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Accommodation and intraocular pressure.

Supervisor: Gilmartin, B. (Supervisor) & Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis : Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy

A clinical evaluation of corneal endothelial cell density in patients wearing PMMA corneal contact lenses

Student thesis : Master's Thesis › Master of Philosophy

A collection of studies on the biometry of myopic and non-myopic eyes

Supervisor: Logan, N. S. (Supervisor) & Cubbidge, R. P. (Supervisor)

A comparison between static and kinetic visual attention as a means of detecting age-related deterioration of the visual system and driving performance

Supervisor: Dunne, M. C. (Supervisor)

A comparison of computer aided learning and traditional didactic lectures for teaching clinical decision making skills to optometry undergraduates

A comparison of single vision aspheric spectacle lenses for aphakia, a comparison of two fast threshold strategies, spark and sita in threshold perimetry.

Supervisor: Heitmar, R. (Supervisor) & Cubbidge, R. (Supervisor)

Student thesis : Doctoral Thesis › Ophthalmic Doctorate

A critical evaluation of contrast susceptibility as a predictor of driving accident involvement

A longitudinal study of ocular biometry and vision-related quality of life in singapore young adults.

Supervisor: Sheppard, A. L. (Supervisor)

Ambulatory EEG monitoring in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy and related disorders

Supervisor: Jeavons, P. (External person) (Supervisor) & Harding, G. F. A. (External person) (Supervisor)

Analysis of variables measured in the visual screening of University of Birmingham freshmen and a critical review of visual screening methods and approach

Student thesis : Master's Thesis › Master of Science (by Research)

An analysis of progressive addition spectacles lens design by the use of interferometry

An analysis of the impact of visual impairment on nutritional intake, activities of daily living and vision related quality of life in adults with vi.

Supervisor: Bartlett Eperjesi, H. E. (Supervisor), Cooke, R. (Supervisor) & Farrow, C. (Supervisor)

An assessment of the technique and clinical application of visual evoked response measurements

An evaluation of electrodiagnostic measures of hearing, an evaluation of the emergency macular assessment clinic (emac): referral, diagnosis and treatment outcomes.

Supervisor: Naroo, S. (Supervisor) & Shah, S. (Supervisor)

Student thesis : Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Optometry

A new algorithm for the relationship between vision and ametropia

Supervisor: Dunne, M. C. (Supervisor) & Armstrong, R. A. (Supervisor)

An investigation into the relationship between pupil and accommodation responses during near vision

Supervisor: Gilmartin, B. (Supervisor)

An investigation of reading ability and visual function with eccentric visual field

An investigation of the pressaccidic spike potential.

Supervisor: Jones, L. (External person) (Supervisor) & Harding, G. F. A. (External person) (Supervisor)

An investigation to determine the influence of illumination sources on colour discrimination in normal subjects and smokers

Supervisor: Cubbidge, R. P. (Supervisor)

An optical study of human ocular dimensions

Supervisor: Barnes, D. A. (External person) (Supervisor)

Anterior segment anomalies and effects on visual quality

Supervisor: Naroo, S. A. (Supervisor) & Eperjesi, F. (Supervisor)

Application of digital image processing techniques to the photometric testing of vehicle headlamps

Application of naïve bayesian artificial intelligence to referral refinement of chronic open angle glaucoma, application of naïve bayesian sequential analysis to primary care optometry, aspects of tear fluid composition in hydrogel contact lens wear, aspects of tonic accommodation and tonic vergence, assessment of the oculomotor response in human factor environments.

Supervisor: Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor)

A study of short latency photically evoked potentials in man

A study of some indicators of corneal metabolic activity in periods of contact lens wear, a study of the effects of orally administered female hormones on the volume and composition of lacrimal fluid related to the toleration of corneal contact lenses.

Supervisor: Sabell, A. G. (External person) (Supervisor)

A study of the somatosensory evoked potential in man using brain mapping techniques

Automated assessment of visual fields and their inter-relation to evoked potentials in visual disorders.

Supervisor: Harding, G. F. A. (External person) (Supervisor)

Autonomic dysfunction and systemic oxidative stress associated with glaucomatous optic neuropathy

Supervisor: Hosking, S. L. (Supervisor)

Behavioural correlates of ocular accomodation and the autonomic nervous system

Supervisor: Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor) & Gilmartin, B. (Supervisor)

Bio-adhesive polymers containing liposomes for DED treatment

Supervisor: Davies, L. N. (Supervisor) & Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor)

Biomechanical aspects of the anterior segment in human myopia

Biometric and physiological factors in human ocular perfusion, blood vessel diameter in glaucoma, cataract, macular characteristics and assessing lens opacities, changes in ocular refraction in the strabismic child: as longitudinal study, changes in tear film metrics and ocular signs induced by different types of refractive correction in an aging population.

Supervisor: Davies, L. N. (Supervisor), Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor) & García-Lázaro, S. (External person) (Supervisor)

Characteristics of visual function in Asperger’s syndrome and the autism spectrum

Supervisor: Cubbidge, R. P. (Supervisor), Hosking, S. L. (Supervisor) & Seri, S. (Supervisor)

Clinical applications of the visual evoked potential: a comparative study of diffuse flash and pattern reversal stimulation

Clinical studies of spatial and temporal aspects of vision: an investigation using psychophysical and electrophysiological techniques.

Supervisor: Drasdo, N. (External person) (Supervisor)

Computer modelling of the actions of extraocular muscles

Contact lenses and sport.

Supervisor: Naroo, S. A. (Supervisor) & Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor)

Contiguous visual and brain stem auditory evoked potential recordings of premature infants

Contrast matching and discrimation in human vision.

Supervisor: Rovamo, J. (External person) (Supervisor)

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UWSpace is the University of Waterloo's institutional repository for the research and scholarship produced by its faculty, students, and staff. UWSpace contains all theses and dissertations published from October 2006 on, and a subset from 1996 through 2006, when electronic submission was optional. Older theses can be accessed by searching the  library catalogue  by title or author last name. 

  • Optometry and vision science collection, UWSpace Browse theses and dissertations from the School of Optometry and Vision Science collection

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  • Dissertations and Theses Global Full text of many North American, European, United Kingdom and Ireland graduate students theses and dissertations. Coverage: Indexing 1637-, Full Text 1997-
  • Theses Canada Portal Access Canadian electronic and non-digital theses and dissertations. Coverage: index 1965 - present; full text 1998 - present more... less... Theses Canada is a program between Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and nearly 70 universities accredited by Universities Canada. For the full text of recent theses, also check Proquest's "Dissertations and Theses Global." Note: Access Theses Canada Portal is available free to the public How to search Consult the Theses Canada Portal help page for information on searching this site.
  • UWSpace UWSpace is the University of Waterloo's institutional repository for the research and scholarship produced by its faculty, students, and staff. Coverage: mid 1990s - present more... less... Contains the research outputs of faculty and staff, dissertations, and undergraduate theses of 4th year honours students. This collection also includes a subset of Waterloo theses dated 1998-2002 that were scanned through the Theses Canada program.

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The Role of Astroglial Connexin43 in Experimental Glaucoma.


Alterations to the structure and function of the retina and choroid in an experimental model of progressive myopia


Structure function correlation of ERG photopic negative response (PhNR) and OCT Buchs Membrane Minimum Rim Width (BMO-MRW) in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG)

Neural mechanisms of luminance perception.


A Theory of Cortical Map Formation in the Visual Brain


Effects of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) on Retinal Structure, Function, and Pupillary Light Responses

Color transparency: geometry, motion, color, scission, and induction.


Objective Assessment of Retinal Ganglion Cell Function in Glaucoma


Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) and Photosensitivity: Objective Pupillometric Findings


Objective assessment of visual dysfunction in the acquired brain injury (ABI) population using the visual-evoked potential (VEP)


Oculomotor rehabilitation for reading dysfunction in mild traumatic brain injury


Functional Properties Shared By Populations of Neighboring Neurons within the Thalamocortical Pathway


Roles of Calcium Signaling and Protein Kinase C Activation in Mediating Receptor Control of Corneal Epithelial Renewal


Differential Roles of Potassium-Chloride Cotransporter Isoforms in Cell Volume Maintenance and Proliferation of Corneal Epithelial Cells


Electronic Text Displays: Reading Rehabilitation of Low Vision Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration

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Prize-Winning Thesis and Dissertation Examples

Published on September 9, 2022 by Tegan George . Revised on July 18, 2023.

It can be difficult to know where to start when writing your thesis or dissertation . One way to come up with some ideas or maybe even combat writer’s block is to check out previous work done by other students on a similar thesis or dissertation topic to yours.

This article collects a list of undergraduate, master’s, and PhD theses and dissertations that have won prizes for their high-quality research.

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Table of contents

Award-winning undergraduate theses, award-winning master’s theses, award-winning ph.d. dissertations, other interesting articles.

University : University of Pennsylvania Faculty : History Author : Suchait Kahlon Award : 2021 Hilary Conroy Prize for Best Honors Thesis in World History Title : “Abolition, Africans, and Abstraction: the Influence of the “Noble Savage” on British and French Antislavery Thought, 1787-1807”

University : Columbia University Faculty : History Author : Julien Saint Reiman Award : 2018 Charles A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize Title : “A Starving Man Helping Another Starving Man”: UNRRA, India, and the Genesis of Global Relief, 1943-1947

University: University College London Faculty: Geography Author: Anna Knowles-Smith Award:  2017 Royal Geographical Society Undergraduate Dissertation Prize Title:  Refugees and theatre: an exploration of the basis of self-representation

University: University of Washington Faculty:  Computer Science & Engineering Author: Nick J. Martindell Award: 2014 Best Senior Thesis Award Title:  DCDN: Distributed content delivery for the modern web

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University:  University of Edinburgh Faculty:  Informatics Author:  Christopher Sipola Award:  2018 Social Responsibility & Sustainability Dissertation Prize Title:  Summarizing electricity usage with a neural network

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Education Author:  Matthew Brillinger Award:  2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Humanities Prize Title:  Educational Park Planning in Berkeley, California, 1965-1968

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty: Social Sciences Author:  Heather Martin Award:  2015 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  An Analysis of Sexual Assault Support Services for Women who have a Developmental Disability

University : University of Ottawa Faculty : Physics Author : Guillaume Thekkadath Award : 2017 Commission on Graduate Studies in the Sciences Prize Title : Joint measurements of complementary properties of quantum systems

University:  London School of Economics Faculty: International Development Author: Lajos Kossuth Award:  2016 Winner of the Prize for Best Overall Performance Title:  Shiny Happy People: A study of the effects income relative to a reference group exerts on life satisfaction

University : Stanford University Faculty : English Author : Nathan Wainstein Award : 2021 Alden Prize Title : “Unformed Art: Bad Writing in the Modernist Novel”

University : University of Massachusetts at Amherst Faculty : Molecular and Cellular Biology Author : Nils Pilotte Award : 2021 Byron Prize for Best Ph.D. Dissertation Title : “Improved Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Molecular Diagnostics for Soil-Transmitted Helminths”

University:  Utrecht University Faculty:  Linguistics Author:  Hans Rutger Bosker Award: 2014 AVT/Anéla Dissertation Prize Title:  The processing and evaluation of fluency in native and non-native speech

University: California Institute of Technology Faculty: Physics Author: Michael P. Mendenhall Award: 2015 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics Title: Measurement of the neutron beta decay asymmetry using ultracold neutrons

University:  Stanford University Faculty: Management Science and Engineering Author:  Shayan O. Gharan Award:  Doctoral Dissertation Award 2013 Title:   New Rounding Techniques for the Design and Analysis of Approximation Algorithms

University: University of Minnesota Faculty: Chemical Engineering Author: Eric A. Vandre Award:  2014 Andreas Acrivos Dissertation Award in Fluid Dynamics Title: Onset of Dynamics Wetting Failure: The Mechanics of High-speed Fluid Displacement

University: Erasmus University Rotterdam Faculty: Marketing Author: Ezgi Akpinar Award: McKinsey Marketing Dissertation Award 2014 Title: Consumer Information Sharing: Understanding Psychological Drivers of Social Transmission

University: University of Washington Faculty: Computer Science & Engineering Author: Keith N. Snavely Award:  2009 Doctoral Dissertation Award Title: Scene Reconstruction and Visualization from Internet Photo Collections

University:  University of Ottawa Faculty:  Social Work Author:  Susannah Taylor Award: 2018 Joseph De Koninck Prize Title:  Effacing and Obscuring Autonomy: the Effects of Structural Violence on the Transition to Adulthood of Street Involved Youth

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Research bias

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  • Self-serving bias
  • Availability heuristic
  • Halo effect
  • Hindsight bias
  • Deep learning
  • Generative AI
  • Machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Supervised vs. unsupervised learning

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Tegan George

Tegan George

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Browse dissertations / theses on a wide variety of disciplines and organise your bibliography correctly.

Suryakumar, Rajaraman. "Study of the dynamic interactions between vergence and accommodation." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2005.

Balian, Carmen. "Central Visual Field Assessment in Late Stage Glaucoma." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2006.

Sehizadeh, Mina. "Monocular Adaptation of Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR)." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2005.

Lorentz, Holly. "Lipid Deposition on Hydrogel Contact Lenses." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2006.

Haque, Sameena. "In Vivo Imaging of Corneal Conditions using Optical Coherence Tomography." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2006.

Huston, Amanda K. "Screening of Children Study." The Ohio State University, 2012.

Nagapatnam, Subbaraman Lakshman. "Lysozyme Deposition Studies on Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens Materials." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2005.

Rogers, Ronan. "In vitro and ex vivo wettability of hydrogel contact lenses." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2006.

Babu, Raiju Jacob. "A Study of Saccade Dynamics and Adaptation in Athletes and Non Athletes." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2004.

Varikooty, Jalaiah. "Ocular Discomfort Upon Tear Drying." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2003.

Posvar, Winston Blair. "Variation of Ocular Parameters in Young Normal Eyes." The Ohio State University, 2017.

Taji, Rana. "The association between two quality of life measures for first time low vision device users." Thesis, University of Waterloo, 2006.


Mathias, Amber R. "The Effect of Bioptic Telescopic Spectacles Use on Sign Identification, Velocity, and Lane Deviation in a Driving Simulator with Central Vision Impairment." The Ohio State University, 2018.

Davey, Christopher J. "Referrals from Primary Eye Care: An Investigation into their quality, levels of false positives and psychological effect on patients." Thesis, University of Bradford, 2011.

Davey, Christopher James. "Referrals from primary eye care : an investigation into their quality, levels of false positives and psychological effect on patients." Thesis, University of Bradford, 2011.

Renner, Kimberly. "Academic Performance of Oyler School Students after Receiving Spectacle Correction." The Ohio State University, 2017.

McIntire, John Paul. "Investigating the Relationship between Binocular Disparity, Viewer Discomfort, and Depth Task Performance on Stereoscopic 3D Displays." Wright State University / OhioLINK, 2014.

TRAI, KUO-LIANG, and 蔡國良. "Cooperation and Innovative Service Model forCommunity-based Optometry-facilitated Ophthalmology Diabetic Mellitus Retinopathy Screening." Thesis, 2019.

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The College has an extensive collection of optical books, journals, research papers and pamphlets – available in printed format and online. These are available free of charge to College members. 

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The college library.

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Online optometry journals collection

There are more than 100 titles in our collection of national and international optical journals.

Our collection of ebooks can be read online, or downloaded to read off line. All you need is an OpenAthens password, which can be requested from the library.

Databases and reports

Here are the main online databases that can support optometric research.

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Dissertation examples

Listed below are some of the best examples of research projects and dissertations from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students at the University of Leeds We have not been able to gather examples from all schools. The module requirements for research projects may have changed since these examples were written. Refer to your module guidelines to make sure that you address all of the current assessment criteria. Some of the examples below are only available to access on campus.

  • Undergraduate examples
  • Taught Masters examples


Research topics and potential supervisors

Two scientists working at a microscope

We offer research programs for graduates of optometry and other sciences. Research for a Master of Science by Research (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can be undertaken in a diverse range of areas and disciplines including clinical optometry, applied research and basic research.  

If you’re interested in pursuing higher degree research with the School of Optometry & Vision Science, then you will need to find a supervisor. SOVS has an excellent range of expertise across seven research groups. Among these are affiliated institutes; the Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Centre for Eye Health. 

Our primary research areas are in anterior segment and contact lenses, posterior segment in health and disease, optics and applied vision, vision science and public health optometry. Take some time to review the research areas and identify who you would like to have as a supervisor. Once you have selected a supervisor, check our admission requirements and submit an expression of interest.

Expression of interest form

Finding a supervisor

  • To learn more about the process of finding a supervisor, please visit the  UNSW Graduate Research page . Information on UNSW admissions can also be found here.
  • Take time to review our  Research Groups
  • Applying as an  International Student?   See why UNSW is Australia’s global university.
  • Don’t forget to check out our  available scholarships .

Research topics

View our research topics below:

Contact lens related infection: epidemiology, microbiology and microbial pathogenesis, resistance to antimicrobials:

Associate Professor Nicole Carnt

Professor Lisa Keay

  • Dr Jerome Ozkan

Scientia Professor Fiona Stapleton

Dr Ajay Vijay

Professor Mark Willcox

Dr Muhammad Yasir

  • Dr Rajesh Kuppusamy  

Dr Parthasarathi Kalaiselvan

Dry eye: contact lens wear, innervation and symptoms, sex hormones:

Associate Professor Blanka Golebiowski

Professor Isabelle Jalbert

Associate Professor Maria Markoulli

Dr Simin Masoudi

Environmental effects on the ocular surface: climate, bushfire smoke, digital devices, smartphones: 

Myopia control incl. orthokeratology:.

  • Dr Pauline Kang
  • Dr Vinod Maseedupally  
  • Emeritus Professor Helen Swarbrick

Dr Kathleen Watt

Ocular surface disease: allergy, biomarkers, diabetes, keratoconus, obesity and nutrition:

Associate Professor Michele Madigan

Ocular therapeutics and drug delivery:

  Dr Jackie Tan-Showyin

  Professor Mark Willcox

Dr Rajesh Kuppusamy

Tear film biochemistry, ocular homeostasis and pathology 

Blue light blocking lenses, effects on visual and non-visual systems:.

Associate Professor Sieu Khuu

Emeritus Professor Stephen Dain

Dr Maitreyee Roy  

Functionalised nanoparticles as contrast agents for bio-imaging:

  Dr Maitreyee Roy

Optical coherence microscopy for ultrahigh-resolution 3D imaging:

Dr Maitreyee Roy

Professor Mark  Willcox

Binocular Vision

Development and maturation of the visual system, amblyopia, colour vision, digital devices (smartphones and computers), eye strain and dry eye:, low vision, visual rehabilitation, accident prevention – multisensory experience of self-motion.

Associate Professor Juno Kim  

Surface and Material Perception:

  Associate Professor Juno Kim

Visual electrophysiology, visual psychophysics, detection of brain abnormalities:

Visual processing:, access to eye care by asylum seeker and refugee communities in australia:.

Dr Kathleen  Watt

Ageing and road safety:

  Professor Lisa Keay

Dr Sharon Oberstein

Cost-effectiveness of cataract surgery:

Dr Jessie Huang-Lung

Cost-effectiveness of low vision services:

Epidemiology of eye injuries:, falls risk and low vision:, innovative models of eyecare delivery:.

  Professor Isabelle Jalbert

Mental health and low vision:

Quality of eye care, evidence-based practice, health systems research:, school vision screening:, use of alternative and complementary medicines:, barriers and enablers influencing eye care for older people receiving home care and residential aged care services:.

  Dr Sheela Kumaran

Quality of life item banks for age-related macular degeneration:

Professor Konrad Pseudovs

Macular disease social impact study;

Dr Sheela Kumaran

Quality of life impacts of non-strabismic, binocular vision, accommodation, and visual tracking disorders in children:

Amblyopia and strabismus-specific quality of life item banks for adults;, keratoconus-specific quality of life item banks:, ocular surface disease-specific quality of life item banks:, keratitis-specific quality of life item banks:.

Optometry Students

The Five Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Your Optometry School Application Essay

Sydni Davis, an incoming first year at UMSL College of Optometry , shares her insight on the dreaded  optometry school application essay! She’s got some great gems in here that anyone applying to optometry school should take to heart to nail the essay and get that coveted interview! – Peter Jacques , Editor-in-chief


  • Be specific.  You are allowed about 4,500 characters to write your essay. This does not leave much room for generalities about your life. Jump right into a story. Describe how an experience made you feel- how it changed you in some way. Highlight your strengths and how you have overcome your weaknesses. You are more than a character in the story, so just write yourself into a real person!
  • Show your personality – talk about what makes you different.  This essay is one of the first glimpses that the application committee has into your life. You have to write in a way that literally gives them a mental image of what you look, sound, and act like. This doesn’t mean you should describe your physical features or voice, of course. Just as you would for any character you write about, though, write about your experiences, but also about how you react to and think about things.
  • Show passion.  You’re applying to optometry school. The application committee will want to see that you not only know what an eye doctor does, but that you actually love the profession! They intend to accept applicants that show interest in the field, are prepared to handle the rigor of the school work, and have potential to make a difference in the profession. If you describe specific experiences and skills that show your passion for optometry, then you can convince them that you are prepared for the work and trials that lie ahead.
  • Be honest.  This essay is one of your first opportunities to paint a picture of yourself, and you want it to match the person that they invite in for an interview! If you write about extravagant experiences that are false or inaccurately depicted, the truth is likely to come out eventually, and it will taint your reputation. Even if you think your life is uninteresting on paper, write about the moments that define you and your passion!
  • Demonstrate high quality writing skills – find the balance between formal and creative.  You’ve been writing for a majority of your life now, so you should know the difference between a good essay and a bad one. Spell things correctly, use correct grammar, and make sure things make sense. However, this is not an essay for your English class. You want to be creative and use your unique writing style .


  • Don’t try to tell your whole life story.  This easy mistake goes right along with being specific. As stated above, you get approximately 4,500 characters to convey who you are to your readers. They do not need to know about your childhood, or how you managed to make it through the tough middle school dramas. They do not need to know your favorite class, teacher, band, food, or any other favorite thing. Talk about the experiences that got you interested in optometry, that show your true character, and that demonstrate how you can succeed when given a challenge.
  • Don’t spend too much time on academics.  You get to put all of your classes you’ve ever taken during college on the application. You also get to write about a lot of these experiences when you list your extracurricular activities. Show that you can be a hard worker, and highlight moments of your education that are important to you, but don’t waste time listing the classes you succeeded at or honors you received unless you intend to elaborate on information that is not given elsewhere in the application.
  • Don’t state things that can be found elsewhere in your application.  This goes right along with number two. Write about the honor societies, sororities, clubs, and volunteer work in the parts of the application where you list them. If there is a specific experience from an extracurricular activity that you think demonstrates an important part of your character or inspiration, then write about the event; but do not try to summarize your resume in your essay.  
  • Don’t talk about someone else’s experiences. It’s all about you!  You can write about how a friend or family member went through a terrible experience, overcame it, and that it inspired you, but that shows nothing about YOU. Talk about HOW things affect you, what part you have to play, and your goals. Be sure to help your readers get to know you, not just WHAT inspires you, but WHY and HOW.
  • Finally, don’t over think it!  You want to present a well-written essay that gives specific evidence of the person you are, but it is not the only variable in the committee’s decision. You show your academic success through your GPA and OAT score, your extracurricular involvement and achievements on the activities page, and your reference letters help to give an outside perspective of you. Use your 4,500 characters to say what isn’t already in your application—especially why you love optometry and why you want to spend the next four years studying it!

Other helpful tips for your application:

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    Network Profiles (32) Research Outputs (1866) Student theses (223) Student theses 1 - 50 out of 223 results Title (ascending) Accommodation and intraocular pressure Author: Rai, G. K., Jan 2007 Supervisor: Gilmartin, B. (Supervisor) & Wolffsohn, J. S. (Supervisor) Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis › Doctor of Philosophy File

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    Optometry and Vision Science Research Guide: Theses and Dissertations. Research resources and information for vision science. ... UWSpace contains all theses and dissertations published from October 2006 on, and a subset from 1996 through 2006, when electronic submission was optional. Older theses can be accessed by searching the library ...

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    Item. Visual search and visual performance in infantile nystagmus syndrome. Dai, Bing ( 2020 ) Abstract Infantile nystagmus syndrome (INS) is an involuntary ocular motor oscillation, which presents at or near birth and persists throughout life. The nystagmus intensity and visual acuity in INS may vary with gaze angle.

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