1. Undergraduate Architectural Dissertation by Bhavatarini Kumaravel

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  1. How to Write an Architecture Dissertation 101

    The architecture dissertation (or thesis) is an opportunity to demonstrate the skills you have learnt and the knowledge you have developed over the course of your studies. It identifies a current question of interest that you are willing to explore and analyse. Thesis and dissertation mean different things in Europe than they do in the USA.

  2. List of architecture dissertation topics

    The architecture dissertation takes you on a ride where you are questioning what exists, and you are the one to address and answer what you want to change or architecturally contribute to. While brainstorming the architectural topic, you need to be very composed about your interests and aspirations.

  3. Theses and Dissertations

    MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Architecture + Planning 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA

  4. Finding Architecture Dissertations & Theses: Home

    Architecture Theses & Dissertations Beyond Princeton. Harvard's Graduate School of Design: A guide for finding masters theses and doctoral dissertations specific to the GSD.. MIT Architecture Dissertations & Theses: A basic list organized by author of the thesis or dissertation. Each entry includes the title of the work, brief "where are they now" info, and links to the works in MIT's Barton ...

  5. How To Write an Architecture Dissertation

    The process of crafting an architecture dissertation can be as daunting as it is exciting. It involves delving into uncharted territories of design and theory, while also navigating through a sea of existing literature, case studies, and architectural precedents.

  6. How to Choose an Undergraduate Architecture Thesis Topic

    With so many factors to consider and deadlines closing in, students easily end up making decisions that they regret later. Here are eight tips to help you make an informed choice on the matter: 1 ...

  7. Successful thesis proposals in architecture and urban planning

    5. Conclusion. Based on their experience in preparing and supervising masters and doctoral theses and after a thorough review of the literature on preparing thesis proposals, the authors drafted a conception of a successful thesis proposal comprising specific definitions, attributes and rules for each of the 13 components of a standard TP.

  8. Architecture and Community Design Theses and Dissertations

    Theses/Dissertations from 2010 PDF. Wayfinding in Architecture, Jason Brandon Abrams. PDF. Phenomenology of Home, Lidiya Angelova. PDF. Do You Have A Permit For That? Exposing the Pseudo-Public Space and Exploring Alternative Means of Urban Occupation, Adam Barbosa. PDF. Architecture as Canvas, Monika Blazenovic. PDF

  9. Dissertations

    This dissertation examines the architecture of the French, American, and Haitian revolutions as well as the French 1848 Revolution and the Paris Commune. The traditional historiography of neoclassical and Beaux-Arts architecture considers it as coextensive with the establishment of the nation-state, culminating in the institution building of ...

  10. The Dissertation A Guide for Architecture Students

    The Dissertation is one of the most demanding yet potentially most stimulating components of an architectural course. This classic text provides a complete guide to what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and what the major pitfalls are.

  11. 10 Dissertation Writing Tips for Architecture Students

    Architectural research in a highly specific sphere that can be dissolved into a textual form is termed as a Dissertation or a Thesis. This long piece of academic writing takes shape through original research with a theoretical as well as a practical perspective.

  12. Completed Dissertations

    Dissertations in Architecture Grant Mosey (2014-2020). Dissertation: "Multivariate Optimization of Neighborhood Scale Problems for Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability." Professor Brian Deal, Director of Research, and Examining Committee Chair. Thulasi Ram Khamma (2014-2020).

  13. Architecture Dissertation Topics and Titles

    Here are five dissertation topics on architecture that will help explore the subject in more detail. Without further ado, here are the top five architecture dissertation topics and recommendations that will help you achieve the top grade.

  14. Architecture Masters Theses Collection

    Architecture Masters Theses Collection Jump to: Unable to build JumpList: Forbidden Theses from 2023 PDF Music As a Tool For Ecstatic Space Design, Pranav Amin, Architecture PDF Creating Dormitories with a Sense of Home, Johnathon A. Brousseau, Architecture PDF

  15. 20 Types of Architecture thesis topics

    20 Types of Architecture thesis topics 7 Mins Read An architectural thesis is perhaps the most confusing for a student because of the range of typologies of buildings that exist. It also seems intimidating to pick your site program and do all the groundwork on your own.

  16. 2021 Thesis by MIT Architecture


  17. Architecture Dissertations

    Dissertations on Architecture. Architecture relates to the design and construction of buildings and structures. Architecture also involves the complex planning of buildings and structures, before they can be designed and built. View All Dissertation Examples.

  18. Architecture Thesis Topics

    An Architecture Dissertation or Thesis is an academic piece of writing that is supposed to signify the knowledge and skills you have learned so far during the course of your architecture studies. While writing a dissertation your research must be precise and you should be logical with your conclusions.

  19. 15 Most Intriguing Architecture Dissertation Topics in 2024

    An architecture dissertation is a research paper that explores a specific topic in the architecture field. It is written by students pursuing an architecture degree and is a graduation requirement. It allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter and their ability to conduct independent research.

  20. Architectural Dissertation Report

    DISSERTATION Year: 2019-20 Batch No. 17 CONTEMPLATIVE SPACES IN BUILT ENVIRONMENT Undertaken by: Aayushi Rajani Enrollment No.: 15E1AAARF40P004 V Year B.Arch A Prof. GIRIRAJ NAGAR Prof. ARCHANA...

  21. PDF Dissertations Completed in Architectural History

    This is not comprehensive list, and work is underway to include dissertations completed at institutions outside the United States. If you would like to submit a completed dissertation title, please email Helena Dean at [email protected]. 2022 Kotsioris, Evangelos, "KOMP'IUTER ARCHITECTURE(S): Constructing the Soviet Information Age, 1953-1982"

  22. 70+ Architecture Dissertation Topics in 2023

    Architecture is a subject that needs creative thinking. Working on a dissertation in architecture will help in a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. A high-quality dissertation also adds points to the academic result of a student. There are a wide range of topics to choose from. Top Architecture Dissertation Topics in 2023

  23. Architecture Dissertation Topics (29 Examples) For Your Academic Research

    Architecture dissertation topics. The growing interest in small scale homes influencing the architects. An analysis of the importance of inclusive architecture and first-rate designing. A review of the digital future of the infrastructure. Investigating the need for urban designs and resource management to create a greener city.

  24. Master of Advanced Architectural Design

    The MAAD curriculum offers the flexibility to craft a highly customized path of study rooted in design and research. Advanced Synthesis Option Studios (ASOS) in the first year foreground an array of prescient topics and methodologies. A pro-seminar and pre-thesis seminar introduce contemporary discourse and modes of inquiry, while a diverse range of selective courses within the school of ...

  25. Spotlight: Ana Roman Andrino, PhDean

    Finding a balance between work and school is a major adjustment, but Ana Roman Andrino has figured out how to find time for her PhD dissertation while also serving as an Associate Dean for the School of Architecture and Planning. Read more about Ana's research and what brought her to the Catholic University of America.

  26. Masters of Architecture Student Thesis Presentations

    This event will showcase work from the Masters of Architecture students of their thesis projects. The work will be displayed as a poster session, representing nine months of work on their thesis in the lead-up to the final review. Students and their committees will be present discussing the work and commenting on each other's work.

  27. Bill Ackman's Wife, Neri Oxman, Apologizes for Plagiarism in ...

    N eri Oxman, an architect and the wife of billionaire investor Bill Ackman, has apologized for instances of plagiarism in her 2010 dissertation.. A Business Insider article Thursday said she didn ...

  28. Efficient Lifelong Learning in Deep Neural Networks: Optimizing

    In this thesis, we derive inspiration from the biological learning process and recent progress in deep learning to enable efficient lifelong learning systems. We propose injecting inductive biases into the three main components of data-driven machine learning: model (architecture & initialization), training (objective & optimization), and data.

  29. TUM Department of Architecture on Instagram: "Many congrats to Simon

    452 likes, 1 comments - architecture.tum on February 12, 2024: "Many congrats to Simon Martini, alumnus @architecture.tum @tum_school_ed, for winning the Hans D ...