself to Our Needs
  • Is Cross-Media Communication Ever Going to Become a Thing?
  • Are Social Events on Social Media Taking the Spotlight From Traditional Events?
  • The Impact of Social Media Video Games on Comradeship and Interpersonal Communication
  • The Alarming Amount of Social Media Monitoring by Employers in the US
  • Is Social Media Addiction the New Norm?
  • The Very Real Threat of Cyberbullying and How It Ruins Lives Forever
  • Sexual Abuse on Social Media and How to Combat It
  • The Phenomenon of Revenge Porn and What It Does to the Person
  • Video Content and Vlogging as a Means of Modern Communication
  • Consumer Insights and the Data We Leave Behind for Marketers
  • Corporate Social Media Presence and the Monumental Importance of the Wendy’s Mixtape
  • How the Pandemic Has Changed Social Media for Good

Leadership Topics

The history of humanity was built upon the backs of great leaders, and all of them rose to power by utilizing communication in one way or the other. Here are some awesome topics for exploring leadership:

  • How Do Leaders Express Themselves?
  • The Style of Leadership and How It Reshapes the Denizens of the Leader Domain
  • How Do Leaders Go About Acquiring Power Through Wit, Wordsmithing, and Speech
  • The Strategies That Leaders Use to Control What People Are Saying About Them
  • Manipulation Methodologies and How Leaders Control What You Can’t Criticize
  • Modern-Day Leadership and How It Differs From the Leaders of Ages Long Gone
  • Past Leadership Practises That Are Still Used to Connect With the People Today
  • The Cult of Political Movements and How They Approach Information
  • How Competition & Conjecture Go Hand In Hand
  • The Twin Connection Between Ideologies and Ideas

Negotiations Research Topics

Negotiation and diplomacy are the vital aspects of communication and so they have been since the inception of civilization. Any one of these fantastic topics is a great pick for exploring negotiations:

  • Diplomacy and How Communication Can Sway It in Your Favor
  • Sovereignty Over Sentiment and Proclamation
  • Sweetening the Deal: The Curse of Corruption in Modern Communication
  • Lack of Autonomy and Misuse of Power in Modern Negotiation
  • The Dangers of Independence in Corporate Negotiation
  • A Tale of Stigma & Prejudice in Contested Opinions
  • Legislations and How They Affect Negotiation
  • I Have More Money Than You: A Tale of Corporate Negotiation
  • The Blatantly Present Racism in International Affairs and How It Hinders Negotiation Progress
  • Bold Decision-Making and Proclamation in the US Congress

Other Communication Research Topic Ideas

If you prefer thinking outside the box, here are some of our top ideas on the intersection of communication and psychology research topics :

  • Expressing Yourself and How to Do It Properly
  • Is Sexting Changing Our Kinks?
  • Can You Induce Phenomena via Technology
  • Political Influence and Rhetoric by Non-Political Figures
  • How Peer Pressure Is Ruining the Youth
  • The Prioritization of Verbal Abuse in the Education World
  • Institutional Abuse of National and Ethnic Minorities Through Slander
  • Human Values and the Lack Thereof in Modern Digital Communication
  • Catfishing and Lies: The Rowdy World of Chat Apps
  • The Prying Eyes in Privatized Communication
  • The Everyday Nightmare of Baseless Stereotyping in Chat Rooms
  • Virtual Reality and the New Way to Communicate
  • Augmented Reality and the Escape From Real-Life Communication
  • Influencers and How They Communicate Their Agenda
  • Mass Paranoia, Fear, and Uncertainty in Communicating With Authorities

In Conclusion

Writing a research paper on communication is challenging work. That is the reason more and more students turn to professionals for assistance, with a simple phrase in mind: “I need someone to do my research paper for me .” However, with all these top-tips and topics, you’ll step up your research paper writing game, and you can be a little bit more confident when your next paper is due.

Order your paper now!

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dissertation topics in communication

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110 Communication Essay Topics for You

check Communication Essay Topics

Communication is the act of exchanging information with other people. It can be verbal, written, or non-verbal. It can also be direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional. In intentional communication, we’re aware that we’re trying to communicate something to another person when we send them a message, email, or text message. 

In unintentional communication, we don’t know that what we say or do is sending a message to someone else.

It is important to note that all forms of communication can result in some degree of misunderstanding between two people. For example, if one person says, “Your shoes look great today,” but the other person hears, “Your shoes look great today ,” (meaning they didn’t look so great on other days), then there has been some kind of misunderstanding between them. And this can result in hurt feelings for both parties involved.

Since communication is a sensitive field, you may need some help selecting good communication topics.  

Why Do You Need Help Choosing Communication Topics?

There are a lot of reasons why you should get help when selecting topics on communication.

  • Firstly, communication is a very important and sensitive topic. So, usually, you’ll need an expert who can guide you through the process of choosing the right topic for your needs. This person can be a friend or family member, but ideally, it should be someone who has experience with the topic you’re interested in learning more about.
  • Secondly, it’s important to have someone who can answer any questions that might come up when you want to select a topic. Since communication is a broad topic, you might not know what topic to choose, where to start learning about a topic, or what resources are available for further reading and researching. A professional can provide these answers for you!
  • Finally, there’s no way around it: communication skills improve over time. An expert can help you hone your skills by providing feedback as you work through the topic selection process. So, whether you need communications research topics or topics for essays, we’ve got you covered.  

How to Choose a Topic in Communication?

Choosing a topic for your communication essay or paper is one of the most important things you need to do. The topic will set the tone for your entire piece and reflect the needs and interests of your audience.

You’ll want to choose something relevant but also something they’ll want to hear about. If you’re writing a blog post, for example, you might want to write about how people should always watch out for non-verbal communication cues. But if they don’t want to hear that advice, they may not read your article!

It’s also important to pick something that will be interesting and informative for both you and your audience. If you choose something too boring or trivial, then no one will care. On the other hand, if you choose something too complicated or technical for anyone except a few experts in the field, then it will probably turn off everyone else who reads it.

Some Communication Topics You Can Choose From

Life is greatly dependent on communication. It is the method by which we communicate with others, exchange knowledge, and exert influence on one another. If you’re seeking a communication topic for your essay, here are 10 communication topics you can choose from:

  • What is communication and how has it evolved over the last century?
  • How does culture influence human behaviors?
  • When does communication end in a discussion?
  • Communication involves effective listening and good feedback.
  • How fast should communication feedback be?
  • How can you improve your communication skills?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of communication?
  • How can you get better at communicating with different people?
  • What is the purpose of communication?
  • How can you improve your listening skills?

Interpersonal Communication Topics

When it comes down to interpersonal communication, keep in mind that it is a very broad, emotional, and heart-filled field. So when selecting an interpersonal communication topic, make sure it reflects that. To help you, we have compiled 10 interpersonal topics on communication below.

  • Discuss the importance of interpersonal communication skills in our day-to-day life.
  • Types of interpersonal communication
  • The language of interpersonal communication
  • Rules of interpersonal communication
  • How to communicate with people who have accents or other communication difficulties.
  • Is listening truly a part of communication?
  • How to give feedback when someone hasn’t done something correctly.
  • How to handle sensitive situations like conflict and confrontation.
  • What makes a great conversation between people or groups?
  • Can you communicate with yourself?

Business Communication Topics

When trying to select a business communication topic, you should keep in mind that business communication involves you making effective use of words to persuade your audience of your ideas or opinions.

Usually, you’ll need to use persuasion techniques such as logic, emotion, or appealing to authorities. Here are 10 business communication topics for research, essays, blogs, etc.:

  • Is business communication primarily interpersonal or transactional?
  • How to use non-verbal communication in business communication
  • Business communication beats talent and ideas.
  • Business communication involves audience perception
  • How to be more effective in your communication with your team members
  • The best way to get the most out of a meeting or conference call
  • The biggest communication mistakes people make when doing business
  • How to deal with difficult people at work and in life
  • How to write an email that communicates your thoughts effectively
  • Does workplace etiquette include business communication?

Intercultural Communication Topic

Our globe is more interconnected than ever, and culture is one of the things that makes humanity unique and beautiful. Your intercultural communications research topics should reflect this as much as possible. This is why we have compiled a list of 10 intercultural communication topics that you can select from below:

  • What is intercultural communication?
  • Who are the people involved in intercultural communication?
  • How do different cultures communicate?
  • What are the main elements of intercultural communication?
  • How do we study intercultural communication and why is it important?
  • Why should you care about intercultural communication?
  • What skills do you need to be good at intercultural communication?
  • Is there a better way to learn about other cultures than by being exposed to them yourself?
  • How can you be more aware of your biases when interacting with people from different cultures?
  • How has technology changed intercultural communication?

Mass Communications Research Topics

Mass communication has evolved over the years. People all over the world can now receive information at their convenience. Do you need some mass communication research topics for your essay? Here are 10 top topics you can choose from:

  • A brief history and evolution of mass communications
  • How has technology impacted mass communication?
  • Mass communication theories and models
  • How do people respond to advertising?
  • The importance of mass communication research
  • A discussion on the popular mass communication methods today
  • How can you communicate effectively with millions of people at a time?
  • Should public speakers care about mass communication degrees or training?  
  • Future directions for mass communications research
  • Is non-verbal communication important in mass communication?

Communication Phenomenon Topics

It can be challenging to find a topic that is related to something factual while trying to choose a phenomenon communication research topic for your essay. For your convenience, we have listed ten phenomenon-related subjects below:

  • How does the brain work when we communicate?
  • Communication styles of people with different personalities
  • The importance of speaking up when there’s something you need or want
  • How to resolve conflict in your relationships with others
  • Understanding personality types
  • How to start a conversation with someone you’ve just met
  • How to ask for help from others
  • Why it’s important to give compliments
  • How to make people feel better about themselves
  • How to recognize your communication style and work on it if necessary

Communication Thesis Topics Examples

Usually, you would need to conduct extensive research to come up with a worthwhile thesis topic. Here are 10 communication research topics to guide you in your selection of thesis topics.

  • Communication and its impact on society
  • How people communicate with each other in social settings
  • How people communicate with each other during meetings or conferences
  • How do groups of people use language to communicate?
  • What are the best methods to communicate with the public?
  • How do you communicate with colleagues in an academic environment?
  • The effect of communication on the development of a country.
  • The best communication methods in business.
  • The best communication methods in schools.
  • How do you communicate with other scientists? What are some of the barriers?

Business Communication Topics for Presentation

It is common knowledge that choosing topics for presentations usually requires a lot of time and effort because you need to make sure the audience will find your work engaging and the points make sense. Here are 10 corporate communication topics below to help you avoid making a mistake.

  • The best business communication skills to have.
  • How to write a business communication plan
  • The different types of business communication
  • How communication affects corporate decision-making
  • How effective marketing is impacted by communication
  • How to utilize effective communication to persuade consumers to purchase goods
  • Why does your business’s ability to grow and thrive depend on effective communication
  • The diverse functions played by communication theories in the business world
  • How efficiently do marketing and corporate communication work together?
  • Overcoming business obstacles with dialogue

Organizational Communication Research Topics

Organizational communication research is a subfield of organizational behavior that studies human-to-human interactions within organizations and how they affect the success of an organization. Are you looking for some organizational communication topics? Here are the top ten!

  • How do employees feel about their employer’s communication?
  • How satisfied are employees with their workplace freedom for interpersonal communication?
  • How much impact do organizational culture and communication have on the organization’s success?
  • How does the structure of a company affect how it communicates with its employees?
  • How do you know if your communication efforts are effective for your company?
  • What is the best way to use email as an organizational tool?
  • What are the most effective ways to communicate with customers?
  • What are the most effective ways to communicate with employees?
  • Leadership and organizational communication
  • How much impact does organizational communication have on the organization’s success?

Virtual Communication Topics

Virtual communication is one of the most common forms of communication today. People across continents can communicate without barriers through virtual communication. Are you looking for virtual communication topics? We’ve compiled a list of 10 virtual communication topics for you!

  • How to make virtual communication more effective
  • The importance of building relationships with virtual communication before you start discussing business
  • How to avoid misinterpretation in virtual communication
  • How do you feel about working with people who don’t have an office?
  • What’s the best part about working and communicating from home?
  • What are the tips for managing distractions while working remotely?
  • What’s your take on virtual meetings?
  • Which is most preferable between face-to-face and virtual communication?
  • How to make sure everything is recorded correctly when using video chat software.
  • How to deal with trolls in the virtual world

Nonverbal Communication Research Topics

Nonverbal communication is any form of communication that does not involve speech (i.e., body language). Nonverbal communication includes things like nodding or shaking the head, smiling or frowning, and touching someone on the shoulder while talking to them right in front of their face.

If you’re looking for communication topics for research on non-verbal, take a look at the best 10 non-verbal topics below.

  • The effect of nonverbal cues on the perception of dominance
  • The role of nonverbal communication in the formation of trust
  • The effect of context on the organization and interpretation of nonverbal cues
  • The interplay between nonverbal communication and facial expressions
  • The impact of nonverbal communication on relationships
  • How social class affects nonverbal communication
  • The effect of culture on nonverbal communication
  • How does gender impact our perception of facial expressions and body language?
  • How our surroundings can influence our behavior
  • Nonverbal as a tool for self-expression

Oral Communication Speech Topics

The term “oral communication” refers to verbal communication that involves using the mouth to convey thoughts or ideas. Sometimes, finding an oral speech topic might be challenging. That’s why we have put up a list of 10 oral speech communications topics for you:  

  • The history of oral communication
  • Oral communication as a way to learn a foreign language
  • Oral communication in education
  • Oral communication in business and the workplace
  • Oral communication in sports and entertainment
  • How to give a persuasive speech
  • How to give an informative speech
  • How can you improve your interpersonal communication skills
  • The importance of a good speaking voice
  • Oral Communication in a Parent-Child Relationship

Communication Speech Topics

Are you searching for topics about speech and communication? Here is a list of the top 10 communication speech essay topics you can choose from.

  • The importance of communication in the workplace
  • The power of good communication skills
  • How to make a good first impression with your boss or client
  • How to express gratitude for a job well done or a favor returned
  • The value of making others feel comfortable about speaking up
  • How to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and ethnicities
  • The importance of communication skills
  • How to give a presentation
  • How to deal with difficult people and situations at work or school
  • How to speak in front of a group of people

Cultural Communication Essay Topics

Cultural communication refers to understanding how people from different cultures communicate with each other through verbal and non-verbal means. Do you need to write an essay about cultural communication? Below are 10 fascinating cultural communication topics:  

  • Communication is a two-way street, not a one-way street. Discuss.
  • The importance of cultural communication
  • What is cultural communication in the modern world?
  • Cultural communication and intercultural dialogue
  • Does cultural communication affect our understanding of the world?
  • How to communicate with people from other cultures.
  • Cultural differences in communication styles
  • How does cultural communication affect business?
  • Is the importance of cultural communication slowly fading?
  • What is the most common mistake people make when trying to communicate with someone from another culture?

Communication is a crucial aspect of life. It’s the key to everything, whether we’re trying to sell a product, tell someone we’re sorry, or just say “hi.”

Communication research paper topics can be challenging to find. With these 110 communication topics, you can choose a topic faster! And if you need help with your paper or essay, you can always turn to trusted writing companies to help you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Richard Ginger is a dissertation writer and freelance columnist with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the writing industry. He handles every project he works on with precision while keeping attention to details and ensuring that every work he does is unique.

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sociology research topics

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dissertation topics in communication

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Communication Research Topics

Communication students usually face two problems when it comes to research. The first is identifying compelling communication research topics. The second is crafting appropriate communication research questions that are specific and relevant.

Fortunately, choosing communication research paper topics doesn’t have to be challenging. This article outlines all you need to know about selecting the right topics for your research. It also lists 10 interesting examples of communication research topics you can consider for your essay or thesis.

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What makes a strong communication research topic.

Simplicity is what makes a strong communication research topic. Your research topic should contain relevant content that gives readers a general insight into what you intend to study. However, it must be concise and free from unnecessary jargon or wordy sentences.

As a communication researcher, you must also tackle relevant subjects. Your research should contribute to existing knowledge in your field by corroborating previously known facts or drawing attention to new insights.

Tips for Choosing a Communication Research Topic

  • Find out your school’s requirements. Some schools have curriculum requirements that may streamline your communication research topic ideas. For example, your department may have a specified word count for research papers. Such a condition would prevent you from selecting a topic that would require a lengthy write-up.
  • Read industry-related surveys. If you want your research to address a specific industry pain point, industry-related surveys can help you choose a suitable topic. Some communication and media firms release their survey findings to the public. You can explore these surveys to identify the direction your research should take.
  • Visit an academic journal. Journals like The International Journal of Communication and Journal of Health Communication can provide you with inspiration for choosing your communication topic. These reliable sources cover many subjects and contain ideas that can steer you on the right path.
  • Attend conferences. Conferences are a credible source to learn about the future of communication research. This knowledge can be beneficial for choosing a topic that would attract much interest. You can visit online sources like conferenceindex.org to find a list of upcoming communication conferences.
  • Avoid over-researched topics. There is already a wealth of research available on many communication topics. As much as you can, it’s best to avoid over-researched topics. Choose topics that allow you to provide unique information rather than rehashing previously published ideas.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic highlights the researcher’s area of focus during research. Research questions are usually narrow enough to allow the researcher to focus on a particular sub-topic within their field. However, they are also extensive enough to allow for exploration of the chosen subject from various angles.

Research questions, on the other hand, are more succinct. They are usually derived from the chosen research topic and leave no room for ambiguity. Research questions show the purpose of the study. They clearly define the parameters being studied. They may also provide insight into the research methods employed.

How to Create Strong Communication Research Questions

Strong communication research questions must focus on addressing a particular issue. Also, they must be presented objectively. Your research question should not reflect bias or attempt to tilt the reader’s mind toward a particular direction.

Top 10 Communication Research Paper Topics

1. personality differences and their effect on negotiation techniques.

Different factors affect how individuals approach a negotiation. One of the most influential factors is personality type. A compelling research idea would be to provide insight into the most common negotiation styles applied by individuals based on their personality type.

2. The Influence of Public Relations in Building Thriving Businesses

Most highly ranked companies place a premium on maintaining their brand image through external communication. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for public relations specialists are expected to increase by 11 percent between 2020 and 2030. An examination into the impact of public relations in building a reputable business would make a great research topic.

3. Critical Approaches for Dealing With Fake News

Due to the prominent role of bloggers in contemporary society, there is a shortage of legitimate sources for information. This challenge has brought about a need to provide credible reporting and establish proper communication channels. Your research could provide a critical approach for examining the spread of fake news and suggest effective methods for building reliable communication networks.

4. Practical Communication Skills for the Development of Intimate Relationships

Interpersonal dialogue is one of the most intriguing aspects of communication. Several studies have been carried out on effective dialogue as a tool for building strong personal relationships. However, there is still a wide knowledge gap on the subject. You could carry out communication studies on practical communication skills that can facilitate the growth of relationships.

5. Email as an Effective Business Communication Tool

All emerging tech businesses use email as a corporate communication tool, according to Statista. Despite this, some still have concerns about the adverse effects of email on business-to-business communication. You could carry out research to determine the positive or negative influences of email and instant messaging on the overall work culture of organizations.

6. The Evolution of Horizontal and Downward Communication in the Business Environment

Workplace culture has changed massively in the 21st century with the advent of Zoom meetings and other non-traditional discussion channels. Your research could examine the history of communication in organizations. It could also highlight the changes in downward and horizontal communication practices in leading global businesses.

7. Regular Social Media Communication and Its Impact on Human Behavior

Social media has become a vital part of our personal life. Unfortunately, regular social media use has been linked to vices like substance abuse and several mental health challenges. A study of the effect of social networks on the attitude of viewers would make a very relevant topic for a communication research paper.

8. Techniques for Improving Virtual Communication

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the use of virtual dialogue globally. Various companies have experimented with different techniques to improve the experience of virtual communication technology. Your research could compare these strategies and, if possible, offer some communication tips for virtual environments.

9. The Relationship Between Organizational Communication and Workplace Culture

Communication is one of the vital factors that affect employee performance and workplace culture. Different companies have devised effective communication strategies to eliminate organizational uncertainty. You can study these various communication processes and show how they influence employee behavior in the workplace.

10. The Growth of Instant Messaging and Its Effect on Modern Society

No one can deny that instant messaging apps have become a ubiquitous phenomenon. Presently, Whatsapp has a total of 2 billion active monthly users , according to Statista. For your research paper, you could explore the impact of this mass adoption of instant messaging apps on our overall quality of everyday life.

Other Examples of Communication Research Topics & Questions

Communication research topics.

  • Building successful mass media campaigns
  • Non-verbal communication and its impact on relationships
  • Teenage texting and its impact on relational development
  • Religious affiliation and its impact on communication
  • An in-depth analysis of communication theory

Communication Research Questions

  • What are the most effective public health communication methods for patient-centered communication?
  • What is the importance of non-verbal interpersonal communication in developing professional relationships?
  • What is the role of mass media in improving international relations?
  • What are the most effective communication styles for social marketing?
  • What is the role of social media platforms in promoting intercultural dialogue?

Choosing the Right Communication Research Topic

Although it is essential to learn different research methods , your research won’t have much impact without choosing a strong topic. So, selecting an excellent research topic is the first step in writing a noteworthy research paper on communication.

Also, selecting the right communication research paper topic can help you identify which communication discipline is right for you. If you are wondering what you can do with your communications degree , a research paper is a perfect way to get a feel of various areas of interest before you graduate.

Communication Research Topics FAQ

Qualitative questions are open-ended and aim to explore a thought or subject matter through qualitative methods. For example, with qualitative research, rather than comparing data sets, the goal is to gather and interpret data to generate a hypothesis.

Quantitative research questions usually seek to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between two or more data sets. Unlike qualitative research, quantitative research aims to confirm or test the accuracy of a hypothesis.

A thesis statement is a brief overview of the main point of a research paper. Your thesis statement should be short, straightforward, and inform the reader of what your paper is all about.

Yes, online communication master’s degree programs also involve research work. So, if you are considering getting an online master’s in communication , you must be ready to write a research paper as one of the major requirements for graduating.

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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Theses/dissertations from 2023 2023.

An Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Crisis Response Message Strategies on Consumer Emotions, Perceptual Beliefs and Intended Behavior , Valentina Ahumada

How the Taiwanese podcast Bailingguo News framed the 2019 Hong Kong movement: A framing analysis of the anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill , Yu-Fei Chiu

Advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Study of the NHL’s #HockeyIsForEveryone Campaign on Twitter , Jessica Martinez

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

An Analysis of International Soccer Fans’ Knowledge of Qatar, Perceptions of Qatar’s Country Image, and Intention to Support the 2022 FIFA World Cup , Taleb Al-Adbah

Analysis of Prescription Drug Brand Mentions in Music: Prevalence and Consumer Perceptions , Lisa A. Blake

Elements of Instagram Influencer Posts that Drive Follower Engagement , Yishan Li

Communicating Breast Cancer Awareness: Using the Health Belief Model to Develop Mass Communication Themes to Influence Early Detection Behaviors , Srisai Kamakshi Ramya Harika Pucha

The European Super League (ESL): A Political Economy and Media Framing Analysis , Patrick Sidwell

Inaugural Addresses, Framing Theory, and the Impact on American Perceptions of the Presidency , Kalin Meagan Velez

The Use of Social Media by Leaders in Times of Crisis: 2020–21 United States Election Protests , Cagdas Yuksel

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

The Influence of Hate Speech on TikTok on Chinese College Students , Tengyue Chen

Cultivating Courage: Medical Dramas and Portrayals of Patient Self-Advocacy , Alyssa H. Harrell

The Media Reproduction of Racial Violence: A Content Analysis of News Coverage Following the Death of George Floyd Jr. , Keylon Lovett

Credibility of Spokespersons and E-cigarette Prevention Messages: Elaboration Likelihood Model and The Moderating Role of Perceived Risk , Emmanuel Maduneme

An Examination of COVID-19 Health Behaviors and Public Health Messaging Using the Health Belief Model and Organization-Public Relationship Quality , Aaron L. Nichols

The Extended Parallel Processing Model (EPPM) and Risk Perceptions of Twitter messages related to COVID-19 , Muhammad E. Rasul

Framing #MeToo movement in China A Content Analysis of China Women’s News Coverage , Wenminzi Wu

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

Super Bowl Ads and the Donald Trump Culture War , Jessica Barron

A Case Study on Black Twitter’s Reactions to the Framing of Blacks in Dove’s 2017 Facebook Advertisement , Shereena Farrington

The Roles of Emotional Cues and Purchasing Incentives in WeChat Commerce: A Content Analysis , Xuezhu Hao

People with Parkinson’s and Care Partners of PwPs’ Uncertainty Management Through Information Strategies , Amy Haywood

Asian Male Stereotypes: An Investigation of Current Beliefs About Asian Males and Stereotypes Perpetuated by U.S. Modern Cinema , Noelle Knopp

Developing Design Elements for a Parkinson’s Disease Informative Website: A Social Marketing Approach , Emilie R. Madsen

Evaluation of Native Advertisement though Third Person Effect Theory: An Experimental Design , Inga Nafetvaridze

EPPM and Its Effectiveness in Advertisements of Colorectal Cancer Screening among Young Adults , Anh T. Nguyen

The Role of Threat and Efficacy in Anti-Vaping Ads: A Test of the Extended Parallel Process Model , Ryan Noone

An Experimental Investigation into the Impact of Crisis Response Strategies and Relationship Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry , Nikoletta Pappas

Media Fandom: Social Media Use and Collective Identity in China: A Case Study of Z.Tao’s Weibo Fandom , Mier Sha

'Golden Spike': Examining Atlanta United FC Communications During the Launch of the Team , Maria Tsyruleva

The Role of Influencer Endorsement in Consumer Brand Engagement on Sina Weibo , Xiaofan Wei

One News Event, Three Media Frames , Le Xin

Applying the Situational Theory of Publics to Children's Sex Education in China , Baoyi Zeng

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

The Role of Social Media Journalists in TV News:Their Effects on the Profession and Identity of TV Journalism, the Quality of News, and theAudience Engagement , Yousuf Humiad AL Yousufi

Relationship Management Communications by NHL Teams on Twitter , Kelsey M. Baker

2018 China-United States Trade War: Framing Analysis of Online News Coverage in the United States and China as portrayed by the New York Times and the People’s Daily , Jiangling Huang

The Research on the Determinants of Users' Willingness to Pay for Chinese Paid Sports Model Based on Use and Gratification Theory , Jing Li

Online MMORPG Games in China: Player Motivations and the Mediating Role of Flow , Jiaxin Liu

The Hostile Media Effect and Its Potential Consequences: Examining the Influence of Presumed Influence of International Media Coverage , Zhennan Liu

Womenpreneurs in a Digital Environment: Utilizing Instagram to Build a Personal Brand , Michelle N. Nuñez

Objectification of Women in Bollywood Item Numbers , Zahabia Z. Slatewala

A Research on eSports Users’ Motives and Satisfaction in China The Case of League of Legends , Qianyin Sun

An Analysis of the Language and the Relationship of the President of the USA Related Twitter Accounts toward the National Media , Sait Serif Turhan

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Perception of Kazakhstan in the U.S through the New York Times Coverage , Tursynay Alikhanova

The Influence of Instagram Selfies on Female Millennials’ Appearance Satisfaction , Diliara Bagautdinova

Women’s Body Image in the Media: Fitspiration on Instagram , Brook M. Bryant

Political Talk Shows in Taiwan: First- and Third-Person Effects, Their Attitudinal Antecedents and Consequences , Shou-Chen Hsieh

An Examination of Image Repair Theory and BP’s Response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill , William Anthony Korte Jr.

An Analysis of Organ Donation Presentations on Weibo , Shengfei Li

Gender Sexualization in Digital Games: Exploring Female Character Changes in Tomb Raider , Jingjing Liu

Shithole Countries: An Analysis of News Coverage in the U.S. , Murewa O. Olubela

Self-esteem, motivation, and self-enhancement presentation on WeChat , Xiao Qiu

The Portrayal of Women in the Oldest Russian Women’s Magazine “Rabotnitsa” From 1970-2017 , Anastasiia Utiuzh

Cultural Adaptation and Maintenance: Chinese International Students' Use of Facebook and WeChat , Mengni Wang

The Understanding of Absolute Right to Freedom of Expression in the Case of Hate Speech , Qinqin Wang

Body Image, Self-Esteem and Eating Disturbance among Chinese Women: Testing the Tripartite Influence model , Weiwei Wang

I’m Your Fan – Engaging in Celebrity’s Social Media Page with the Mediation of Parasocial Interaction and Parasocial Relationship , Jiahui Zhuang

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Household Food Waste Prevention in Malaysia: An Issue Processes Model Perspective , Syahirah Abd Razak

Countering the Questionable Actions of the CPD and FEC , Brian C. Cole

“You Know Who I Am, Don’t You? I’m the One They’re Writing About in the Newspapers and on TV” , Casey Killen Crane

To Tell the Truth: The Credibility of Cable News Networks In an Era of Increasingly Partisan Political News Coverage , Christopher Jadick

Political Media Bias in the United States: Immigration and the Trump Administration , Bryce Josepher

Social Media Use and Political Participation in China: The Mediating Role of Political Efficacy , Bingyang Liu

Framing Genetically-modified Foods Communication in China: A Content Analysis of News Coverage of People’s Daily and Southern Metropolis , Linqi Lu

Conceptualizing Social Wealth in the Digital Age: A Mixed Methods Approach , Kristina Oliva

The Road to the White House: A Correlational Analysis of Twitter Sentiment and National Polls in the 2016 Election Cycle , Melissa G. Pelletier

Using Green Messages to Cue Recycling Tendencies , Danielle Quichocho

Traversing Privacy Issues on Social Networking Sites Among Kuwaiti Females , Shahad Shihab

Chinese National Identity and Media Framing , Yufeng Tian

Smog Pollution in China: News Framing and Issue-Attention Cycle per the , Yingying Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

Corporate Social Responsibility Communication: Beliefs in Motives, First- and Third-Person Effects and Behavioral Consequences , Nianyuan Cheng

Crimean Referendum: Annexation VS Reunification. Framing Analysis of Online News Coverage in Russia and the U.S. , Anna Dedova

Investigating the Determinants of Recycling Behavior in Youth by Using Theory of Planned Behavior. , Tejaswini Gadiraju

Media Perceptions on Sexual Assault on College Campuses , Maggie M. Hall

The Impact of Emojis and Emoticons on Online Consumer Reviews, Perceived Company Response Quality, Brand Relationship, and Purchase Intent. , Jayme Hill Hill

Media Multitasking and Memory: The Role of Message Modalities , Le Nguyen

Cultivating Philanthropy in Community Colleges: A Dual-Model Approach , Rachel Faith Pleasant

Avatar Self-Identification, Self-Esteem, and Perceived Social Capital in the Real World: A Study of World of Warcraft Players and their Avatars , Melissa Watts

The Effects of Mission Statement Design on Behavioral Intention , Jonathan David West

Impact of a Brand Crisis on Nation Branding: An Analysis of Tweets about VW’s Emissions Crisis , Kara Julie Whytas

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Responding to a Rumor: How Crisis Response Strategies Influence Relationship Outcomes , Bo Breuklander

Crisis Communication and Celebrity Scandal: An Experiment on Response Strategies , Leah Champion

Speaking Their Language: Textisms in Today's Communication , Adam Lloyd Drum

Direct-to-Consumer Messaging: A Phenomenological Examination of DTC Best Practices , Nicholas Dominick Fancera

Examining Endorsement and Viewership Effects on the Source Credibility of YouTubers , Stephanie Fred

The Cultivation of Eating Disorders through Instagram , Kendall O'Brien

Online Game Advertising and Chinese College Students: Attitudes, First- and Third-Person Effects , Yan Tang

On the Convergence of Cinema and Theme Parks: Developing a Predictable Model for Creative Design , Ryan Luke Terry

I Threw My Pie for You: Engagement and Loyalty on TV Show Facebook Pages , Tracy M. Wisneski

First- and Third-Person Effects of Alcohol Advertising on Chinese College Students , Dong Xue

Framing Occupy Central: A Content Analysis of Hong Kong, American and British Newspaper Coverage , Mengjiao Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Climate Change, Situational Theory of Problem Solving, and Issue Framing Effects , Michael Eddie Burch

British Cultural Narrative in Winston Churchill's Political Communication , Andres L. Faza

Communication Behavior Study of Support in the Arts Using the Situational Theory of Publics and the Theory of Reasoned Action , Ashleigh Gallant

A Comparison Study on Violent Video Games: Explained by the Gamers Themselves , Christopher John Kneifer

Applying Public Relations Theory to Assess Service-Learning Relationships , Karen Strand


The Accidental Motivator: Florida's Medicinal Marijuana Ballot Initiative's Impact on the Youth Vote , Robert Winsler

An Examination of Motives, Experiences, and Behaviors of MMORPG Players , Theresa Lynn Woods

Social Media Use During The College Transition , Kevin J. Yurasek

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

Media and USF Students' Perception of Terrorism , Mamdoh Suleiman Al-Ameri

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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic | 8 Steps to Follow

Published on November 11, 2022 by Shona McCombes and Tegan George. Revised on November 20, 2023.

Choosing your dissertation topic is the first step in making sure your research goes as smoothly as possible. When choosing a topic, it’s important to consider:

  • Your institution and department’s requirements
  • Your areas of knowledge and interest
  • The scientific, social, or practical relevance
  • The availability of data and resources
  • The timeframe of your dissertation
  • The relevance of your topic

You can follow these steps to begin narrowing down your ideas.

Table of contents

Step 1: check the requirements, step 2: choose a broad field of research, step 3: look for books and articles, step 4: find a niche, step 5: consider the type of research, step 6: determine the relevance, step 7: make sure it’s plausible, step 8: get your topic approved, other interesting articles, frequently asked questions about dissertation topics.

The very first step is to check your program’s requirements. This determines the scope of what it is possible for you to research.

  • Is there a minimum and maximum word count?
  • When is the deadline?
  • Should the research have an academic or a professional orientation?
  • Are there any methodological conditions? Do you have to conduct fieldwork, or use specific types of sources?

Some programs have stricter requirements than others. You might be given nothing more than a word count and a deadline, or you might have a restricted list of topics and approaches to choose from. If in doubt about what is expected of you, always ask your supervisor or department coordinator.

Start by thinking about your areas of interest within the subject you’re studying. Examples of broad ideas include:

  • Twentieth-century literature
  • Economic history
  • Health policy

To get a more specific sense of the current state of research on your potential topic, skim through a few recent issues of the top journals in your field. Be sure to check out their most-cited articles in particular. For inspiration, you can also search Google Scholar , subject-specific databases , and your university library’s resources.

As you read, note down any specific ideas that interest you and make a shortlist of possible topics. If you’ve written other papers, such as a 3rd-year paper or a conference paper, consider how those topics can be broadened into a dissertation.

After doing some initial reading, it’s time to start narrowing down options for your potential topic. This can be a gradual process, and should get more and more specific as you go. For example, from the ideas above, you might narrow it down like this:

  • Twentieth-century literature   Twentieth-century Irish literature   Post-war Irish poetry
  • Economic history   European economic history   German labor union history
  • Health policy   Reproductive health policy   Reproductive rights in South America

All of these topics are still broad enough that you’ll find a huge amount of books and articles about them. Try to find a specific niche where you can make your mark, such as: something not many people have researched yet, a question that’s still being debated, or a very current practical issue.

At this stage, make sure you have a few backup ideas — there’s still time to change your focus. If your topic doesn’t make it through the next few steps, you can try a different one. Later, you will narrow your focus down even more in your problem statement and research questions .

There are many different types of research , so at this stage, it’s a good idea to start thinking about what kind of approach you’ll take to your topic. Will you mainly focus on:

  • Collecting original data (e.g., experimental or field research)?
  • Analyzing existing data (e.g., national statistics, public records, or archives)?
  • Interpreting cultural objects (e.g., novels, films, or paintings)?
  • Comparing scholarly approaches (e.g., theories, methods, or interpretations)?

Many dissertations will combine more than one of these. Sometimes the type of research is obvious: if your topic is post-war Irish poetry, you will probably mainly be interpreting poems. But in other cases, there are several possible approaches. If your topic is reproductive rights in South America, you could analyze public policy documents and media coverage, or you could gather original data through interviews and surveys .

You don’t have to finalize your research design and methods yet, but the type of research will influence which aspects of the topic it’s possible to address, so it’s wise to consider this as you narrow down your ideas.

It’s important that your topic is interesting to you, but you’ll also have to make sure it’s academically, socially or practically relevant to your field.

  • Academic relevance means that the research can fill a gap in knowledge or contribute to a scholarly debate in your field.
  • Social relevance means that the research can advance our understanding of society and inform social change.
  • Practical relevance means that the research can be applied to solve concrete problems or improve real-life processes.

The easiest way to make sure your research is relevant is to choose a topic that is clearly connected to current issues or debates, either in society at large or in your academic discipline. The relevance must be clearly stated when you define your research problem .

Before you make a final decision on your topic, consider again the length of your dissertation, the timeframe in which you have to complete it, and the practicalities of conducting the research.

Will you have enough time to read all the most important academic literature on this topic? If there’s too much information to tackle, consider narrowing your focus even more.

Will you be able to find enough sources or gather enough data to fulfil the requirements of the dissertation? If you think you might struggle to find information, consider broadening or shifting your focus.

Do you have to go to a specific location to gather data on the topic? Make sure that you have enough funding and practical access.

Last but not least, will the topic hold your interest for the length of the research process? To stay motivated, it’s important to choose something you’re enthusiastic about!

Most programmes will require you to submit a brief description of your topic, called a research prospectus or proposal .

Remember, if you discover that your topic is not as strong as you thought it was, it’s usually acceptable to change your mind and switch focus early in the dissertation process. Just make sure you have enough time to start on a new topic, and always check with your supervisor or department.

If you want to know more about the research process , methodology , research bias , or statistics , make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples.


  • Sampling methods
  • Simple random sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Cluster sampling
  • Likert scales
  • Reproducibility


  • Null hypothesis
  • Statistical power
  • Probability distribution
  • Effect size
  • Poisson distribution

Research bias

  • Optimism bias
  • Cognitive bias
  • Implicit bias
  • Hawthorne effect
  • Anchoring bias
  • Explicit bias

Formulating a main research question can be a difficult task. Overall, your question should contribute to solving the problem that you have defined in your problem statement .

However, it should also fulfill criteria in three main areas:

  • Researchability
  • Feasibility and specificity
  • Relevance and originality

All research questions should be:

  • Focused on a single problem or issue
  • Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources
  • Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints
  • Specific enough to answer thoroughly
  • Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis
  • Relevant to your field of study and/or society more broadly

Writing Strong Research Questions

You can assess information and arguments critically by asking certain questions about the source. You can use the CRAAP test , focusing on the currency , relevance , authority , accuracy , and purpose of a source of information.

Ask questions such as:

  • Who is the author? Are they an expert?
  • Why did the author publish it? What is their motivation?
  • How do they make their argument? Is it backed up by evidence?

A dissertation prospectus or proposal describes what or who you plan to research for your dissertation. It delves into why, when, where, and how you will do your research, as well as helps you choose a type of research to pursue. You should also determine whether you plan to pursue qualitative or quantitative methods and what your research design will look like.

It should outline all of the decisions you have taken about your project, from your dissertation topic to your hypotheses and research objectives , ready to be approved by your supervisor or committee.

Note that some departments require a defense component, where you present your prospectus to your committee orally.

The best way to remember the difference between a research plan and a research proposal is that they have fundamentally different audiences. A research plan helps you, the researcher, organize your thoughts. On the other hand, a dissertation proposal or research proposal aims to convince others (e.g., a supervisor, a funding body, or a dissertation committee) that your research topic is relevant and worthy of being conducted.

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Dissertation Research Topics Lists

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Trending Dissertation Topics & Ideas For 2024

ResearchProspect has prepared a list of trending dissertation topics and ideas in every academic subject to inspire you. In addition to the free topics available in our topics database, we offer 3 free custom dissertation topics to students of all levels. Our most popular dissertation topics categories include marketing , business , operations management , engineering management , project management , science , history , climate change , ecology , sports , sociology , psychology , philosophy , cryptocurrency , facebook , twitter , snapchat , instagram , finance & accounting , tourism , literature , photography , and more. You can also review our example dissertation titles to get inspired.

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Why is a Dissertation Topic Outline or a Proposal Important?

A dissertation topic outline plan or a research proposal sets the stage for your dissertation project. It provides the necessary framework for you to conduct your research and write an authentic paper that will add value to your area of study. A dissertation outline provides topic background information, a justification of your choice of topic, the hypothesis you are testing, your proposed methodology and a brief literature review. It ends with a project timeline and a list of references. To be honest, that is what you need to get started with your dissertation.

In creating a worthy research topic, it is important to be manageable, interesting, and add value to the body of knowledge in its respective field. To help students narrow their search for a research topic, ResearchProspect writers have brainstormed new dissertation topics that are innovative and relevant to the current body of knowledge available and can aid in the brainstorming process.

Our band of super nerds have designed the latest dissertation topics across a variety of subjects that are intriguing and look to fill research gaps present in their respective academic literature. These free dissertation topics are great for starting the process of writing your dissertation , thesis or proposal . So take a breather, ResearchProspects has got you covered with our dissertation writing services.

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The Importance Of Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics are of utmost importance in academic research because they can greatly impact the quality of research and the project’s ultimate success. Coming up with the right ideas for dissertation topics can be complicated for a few students. Here are some reasons why choosing the right dissertation title is significant for your research:

  • Sets the tone for the research: Your dissertation topic is the starting point for your research project. It sets the tone for the entire research and determines the scope and direction of the study.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and expertise: A good dissertation topic also helps demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your particular study area. It is an opportunity to showcase your mastery of the topic and your ability to engage in independent research.
  • Significance: The right dissertation topic is significant and relevant in the field of study. It addresses a knowledge gap or a research question that has not been adequately answered.
  • Feasibility: The topic should be feasible and realistic. It should be possible to conduct research on the chosen topic within the given time frame and with resources.
  • Interest and motivation: The dissertation topic should interest the student and motivate them to conduct the research. This will make the research process more enjoyable and increase the likelihood of success.

Humanities Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of The Role of Social Media in Shaping Public Discourse.
  • The Representation of Gender in Contemporary Literature: A Comparative Study.
  • The Politics of Cultural Heritage Preservation: Case Study of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • A Philosophical Inquiry of The Ethics of Digital Humanities Research.
  • The Intersection of Religion and Politics in the Middle East: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives.
  • An Ethnographic Study of the Impact of Globalisation on Indigenous Cultures.
  • The Aesthetics of Horror in Literature and Film: An Analysis of Contemporary Works.
  • The Philosophy of Human Rights: A Comparative Study of Eastern and Western Perspectives.
  • The Representation of Trauma in Postcolonial Literature: A Comparative Study of African and South Asian Texts.
  • The Psychology of Humor: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Laughter and Mental Health.

Environment Dissertation Topics

  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategies: A Comparative Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries.
  • The Impact of Urbanisation on Biodiversity: Case Study of Major Cities in the World.
  • The Politics of Environmental Justice: A Critical Analysis of Environmental Policies and Their Impacts on Marginalised Communities.
  • The Role of Green Technology in Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Renewable Energy Sources.
  • The Economics of Carbon Pricing: A Comparative Study of Cap and Trade Systems.
  • The Implications of Deforestation on Ecosystem Services with Respect to the Amazon Rainforests.
  • The Ethics of Animal Agriculture: An Investigation into the Impacts of Industrial Livestock Production.
  • The Role of Environmental Education in Promoting Sustainability in the United Kingdom.
  • A Study on The Intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and Environmental Conservation.
  • The Politics of Water Scarcity: An Overview of the Middle East and North Africa.

Education Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning: A Comparative Study of Traditional and Online Education.
  • An Investigation on The Role of Parental Involvement in Early Childhood Education.
  • A Meta-Analysis on The Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Learning in STEM Education.
  • The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Student Learning Outcomes in the United Kingdom.
  • The Politics of Education Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Policies and Their Impacts on Student Achievement.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Teaching Quality.
  • The Impact of Globalisation on Higher Education: Case Study of Internationalisation Strategies in Universities.
  • An Analysis of The Effectiveness of Social-Emotional Learning Programs.
  • The Intersection of Education and Technology Entrepreneurship: A Case Study of EdTech Startups.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Funding and Student Outcomes in Public Schools.

Sports Dissertation Topics

  • A Study on the Role of Sports in Promoting Social Inclusion.
  • The Impact of Sports Psychology on Athletic Performance: An Investigation into Mental Training Techniques.
  • An Analysis of The Ethics of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports.
  • The Effectiveness of Injury Prevention Programs in Contact Sports.
  • The Intersection of Sports and Technology: An Analysis of Wearable Technology in Athletic Training and Performance.
  • A Comparative Study of National and International Sports Organisations.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Sponsorship and Brand Awareness.
  • The Impact of Sports on Personal Development: A Comparative Study of Sports and Non-Sports Participants.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Fan Attachment and Identity.
  • The Intersection of Sports and Social Media: A Case Study of Athlete Branding and Fan Engagement.

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Social Media on Anxiety and Depression.
  • The Role of Positive Psychology in Promoting Well-Being.
  • The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Treating Anxiety and Depression.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Coping Strategies and Health Outcomes.
  • The Intersection of Psychology and Neuroscience: An Analysis of Brain Imaging Techniques in Understanding Mental Health Disorders.
  • A Critical Analysis of Research Methods and Their Implications for Participants.
  • The Impact of Culture on Mental Health: Case Study of Western and Eastern Approaches to Mental Health Treatment.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Personality Traits and Addiction.
  • An Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships and Their Impacts on Psychological Well-Being.
  • A Comparative Study of Aging and Longevity in Different Cultures.

Gender Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Gender Stereotypes on Career Choices.
  • The Role of Gender-Based Violence in Perpetuating Gender Inequality.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Intersectionality on Women of Color.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Politics and Women's Access to Healthcare.
  • The Effectiveness of Gender Quotas in Promoting Gender Equality.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Masculinity and Mental Health.
  • The Role of Gender Identity in Social Justice Movements.
  • The Impact of Gender and Sexuality Education on Adolescents.
  • A Comparative Study of Gender Pay Gaps in Different Industries and Countries.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Ableism and Gender Discrimination on Disabled Women.

Law Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Digitalisation on Legal Systems.
  • The Role of International Law in Addressing Global Challenges.
  • The Effectiveness of Restorative Justice in Addressing Criminal Behaviour.
  • A Comparative Study of Selection Processes and Their Impacts on Judicial Independence.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Intersectionality on Legal Rights and Protections.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Advocacy and Professional Responsibility.
  • The Impact of Gender and Race on Jury Decision-Making: An Analysis of Implicit Bias in Legal Proceedings.
  • The Role of Human Rights Law in Addressing Corporate Responsibility: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Business and Human Rights.
  • The Politics of Immigration Law: A Comparative Study of National Policies and Their Impacts on Migrant Rights and Protections.
  • The Effectiveness of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Addressing Civil Disputes: A Comparative Study of Mediation and Arbitration.

Business, Finance & Management Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance.
  • The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth: An Analysis of Small Business Development and Job Creation.
  • The Impact of Financial Technology on Banking and Finance: use of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.
  • The Effectiveness of Corporate Governance in Preventing Corporate Scandals: A Comparative Study of Regulations and Practices.
  • The Psychology of Decision-Making in Management: An Analysis of Cognitive Biases and Their Impacts on Organisational Behaviour.
  • The Role of Leadership in Organisational Change: An Investigation into the Impacts of Leadership Styles on Change Management.
  • A Comparative Study of Trade Agreements and Their Impacts on Global Economic Relations.
  • The Impact of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation and Performance.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing.
  • The Role of Human Resource Management in Talent Development.

Health & Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Telemedicine on Healthcare Delivery
  • The Role of Nursing in Patient Safety: An Analysis of Best Practices and Strategies for Preventing Medical Errors.
  • The Effectiveness of Health Promotion Programs in Preventing Chronic Diseases.
  • A Comparative Study of National Policies and Their Impacts on Access to Care.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Co-Morbidities on Patient Outcomes.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Health Knowledge and Patient Empowerment.
  • A Comparative Study of Pain Management Strategies in Different Settings.
  • An Analysis of Best Practices and Strategies for Addressing Health Disparities.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Comfort Care and Quality of Life.
  • The Effectiveness of Healthcare Teamwork in Patient-Centered Care.

Technology Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Ethical and Social Implications of AI Technologies.
  • The Impact of Cybersecurity Threats on Business and Society.
  • The Role of Blockchain Technology in the Future of Digital Transactions.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Digital Health Technologies on Patient Outcomes and Access to Care.
  • The Effectiveness of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education and Training.
  • A Comparative Study of National Policies and International Agreements.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Data-Driven Decision Making.
  • The Impact of Social Media on Society and Culture: An Analysis of the Impacts of Platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • The Effectiveness of User-Centered Design in Developing Technology Products.
  • The Future of Quantum Computing and its Potential Applications in Different Fields.

Geography & Politics Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Environmental Policy and Global Climate Change.
  • An Analysis of Immigration and Refugee Settlement Patterns in Cities.
  • A Comparative Study of National Interests and Strategic Considerations.
  • A Review on The Intersection of Geography and Political Violence.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Addressing Economic Disparities.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Resource Distribution and Political Power.
  • An Analysis of National Borders and Their Impacts on Migration, Trade, and Security.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Geospatial Technologies and Digital Mapping in Political Analysis.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Disaster Response and Preparedness.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Spatial Analysis and Geographical Information Systems in Policy Making.

Fashion & Media Dissertation Topics

  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Instagram, TikTok, and Other Platforms on Fashion Marketing and Consumption.
  • The Role of Fashion in Representing Diversity and Inclusivity in Media.
  • An Examination of the Influences of Celebrities on Fashion Trends and Consumer Behaviour.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Fashion, Power, and Identity.
  • Comparative research of Different Approaches to Ethical and Environmentally Conscious Fashion Production.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Photography in Fashion Communication.
  • A Breakdown of the Relationship Between Wearable Technologies and Fashion Trends.
  • The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing in Fashion.
  • The Impact of Fashion and Media on Body Image.
  • A Study into the Use of Fashion as a Symbolic Representation of Political Messages and Movements.

Tourism Dissertation Topics

  • The Impact of Sustainable Tourism Practices on Local Communities.
  • An Investigation into the Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality in Tourism.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Marketing Tourism Destinations.
  • An Analysis of the Relationship Between Tourism Development and Political Power.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Tourism and Heritage Conservation.
  • A Research of Different Approaches to Tourism as a Driver of Economic Growth.
  • The Effectiveness of Tourism Policies in Addressing Overtourism: An Analysis of Different Approaches to Managing Tourist Crowds in Popular Destinations.
  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Platforms like Instagram and TikTok on Tourism Marketing and Consumption.
  • The Role of Tourism in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Trends and Innovations in Tourism.

Science & Engineering Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Use of Machine Learning and AI Techniques in Engineering Design and Optimisation.
  • The Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies on Sustainable Development: An Analysis of Different Approaches to Promoting Renewable Energy Sources.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Space Science and Engineering.
  • Study of Different Approaches to Green Building and Sustainable Architecture.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Biotechnology on Medical Diagnosis, Treatment, and Drug Development.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Engineering Infrastructure: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Climate Change and Infrastructure Resilience.
  • The Effectiveness of Science Education Programs: A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Teaching Science in Schools.
  • A Research on the Use of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in Engineering Applications.
  • An Investigation into Emerging Technologies and Innovations in Transportation Engineering.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Additive Manufacturing on Industrial Processes and Supply Chains.

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Influencer Marketing on Consumer Behaviour
  • An Analysis of the Use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Strategies.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Targeted Marketing and Personalised Advertising.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Customer Experience and Consumer Loyalty.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Narrative Techniques in Brand Communications.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing.
  • An Investigation into the Impacts of Customer Advocacy and Word-of-Mouth Marketing.
  • A Research of the Use of Mobile Technologies in Marketing Communications.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Creating Immersive Brand Experiences.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Marketing Communications and Brand Reputation.

Management Dissertation Topics

  • A Research on the Impacts of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness
  • An Analysis of the Use of Digital Technologies in Business Management and Operations.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Building Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces.
  • The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Management.
  • An Analysis of the Use of AI and Machine Learning in Business Decision-Making and Strategy.
  • A Study of Different Approaches to Managing Organisational Knowledge.
  • An Investigation into the Relationship Between Organisational Culture and Performance.
  • An Analysis of the Impacts of Globalisation on International Business Operations and Management Practices.
  • A Comparative Study of Different Approaches to Measuring and Evaluating Employee Performance.

The Role of Change Management in Organisational Transformation.

More Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics, environment, business, finance & management, health & nursing, geography & politics, fashion & media, science & engineering, dissertation topic examples.

Here are some dissertation topics examples for you so you know what you can expect from our experts when you order a free dissertation topic from Research Prospect

Topic 1: Management Quality and Control- Assessing the role of project length in the UK Construction sector.

Research Aim: The construction industry is one of the most significant contributors to the country’s economy. This study investigates the role of project length on management control and quality in the UK’s construction sector. Also, the research will analyse the connection between project length and quality control, considering the moderating impact of management quality control on a project’s success.

Topic 2: Investigating how the Tourism Industry has taken Green and Sustainable measures- A case study of UK

Research Aim: This study will investigate the various aspects of the UK tourism industry towards making green and sustainable measures for the environmental benefits. It will also look into the consumer’s perspective towards green tourism and its positive and negative impacts on the tourism industry and the tourists. It is also helping you develop a better understanding of the concept of a green environment and its influence on the tourism industry.

Topic 3: Assessing the role of Communication Strategies in Fashion Marketing- a case study of UK

Research Aim: The purpose of this study is to investigate the role of communication strategies in the world of UK fashion marketing. This will also give us an understanding of how new fashion remanufacturing should be communicated to the consumers. Focusing on how information and messages about the brands or products should be labelled to attract the audience.

Topic 4: Building demolition- Analyse the efficacy of destroying and ruining Big city structures and their impact on the traffic.

Research Aim: Many big cities around the world have demolished a vast number of buildings that were functional with new structures. It not only has an economic impact but also results in the loss of urban culture, harms the environment, cause pollution, and also worsen the traffic situation. This study will evaluate the merits of building demotion and will provide economic, technical and environmental input.

Topic 5: Assessing the relationship between Information Protection and Journalism, how does the Data Protection Act of 1998 affect the problem of people in Media Exposure?

Research Aim: This study will examine how the Data protection act of 1998 plays an important role in protecting information. This study will provide vital knowledge by collecting information from the directors’ of a few media associations. Discussions with media members can also help in gaining an understanding of the actual circumstances in which material obtained by journalism should be protected.

Topic 6: An investigation of the blockchain's application on the energy sector leading towards electricity production and e-mobility.

Research Aim: This study aims to investigate the applications of blockchain within the energy sector. This study will identify how blockchain can be used to produce electricity from the comfort of home. Moreover, this study aims to introduce the concept of e-mobility through blockchain, according to which blockchain can be used to share the car ride with the other commuters residing at nearby places. Another objective of this research is to develop a framework that could assess blockchain’s use for the consumers staying within a budget and letting them assess how much money they have been spending so far.

Topic 7: Increasing Bitcoin Privacy and Security- Assessing the Role and Implementation of Confidential Transactions.

Research Aim: A confidential transfer is a technology that allows users to protect their money values from the public using new crypto techniques. The study aims to determine if confidential transactions can provide secret, secure as well as financial privacy. As a result, it is crucial to examine the function of confidential transactions in order to ensure that no digital currency is lost or produced when a transaction occurs without disclosing the precise number of transfers.

Topic 8: An analysis of the novel waste management techniques- A case study of United Kingdom oil and gas sector.

Research Aim: This study analyses the novel waste management techniques and practices in the UK oil and gas sector. It will also identify the challenges facing the oil and gas sector in achieving sustainable management of all the waste from production. This study aims to determine different forms of E and P waste being generated and reduce harmful E and P waste by using technology, focusing on the policies made by the government regarding hazardous waste from the oil and gas industry.

Topic 9: Assessing the parental perceptions and attitude towards the adoption of healthy behaviour patterns to control obesity and overweight concerns in young children.

Research Aim: This study aims to analyse the parent’s perceptions and attitudes in relation to healthy behaviours practises to control obesity and overweight disorders in young children. It will also focus on the obstacles parents or caregivers experience when it comes to obesity control in young children.

Topic 10: What are the Environmental Impacts of Water Waste Treatment of Cement Industry in South Korea?

Research Aim: This study aims to find the environmental impacts of water waste treatment of the cement industry in South Korea. With the help of a comprehensive survey across the cement manufacturing companies in South Korea, this study will first scrutinize the entire waste treatment process in the cement industry in South Korea. Then it will analyze the impact of each step on the environment. And after analyzing find the environmental effects of the water waste treatment of the cement industry in South Korea, this study will recommend modern ways to reduce the adverse effects.

Topic 11: Politics in a Digital Age- Assessing the impact of Social Media on Public Participation and Political Campaigns.

Research Aim: This study aims to find how the public has utilised social media during elections or political campaigns. This study will also focus on the impact of social networking sites on popular participation in the electoral vote and political debate. This research study will also investigate the effects of new technologies and the digital era on media and political party campaigns and media activities during elections.

Topic 12: The influence of price and brand on consumer preference during an economic recession: A case of the clothing market in Greece

Research Aim: The research will aim to examine the impact of prices and brands on consumer buying behaviour during an economic recession in Greece’s clothing market. During an economic crisis, not all types of products suffer the same consequences. During a recession, people are more sensible in their buying decisions, and they frequently continue to choose known product brands that meet their demands. The study will look at the impact of the recession on consumer purchasing preferences, taking into account variations in spending on various apparel brands based on price.

Topic 13: An investigation of the reasons for the Merger's failure outcomes and acquisition of Islamic Banks in gulf countries.

Research Aim: It is also evident from various studies that most Islamic banks in the Gulf countries, which put their efforts into Mergers and acquisitions to other know and well-established banking sectors, encountered some severe failures. Therefore, this study aims to develop an understanding of failure outcomes for the Islamic banks while going towards Merger’s decision and acquisition with other well-known banks in the Gulf countries.

Topic 14: The Role of International Criminal Laws in Reducing Global Genocide

Research Aim: This study aims to find the role of international criminal laws in reducing global genocide. It will be an exploratory study identifying the explicit and implicit effects of international criminal laws on the worldwide genocide. It will analyse different incidents of international genocide and find out how international criminal laws played a positive role to reduce these incidents. Lastly, it will recommend possible changes in the international criminal laws to effectively mitigate global genocide. And it will be done by comparing criminal laws of world-leading powers to reduce genocide.

Topic 15: How do our genes influence our lifestyle and behavior?

Research Aim: Inherited genetic predispositions largely determine individual differences in intellectual ability, personality, and mental health. Behavior also displays indicators of genetic influence; for example, how somebody reacts to stressful circumstances reflects some genetic influence. This research aims to find the impact of genes on a person’s lifestyle and behavior. The study will also examine the ratio of people likely to be affected by genetics.

Topic 16: An assessment of the Influence of Parents' Divorce or Separation on Adolescent Children in terms of long-term psychological impact.

Research Aim: This study aims to investigate the level of traumas experienced by the children of divorced or separated parents. The principal aim of this study is to explore the long-term psychological impacts of parents’ divorce on the life of children regardless of their gender and age in terms of mental wellbeing, academic performance, and self-worth.

Topic 17: Russia-Israel relationship and its impact on Syria and the Middle East.

Research Aim: Russia and Israel share significant aspects of their strategic cultures. Both countries have a siege mentality and are led by a security-first mindset and a predominantly military view of authority. p Russia’s relationship with Israel has grown in importance in the context of Russia’s military operation in Syria. This study aims to examine the relations between Russia and Israel and how they have impacted Syria and the middle east—focusing on different policies, agreements, and military interventions.

Topic 18: Assessing the Role of Social Media in Raising Awareness about Environmental Issues- A case study of Snapchat.

Research Aim: The main aim of this study is to find the role of social media platforms in raising awareness about environmental issues. This study will focus on the social media app Snapchat which is currently very popular among the youth, and millions of people use Snapchat daily and send each other snaps. Furthermore, this study will focus on how this platform plays a vital role in spreading awareness regarding environmental issues.

Topic 19: Is Cybercrime a Threat to Banking Sector in Developing Countries? A Case Study of Banking Sector in Pakistan

Research Aim: This study aims to analyze the impact of cybercrime on the banking sector in developing countries. It will identify the possible threats faced by the banking sector due to increasing cybercrimes. These threats are related to the information security of the banks in developing countries. This research will be using Pakistan as a case study to find the threats posed by cybercrime to fragile banking. And after identifying the threats, the study will try to recommend possible solutions to ensure information security.

Topic 20: Examining Multi-dimension in facial emotion detection.

Research Aim: When it comes to communications, human expressions are extraordinary. Humans can identify it very easily and accurately. Getting the same outcome from a 3D machine is a difficult task. This is because of the present challenges in 3D face data scanning. This study will examine the facial emotion identification in humans using different multi-point for 3D face landmarks.

We Help You Find the Best Dissertation Topics

We can start by sending several dissertation ideas to your email address. Once you have chosen a topic that suits your needs and interests, you can order our dissertation topics and outline service, which will include a brief introduction to the topic, research questions, literature review, methodology, expected results, and conclusion. The dissertation outline will enable you to review the quality of our work before placing an order for our dissertation writing service !

Why You Might Need Dissertation Topic and Proposal Help?

Submission of your dissertation is the crux of your academic life, and it starts by first cracking your dissertation topic. Refrain from plucking out a topic from thin air because that’s not how it works. Before you start your journey into the world of research, you need to do a bit of self-exploration. And by such, we don’t mean meditating over your dissertation ideas in your yoga class or during the soul cycle, if that’s what you would love to do.

It means taking the time to truly understand your academic goals, which may overlap with your professional goals. Maybe you’re thinking about becoming a leading expert/scholar in, let’s say…The Beatles (yes, there is an actual degree program, check out Liverpool Hope University) or professionally pursuing a career in the music industry. Then it would be best if you defined that goal before you jump into your dissertation.

For some students, a dissertation at the Master’s level lays the foundation for their PhD studies. For others, a dissertation may be the only requirement stopping them from achieving a graduate degree to improve their prospects in the job market. Whatever your academic or professional goal may be, it is essential to incorporate it into your dissertation proposal as it lays the foundation for the pursuance of your goals.

We genuinely hope by reading this, the task of making a dissertation topic no longer seems daunting, but instead rewarding. Now before you embark on your Herculean adventures of writing your dissertation always remember – this dissertation is you. It’s an accumulation of everything you studied so far and where your interests lie!

For sparking your creative side in developing an idea, you can always run through our dissertation samples to get an idea of how to go about writing your dissertation. Your topic should be an idea of what you are passionate about learning more about. As an academic researcher, you never stop learning. Therefore, you should always choose a topic that brings out your expertise and strength.

Remember: There is no need to go down the path of trying to impress your supervisor with some topic that is way beyond your comfort zone. You can still be impressed with your original idea that plays to your strengths.

That’s why you need to take the time out for some brainstorming and jotting down ideas that may randomly pop up in your head. If only you can see our writer’s desk, they have ideas written down on post-its, my desk calendar, all over random notebooks; it looks like the work of a madman, but it’s just the brainstorming process in action. And remember, throughout this time, your supervisor and those on your committee are your best friends from now until you make your final defence.

There is no conspiracy of trying to fail you and/or make your life miserable. Be sure to take the time and have a chat with your supervisor about your dissertation ideas. Talk to them about what outcomes you want to see from your research or how you would like to contribute to the academic literature present. Also, read, read, read, and read some more! These thousands of academic journals you have access to will help you in constructing a balanced dissertation topic. Read through what previously has been accomplished in your field of study and some limitations in current research. Also, these academics provide us with suggestions for further research in their body of work.

Dissertation Help

Now for some of you thinking: I’ve already done the deep dive into my inner soul but am still stuck and need dissertation topic help, well then look no further. If you are still struggling with your dissertation ideas ResearchProspect can help you every step of the way.

We’re a band of super nerds who are experts in their fields, from biochemistry to rococo art history and everything in between (and hold PhD degrees!). So if you are unsure about what topic to write about, you can stop Googling ‘how to find dissertation topic’ and start contacting our customer service reps. All you have to do is fill out a simple form online here on our website. We’ll get back to you with quotes within 30 minutes. Once you place the order, our super-nerd writer will start working on your dissertation immediately once you’ve made the necessary payment transactions. And like magic, your dissertation, along with a free plagiarism report, will be in your email address well before your deadline. It would be best to get some colour back in your face knowing that you have unlimited options in developing a first-class dissertation. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s going to come with lots of ups and downs, but in the end, it will have a reward most worth it!

How To Choose The Best Dissertation Topic

It can be a demanding task for many students to choose a suitable topic for their dissertation. These tips will help you choose the best dissertation topic.

  • Start by identifying areas of study that you find interesting and exciting. You should consider the topic you have enjoyed studying and think about how to apply that knowledge to a new research project.
  • Conduct a literature review of your chosen field of study to identify gaps in knowledge or areas that require further research. Try looking for topics that are currently trending and in demand in your field of study.
  • Consult with your advisor to get their opinion on potential research topics. They can suggest areas of study that have not been explored or provide insight into what is currently being researched in your field.
  • Narrow your focus to a specific area of study or research question. A well-defined topic will make your research more manageable and focused.
  • Consider the feasibility of your topic regarding the availability of resources, access to data, and the time frame for completion.
  • Brainstorm a list of potential topics and evaluate each based on feasibility, relevance, and interests.
  • Once you have identified potential topics, test them by conducting preliminary research to determine the data availability and the research project’s feasibility.

Get 3+ Free Dissertation Topics From ResearchProspect

Yes, you heard that right! You will now get 3 free dissertation topics from ResearchProspect when you place an order. Along with a huge database of free ideas for dissertation topics for you to choose from, you can avail of our free custom dissertation topic service and kickstart your research now. Send in your requirements using our simple order form and get free services from the top industry experts.

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100 Best Communication Research Topics For College Students

communication topics

Interesting communication topics are not impossible to find. Communication is the conveyance of meanings through the use of signs and symbols that are mutually understood. Communication can be divided into information theory, communication studies, and biosemiotics. Communication can be verbal, nonverbal, written, business, political, interpersonal, and lots more.

The channels of communication could be visual, auditory, etc., and is unique in that it uses abstract languages extensively. The many innovations in transportation, computing, and telecommunication have necessitated finding means to increase the frequency and ease of communication around the world.

Choose Our Communication Research Topics!

Nowadays, there are many interestingly complex areas that the communication discipline covers. This makes choosing the best communication topics a challenge for students. However, we have prepared 100 communication topics covering many diverse fields of communication. These topics about communication include:

Communication research paper topics Business communication topics for presentation Communication essay topics Communication phenomenon topics Other possible topics for communication research

So, you can explore this list of communication research topics spanning all major communication areas and make your pick! Ready to choose? Let’s roll!

Interpersonal Communication Topics

Every human being communicates one way or the other with other humans. This forms the basis for the field of interpersonal communication. For this, you may need some interpersonal communication research paper topics for your thesis or research. This is why we have made a pick of 10 interpersonal communication research topics for you!

  • The Influence of culture on interpersonal discourse
  • How context impacts the quality of interpersonal dialogue
  • Methods to simulate interpersonal dialogue
  • How effective interpersonal dialogue can promote success both professionally and personally
  • How interaction via computers impacts communication
  • What roles do communication mediums play in interpersonal communication?
  • How to facilitate information exchange and persuasion
  • The concept of dysfunctional interpersonal communication
  • The role and challenges of interpersonal dialogues in mass media campaigns
  • How the concept of competence applies to interpersonal dialogue

Business Communication Topics

To succeed in business, one must be able to communicate effectively! Here are 15 business communication topics for the research paper. You can also take a look at our business ethics topics .

  • How excellent public relations facilitate business success
  • English as the universal language in business communication
  • Effective managerial communication
  • Comparisons between internal and external communication
  • How presentation and oral skills boost business success
  • The impact of public relations on global and local communities
  • How social media use can influence business communication
  • The impact of online interactions on outcomes of business communication
  • How does organizational structure affect business communication
  • How to reach customers via email
  • Best practices for effective business communication
  • Effective business to business (B2B) communication
  • How creative designs can help to communicate business ideas
  • Best practices for email writing in the workplace
  • Creating brand awareness through communication

Intercultural Communication Topics

Sometimes, difficulties arise when people of different cultures try to communicate. Here are five intercultural communication research topics for you!

  • How to facilitate intercultural information exchange
  • How culture affects intercultural communication
  • How to build competence in intercultural dialogue
  • How intercultural students can adapt to American colleges
  • How studying abroad can facilitate better intercultural dialogue competence

Mass Communication Research Topics

The world is a global village connected by the wildfire-like spread of information. Technology continuously spins new ways of reaching and communicating with a large number of people at a time. You may require some research topics in media and communication, and thus we have made this pick. Here are ten excellent mass communication topics for your research.

  • How advertisement influences consumer behavior
  • How social media affects student performance
  • Press freedom: the pro and cons
  • Comparisons of the effect of various mass communication methods on consumer behavior
  • How social media influences the effectiveness of political campaigns
  • Evolving patterns of mass communication over the last three decades
  • How mass communication facilitates rebellious social movements
  • How to effectively communicate ideas to a large audience
  • How Information Communication Technology (ICT) affects modern-day broadcast journalism
  • Social interaction across media

Health Communication Topics

Communication is essential in the field of health, whether it is communication between healthcare providers and patients or caregivers, or among healthcare providers. Here is a list of some excellent health communication research topics.

  • Communication problems between healthcare providers and patients
  • How social media and the spread of health news affect the health of citizens
  • How to effectively pass health-related information to health workers
  • Effective vertical and horizontal health communication techniques among health care providers
  • How to communicate health schemes to the public

Technical Communication Topics

Technical communication is a means of conveying scientific, engineering, law, or other technical information. Only people in these technical fields fully understand what is written and said in technical language. This is why technical communication is vital. Here are ten technical communication topics for you!

  • How cultural expression affects virtual dialogue
  • Virtual Classrooms: Less effective than traditional classroom learning?
  • Virtual reality and interpersonal communication
  • How technology has changed the game in journalism
  • How technical language differs from everyday language in corporate communication
  • How to seek and find information in the Law field
  • How to make technical textbooks more informative and accessible
  • Communicating intellectual property law to the public
  • How to teach technical communication to non-majoring English students
  • How the general public can make sense of technical essays

Organizational Communication Research Topics

Organizational communication refers to communication channels and forms within an organization as well as public-facing communications. Here are 15 great organizational communication research topics for you!

  • How supervisors can communicate better in an organization
  • How to write an effective organizational communique
  • Best organizational communication practices to teach in every organization
  • How to facilitate and enhance better leadership communication in an organization
  • Organizational channels, communication, and systems
  • Removing barriers to effective organizational communication
  • How personality traits and leadership communication styles affect organizational productivity
  • How social media impacts organizational communication
  • How organizational communication can allow for better organizational transition
  • Exploring the types of organizational communication
  • Vital problems in organizational communication
  • How to deal with uncertainties in an organization
  • How to manage communication crises in an organization
  • How organizations can benefit from the press
  • How to effectively change management culture in an organization

Nonverbal Communication Research Topics

Nonverbal communication is a fascinating field of communication. It refers to the use of tone of voice, gestures, facial expressions, posture, body language, eye contact (or lack thereof), and other techniques. Here are ten nonverbal communication topics for you!

  • Nonverbal communication in virtual dialogue environments
  • How nonverbal communication can pass wrong messages
  • How to effectively fine-tune nonverbal communication skills
  • How facial expressions could help close bigger business deals
  • Social media and its effect on nonverbal communication
  • The history and development of nonverbal communication
  • The crucial roles of nonverbal skills in interpersonal communication
  • Comparisons and contrasts between verbal and nonverbal communication
  • How to effectively combine the art of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Nonverbal communication practices in the workplace

Communication Topics for Research

Here are some communication topics for your research. This list also covers communication research topics for college students and communication thesis topics!

  • How the style of a leader’s communication influences employee satisfaction
  • Leadership outcomes and communication styles
  • How gender affects communication effectiveness
  • Communication in relationships versus friendships
  • Going back in time: The history of communication
  • Analyzing the theories of communication
  • New communication technologies over the past decade
  • Why is radio communication still popular?
  • How international journalism grew
  • How communication determines productivity

Communication Topics for Presentation

You may be required to give a business presentation or speech. To captivate your audience, you must choose communication speech topics and business communication presentation topics that are not only easy to grasp but enjoyable to hear. Here’s our pick of 10 communication topics to serve this purpose!

  • Models of communication
  • Types of communication
  • The importance of communication in life and business
  • The dos and don’ts of nonverbal communication
  • How to grow social and personal relationships
  • Is print media still competitive?
  • The media and terrorism
  • The media and virtual reality
  • How effective communication enhances negotiation
  • The media and wrong information

So here we are! One hundred communication topics just for you! Make your pick and get ready to have an A+! Contact our thesis writers for further help!

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dissertation topics in communication

99 Mass Communications Dissertation Topics | Research Ideas

By Liam Dec 2, 2023 in Dissertation , Mass Communications | No Comments

Embarking on a dissertation in Mass Communications can be a daunting yet exhilarating journey, whether you’re an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student. The choice of topics for your Mass Communications dissertation forms the cornerstone of this academic endeavour, setting the stage for a compelling and impactful study. This article aims to guide you through a […]

Mass Communications Dissertation Topics

Embarking on a dissertation in Mass Communications can be a daunting yet exhilarating journey, whether you’re an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student. The choice of topics for your Mass Communications dissertation forms the cornerstone of this academic endeavour, setting the stage for a compelling and impactful study. This article aims to guide you through a myriad of Mass Communications dissertation topics tailored to different degree levels, ensuring your research is not only engaging but also contributes significantly to the field of Mass Communications.

In conclusion, selecting the right topic for your Mass Communications dissertation is a pivotal step in your academic journey, regardless of your study level. The topics presented here offer a diverse range of possibilities for your Mass Communications dissertation, each with the potential to open new avenues in the field. As you move forward with your Mass Communications dissertation, remember that the topic you choose has the power to not only shape your academic path but also contribute meaningfully to the evolving landscape of Mass Communications. Download Mass Communications Dissertation Sample

A list of Mass Communications Dissertation Topics:

Examining the influence of streaming services on traditional television viewership patterns.

Investigating the influence of crowd-sourced news on journalism ethics.

Analyzing the impact of digital storytelling on audience engagement.

A review of the impact of streaming services on traditional television viewership and content creation.

Exploring the effects of online forums on community building.

Investigating the representation of disability in media and its social impact.

Analyzing the role of podcasts in modern journalism.

Assessing the impact of remote work on communication strategies in the media industry post-COVID.

Examining the impact of reality TV on societal values.

Investigating the role of mass media in international diplomacy.

A critical analysis of media ethics and its evolution in the digital age.

Investigating the role of chatbots in customer service communication.

Studying the effects of digital media on sleep patterns and health.

Studying the role of mass communication in disaster response and recovery.

Exploring the use of virtual reality in enhancing news experiences.

Studying the influence of video games on youth behaviour and social skills.

Exploring the impact of mass communications on urban planning and city development trends.

Studying the effects of digital advertising on children’s cognitive development.

Examining the role of media literacy in the digital age.

Analyzing the impact of internet censorship on freedom of expression.

Examining the portrayal of mental health issues in television and film.

Evaluating the ethical challenges of investigative journalism in the era of fake news.

Analyzing the role of media in perpetuating cultural stereotypes.

Understanding the impact of the pandemic on film and television production and its long-term implications.

Studying the role of mass media in shaping cultural identity.

Studying the effects of media multitasking on attention and learning.

Reviewing the role of citizen journalism in shaping public opinion and news reporting.

Examining the role of media in shaping gender norms and stereotypes.

Studying the effect of COVID-19 on the evolution of digital journalism and news consumption patterns.

Studying the representation of ageing populations in media.

Analyzing the impact of social media on public opinion during political elections.

Exploring the role of media in promoting sustainable lifestyles.

Examining the role of media in fostering global citizenship.

Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on news generation and dissemination.

Analyzing the role of mass media in shaping and promoting feminist movements and ideologies.

Evaluating the impact of artificial intelligence on news generation and consumption.

Exploring the role of social media in disseminating COVID-19 information and its effects on public perception.

Studying the effects of user-generated content on media production.

Assessing the role of virtual events and webinars in corporate communication strategies.

A comprehensive review of emerging trends in social media marketing and their implications for mass communication.

Examining the influence of podcasting on traditional radio broadcasting and mass communication.

Studying the effects of digital media on traditional family communication patterns.

Investigating the role of digital media in shaping educational practices.

Analyzing the influence of pandemic reporting on mental health discourse in online media.

Studying the effects of smartphone usage on face-to-face communication.

Analyzing the challenges and opportunities of virtual reality in UK media and entertainment.

Exploring the role of media in promoting arts and culture.

Investigating the role of mass media in public health campaigns.

Investigating the role of mass communication in promoting environmental awareness.

Examining the influence of augmented reality in advertising and marketing.

Investigating the influence of e-books on reading habits and publishing.

Exploring the effects of media violence on aggressive behaviour.

Assessing the role of public relations in managing corporate reputation.

Studying the effect of UK media regulation policies on content creation and distribution.

Evaluating the effectiveness of online advertising strategies by UK-based companies.

Studying the representation of LGBTQ+ communities in media.

Investigating the influence of music streaming on the music industry.

Exploring the representation of minority groups in mainstream media and its social implications.

Exploring the role of influencers in shaping consumer trends.

Analyzing the impact of internet memes on political discourse.

Analyzing the role of censorship in media and its implications on free speech.

Investigating the influence of mass communications on the public perception and understanding of archaeology and historical discoveries.

Examining the impact of social media on the journalism profession.

Analyzing the effects of body image portrayal in the media on self-esteem.

Assessing the impact of the digital divide on access to information.

Exploring the impact of social networks on the spread of misinformation.

Understanding the influence of British tabloids on public opinion and celebrity culture.

Investigating the evolution of public relations in the context of digital transformation.

Assessing the effectiveness of online advertising in different cultural contexts.

Understanding the impact of celebrity endorsements in advertising on youth culture.

Investigating the role of mass media in shaping consumer behaviour in the digital age.

Examining the influence of YouTube on traditional educational methods.

Examining the representation of minority groups in the UK media and its social implications.

Analyzing the shift in public relations strategies in response to the global health crisis.

Analyzing the impact of mobile journalism on news reporting.

Assessing the role of social media in shaping youth culture and trends in the UK.

Exploring the impact of telecommuting on organizational communication.

Assessing the effectiveness of crisis communication strategies in natural disasters.

Evaluating the impact of political satire on public perception of politicians.

Analyzing the trends and challenges in global advertising in the age of digital media.

Investigating the role of media in international conflict resolution.

Investigating the influence of film and television on public perception of history.

Investigating the influence of Brexit on media reporting and public opinion in the UK.

Analyzing the role of media in shaping political ideologies.

Investigating the impact of viral marketing on brand popularity.

Exploring the effects of digital detox on mental health and well-being.

Exploring the role of mass communication in combating misinformation and fake news during the pandemic.

Analyzing the role of British media in shaping political discourse during recent elections.

Examining how COVID-19 has changed the landscape of political communication and media coverage.

Evaluating changes in advertising strategies in the digital media landscape during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analyzing the impact of language barriers in global media communication.

Analyzing the impact of social media on travel and tourism.

Examining the impact of data privacy concerns on online behaviour.

Examining the role of social media in grassroots political movements.

Reviewing the effectiveness of crisis communication strategies in multinational corporations.

Analyzing the evolution of news reporting in the age of the internet.

Investigating the role of mass communication in promoting public health measures during the COVID-19 crisis.

Exploring the representation of science and technology in media.

There you go. Use the list of Mass Communications dissertation topics well and let us know if you have any comments or suggestions for topics-related blog posts for the future or want help with dissertation writing; send us an email at [email protected] .

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272 Media Dissertation Topics For Excellent Scores

media dissertation topics

If you are reading this blog post, it means you are looking for the absolute best media dissertation topics. We know, starting the dissertation can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know what to write about. To help you out, our experienced writers and editors chimed in and suggested a long list of potential topics. After choosing the best of them, we are proud to present you our ultimate list of 272 media dissertation topics.

We know you are probably reluctant to give our topics a try. After all, there are many websites that promise to give you original topics (yet very few can be trusted). Truth be told, our company has been founded with a simple goal: to help the student get the best possible grades. We are all about helping you succeed. You can find thousands of topics on a wide array of subjects on our blog, as well as in-depth guides and even essay examples. Of course, you can also get help with your academic paper from our team of US and UK writers. With more than 10 years of industry experience, we are your best choice if you need any kind of academic help.

Why Choose Our Media Dissertation Topics?

But why would you want to use any of our media dissertation topics? You can probably find some other topics elsewhere on the Internet. While this is true, there are at least 4 major reasons to pick one of our topics:

Our list of topics is 100% free to use. You can pick any of these ideas and use it (you can even reword our topics). You don’t need to give us any credit. This list of 272 media topics is periodically updated. This means that you can expect to find a unique idea that nobody in your class has thought of. We offer students much more than some social media dissertation ideas. Our list includes mental health issues, cultural studies, communication, social media marketing, and a lot of other fields. Our topics make writing a dissertation easier. We’ve selected topics that have plenty of resources and information about them on the Internet. Doing the research should be a piece of cake.

We know you’re anxious to get to the fun part. Keep in mind that writing a dissertation takes months of work. In other words, pick the topic as soon as possible and start working on your project ASAP. In case you need help with certain parts of your thesis, our PhD experts are here for you. Now, let’s present you the 272 media dissertation topics we’ve promised, organized into 24 major sections:

Social Media Dissertation Topics

Of course, you are probably interested in writing about social media. After all, it’s here to stay. So, why not pick one of our interesting social media dissertation topics:

  • In-depth history of social media
  • An analysis of viral content
  • What are social media bots?
  • Discuss new social media technology
  • A qualitative comparison of social media services
  • Social media and politics
  • Social media and school admissions
  • Social media court cases
  • Analyze social media impact on businesses in the US
  • Stereotyping on social media
  • Discuss political polarization on social media
  • Ownership of content issues
  • Decentralization of social media services
  • Effects on collective memory
  • Data harvesting on social media

Best Social Media Dissertation Ideas

Didn’t find what you were looking for in the list above? No problem, we also have an entire list of the best social media dissertation ideas right here:

  • Emotional effects of social media
  • Analyze sleep disturbance
  • Interpersonal interaction on social media
  • Social media as a news source
  • Is social media trustworthy?
  • Social media and extremist groups
  • Social media censorship
  • Privacy best practices
  • Discuss social media deplatforming
  • Social media activism
  • Effects of social media on the environment
  • Global warming and social media
  • Comments and their effects on our perception
  • Brands using social media
  • PR campaigns on social media

Social Media Marketing Dissertation

If you are more interested in writing about something related to marketing, our ENL writers have put together a list of awesome social media marketing dissertation ideas:

  • Campaigns for local businesses
  • Best Twitter tactics
  • Best Facebook tactics
  • Best LinkedIn tactics
  • Best WhatsApp tactics
  • Best Yelp tactics
  • Best Instagram tactics
  • Best Snapchat tactics
  • Best YouTube tactics
  • Best Tumblr tactics
  • Discuss influencer marketing
  • Ethics of social media marketing
  • Most successful campaigns
  • In-depth analysis of ROI data
  • Compare 3 marketing techniques
  • Compare various ad formats
  • Passive approach vs. active approach
  • Modern SMM algorithms

Freedom of Expression Ideas

Freedom of expression is an integral part of media in the United States and the United Kingdom. Check out our list of free freedom of expression ideas:

  • Freedom of expression in India’s Constitution
  • Security of the state and freedom of expression
  • Contempt of court cases
  • Defamation cases in India
  • Core political speech in the United States
  • True Threats in freedom of speech
  • Freedom of speech censorship in the UK
  • Freedom of expression censorship in China
  • Speech restrictions in Europe
  • Obscenity and freedom of expression
  • Military secrets and freedom of expression
  • Nuclear data in freedom of speech
  • Internet speech and its censorship

Complex Media Dissertation Ideas

If you want to impress your professor, you can choose a relatively difficult topic (it also means more work, remember). Here are some complex media dissertation ideas for you:

  • The role of mass media during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Media houses: can they be trusted?
  • Media people safety in war zones
  • Media and its effects on violence
  • Al-Jazeera promoting extremism
  • Terrorism in the media in Iraq
  • Individual privacy affected by media
  • Protecting information sources in the media
  • States censoring media outlets
  • In-depth analysis of China’s media censorship

Topics About Cinema

Would you like to research something related to cinema? It is, after all, a part of media. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of original topics about cinema:

  • Censorship in China cinemas
  • An in-depth look at cinema media in 2023
  • Censorship in North Korean cinemas
  • Censorship in United States cinemas during WWII
  • Using mass media in cinemas
  • Censoring films: the reasons behind the decision
  • Ways to censor cinema movies in 2023

Dissertation Topics in Media and Communication

Here are the best dissertation topics in media and communication that our experts came up with (you can use any of them for free, of course):

  • Licensing regulations in the United States
  • Self-regulation of media outlets in the UK
  • Social impact of media communication
  • Social media and privacy issues
  • Means of communication in electronic media
  • Media and communication in the private sector
  • Media and communication in the public sector
  • Media and communication in the military sector
  • Internet regulation of media in China
  • Self-regulation in Eastern Europe
  • News literacy in media communication
  • Social impact of poor communication in the media
  • Communication psychology: an in-depth look

Media Dissertation Titles

Perhaps you are just looking for some interesting media dissertation titles to get you started. Check out these titles and pick the one you like:

  • An individual’s right to free press
  • An in-depth look at Iran’s censorship program
  • The moral right to present the truth
  • Censorship and its effects on creative works in China
  • Regulating cyberviolence in Europe
  • Intellectual property issues in the media
  • X-Factor: a case study
  • Protecting our children from inappropriate content
  • Cross-cultural media: a means of advancing tolerance
  • Mass media eliminating stereotypes
  • The cultural shift caused by new media in the US
  • Copyright laws and their effects on mass media

Social Media and Mental Health Dissertation Topics

Yes, it has been proven that social media can affect mental health. So, why not choose one of our excellent social media and mental health dissertation topics:

  • Social media negative mental health effects
  • New media and its effects on youth
  • Twitter: Trending Topics
  • Delayed sleep caused by social media
  • Depression caused by social media
  • Alternatives to social media in 2023
  • Social media and poor academic results
  • Social media causing memory loss
  • An analysis of negative consequences of social media
  • Mood and anxiety disorders
  • Real life vs social media
  • Social media friends are not really friends

Digital Media Dissertation Topics

Are you interested in digital media? Who can blame you! Here are some exceptional (and 100% original) digital media dissertation topics that you can use right now:

  • Definition digital media
  • The rise of digital media over the last decade
  • Discuss the digital revolution
  • Copyright issues in digital media
  • Internet-based news outlets
  • Major disruptions caused by digital media
  • Analyze digital multimedia
  • The work of engineer Vannevar Bush
  • The importance of a digital edition
  • Content creation in digital media
  • Restricting access to digital media
  • Censorship of digital media in China
  • North Korea digital media analyzed
  • An in-depth look at a digital media service

Dissertation Topics on New Media

Your professor will surely be more than interested in learning something new and exciting about new media. Pick one of our dissertation topics on new media right now:

  • Discuss new media in the music field
  • Youth and new media
  • Discuss globalization in relation to new media
  • Is new media bringing social change to the US?
  • Discuss political use of new media
  • Ethical problems with new media
  • New media and national security
  • Wikipedia: a good example of new media
  • Compare cyberculture to new media
  • New Media and virtual communities
  • New media and radical movements
  • New media and extremism

Topics About Films

You can, of course, write about movies. They are a part of media, after all. To help students out, we have compiled a list of the best topics about films:

  • Femininity in films
  • The effects of film media on US youth
  • Negative effects of film media on UK teens
  • Films: creating an illusion
  • Film media in North Korea
  • Violence in film media
  • Use of film media during wartime
  • Introducing revolutionary ideas through film media
  • Film media and politics
  • The change in perception over the last 10 years
  • Compare and contrast 2 films
  • Film media and censorship in China
  • Analyze film media in Iran

Media and Cultural Studies Dissertation Ideas

You are encouraged to write about cultural studies as they relate to media. In fact, you can simply choose one of our media and cultural studies dissertation ideas:

  • Structure of cultural studies
  • Sociology in media
  • Discuss the globalization of media
  • Discuss cultural forms created by media
  • Benefits of a Media and Cultural Studies course
  • Mass media’s effects on our culture
  • Media promoting cultural diversity

Censorship and Media Ideas

Nowadays, censorship is affecting not only the media, but our rights as well. Here are some exceptional censorship and media ideas for you to choose from:

  • Censorship of media in China
  • Censorship of media in North Korea
  • Media censorship in Iran
  • Restricting freedom of speech in the United States
  • Internet media censorship
  • In-depth analysis of censorship in Eastern European countries
  • Censorship in films
  • Protecting children from inappropriate news
  • Censorship in electronic communications
  • Government-regulated censorship programs in the UK
  • Freedom versus responsibility in the media
  • China’s censorship of Hong Kong news outlets

Radio and TV Ideas

Radio and TV are two of the most important parts of media. So, why don’t you take a look at our best radio and TV ideas:

  • Is radio still relevant today?
  • Radio jamming technology
  • TV media analyzed
  • Using radio for space communication
  • TV and radio: building blocks of mass media
  • Different forms of media on TV
  • Different forms of media on the radio
  • TV media censorship
  • Regulations of radio media in the US
  • The International Telecommunications Union
  • Audio broadcasting vs. video broadcasting
  • Radio station licensing regulations
  • Fake news on TV news programs

Sociology Media Dissertation Topics

Interested in sociology? No problem! Our experienced writers managed to create a unique list of sociology media dissertation topics. Pick the one you like today:

  • An in-depth look at sociology in the media
  • Sociology effects on mass media
  • How does social media relate to sociology?
  • Media sociology and its functions
  • Sociological theory and media practice
  • Negative effects of the use of sociology in the media
  • Most notable sociological concepts in mass media

Social Media and Consumer Behavior Dissertation

Did you know that social media has been shown to affect consumer behavior? Check out these social media and consumer behavior dissertation ideas:

  • Social media effects on consumer behavior
  • Negative effects on consumer behavior
  • Social media increases spending
  • Social media and its effects on the buying decision
  • Successful social media campaigns
  • Social media for brand awareness
  • The wrong approach to social media marketing
  • Influencer marketing on social media
  • Is social media indispensable for consumers?
  • Digital marketing on social media
  • Decision making in consumer behavior
  • Facebook vs. Twitter: consumer behavior
  • Instagram vs. Pinterest: consumer behavior

Media Studies Dissertation Ideas

If you want to discuss media studies, we have some interesting ideas for you. Choose one of these media studies dissertation ideas and reword it as you see fit:

  • What are media studies?
  • The history of the media studies discipline
  • Cultural studies
  • How much can you earn with a media studies degree?
  • Philosophy in media studies
  • Social theory in media studies
  • Political economy in media studies
  • Main parts of a Media Studies course
  • Anthropology in media studies
  • Studying mass media as part of media studies
  • Is media studies a good degree?

Media Effects on Children

This is a very interesting topic for a dissertation. Discussing media effects on children can make your dissertation stand out from the rest. Here are some examples:

  • Social media effects on children
  • Mass media effects on youth in the United States
  • Digital media effects on children in the UK
  • Cyberviolence caused by mass media
  • Sleep problems caused by social media
  • Social media and its link to depression
  • What does “constantly connected” mean?
  • Fake news and their negative effects
  • Violence in the news
  • Protecting children from negative media effects
  • New media in the US
  • Unregulated digital media dangers

Journalism and Privacy Ideas

Discussing journalism and privacy issues will surely make your dissertation stand out. Here are our best and most interesting journalism and privacy ideas:

  • Privacy issues in digital media
  • Copyright problems in mass media
  • Journalism and the right to privacy
  • Negative effects of journalism on individual privacy
  • Privacy laws in the United States
  • Privacy laws in the United Kingdom
  • The right to privacy in journalism
  • When can a journalist invade your privacy?
  • The 5 rules of journalism
  • Reporting on personal lives
  • The debate over privacy and journalism
  • Keeping journalists’ privacy safe
  • Information source privacy laws
  • An in-depth look at privacy of journalists in war zones

Topics About Newspapers

Newspapers are not dead. In fact, many of them are thriving. Here are some of the best topics about newspapers that you can use for your dissertation:

  • Are newspapers still relevant in 2023?
  • Newspaper censorship in the US
  • Newspaper censorship in China
  • Newspapers versus digital media outlets
  • Digital versions of newspapers
  • Fake news in newspapers in the United Kingdom
  • Promoting extremist theories in newspapers in Iran

Interesting Social Media Trending Topics

New and exciting things are happening every day on social media. Why not write about them? Check out these interesting social media trending topics and pick the one you like:

  • Discuss the rise of ephemeral content in social media
  • Social media versus social commerce in the United States
  • The rise of video content on social media platforms
  • Live streaming quickly becoming the new norm
  • Virtual reality will become the new standard in social media
  • Stories are the new content format on social media
  • The latest social media trend: augmented reality
  • Inclusivity and how brands are using social media to achieve it
  • Authenticity of brands on social media
  • Chatbots and their importance for social media in 2023

Media and Culture Topics

Studies have shown that media and culture are dependent on one another. This is why you should definitely pick one of our awesome media and culture topics:

  • The importance of a Media and Cultural studies degree
  • How mass media is influencing our culture
  • An in-depth look at popular culture in the media
  • Media culture in the United States versus the UK

Easy Dissertation on Social Media Topics

We’ve left the best for last. If you don’t want to spend too much time working on your dissertation, you should choose one of these easy dissertation on social media topics:

  • Discuss the impact of online news outlets on the public in the United States
  • Social media and the way it promoted tolerance and diversity
  • Cultural benefits of social media in African countries
  • How social media is improving communication among teens in the UK
  • Most notable social media censorship cases
  • Is social media really helping us make new friends?
  • Most important trends in social media in 2023
  • Governments accessing the personal information of individuals on social media
  • Social media: the good, the bad, the ugly

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Media Dissertation Topics

The aim of writing a dissertation or thesis is to create an original piece of research work on a clearly defined topic. However, writing a dissertation can be very difficult, especially if the student fails to have a concise research topic. Therefore, the first step to writing a successful dissertation is to identify the area that the student wants to research and then, after a little study of this area, form a clearly-defined topic. A concise research question is very important as it ensures that the dissertation is focused and flowing, and enables students to demonstrate how their research area is relevant. It is also important that the student chooses media dissertation topics that are of interest and bring new insight into the topic. However, the media dissertation topic should have enough literature for the student to form their unique argument, because a dissertation is not a PhD, and does not aim to change the field of research; rather, dissertations are focused on providing a different and unique viewpoint on the existing research and literature. The following article looks at a variety of different and relevant dissertation topics on media, including journalism, mass communication and music, and then identifies several good media dissertation topics and research questions to help the student to identify an area of interest, as well as how to form a good research question. Selecting media dissertation topics can be a challenging task, and therefore this article suggests a wide range of topics within the subject areas of freedom of expression, censorship, culture, communication, government monitoring and social networks.

Journalism and Privacy Dissertation Topics

Journalism and freedom of expression dissertation topics, the artist, censorship and media dissertation topics, cultures in media dissertation topics, music, culture, the artist and intellectual property, communication in the digital age dissertation topics, communication and government monitoring dissertation topics, communication and social networks dissertation topics.

Journalism and privacy have become very hot media-related dissertation topics, especially in the growing world of celebrities and in the developing era of everyone keeping up-to-date about happenings in the world. However, journalism has also brought the concern of privacy to the forefront, as questions are raised about privacy versus transparent journalism. Certain media dissertation topics consider how far a journalist can venture into an individual’s private life without breaching the individual’s fundamental right to privacy (Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights), and consider whether there are some different criteria applied for private individuals or popular celebrities. Some topics within journalism and privacy that you could cover within your media dissertation include:

  • Although English law does not provide a specific law for privacy, does the common law system provide adequate protection of an individual’s private life from journalists?
  • The European Convention of Human Rights has introduced the concept of proportionality; does the United Kingdom’s legal regulations and precedent adopt proportionality towards privacy of individuals and journalists?
  • The case of Princess Diana has called into question the ethics of journalism and their invasion into the private life of the public. Should there be stricter regulations?
  • The European Law of Human Rights has called for a specific law of privacy to protect individuals from journalists: Does the UK need to adopt this approach?
  • A case law approach to Journalism and show-business: Do celebrities, by nature of their career, have a reduced right to privacy?
  • The economics of journalism are very important. If there is a stricter approach to protecting the private life of the public, will journalists still be able to engage and maintain their readership?
  • The legal case of Naomi Campbell in the UK has highlighted the issue of celebrities being afforded full privacy rights like other citizens. How can the right balance be achieved by journalists?
  • Judges in the UK and the USA have argued that celebrities who court the media, by their personal actions and economic gains, should not use privacy laws when and as they wish. Discuss.
  • Across Europe there are varying approaches by the courts to protecting privacy. With the European Court of Human Rights and the EU do we need one consistent approach?
  • The case of Yahoo v Licra has brought into question the very strict protection of privacy in France. Does the French approach comply with the European Convention of Human rights under the principles of margin of appreciation?
  • Data Protection and Journalism. How does the Data Protection Act 1998 influence the issue of peoples’ privacy in journalism?
  • The UK currently has a privacy statute set out in the Human Rights Act 1998. However, does journalism operate in the public’s interest?
  • Considering privacy in journalism, two major conducts are considered offensive – publication of private facts and intrusion. How can these conducts be regulated?

Journalism and the press offer a platform for various voices to be heard. However, the flipside of protecting the privacy of individuals is the important role of the media as the public watchdog. Indeed, at the international, regional and national level, journalists serve as the public’s watchdog, activist and custodian. These roles are protected by the fundamental human right of freedom of expression. This area discusses the extent to which courts can extend their protection over journalists, and how journalists can avoid court cases. Specific topics for your media dissertation could include:

  • Reynolds v Time Newspapers is the key case for recognising the role of press as the public’s watchdog. What are the implications of this case on the courts’ approach to journalists?
  • Sources are essential to journalists. Should the freedom of expression laws be used to protect these sources from cases that can result in breach of confidence?
  • The First Amendment of the United States Constitution has a tenet that supports a very balanced approach to freedom of expression and journalism. Should the UK adopt their approach?
  • Are there any justifications for the journalist’s right of freedom of expression to be breached in the interests of a democratic society?
  • Some argue that freedom of expression and the free press is the cornerstone of a democratic society. A comparison of citizens’ attitudes to a free press in the UK and US.
  • Journalism relies on the right of freedom of expression; however, should this give journalists the license to destroy the lives of individuals? A discussion of the balance between journalism and responsible reporting.
  • The “name and shame” approaches adopted by many newspapers have been questioned as unethical, Is this so, or does this strategy confirm their status as the public’s watchdog?
  • Watchdog is a very important consumer protection programme. Is this an example of responsible journalism?
  • Breach of confidence is a major factor that contradicts Data Protection laws and regulations; how far can the journalist’s right to freedom of expression be used as a defence of such a breach?
  • Is there a different level of freedom of expression for tabloids and broadsheets? The News of the World versus The Times.
  • UK citizens have a negative right to freedom of expression under the common law. How does this impact the country’s journalism?
  • The Sunday Times vs UK case highlights how courts infringe on journalists’ freedom of expression. How can courts extend their protection over journalists?
  • Freedom of expression is protected under Article 10 of the Human Rights Convention. Can journalists leverage on this legislation?

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public messages, and other similar information, that can be provided by journalists, based on the assumption that such material can be offensive, detrimental, delicate, politically incorrect or problematic as determined by government establishments or by public consensus. Therefore, censorship can be referred to as the government’s approach to controlling the media for the good of the society. The question is how far can the government go to protect society and is it really justified or merely a form of citizen control? There are two forms of censorship; the first is direct censorship, which is the banning of certain mediums and topics, while the second form is propaganda censorship, where the media and artists feed the government viewpoint. This is a controversial area, which offers various unique media dissertation topics, including:

  • Direct censorship is a direct breach of an individual’s human right to a free press. Discuss in relation to UNDHR
  • Journalists have a moral right to provide a balanced approach to the news; however, it is argued that the media is highly politicised. The case study of Fox News in the US.
  • Iran currently has a strict censorship programme in relation to its media. Does this approach protect the integrity of the country or is it a form of state control?
  • Were the dossiers released by the UK and US government prior to the Iraq war an example of the state using the media for propaganda?
  • A review of the differing viewpoints about banning pornography within an independent or democratic society: Is this a form of censorship??
  • The Spycatcher Case illustrates that the English courts will allow censorship if there is a threat to national security; however, should there be a limitation to the extent of legitimate whistleblowing, and when does whistleblowing constitute a crime?
  • Art has been an object of censorship over the years to protect the morals of the community. Some would argue that certain artistries, such as the BODYWORX art show, is immoral, but has not been censored. How does this compare to the display of foetuses and other controversial artistries?
  • Censorship, through propaganda, appears to be more subversive in a democratic society because it is hidden behind supposed legitimate laws. Case Study: The war on terror.
  • Political correctness is the new form of censorship in a democracy. Has the liberal view on tolerance caused a breach of the rights that they aim to protect?
  • The recent cases on the right of an individual to wear religious symbols have brought into question whether the UK is now censoring the right of religious association. Can this and other similar cases be classed as examples of censorship?
  • Censorship of controversial topics (violence, scandals, etc.) – Is there a balance between censorship and the ability to portray the true version of events?
  • A review of strict censorship regulations: Does censorship form a barrier to wide-ranging dissemination of creative works in the Arab world?
  • Implicit theories of censorship: Has the United States and U.K. Government institutions implemented censorship regulations that have created adverse conditions whereby journalists have to carry out personal-censorship to avoid prosecution?

Media, as a means of communication, has the potential to stretch and strengthen the human capacity for the transmission and exchange of information. The cultural value of media is dependent on those who control the mechanisms of media. For example, mass media, such as television, can produce significant cultural effects. Concerns about threats to media democracy have generated an exciting area for comparative research. Here are some media dissertation topics and case studies that you could research for your media dissertation:

  • What is the role of cybernationalism in China?
  • Facebook and Fears – A consideration of the ways in which social media networks have been implicated in digital terrorism.
  • Celebritisation and class conflict – A critical analysis of British ‘structured reality’ programming and its impact on class identity.
  • What is cyberviolence and how can it be regulated?
  • Following terror attacks in France, social media has been used to disseminate information in emergency situations. What are public expectations in relation to media messages and crisis management?
  • How does individualism-collectivism influence media use? A cross-cultural comparison between the USA and China.
  • Can the media be used to breach cultural divides and erase stereotypical images? An argument for responsible journalism.
  • Is the growth of media and film making, outside of Hollywood, important to ensure that all cultures are represented? The case of Bollywood.
  • In the UK do the British media fail the North/South cultural divide? A comparison of BBC news broadcasting.
  • Technological developments have influenced contemporary journalism and news culture. What is the fate of the modern newsroom?
  • Considering the ‘multicultural question’, discuss the extent to which the Hall/Morely model of audience reception remains relevant.
  • Examine postmodern views of media representation of significant cultural events.
  • Identify key debates about how media influences questions of sexual difference and the performativity of gender.

Intellectual property is a key feature of a new idea that an artist puts into practice. In the past, copyright, patents and trademarks have limited the ability to reproduce the work of the artist. However, in the current age of advanced technology, there are less effective regulations and restrictions governing whether individuals can download pirated music and films. Debate about control, ownership, and the values of the artist lead to the question of whether using the work of an artist is, in fact, stealing. This is becoming a more prominent issue within an increasingly globalised and digitised media industry, and the subject would make for interesting media dissertation topics.

  • The Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is the most important intellectual agreement of the 20th century. Discuss.
  • There are legitimate situations in the name of education where breaching an artist’s intellectual property rights is permitted. Discuss.
  • Intellectual property law fails minority cultural groups, their tribal music and art because it fails to understand communitarian ownership and prioritises the individual. Discuss.
  • Copyright law is far more interested in the owner of the copyright, such as record labels, than the artists. Discuss.
  • Using The X-Factor as a case study, present reasons why economics, rather than musical style, shapes the role of the music industry in popular culture.
  • It is argued that in the UK there is no real choice in music, because there is a monopoly on record labels in the market. A comparison of the UK and Canada’s music markets.
  • Music throughout the centuries has been linked to culture. However, in the UK there seems to be a distinct lack of cultural mainstream music. Does there need to be a promotion of British music culture?
  • Do the beliefs and attitudes of consumers in the music market need to change to stop music pirating?
  • Artists are changing the music market by allowing consumers to choose their price for music purchases. How will this change the face of the music market?
  • The Americanisation of the music industry is destroying traditional musical forms. Debate whether cultural imperialism is evident in the context of music censorship in Iran.
  • At the turn of the century, 80% of global publishing and recording revenues are appropriated by only five companies: EMI (UK), Bertelsmann (Germany), Warner (US), Sony (Japan) and Universal (Canada). Debate whether this monopolisation will continue.
  • Evaluate the role of cultural intermediaries (Bourdieu, 1984) in relation to the active role that personnel in the music industry undertake in relation to the production of particular styles of music.
  • The greater control that technology affords has led to more complex patterns of everyday music usage. Discuss.

Communication in the digital age has caused fears that individual privacy will be breached. For instance, different digital technologies have different conceptualisations of privacy. As with any broad social change, as well as fear come new forms of knowledge. The digital age has provided improved access to learning and education. Further to this, advances in communication technologies have supported activism and furthered freedom of expression. Here are some media dissertation topics within this area that you could research on.

  • The Data Protection Act (DPA) is soon to be replaced by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Evaluate this change in data protection regulation.
  • France, Germany and the UK have different approaches to Data Protection. Are any sufficient to deal with digital communications?
  • Identity fraud and hacking behaviour has grown with the evolution of digital communications. Evaluate research into cybercrime perpetration by adolescents and young adults.
  • Education has been improved in the digital age with faster communication and exchanging of ideas. Has this made traditional teaching methods less important?
  • In light of the influence of micro-blogging on political campaigning, discuss the effectiveness of e-campaigning on Twitter as a more participatory process.
  • Higher education in the digital era – discuss the impact of online forums on distance learning.
  • Digital inequality may compound the existing rural-urban disparity in developing countries. Discuss.
  • How has the use of the Internet in local economies kick-started sustainable development? A comparison of rural South Africa and rural India.
  • Digital communication has been an important tool for human rights campaigners. A case study of Amnesty International’s email petitions.
  • In the past, governments have tried to censor information as a form of control. With the emergence of projects such as WikiLeaks, examine whether the Internet has brought about democratic change.
  • Does use of the internet stimulate political unrest in the Middle East?
  • Virtual Communities of Practice (VCoP) is a useful analytic frame for examining the professional identity and status of media workers. Discuss.
  • The individual has the power to design their own information environment. Evaluate Harper’s (1997) notion of the ‘Daily Me’.
  • Large corporations and governments have developed new methods with which to analyse social media data. Discuss the implications that dominant uses of data mining and analytics may have for the public.

The growth of mass communication and the technology to enable this communication has brought many benefits. Technological advancement provides the individual with information at the touch of a button, as well as allowing them to participate in politics. The advancements have also provided cheaper and easier formats for communication. However, there are some significant problems, enabling governments to access individual’s private communications with greater ease. Thus, privacy of the individual is threatened. This includes ISP addresses asking for personal information on access and Internet providers allowing government access. Does this mean that although mass communication has benefits it also has significant problems? An important issue to many would mean any of the following topics could create a useful and well-read media dissertation.

  • Is it ethical for Internet providers to allow government agencies to access private, individual, personal communications in the interests of justice?
  • How does the UK government justify using mass communication interceptors, such as ISP address recording, to access private individual’s personal information?
  • What are the implications of governments using the private individual’s access of mass communication as reason to investigate their personal communications?
  • How are the boundaries blurring between mass and personal communication with the advent of blogs and social networking sites?
  • Privacy is a key factor to limit journalists accessing personal information. How can the government justify breaching the same rights of an individual’s personal information?
  • What is the nature of the participatory culture of politics and how has social media encouraged this to individuals and government?
  • In enabling governments to access the private information of the individual, what implications has this for society and freedoms for the individual?
  • Communication is key to the democratic process; how can individuals be assured of their rights and freedoms?

Digital communications are constantly changing and moving the goal posts at a rapid speed. Social networks, such as Facebook, are changing the way that many people use the Internet and are changing the face of the distinction of private and mass communication. Information is readily available, allowing the individual to participate in a virtual world. Communication is being enabled through the various platforms and mediums available to the user, such as blogs etc. The socialising processes are being updated in link with how social media is operated by connecting individuals. Social media also has its critics who accuse it of damaging personal communication and dumbing down the latest generations. It has also become the site of cyber bullying which on the internet cannot be fully governed. If the area of communication and social networks interests you, you could write about any of the following topics for your media dissertation.

  • Social networks are the new form of mass communication, where blogs and ideas are exchanged; however, as technological processes are dynamic this is not the final product of social media. Discuss
  • What are the effects of social networking sites on the economics of mass communication?
  • Can social networking sites be used as a form of mass communication to trigger sustainable development and trading outside the ambits of corporations, such as eBay.
  • Do social networks play an important role in mass communication, advertising and the economic growth of trading over the Internet?
  • Are social networks more persuasive than traditional forms of communication, especially in regards to changing attitudes of individuals towards key debates?
  • Can we use social networks and blogs as a platform of mass communication to change attitudes to consumers and companies? Social networks and consumer boycotting.
  • Social media has been described as the digitalisation of word of mouth; how effective has this format been for marketing business?
  • Cyber bullying has become a greater problem using social media. How can this be regulated?
  • How true is it that social media can have an adverse effect on social interaction and the dumbing down of the English language?

Copyright © Ivory Research Co Ltd. All rights reserved. All forms of copying, distribution or reproduction are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the Full Extent of Law.

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20 interesting dissertation topics in journalism and mass communication.

If you are studying media studies, journalism, or even English then you may be required to write a dissertation that is in some way related to journalism and/or mass communication. It is a very interesting topic to study, and has evolved considerably over the past few centuries.

In fact, the way in which mass communication exists in the present day is very different to how was just a few decades ago.

Ultimately, prior to inventions such as the printing press, mass communication didn’t really exist in the same way. In order to announce news to big groups of people, the only options were either very time-consuming or could only reach relatively small groups of people. These days though, particularly with social media, large numbers of people can be informed about events almost the moment that they happen.

With such a wide ranging subject to write about, you have a wide choice of different topics to base your dissertation on. Some of the ideas that you may wish to consider at been listed below.

  • A comparison of social media and traditional media in terms of how people find out about the news
  • How powerful are mass media companies?
  • What role does journalism have in forming and toppling governments?
  • A history of mass communication in the 20th century
  • How does North Korea control mass communication?
  • Should governments interfere in journalism?
  • What regulations should journalists follow?
  • Do newspapers do enough to ensure that journalists abide by ethical codes?
  • How has technology changed the way in which mass communication reaches the public?
  • Is the Internet more important in terms of mass communication than the invention of the printing press?
  • What is the future of newspapers?
  • Will journalism become a largely freelance industry in the near future?
  • Should journalists be able to hide behind confidentiality agreements?
  • How reliable are newspapers as a source of information?
  • How do governments use mass communication to manipulate the public?
  • How important is social media as a tool for mass communication in oppressed societies?
  • How dangerous is misinformation provided by media companies?
  • Is the nightly news relevant?
  • How has rolling news coverage affected the quality of journalism?
  • How important is it to have a degree in journalism for those who want to build a career in newspaper industry?

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Essay Assignment Writing Tips for Students of MBA, Masters, PhD Level

Choosing a PhD Dissertation Topic in Journalism and Mass Communication

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Are you a student who studies journalism, media, & mass communication and looking to make a carrier in the media field? Is it mandatory for you to choose a dissertation or thesis work related to mass media, journalism, etc.? And are you confused on which Dissertation / Thesis to be chosen? Here in this section, we will take a look at journalism and Mass Communication, so according to your interest, you shall select your Dissertation in PhD with the help of CaseStudyHelp.Com.

PhD Dissertation Topic in Journalism and Mass Communication

What is Journalism and Mass Communication?

A project or task to get and spread information with the help of recent evolution in TV, filming, advertising, social media (public relations), theatre, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc., is considered Journalism. And so, Journalism Ethics is considered as an extensive field to study or work on, and that becomes the major reason to have access to a limited list while doing research or project while studying during UG and masters. The study that covers information spreading to huge spectators using several methods to communicate is Mass Communication. Journalism and mass communication has countless options and is huge. And so, it is advised for students to choose a simple subject rather than choosing a wide topic to avoid confusion.

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However, when considering a dissertation topic, narrow it down to a specific question. Such a process makes you focused, easier, and flexible while doing the research, thesis, or Dissertation. Also, it would help if you assured that the PhD Dissertation   Topics in Mass Communication are not to be very narrow so that it consumes more time for research on related aspects or scenarios.

Course Structure

Journalism mostly includes economics, journalism, research methodology, political science, journalism history and theory of communication. Journalism focuses on social facts, media role as an agency of mediating and theoretical frameworks. Mass communication involves writing work that has a huge social impact on features & pieces of opinions that writers or journalists provide. The Mass Communication Project Topics communication is like the largest umbrella with vital choices to write about.

Course Offering

During journalism graduation (while pursuing UG or masters), it involves digital, print or electronic, approaches, which can be selected as the specialization. Out of different aspects, writing about current affairs and news in several media is mostly used in Mass Communication Ethics. This course contains the studies of human communication and how it can be publicized the information to a group of people. There are vast options of PhD Research Paper Writing in Journalism   for the students who will pick mass communication and journalism in their academic.

Best Dissertation Ideas for Journalism and Mass Communication 

As technology improves, there are more developments and differences in today’s mass communication compared with the olden days. Those days there was no printing press, so it took more time and became very challenging to convey news or information or communicate to a huge set of people. Nowadays, it has become very easy to convey messages or news or information to people, and that has become possible through media and social media on the spot when it happens.

Here is the list of Mass Communication Dissertation Topics:

Dissertation Topics Related To the Current Scenario:

  • Research on impacts of media and other entertainment industries due to COVID pandemic
  • Research on mass media role during Covid-19
  • Research on media that it is showing the actual information or just working to advertising.
  • Research about journalists and their role during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Research about the people working in media and their safety measurement

Likewise, we do have more journalism-related PhD dissertation topics around the world in various fields to do research or Dissertation; they are as follows:

  • Journalism and Privacy Dissertation Topics
  • Journalism and Freedom of Expression Dissertation Topics
  • Media, the Artist and Censorship Dissertation Topics
  • Media across Cultures Dissertation Topics
  • Music, Culture, the Artist and Intellectual property
  • Media in the Digital Age Dissertation Topics
  • Media and Politics Dissertation Topics

Under these topics, there are so many titles to do the Dissertation for the journalism and mass communication students. Get more information on the above topic from CaseStudyHelp.Com!

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Choosing the Right Journalism and Mass Communication Research Topics with the Help of Casestudyhelp.Com

Selecting the journalism and mass communication topics will be the challenging part or task for the student to give their best research and need to be clear enough to convey correctly. Case Study Help provides you with the easiest way to organize your thought process. The research work needs to be not very broad as well as not too narrow; it should be moderate so that this can save your time and at the same time leaves a way to perfect completing of your project or thesis or Dissertation that leads to scoring high mark in your academic.

It would help if you were more confident and clearer enough about the selected topic so that the thesis or research comes out well with the best quality. Every student needs to keep in mind that the PhD dissertation on Journalism and mass communication doesn’t hold any theoretical knowledge limitations. The thesis needs to be more perfect with the exact information that happens in real-time.

Here are some interesting topics under the Journalism thesis from CaseStudyHelp.Com:

  • What are the futures of Journalism?
  • Whether the true journalism stage ended?
  • Will you decide social media and blogging can be journalism’s future?
  • Do you think do the media focus on publicity?
  • Practicing various counties journalism culture.
  • Exploring the league between British journalism and the royal family.
  • Causes of journalism with the lifestyle changes of Henry Meghan
  • Journalism and business – limitation of media
  • Journalism purpose – notifying people on money-making.
  • With shareholders interest, how is media losing its quality?
  • Examine the woman journalist’s role and aspects as a media person and its drawbacks.
  • Do woman journalists need to progress to particular places?

Investigative and Political Research Topics under Journalism and Mass Communication

The name investigation makes everyone’s attention and curious on it. While selecting such investigative research topics, you need to be more focused on what accurately happened and think twice before choosing the topics. Will it be that much easy to write a dissertation on investigative topics?

Firstly, you must thoroughly understand the exact purpose of investigative journalism and later figure out whether to process with investigative research or not.

Some of the Investigative Research Topics for PhD Dissertation Writing:

  • Powerful politicians and media
  • Image and media – how did media transform negative images of a particular country before the world?
  • The media’s role is to keep an eye on politicians.
  • Journalists case study – Causes of investigative journalism
  • Investigative journalism’s drawback
  • What are the steps taken by the media to maintain investigative journalists’ safety?
  • Effects of media in the countries development.
  • Impact of politics in the countries development.
  • Corruption and politics – How to create a link connecting both?
  • Research topics on Animation and Film Journalism

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What Film Journalism is?

Film journalism is all about characterizing news and articles about movies. Also, it involves the people in the film industry and writing reviews about movies.

Here Are Some Interesting Topics on Film Journalism:

  • Study of Hollywood violence – what are the effects created on youth?
  • What are the race role and Hollywood religion?
  • How do Arabic men show Hollywood movies?
  • Bollywood versus Hollywood – effects of culture and economy.
  • Do televisions popular than movies?

Structuring the Journalism and Mass Communication Thesis Topics Examples Dissertation

Though the topic plays the main role for a student to achieve score more, a perfectly structured thesis sounds good and also the research that is arranged in a good manner will give more scope for the students. Below mentioned show the structure of the Dissertation that can be presented perfectly.

  • Title of the page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Declaration
  • Abstract – summary of the research
  • Content Table
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Finding and Analysis

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Career Prospects under Journalism and Mass Communication

By walking through the escalation of trending media, there are more chances and opportunities for the students who graduated in Journalism and Mass Communication. There are various fields in Journalism and mass communication like publishing, public relations, research institution and news media.

Those who pick PhD Dissertation Topics on journalism   as their discipline can shine in any following field.

  • News agencies
  • News channels
  • News portals

Those who selected PhD Dissertation Topics on Mass Communication   during their academic can pursue their career in one of the following:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Public relations
  • Corporate communication
  • UN organization
  • Media academics
  • Communication solution Organization

Specialization Offered In Journalism and Mass Communication

There are a huge number of uncountable specializations and topics offered in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Time to know more about Journalism and Mass communication dissertation ideas:

  • Broadcasting
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Advertising

Since Journalism is a worldwide field that leaves a way to explore more with countless research topics and, it is open to selecting the opt research dissertation topics for PhD from the team of  CaseStudyHelp.Com  experts. The student needs to be stable enough to process with selected topics to achieve their goal.

  • Growth and Jobs at Davos 2024: What to know
  • How using genAI to fuse creativity and technology could reshape the way we work

1. Generative AI boosts productivity, unevenly

In 2024, most chief economists surveyed by the Forum believe generative AI will increase productivity and innovation in high-income countries. But for low-income countries, just over a third think this will be the case.

Productivity boosts are expected in knowledge-heavy industries, including IT and digital communications, financial and professional services, medical and healthcare services, retail, manufacturing, engineering and construction, energy and logistics.

These potential benefits are in "sharp contrast with concerns about the risks of automation, job displacement and degradation", says the report.

Almost three-quarters (73%) of chief economists surveyed "do not foresee a net positive impact on employment in low-income economies".

dissertation topics in communication

2. Digital jobs keep growing

By 2030, the number of global digital jobs is expected to rise to around 92 million. These are generally higher-paid roles, according to the Forum's white paper, The Rise of Digital Jobs .

Digital jobs could help to balance skill shortages in higher-income countries, while boosting opportunities for younger workers in lower-income countries: "If managed well, global digital jobs present an opportunity to utilize talent around the world, widening the talent pool available to employers and providing economic growth pathways to countries across the income spectrum."

3. Unemployment levels could rise

The labour market showed resilience in 2023, with employment remaining high, said Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), in the Davos session ' What to Expect From Labour Markets '.

But he said ILO projections in early January suggested the global unemployment rate could rise from 5.1% to 5.2% in 2024, with an extra two million workers expected to be looking for jobs.

In the US, the jobs market remained stronger than expected for the first month of the year, with more than 350,000 new jobs added. The unemployment rate for January was 3.7%, close to a 50-year low, according to The Guardian .

Houngbo said ILO data shows inequalities persist between low- and high-income countries, while young people are 3.5 times more at risk of being unemployed than the rest of the adult population and "many workers are struggling to pay bills, which is very worrisome".

The impact of AI on jobs was not going to be "an employment apocalypse", but that reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning would be key to managing the transition to augmentation, he stressed.

4. More pop-up offices

LinkedIn has seen a drop in the number of fully remote job postings, from a peak of 20% in April 2022, to just 8% in December 2023, said co-founder Allen Blue, speaking in a Davos session ' The Role of the Office is Still TBC ' .

But employee interest in taking remote or hybrid jobs remains high, at around 46% of applications.

"The office is going to be in competition with working from home ... that’s a good thing for the office," he said, as management would need to innovate and create a workplace environment that "emphasizes dynamic human interaction".

Young people taking their first job want human connection, so they're more interested in hybrid than remote roles.

Martin Kocher, Austria's Federal Minister of Labour and Economy, said that some Austrian villages are actually paying for pop-up community office spaces, because people don’t want to work from home, and they can make use of other amenities close by.

He predicted the development of more pop-up office spaces away from company headquarters.

Have you read?

  • Davos 2024: 6 innovative ideas on reskilling, upskilling and building a future-ready workforce
  • From hierarchy to partnership: rethinking the employee/employer relationship in 2024

5. Skills will become even more important

With 23% of jobs expected to change in the next five years, according to the Future of Jobs Report, millions of people will need to move between declining and growing jobs.

Coursera CEO, Jeff Maggioncalda and Denis Machuel, CEO of Adecco Group AG, joined the Davos session ' The Race to Reskill ' to discuss the transferability of skills, and the potential of AI to help with personalized learning and productivity, which also levels the playing field for job opportunities globally.

But the key is in learning how to use AI and digital technologies, as Code.org Founder and CEO, Hadi Partovi, pointed out in the session ' Education Meets AI '.

When people think about job losses due to AI, he said, the risk isn't people losing their jobs to AI: "It's losing their job to somebody else who knows how to use AI. That is going to be a much greater displacement.

"It's not that the worker gets replaced by just a robot or a machine in most cases, especially for desk jobs, it's that some better or more educated worker can do that job because they can be twice as productive or three times as productive.

“The imperative is to teach how AI tools work to every citizen, and especially to our young people."

6. More women enter the workforce

In 2020, the World Bank found that potential gains from closing economic gender gaps could unlock a “gender dividend” of $172 trillion for the global economy.

But the Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2023 found that the Economic Participation and Opportunity gap has only closed by just over 60%.

Several sessions at Davos looked at how inclusion could benefit the economy , particularly by helping mothers return to the workforce, which could close skills gaps.

“There are 606 million women of working age in the world who are not working because of their unpaid care responsibilities, compared to 40 million men," Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO of Moms First, explained in a session on the ‘ Workforce Behind the Workforce ’.

“At Moms First, we're working with over 130 companies in every sector, who are saying, ‘I don't have enough workers’. We are working with them to redesign their childcare packages and increase their subsidies.

“Childcare pays for itself. When you offer childcare to employees, you get higher worker productivity and lower rates of attrition, and greater rates of retention. We have to look at care as an economic issue that world leaders must actually do something about.”


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